Are you a writer hoping to perfect your craft? Do you want to be a writer and don’t know where or how to begin? Is your head full of creative ideas but you don’t know why you should put them down on paper? Let us help you. Take a look at a few reasons why writing is so valuable:

  • You are able to express yourself as a person.
  • You have the opportunity to inspire others.
  • You have the potential to earn a living at writing.
  • You can be upheld as an expert.TOP WRITING BLOGS

All compelling reasons, yes? It is up to the professionals to teach your how to write, how to sell yourself and how to publish your work so we’ve done a bit of research for you and located the experts. Below you’ll find a comprehensive list of the Top Writing Blogs. These are all blogs created by writers who have struggled, learned from their experiences and are willing to share those experiences and their advice with you. This is the best of the best!

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Natalie Aquirre and Casey McCormick

Literary Rambles is a blog that focuses on children’s book authors, agents, and publishing. If you are a writer who is in search of an agent, you’ll find an extensive live here. There are also tons of interesting guest posts as well as frequent giveaways/contest.


Jody has spent most of her life writing. Her story is one of inspiration so be sure to read about her writing journey in the About section. She has two blogs – one personal and the other group. Both are equality well-written. Aspiring writers should visit her Extras for Writers page. Here you’ll find helpful information on various topics including getting published, character development, basic mechanics of writing, and editing plus so much more.


Terry Whalin

This site is loaded with info so prepare to spend a bit of time here. It’ll take a while to it all. This is actually a kind of “2-for-1” deal, in a sense. Terry has The Writing Life but also another site called Right-Writing ( It is this second site where you’ll find free e-books, tips for writing in several genres, helpful web tools, and various other relevant topics, however; both sites are equally valuable.


Jennifer Brown Banks

With over 700 publishing credits and as a former editor, it is safe to say that Jennifer may have advice all of writers will want to follow. This site seems to focus mainly on blogging so if that is your medium, this is a worthy site. Jennifer has a new e-book titled The Success Checklist which offers advice on increasing the reach of your blog. The cost is minimal for the e-book. She features many interviews and invites guest bloggers.


Lisa is a writing coach who provides her clients with a customized experience. She also offers editorial services (for a fee). She will work with writers in all genres. There isn’t much here by way of advice but you’ll find her book announcements and a list of her short works that have been published. She does have quite a bit of experience though so reading her blog posts may help to inspire you.


Anne and Ruth are publishing veterans with a shared goal of helping new writers create and launch their work. They also hope to help writers avoid the pitfalls of the industry. There is a section here focused solely on book publishing. Definitely take time to view their Resources for Writers. This is an incredible list with links to a lot of important information and must-reads.


Edie Melson

Edie’s message to writers is “find your voice, live your story.” She is a professional in the publishing industry as well as a writing instructor and mentor. She is a faith-based writer who can inspire you with her wisdom. Look for posts titled “When God Says You Can, You Can” and “What is Your Hero Pursuing?” Visit her blog and take time to absorb and reflect on Edie’s insight.


Elaine K. Kearns and Sylvia Liu

If you are a children’s writer, this is a great blog to visit. There is so much information available. Grab some coffee, get comfy and take your time learning from and enjoying this blog. Look for posts on writing courses, other blogs to follow, writing challenges, legal resources, contests/awards and so much more. Everything you need to know about being a children’s author is here.


Taneeka’s aim with her blog is to provide educational tools to motivate a writing career. She’s won multiple awards for her own work and can likely help you win awards for yours, too. She’s an English teacher and the founder of TCD Kids Foundation. Check her Recent Posts for topics such as motivation and how to get started writing. Her blog categories include Advice for Writers, Book Format, Interviews, Pros and Cons, Publishers and Resources to name but a few.


Jo Linsdell

Jo is an award-winning, best-selling author. Her goal with this site is to give people in the industry a gathering place to learn, promote and network. She also invites guest bloggers. Look in the About section to find out more about writing for the site. If you are searching for helpful resources, you can’t go wrong here. She’s provided tools, useful sites, services, podcasts, events, and writing contest in addition to other topics.


