Remote control cars have come a long way from the small little car attached with a cord running to the remote. They range from large sizes that are as big as a child’s bike to the smallest that are no bigger than a quarter. But remote control cars aren’t just for little kids anymore. Men love getting remote control cars and applying upgrades and modifications. But either way, remote control cars are loved by all and increasing the size of our collections are just part of the phone. Listed are some of the coolest RIC cars available.

10. Maisto RIC Rock Crawler

Maisto RIC Rock Crawlerbuynowimage

The Maisto Rock Crawler isn’t just a battery operated truck that goes backwards and forwards. This remote control truck is equipped with not just one, but two motors that has the option of low gearing. And to really get into the off-road action, this truck has articulated front and rear suspensiom The rock crawler is 12-1/2 inches in length, perfect for taking it off the flat asphalt. And if the gang wants to run their Maisto trucks too, it has a tri-channel transmitter that’ll allow up to 3 people to run their vehicles. simultaneously.

9. Bugatti Grand Sport Vitesse

Bugatti Grand Sport Vitessebuynowimage

This Bugatti isn’t just extremely cool looking, it’s fast too. This remote control car can run from 8 to 15 mph. It has a detailed interior, an exterior that has a glossy orange paint, and front headlights and rear tail lights that actually work. The full function radio controller allows you to go forward, reverse, right, left, and stop. The Bugatti has a front wheel alignment that’s adjustable, an all independent spring suspension, and runs 11 inches in length. What doesn’t this remote control car have? Wait, it needs you!

8. La Ferrari Radio Remote Control Model Car

La Ferrari Radio Remote Control Model Carbuynowimage

This remote control La Ferrari is detailed with so many features that actually work. The La Ferrari’s suicide doors actually open and close and also has working headlights and rear tail lights. The interior has mimicking details of the real model and the exterior has a beautiful glossy paint job, and a set of rims and tires to finish off the look. The remote control radio can reach up to 30 feet and this car’s speed maxes out at 10 mph. The car is a 1:14 scale and weighs 2 pounds. If you can’t afford the real thing, then this is the official licensed model Ferrari you should own.

7. Lamborghini Veneno Car Radio Remote Control Sport Racing Car

Lamborghini Veneno Car Radio Remote Control Sport Racing Carbuynowimage

This Lamborghini is an official licensed remote control car. With real working features such as the headlights and rear tail lights and has beautiful replica details. This remote control car is made for the asphalt. It can reach up to 10 mph and has simulation rubber tires with shock absorbers. Trimming purposes are located on the bottom of the car so that the driver can fine adjust its turning capabilities. The Lamborghini is close to 11 inches in length and weighs 15 ounces. This Lamborghini remote control car is definitely one to be added to a RIC collection.

6. Lamborghini Reventon

Remote Control Lamborghini Reventonbuynowimage

This remote control car is a gorgeous 1:18 replica of the Lamborghini Reventom The fine-crafted materials are used in the interiors small details, the exterior’s glossy paint job, and its sleek rims and tires. The remote control can reach up to 30 feet away and can turn tight corners by using its actual adjustable front wheel alignment and can speed by running up to 8 mph. The Lamborghini is 10 inches in length and weight 1.4 pounds. This is a beautiful replica of a very sexy car.

5. Maisto RIC Rock Crawler Extreme Radio Control Vehicle

Maisto RIC Rock Crawler Extreme Radio Control Vehiclebuynowimage

There is nothing that can stop your children with the RIC Rock Crawler Extreme by Maisto_ With outdoor use in mind this remote control car is perfect for rugged off-road action thanks to the front and rear articulated suspensiom Three powerful motors give its strength, one of them is for steering and the other two for driving. It also has a Tri-channel transmitter, which is a great advantage if you have more kids playing with up to 3 RC cars by Maisto at the same time.

4. Super Fast Drifting King Remote Control Sports Car

Super Fast Drifting King Remote Control Sports Carbuynowimage

If what your kid, or you, are looking for is speed, this remote control car is what you want. The super fast drifting king by Liberty Imports is a super fast car but if what you want is to show your driving skills you can try focusing on drifting with the rubber tires that are included in the package, with them it can perform amazing drifting stunts like U-shape and 8-shape drifts, or you can stick to the flat tires for speed. Featuring working headlights, backlights and bottom side lights. With this RC car you will be the spotlight.

3. Maisto RIC 1 24 Scale Ferrari 458 Italia Radio Control Vehicle

Maisto RIC 1 24 Scale Ferrari 458 Italia Radio Control Vehiclebuynowimage

We all know Ferrari is all about beauty and style, with the 1 Scale Ferrari 458 Italia by Maisto with authentic styling and modifications that is what you get. Better suited for flat surfaces this remote control car comes with an intuitive dashboard-style controller which allows left-right and forward-reverse steering, so you can have fun bringing it to full speed, and even trying some drifting. It also features multiple frequencies so you can compete with your friends, although their cars will never look as good as yours.

2. Electric RC Car 2.4Ghz 2WD High Speed Remote Controlled Car

Electric RC Car 2.4Ghz 2WD High Speed Remote Controlled Carbuynowimage

Hosim brings us this powerful remote control car that is all about speed, so it is recommended for outdoors. This Two-Wheel Drive RC car achieves 33+MPH top speed, so it is better to have enough space for it to run wild, it comes equipped with realistic all-terrain tires with sponge insert and S-Truck suspensions technology that grants it superior handling and control, don’t worry if your kid wants to take it to the backyard, on the contrary. Also the package includes rechargeable batteries and charger, the best option for a beast like this.

1. 1967 Ford Mustang GT Radio Control Vehicle

1967 Ford Mustang GT Radio Control Vehiclebuynowimage

The beautiful 1967 Ford Mustang is flawlessly built to 1 scale by Maisto. Featuring pro-touring modifications and realistic details like custom wheels and tires, and special body parts, this is a RC car any collector would want to keep in its box or in a display case, but the fun comes when it is on the road, its dashboard-style controller allows left-right and forward-reverse steering and Maisto offers multiple frequencies to choose from so you can compete with other Maisto RC cars.



Remote control cars are always a good shop or gift option it doesn’t matter if it is a gift for a kid or for a grown-up who is a remote control car enthusiast, regardless of the activity you use them for, either you are competing against your friends, playing with a kid or just showing off, they can always provide fun and good times, at least until the batteries run out.

There is a huge variety of remote control cars to choose from, with our list we provide options that can appeal to different tastes, if you are looking for speed, drifting or high quality scale models we got you covered.