There is no denying it. Women from China are beautiful. Their skin, hair, physiques…all feminine and quite stunning. They appear delicate and fragile but the truth is they are strong, intelligent women who achieve greatness. These are some of the most beautiful Chinese women.

Liu YifeiLiu Yifei


Called “Fairy Sister” for her delicate image and sweet disposition, Liu is an actress and model. She is considered one of the most beautiful actresses in China.

The Story of a Noble Family was the television show in which she made her first appearance. She then appeared in another TV show titled Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils and it was after that she was in her first film Love of May. Liu has appeared in five television shows and nineteen films. She’s also had a rather successful music career and has released two albums.

Gao YuanyuanGao Yuanyuan

Gao began her career in the entertainment industry in 1996. Unlike her peers, she did not attend or graduate from an acting academy. She instead got her start in television commercials after being seen on the street.

Her first commercial was for Meadow Gold ice cream. She had a bit part in a film titled Spicy Love Soup and afterwards got her big break in 2002 when she played the lead role in a TV series titled Zhou Zhiruo. She’s appeared in seventeen television shows and had roles in twenty-two films. She’s won both a Best Actress Award and a Best Foreign Actress Award.

Zhang JingchuZhang Jingchu

A graduate of Central Academy of Drama in Beijing, Zhang became known for her acting abilities in the film Peacock. She had roles in several successful films and was named by Time magazine as one of “Asia’s Heroes” in 2005.

She’s appeared in thirty-one films during her career she’s won three Best Actress Awards. She’s also had roles in nine television shows.

Zhao WeiZhao Wei

Zhao is one of the most popular actresses in China. She’s also a director and singer. Her fame seemed instant after her appearance as “Little Swallow” in My Fair Princess.

This particular role earned her a Golden Eagle Award for Best Actress. During her twenty-year career, she’s focused largely on film work but has also had roles in television shows.

She made her directorial debut with the film So Young which broke box office records and earned her awards for Best Director, Best Directorial Debut and Best Film. She’s a successful business entrepreneur and is actively involved with many charities.

Xu JingleiXu Jinglei

A graduate of Beijing Film Academy, Xu is both an actress and director. Although not well-known outside of China, she does have a successful career and an extremely popular blog.

She’s written four films, directed six films and has starred in twenty-six. Her work has earned her three Best Actress Awards, a Best Supporting Actress Award and one Best New Director Award.

Zhang ZilinZhang Zilin

Zhang is an actress, model, singer and former beauty queen having won Miss China World in 2007 and later Miss World 2007. She grew up quite focused on her education and was a successful scholar and athlete.

Her career did not begin until 2003 when she started modeling and appearing in pageants. It was her success in these endeavors that earned her the title “Top Model of the Year” from a modeling agency called New Silk Road. Her acting debut came in 2011 when she appeared in the film The Underdog Knight 2. She has had roles in a total of seven films.

Ma YanliMa Yanli

A model, actress and fashion designer, Ma originally succeeded in professional sports as a top-level rowing champion. She left the sports world to pursue a modeling career in 1994.

It was in 1995 that she won first place in the First Shanghai International Fashion Model Contest and since that time has continued to enjoy great success. She’s developed her own clothing line which she’s called Mary-Ma series.

Li BingbingLi Bingbing

As a young girl, Li had no desire to become an actress. She wanted instead to be a teacher but her plans changed after she graduated high school and she joined the Shanghai Theater Academy.

It was her role in the film Seventeen Years that launched her acting career and earned her a Best Actress Award in 1999. She has become one of the most popular actresses in China having starred in twenty-eight films and twenty-seven television shows. She’s also known for her charity work through her own organization called L.O.V.E.

Zhang XinyuZhang Xinyu

Zhang, known also as Viann Zhang, is an actress, model and singer. She got her acting start by having small roles in television and it wasn’t until her film debut in If You Are the One 2 was broadcast that she got her break.

She’s gotten many positive reviews from critics during her career. Zhang has appeared in twelve films and fourteen television shows. She’s won a China Fashion Award and Sina Web Festival Award.

Lin Chi-lingLin Chi-ling

Lin is a model and actress. She had a seemingly overnight rise to stardom which was dubbed by a commentator from Taiwan as “The Lin Chi-ling Phenomenon.” Her modeling career is largely based on advertising but she was asked to host a fashion program Shanghai Oriental Television by well-known producer Ge Hongfu.

She has had roles in television shows and has hosted several programs such as TVBS-G LA Mode News and Top Chinese Music Chart Awards.

She’s appeared in a total of fourteen films and has been a product endorser for famous brand names such as Olay Bath, Chrysler Automobile, Kia, Pantene and China Airline. Lin has been involved in charity work and won awards for International Artist Credibility, Hong Kong Style Icon, Top Ten China Beauty and Best New Actress to name but a few.