Lauren Tharp


Taking “the dull and drab and turning it into the wow and fab” is Lauren’s mission. She has made a name for herself as a freelance writer who can develop brands through blogging. She also advises fellow writers. By signing up for her emails, you’ll receive three free e-books packed with tons of advice. Her Resource Vault has a fee but if you are serious about a writing career, you may feel the investment is worth it.


K.M. (Katie) Weiland

Award-winning and internationally published author, K.M. Weiland, has excellent advice on how to go from being “just a writer” to a successful author. Visit her About page to read her steps on where to begin. She eloquently covers topics like most common writing mistakes, how to develop strong characters, story structure, outfling novels and more. She can help you turn your writing into a true craft.


Carol Tice

Carol is an award-winning freelance writer dedicated to helping others actually earn a living by writing. She welcomes comments on her blog posts and makes an effort to respond to all questions/comments. She writes with humor, too. Visit her Free Stuff page for her no cost e-book download. Head to Start Here for advice on common problems among writers and take advantage of the writing courses.


Elizabeth Sims

Elizabeth is a contributing editor for Writer’s Digest. In addition, she is an award-winning internationally recognized authority on writing. Her blog posts are a lot about what is going on in her personal life but throughout you’ll find helpful tidbits and writing advice. You can also visit her main website (link can be found on blog) to learn more about her work.


Kristen decided a long time ago she’d never be able to “hold down a real job.” So, what did she do? She created her own job and a successful one it is. She managed to write and publish 18 Kindle books in 18 weeks. She’s taught hundreds of webinars and teaches authors as well as entrepreneurs how to write books that make money. Her blog is full of inspiration. Be sure to visit her site The Book Ninja (you’ll find a link in the About section). Here you’ll find templates, courses, information about her helpline or if you wish, you can work with her.


Janet Kobobel Grant, Founder

Books & Such is run by a team of agents with Ms. Grant being the president and founder. If you are an author and ready to sell your book to a publisher, start with this site. This agency has built up a solid client list that includes top-rated publishers. Visit the Tips & Advice section for information on honing your writing skills and how to select an agent.


Williesha Morris

Williesha’s mission – “to be indispensable with captivating, client-focused content and administrative assistance.” She’s nailed it. This site is a great option if you have writing ideas but no time to write. Willesha can write your case studies, blog posts, white papers, news articles and more. This is a great source for anyone with big ideas but little time and your desire is to make money from your ideas.


Susan Maccarelli

If you are a blogger who wishes to have your work published on other sites, start here. You’ll discover hundreds of resources from tips, advice to places that will pay for your writing. Interested in getting on Huffington Post? Read about bloggers who did it. Want to learn how to promote your published writing on social media? You can learn more about that here, too. There are many opportunities to submit your work, as well.


This is a site that focuses on publishing your e-books, designing of books, and creating your brand style. Everything you can possibly imagine about those topics is here. You’ll also find Pariah has many classes/learning opportunities. He is a true innovator with a contagious, creative spirit. While you’re here, look for his videos. Also, be sure to sign up for his newsletter. You’ll receive daily and weekly email newsletters that will keep you informed and inspired.


Stephen Parolini

In the editing business for over 25 years, Stephen has all the answers you need to have your work properly edited. He offers several editorial services. To read his blog, simply stay on his Home page. You’ll find topics such as what to expect from your editor, writing your first book, and encouragement.


Writers Write is run by a team of professionals who each offer different expertise in various fields related to writing. On this site, you’ll find comprehensive writing courses as well as writing advice for creative blogging, social media, business and other types of writing. Visit the Everything Literary page for humor, gifts, words, trivia, writing prompts and more. If you are someone who writes every day, the daily writing prompts may be of special interest to you.


