If you are looking for a great monopod for GoPro cameras, there are many to choose from on the market. It seems that the simple selfie stick has evolved. Monopods come with many differing lengths and features including their own remote controls. Some even hold more than one camera at a time. One thing is for certain, No matter what monopod you choose or wherever your travels take you, you will never have to ask another stranger to take your picture again if you don’t want to. To make your selection process easier, have put together a list of 10 monopods for GoPro cameras that have the best features.

10. Self-timer for Go-Pro Hero 1 2 3 Extendable Handheld Monopod

Self-timer for Go-Pro Hero 1 2 3 Extendable Handheld Monopodbuynowimage

The Self-timer extendable handheld monopod gives you the very best in utilitarian desigm The non-slip foam handle will help you ensure you don’t accidentally drop your expensive photography equipment. Your camera attaches quickly and securely with the quick spin mounting knob. The durable, extending metal shaft allows you to easily take selfie photos without the awkward arm-length poses. Take pictures at any angle with the unique ball-head adjustment. The self-timer monopod is lightweight and easy to carry even on the toughest of hikes.

9. GoScope Extreme

GoScope Extremebuynowimage

The GoScope Extreme is ready to attach to your GoPro Camera. The versatile extends to a length of 37 inches and collapses down to 17 inches for an easy fit into your backpack. At 6 ounces, you won’t even know it is there Until you are ready to capture that amazing shot that is. The GoScope Extreme can hold two cameras simultaneously. The forged aluminum and Polycarbonate construction of the shaft makes it virtually indestructible. Take it in the saltwater, Freshwater and snow its ok it can handle it.

8. Selfie Stick,URPOWER

Selfie Stick,URPOWERbuynowimage

The Selfie Stick URPOWER is made of lightweight aluminum for a lightweight carry and it couldn’t be easier to use. Twist the top to the right to extend the pole and twist it to the left to tighten it at the desired length. The soft grip foam handle provides a comfortable grip and helps to prevent slipping. The Selfie Stick URPOWER works with most GoPro Cameras, digital cameras, cell phones, digital video recorders and other small cameras.

7. Floureon Selfie Stick Extendable-Telescopic Handheld Pole

Floureon Selfie Stick Extendable-Telescopic Handheld Polebuynowimage

The Floureon Selfie stick offers an extension to 37 8″ folds to 8.6″ to give you maximum versatility in a small space. The camera can be rotated to any angle to get the absolute best shots on your next adventure. The thumb screw will ensure your camera stays mounted securely on the monopod while the anti-slip groove design will help keep the camera from rotating while you are capturing the shot. Includes tripod adapter to affix your GoPro Camera.

6 . Extending Selfie Stick with Remote Housing-Tripod Mount for Go-Pro Hero 1 2 3 3+4

Extending Selfie Stick with Remote Housing-Tripod Mount for Go-Pro Herobuynowimage

This Extending Selfie Stick is perfect for all GoPro cameras, cell phones, and other smaller digital photography equipment. State-of-the-art Bluetooth remote control shutter control has a range of approximately 30 feet to make taking selfies fun and convenient The monopod extends to 33.6 inches and folds down to 13.9 inches to make carrying convenient as well. The Non-slip soft foam handle provides you with a comfortable grip and peace of mind that your equipment is not going to easily slide from your hand.

5. Thrill Pro monopod selfie stick

Thrill Pro monopod selfie stickbuynowimage

This is one of the best monopod selfie stick on the market. Featuring most durable and ragged camera extension pole 36 inches in length, Thrill Pro is a must have accessory. The impressive thing about this monopod selfie stick is the fact that it can be used as a GoPro selfie stick, iPhone selfie stick and DSLR monopod stick. Therefore if you own any of these devices you don’t need to worry about its compatibility, because Thrill Pro has you covered. It is also waterproof which means you can go with it anywhere without fear or worry of it being damaged.

4. OCC Pole Selfie Monopod

OCC Pole Selfie Monopodbuynowimage

OCC pole selfie monopod is a stylish, durable and lightweight. Most users have commended its functionality and sturdiness, thanks to its removable head (which enables it to accommodate small digital camera) and quality & durable material. It is 14 to 40 inches in length and has a perfectly designed GoPro tripod adapter and a smartphone grip. It has also been praised for its firm and comfortable grip. It is simply a great selfie pole that can be used anywhere and in any outdoor & indoor activities.

3. Smartree Extendable Selfie Stick SmaPole Q3

Smartree Extendable Selfie Stick SmaPole Q3buynowimage

This versatile selfie stick will definitely impress you. It has a flexible tripod head with a capability of rotating 360 degrees for you cellphone & camera to achieve different best shooting positions. In addition, it also has the universal 3 feet support stand for a monopod with a quarter inch screw port at the bottom to enable it stand independently. Moreover, Smartree smallpole Q3 is made of Aluminum material that makes it tough and durable. The wrist wraps and slip resistance rubber that is strapped around the selfie stick, helps it to avoid unexpected falling which in turn helps to protect you camera or cellphone. Lastly, the stick has an adjustable length (from 11.8 inches to 36.6 inches).

2. Smartree Extendable Selfie Stick SmaPole QI

Smartree Extendable Selfie Stick SmaPole QIbuynowimage

SmaPole QI is made of high quality aluminum hence giving it tough and durable touch. And just like SmaPole Q3, it has a flexible tripod stand mount with a 360 degree rotation and an adjustable length of 36.6 inches. It is also portable, lightweight & convenient to carry around. The greatest thing about it though is its GoPro specific mount that contains a 1/4 inch mount that is compatible with other small size digital camera i.e. it can be used for both Compact and GoPro cameras with a quarter inch thread hole. Other features include; comfortable wrist wrap and thumbscrew.

1. Prories Monopod selfie stick

Prories Monopod selfie stickbuynowimage

Prories can be defined in few words as durable, portable, extendable and a compact selfie stick. It is made of billet aluminum, specifically designed for action & built for durability. It also has a fast twist and exceptionally easy lock mechanism. Its Telescoping pole is an ultra-lightweight, sturdy, stable and versatile and is designed for DLSR/HD camera, GoPro camera, Hero 4 3 + 32 1 and IPhone, smartphones and Android Its adjustable monopod makes it the best selfie stick for outdoor activities, skiing, snowboarding, mountaineering, skateboarding, hiking etc.


Selfie sticks has made taking of selfies at different angles and positions easy and convenient. The selfie sticks available on the market today are much better than their predecessors and are also very easy to use. This therefore, makes it difficult to choose the best of them all. A good selfie stick is the one that offers both functionality and durability. It should also be flexible enough to allow you to take photos at different angles and position even under difficult circumstances; – after all this is their main purpose. The above list capture some of the best selfie sticks in the market that has best and useful features for a quality and breathtaking selfie photos.