Hosiery has always played an essential role when it comes to women’s fashion. Some say that it can bring out the confidence in a woman by making her feel sexy. Others may think of it as a fashion statement. With so many types of hosiery available in the market, there surely will be a favorite type for every woman out there which better suits her personality. There are some of the various types of hosiery out there. A warning, after you are through reading this article, choosing a favorite one will be a difficult choice as you might want to grab them all!

10. Hanes Women’s Control Top Reinforced Toe Silk Reflection Panty Hose

Hanes Women's Panty Hosebuynowimage

Having silky smooth legs have never been so easy. Suitable to wear to the office and also perfect for a night out. It is perfectly sheer has incredible fit and feel to bring out pure confidence in you. Plus, there are more than 10 colors to choose from to better suit your outfit or skin tone. Speaking of outfit, did I mention that this product has a smoothing control top, so it will look so good and natural under any outfit. Plus, it’s reinforce toe makes it more resistant to wear and tear around the toe area so you are carefree to be out and about, carrying on business as usualSo besides this product having it’s signature Silky appearance, Control Top and Reinforced Toe as the name suggests, it comes in few sizes so it will fit snugly into any body type. It is made of 100% Nylon and is imported. It is also important that this product is hand washed and not machine wash to preserve it’s longevity.

9. Dreamgirl Women’s Sheer Thigh-High Stockings

 Dreamgirl Women's Thigh-High Stockingsbuynowimage

This…now this is Oh so Sexy! Pair these with a knee length skirt and you’ll feel like you’re hiding a naughty little secret all day long. Or why hide it at all? Pair it with a cute little teddy and a garter belt to bring out your wild sexy side. This comes in two colours, the classic black or white for sexiness with just a little hint of innocence. Also comes in various sizes for that perfect fits for women of all shapes and sizes.lt is made of 85% nylon and 15% spandex and is imported, It has a silicone lace top for better grip around the thighs so it stays up nicely just inches above the knee area. This little must have piece of hosiery also needs to be hand washed so it will last longer.

8.  Leg Avenue Women’s Opaque Tight High Stockings with Satin Bows

Leg Avenue Women's Thigh-High Stockingsbuynowimage

These are just so super kawaii! ( Which is cute in Japanese). Why the Japanese, because one glance at this got me thinking Japanese School Girl, Sailormoon, yes….it is really that cute. Pair it with a short skirt and a pair of heels to get that super duper cute look. For Cosplayers who are looking for that special accessory to bring your character to live, this is it! Can look so cute and innocent pair up with a ballerina tutu but at the same time when paired up with something like say, a french maid outfit, it can look super sexy as well. This little cutie comes in more than 10 color combinations to suit your mood and outfit. It is 100% spandex and it features a stretch band and a ribbon bow opening. Comes on 2 sizes for petite and fuller size ladies and it is also best that this item be hand washed after used.

7. Women’s Fun Pattern Printed Tattoo Pantyhose Stockings

HDE Women's Tattoo Pantyhose Stockingsbuynowimage

When I saw these I practically squeeled. As in really high pitch squeel. Imagine pantyhose, but with prints, and I mean all sorts of prints. From black kitties to white kitties to bears, skulls, studs, clubs, bows…what more can you ask for. There are more than 20 patterns to choose from. You can go from cute to punk to sexy to goth any look you want with these babies. What a fashion statement! These semi opaque beige colored thighs give your legs the a smooth appearance while the prints help enhance the shape of your legs. So they are stylish and serve a purpose. Wow! They fit for women sized XXS to M and are 90% nylon and 10% spandex. Best hand washed as well. These look so fun I feel like go grabbing a pair or two, or three right now.

6. Tight-High Lace Top Silicone Stockings Black Sheer Nylon Pantyhose Veneziana

Lace Top Silicone Stockingsbuynowimage

These Pantyhose reaches just nicely below your buttocks. Which means it can be worn with shorter outfits like those little dresses that go above the knee. A must have as well for those who do not feel comfortable wearing pantyhose with a crotch. It can be worn for any occasion from work to weddings to the after party! They are not only versatile but durable and resistant as they are made for everyday use. They are sheer in appearance, suitable to be worn with just anything. It comes in 3 colors, Black, Tan and Nude. They compliment your legs so well and are so elegant with lace endings that stays up for hours. This is because the beautiful lace trimming has sturdy Double Silicone Bands for non slips. They are imported from Italy, and comes in different sizes. All ladies must have these in their wardrobes!

5. Hanes Women’s Silk Reflection Thigh-High Stockings

Hanes Women's Thigh-High Stockingsbuynowimage

Hanes Women’s Silk Reflection Thigh-High Stockings are a pretty choice for the ladies who are in desire for a fashionable wear. The stockings are quite simple and easy to wash. They also dry very fast once you wash them. The stockings are light are pretty warm and you can wear them during any weather. The stockings come in different colors ranging from black, brown, light black, and also light brown and the prices too are set at a fairly standardized rate.

4. Leg Avenue Women’s Fishnet Thigh-High Stockings with Back Seam and Silicone Lace Top

Leg Avenue Women's Fishnet Thigh High Stockingsbuynowimage


Leg Avenue Women’s Fishnet Thigh-HighStockings provide a good option for the ladies who like to walk while in stockings. The stockings are easy to wash with hand and they do not bleach after wash. They are also relatively tight to stay up thigh and they do not hang at the knees after wearing them for a period of time. The stockings also have a back seam which makes them last for a long time without getting torm They come in different colors ranging from black, brown, pink, white, and orange.

3. Rulercosplay Women’s Sexy Pantyhose Thigh-High Stockings Carter Belt – 8 Ver

Rulercosplay Women's Thigh High Stockingsbuynowimage

Rulercosplay Women’s stockings are the recently new and cute brand of sexy lady stockings available in the market. What makes them sexy and cute is the design of the garter belt and their elasticity. They are easy to wash and they also dry faster after wash. They come in black color and they are in different waist and length allowances. The stockings are thigh high and therefore they can be worn easily as they are supported by the waist too.

2. L’eggs Women’s Leggswear Silky Tights


L'eggs Women's Leggswearbuynowimage

L’eggs Women’s Leggswear Silky Tights are warm and soft while you wear them. The stockings also provide an allowance for the toes at the sheer toes. The stockings are soft and thus providing a comfortable feeling. They can be washed with hands easily and they also dry faster. The stockings are in different sizes according to one’s size and they are also elastic. The stockings are durable and they can serve one for a good duration of time without getting torn.

1. HDE Women’s 4-Pack of Solid Color Opaque Sexy Thigh High Stocking Socks

HDE Women's 4-Pack Thigh High Stockings Socksbuynowimage

HDE Women’s 4-Pack of Solid Color Opaque Stocking Socks are quite an adorable and a pretty choice for the ladies. Thye come in different colors preferred by the ladies including; black, gray, white, red, and pink. The stockings are easy to wash and they dry faster. They are also warm while worn and their softness offers a comfortable feeling. Thye are also pretty durable and they do not sag at the knees after using them for a period of time.


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