Chrys Fey

Chrys has goals – to motivate, inspire, teach, and empower. Her blog does all of that and more. Visit her About page for free and helpful downloads. Visit the Writing About page for advice on character development, writing about disasters, creating supernatural/fantasy work, advice on writing about crime – there is so much here to discover and learn. If you are interested in blogging, writing a novel, marketing and/or publishing your work, this site should be on your must-visit list.


The Author Chronicles is run by a team of writers all at various stages in the publishing process. Their goal is to help others no matter where they might be in their own journey. There are archives dating from May 2011-present. Topics are many and include agents, blogging, book reviews, character development, creativity, dialogue, and magazine writing just to name a few. There is quite a bit of helpful and interesting information here.


Peter is a published author who has written in a mix of horror/thriller/mystery genres. His blog is both inspiration and enlightening. He covers topics such as procrastination, vacations for writers, the creative process and other related writing subjects. If you are interested in reading a bit of Peter’s work, visit his Free Stuff page. You can also subscribe for free to his newsletter.


Sophie Lizard

Sophie’s blog is aimed at bloggers who wish to achieve success. Visit if you’re interested in making money as a freelance blogger or if you need advice on building an expert reputation as a blogger. Sophie has a most inspirational blog and takes what can feel overwhelming to basic easy-to-follow steps. Take advantage of her courses. Also, if you are looking for a writing gig, be sure to visit her Jobs page.


Nancy Strauss, Founder

A team of writing teachers developed Creative Writing Now with the mission to educate, encourage, and inspire. Head to the Ideas page for story starters and poetry prompts. If you are searching for help with writing a novel, story, poetry, script, memoir (and more) check out the Writing Tips. They even offer courses – one for free. The ones that have a fee are inexpensive and comprehensive. If you are interested in teaching others to write, visit the For Teachers page.


Melissa Sugar

This blog is, in a word: FUN. If you a re into writing crime/mystery/thriller stories, this is the blog for you. Go to A-Z Crime Fiction for a daily challenge. Her Crime Critic page is a source of book reviews. You may wonder where Melissa gets her knowledge of crime and the law. She’s an attorney! Helpful, right? She knows whereof she speaks! While this blog hasn’t been updated in a while, the information is still relevant and informative.


Do you spend more time researching and brainstorming than you do writing? Do you put off writing due to fear or being unsure where to begin? The Procrastiwriter is the site to visit if you answered yes to either of those questions. This blog is full of writing tips to help you jump-start your project. Shannon, the creator of this blog, will help you conquer your inner critic. She’ll also motivate and inspire. Guest posts are accepted but be sure to read the policies carefully before submitted your work.


Lucy V. Hay

Lucy is a script editor who created this site to help aspiring script writers and novelists. She has written thought-provoking posts on topics such as the difference between a horror and thriller, research mistakes, how to put together a CV/resume’ to name but a few. She covers a myriad of subjects. She offers courses and talks as well as a multitude of free resources.


Sheila M. GoodAuthor Photo – 300 ResVersion 2


Sheila is a writer of literary fiction who wishes to share her writing journey. You can see her book on this site but also use her knowledge to help you write your own. Visit her Prompts page for inspiration – daily posts, 100-word challenges, mash stories plus 1,000 prompts. She’s got an interesting A-Z challenge but most helpful are her Writing Tips and Resources. You’ll find valuable advice in her You Asked series.


Bruce Black

A writer and editor, Bruce writes for adults and children. His blog has a slightly chaotic layout but if you take the time you’ll find exceptional content. Scroll down to find helpful links, resources for young writers, writers & editors, blogging, author websites and blog on books. Continue scrolling to find his Subject Index. Here you’ll see his thoughts on writer’s expectations, author’s intent, avoiding distractions, characterization and more.


Therese Walsh and Kathleen Bolton, Co-Founders

Writers Unboxed is not only comprised of a team of writers but also a community of monthly contributors. They have engaging content ranging from publishing advice and even cover the subject of writers marrying other writers. Writers Unboxed can be followed on Twitter or you can join their Facebook group. You’ll find those links on their FAQS & Contact page. It is recommended you read their FAQS if you wish to submit your work to the site. You may also want to read their Disclosures policy.


