What is it that makes Italian women so hot? Could it be their appearance? Their natural grace and beauty? There is a mysterious, sensual quality to Italian women and no matter the reason, there is no denying these women are the hottest Italian women in the world.

Anna TatangeloAnna Tatangelo

Singing sensation Anna Tatangelo was, at the age of 15, the youngest person ever to win Sanremo’s Music Festival’s Newcomers Award. It’s possible that her looks alone make her one of the hottest Italian women but one must also consider her bravery.

Her music speaks to women and touches on topics like empowerment, violence against women, anorexia, and homophobia. It’s a safe bet to claim her beauty and her strength are what make her special.

Cristina ChiabottoCristina Chiabotto

Cristina is a showgirl, model, and television presenter. She’s also a former Miss Italia.

She’s appeared on twenty television shows as well as radio and in the theater. She’s been the face of several advertising campaigns for brands such as Cottonella, Chateau d’Ax, Deborah and Facco Corporation. She’s a true Italian beauty.

Raffaella FicoRaffaella Fico

Former winner of the beauty contest Miss Grand Prix, Raffaella is an actress and singer. While surrounded by some controversy during her career, that doesn’t take away from how beautiful and successful she is.

She’s acted in both film and television while enjoying a musical career, as well.

Valentina Lodovinivalentina lodovini

Valentina’s stunning eyes and gorgeous figure are what landed her on the list of hottest Italian women. She got her acting start in 2007 from her appearance in the drama La giusta distanza and has had a rather successful career.

For her role in Benvenuti al Sud, she won an award for Best Supporting Actress. Valentina has appeared in a total of sixteen films.

Samantha De GrenetSamantha De Grenet

Samantha is a showgirl, model and television presenter. She won a Photo Model of the Year contest, however; because of her very young age, she couldn’t officially take home the prize. This did jumpstart her move into the fashion and modeling world though and she’s had great success.

She’s been successful as an actress as well having appeared in twenty television shows and four films.

Cristina Del BassoCristina Del Basso

An actress and model, Cristina appeared in the April 2012 Playboy magazine. What launched her career though was placing 3rd in the Italian version of Big Brother.

She’s also appeared in an Italian showgirl contest where she placed in the finales. She’s had appearances on twelve TV programs, five films and has done pictorials for two calendars.

Sara VaroneSara Varone

Sara graduated college with a BS in Psychology and a goal to be a sexual psychologist but instead has become a well-known Italian television host.

Both smart and beautiful, she first started as a model then moved on to TV. She made Askmen.com’s 99 Most Desirable Women list and it’s quite easy to see why.

Monica BellucciMonica Bellucci

Monica is an actress, model and was once a Bond girl. She’s had roles in sixty films, her most notable as the character Persephone in two Matrix films and Mary Magdalene in Passion of Christ.

She’s been the spokesmodel for both Dolce and Gabbana and Dior. Men’s Health listed her on their “100 Hottest Women of All Time” list. She is a true Italian sex symbol.

Melissa SattaMelissa Satta

Possessing both brains and beauty, Melissa is a television presenter and expert in communications. She’s also an accomplished athlete. In 2002 she got her start as a model and in 2005 she transitioned into her television career.

She’s a stunning woman who’s done work for Victoria Secret and appeared on the cover of Maxim magazine. Melissa has had roles in two films and fourteen TV shows.

Elisabetta CanalisElisabetta Canalis

Elisabetta is a showgirl and actress. She’s appeared on nineteen television shows including the popular Leverage, The Ellen DeGeneres Show and Dancing with the Stars. She’s also had roles in six films.

She’s done a nude calendar and appeared in photoshoots for several magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue Italy and Vanity Fair. She’s landed on Maxim’s Most Beautiful list and has modeled for Pantene, Philip Plein and Robert Cavalli.