This is a site for the sophisticated writer and reader. Anne shares her perspectives on many subjects – mental illness, mythology, psychology, book reviews and of course, the craft of writing. She seems to look at writing from a psychological viewpoint which some writers may find interesting. Expect eloquent and well-written posts.


Jenny Alexander

Jenny has a vast and amazing career in writing. She had her first four books published in 1995. She writes content for adults, young adults and children. Jenny offers workshops and private bookings. (Note: she is located in the U.K.) If you’re not in the U.K., that’s fine as her blog contains posts about journaling, memoir writing, self-publishing, and writing as therapy so there is still much to learn from her site. You can also find a link to her writing app available in the iTunes store.


What started as mostly posts about parenting, has now grown into Writing Bubble – a place to connect with other writers. Maddy, the founder of this blog, writes with intelligence and humor making her posts fun to read. She’s conducted intriguing interviews with other writers and if you’re interested in having a bit of a laugh with writing, visit her Limericks page. Also, take part in Maddy’s What I’m Writing Community on Facebook. Email her for an invite.


Anne Wayman

Anne has been a freelance writer for over 30 years. Her goal with this blog is to help anyone interested in becoming a successful freelance writer. Subjects you’ll find on her site: reviews, e-books, guest posts, coaching, how to land writing jobs, how to set fees, job/pay and a forum. Definitely visit her Free Stuff page for additional resources.


Laura Drake, Jenny Hansen, Orly Konig, and Fae Rowen, Co-Founders

Writers in the Storm was developed by a team of seasoned writers, all with experience in different genres. This site if loaded with helpful content. You’ll find info on how to design book covers, branding yourself, getting your writing groove back and so much more. They’ve made it easy to find specific categories with a drop-down function. Be sure to check out the Resources page for sites they trust and have used. You’ll also find here a great book recommendation selection.


This blog is for teachers and students who desire to use blogging in the classroom. Educators will find an expansive resource list by looking at the Teacher Resources page. Teachers can also find challenges under Professional Development. Students, be sure to take a look at the Student Challenges to inspire great blog posts.


Daniel Scocco, Founder

Daniel, along with his team, have developed Daily Writing Tips to help with the mechanics of writing. If you need to brush up on your grammar or have questions about punctuation, make this your go-to source. There are free writing quizzes to test your knowledge. You’ll also find many categories such as business writing, fiction writing, style, word of the day, misused words plus others. This is an easy-to-navigate blog full of helpful information.


Karen Marston

Karen is an honest and down to earth blogger who takes a no-nonsense approach to writing. Her goals are to help writers create work that makes them feel good and to help with learning to trust instincts. She teaches how one can make a living at writing using ways that feel right to each individual writer. Note: She uses adult language so if this offends you it might be best to skip this site. If you’re not offended, head on over to read her humor-filled, insightful posts.


Elna Cain

Are you a freelancer with questions? If so, this site is a great place to begin. Elna and her team have thought of and provided solutions for all situations a freelancer may face. You’ll find info on how to start writing, marketing, business and money. Looking for motivation?  You’ll find that here, too. Searching for tools? Look here. During your site visit, be sure to sign up for Elna’s free email course, too.


Scott Biddulph, Editor in Chief

Two Drops of Ink is a full literary blog. Expect to be here awhile – you’ll want to spend time here. This is a site that promotes all types of literature: poetry, essays, short stories, book reviews, interviews, letters, memoirs – you name it, it’s here. They have regular monthly contributors who cover many different areas of writing. This site accepts submissions, as well. Just be sure to read their policies found on the Submissions page.


Roseanne Bane

All writers struggle at some point. Whether it be writers block, lack of motivations or lack of ideas, every writer goes through a difficult time. Roseanne has made it her mission to help writers through the tough times. She’ll define writing resistance for you, then walk you through the benefits and how to use this to your advantage. Learn how resistance challenges you and how to overcome it. This is not a genre-specific site so no matter what you write, Roseanne can help.


James Chartrand

James (she is a she!) is ready to help those who have a need for copyrighting and marketing advice/services. You can hire James to assist you or visit her blog to seek out advice on your own. Her blog categories include better blogging, better business, better writing, and better fiction. There is also a writing course available that is 20-week long, intensive course that can be taken online.


Cathy Bryant

Founded in 2014, this site is the place to go if you are ready to submit your writing. If you are interested in competitions or simply looking for a place to submit your work, be sure to look at the Latest Listings page. Cathy has compiled an incredible list of free-to-enter competitions and calls for submissions. This list is carefully updated at the first of every month. View her About page to learn more about how this site works.


Have you written your novel and are ready to publish? Do you hope to write a novel and need advice? If your answer to either of these questions is yes, then take the time to visit AuthorHouse. This is the site of the leading provider of self-publishing services. They are global and have released over 90,000 titles. Be sure to check out Author Advice and Author Blogs. AuthorHouse also invites guest bloggers.


Melody Simpson

The purpose of Hollywood the Write Way is to share entertainment news and covers events in NYC and Hollywood, however; it is included on our list due to the vast writer resources. Visit the Fore Writers page to read posts on various topics such as starting a novel, writing opening lines, writing processes, how to plot/plan your story and more.


Mary Jaksch

Mary’s goal with this site is to help you become a better writer. She teaches new skills and how to practice them. Mary has really taken time to cover all the bases. Click on each topic for a drop-down list that shows what you can learn. Ready to begin your novel? She’s covered all you need to know for both fiction and nonfiction. Need motivation? You’ll find that here, too. Click on the Tips page for valuable resources.


Erika is the author of Quiet Americans. She has undergraduate and graduate degrees from Harvard and also taught history, literature, and writer at her Alma mater. You’ll find on her site two blog, news and events, publications and more about her book. While you are visiting the site, be sure to look at her Resources page for MFA programs, where to publish your work, jobs for writers plus information about grants, fellowships and awards.


Alexander M. Zoltai

Alexander’s mission is to help others explore reading, writing and publishing. He’s written a book plus several stories which you can read/download free from his site. For writers, you only have to use the Top Tags widget to find tips and advice. This is an interesting blog with tons information that may inspire you.


Pat McNees

This is a busy site but a good one. It’s a place for writers and editors to connect. Pat covers the basics and in-depth info on how to connect. She’s been blogging since 2010 so expect a lot of information. Look for these topics and more: archiving/history, book publishing, collaboration/ghostwriting, copyright/open access, freelancing/independent contracting, and storytelling/narrative.


Robin Murphy

Robin is an Amazon best-selling author with a passion for helping writers. Here she shares her insight and journey. Writing is her passion as well, and it shows. Go to her Writing page for helpful links and information on self-publishing. On her Marketing Tools page you’ll find info on press releases, how to contact newspapers/bookstores and various other marketing materials. Her blogs posts are certainly motivational.


Tinsley Davis, Executive Director

Established in 1934, the National Association of Science Writers came together as a way to create a forum to promote good science writing. If science writing is your milieu, you’ll want to visit this site. Here you can learn about awards and grants as well as read multiple publications. You can find news on upcoming events and peruse the vast resources provided. You do need to register to get the full experience of the site or for additional benefits, you can become a member for a fee.


Tara Lazar

Tara brings a fun and humorous touch to her blog. She’s a children’s book author who is creative with words. If writing for children is your interest, this site is recommended. She shares KidLit news, writing tips, book reviews and giveaways. Be sure to subscribe to her site via email. Also, while you’re here read about Storystorm. This is her own creation and is a 30-day challenge for picture book writers.


Shayla is an expert editor, writer, and marketer. She’s worked with authors and businesses to help both reach their full potential. Under Resources you’ll find a course titled “Best Book Launch Ever” that teaches how to prepare for a launch and all of the steps included for a successful launch. On her blog there are tons of informative posts. Among others, look for these topics: classics list, punctuation, interviews, contests, grammar and guest blogs.


Rae Elliot

If you are ready to jump in and write a novel but are, for whatever reason, putting it off let Rae help. She has advice on improving your writing skills, honing your craft, and creating a great novel. Her blog is easy to follow and includes categories such as writing technique, crafting characters, crafting plots, dialogue, worldbuilding and more. Visit her page titled Write a Novel In 30 Days to either purchase her book, see how the challenge works or both.


Many writers understand the struggle of getting started. Often, we find ourselves procrastinating and our reasons could be many. Jennifer understand the struggles writers face. She offers workshops and programs but also has created a great blog with all kinds of advice on writing. Sign up via email and receive e-books titled How to Think Your Way to #1 and From “Eh” to “Awesome” – 9 Questions to Develop Your Ideas Into an Actual Story.


This team of “Alleycats” are faith-based, talented, and inspiring women. All writers with expertise in their respective fields. You can find here information on these subjects: writing craft, publication, marketing, inspiration, the writer’s life and an Author Café. The Resource Café is a wealth of knowledge shared by writers so be sure to check it out.


Sylvia Ney

Sylvia is a writer and teacher who has published newspaper and magazine articles, short stories, poetry, and photography. On Writing in Wonderland, she shares her own work but also provides advice for writers. If you are a blogger, be sure to visit the Blogfests page. Definitely visit her For Writers page. You’ll find two lists of resources for tips, references, exercises, recommended books and websites.


Mary’s blog is a lot about book reviews and personal experiences she’s had while writing. There are tips and tricks here but you may have to search around a bit to find them. This is a simplistic blog with stimulating and charming posts.


Lorraine Reguly

Lorraine is a certified English teacher and has made the list of Top 25 Copyrighting Experts You Should Know. She has been blogging for over 15 years. Here you will find info for bloggers, authors, business owners, freelancers, and writers. It is highly recommended you visit the Resources Kit page. This is an amazing source of freebies so don’t miss out.


Jon Morrow

Do you have a blog or wish to start one? Do you know successful bloggers can earn income, launch book deals, and launch businesses? If these things interest you, let Smart Blogger help. Sign up to receive the free e-book Headline Hacks: A Cheat Sheet for Writing Blog Posts That Go Viral. After that, visit the Start Here page and learn how to begin your own blog. Be sure to also take a look at the Tools We Recommend page. Interested in a job with Smart Blogger? They do post available job openings.


Richard Edwards

Richard holds degrees in Creative Writing, Journalism, and Education. To say he has a lot to bring to the table is an understatement. This is the go-to spot if you are looking for a freelance job or wish to post a job. Need a book publisher? This is a great source. You are also invited to submit your site to Every Writer for publication. Great site with a ton of info.


Melissa Donovan

Writing Forward has a goal of sharing helpful and inspiring writing tips and this is exactly what Melissa does. She’s put together a well-thought out site with just about every writing topic imaginable. Look for creative writing, grammar tips, poetry writing, story writing, writing ideas/prompts, and even quizzes to test your knowledge. Simply an amazing site with valuable information.


If you are a writer, you’ve likely heard of Writer’s Digest. Any question you could possibly have about writing can be answered here. Take advantage of Writer’s Digest University. View their tutorials, enter contests, participate in events. This is probably the highest-ranked writer site in the world so do yourself a big favor – register, log-in and enjoy!

Darren Shan, creator of the widely popular Cirque Du Freak series, once said, “The only way to learn and hone your craft is by working hard and writing regularly.” He’s correct. As with any skill, to achieve success you must practice. Write everyday (or almost every day). Journal your thoughts. Observe the world around you as you never know when inspiration may hit. Don’t be afraid of the hard work. Instead, learn to embrace it and know your writing will make a valuable contribution to the world.