As technology advances, it’s become increasingly easier to seek out religious information or advice, become part of an online church community, learn scripture, and even acquire certification to be a church leader. These things are important for those who wish to live a Spirit filled life.TOP CHRISTIAN BLOGS

We understand how important living a faith-based life can be so we’ve conducted extensive research to bring to you the Top 65 Christian Blogs. In these blogs, you will find spiritual teachings on all religions, lessons on Bible study, podcasts, videos and a myriad of other topics and features.

While we must add a disclaimer that we do not necessarily endorse any particular belief, we do feel this list will help you explore and learn more about your beliefs.

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Wade Burleson, President

Wade Burleson is a pastor, writer and historian. Through his work he hopes to help others better understand God’s unconditional grace. To visit his blog will mean finding content that relates to everyday situations. Within each blog post, you’ll see how God’s grace can and does impact our daily lives and the lives of those around us.


Adrian Plass, President

Founded by a small group of Christians, ACW is about fellowship, sharing, supporting, and encouraging Christian writers. The blogs have a total of 31 regular contributors who each bring something special and meaningful to ACW. The posts on this blog are a mix of spiritual guidance, writing advice, and inspiration. If you are a Christian writer interested in becoming a member of ACW, look for the ACW Membership link on the blog.  Note: there is a small fee to join.


Tom Gilson

When you visit this site, you’ll see two options: Blog and By visiting Tom’s site, you’ll see how he can help your church ministry step up to meet the ever-changing challenges many ministries face. By visiting his blog, you’ll find wisdom and compassion. He is especially empathetic to the LGBT community and can help with understanding Atheism. He has a vast list of resources on his blog that readers may find helpful.


Thomas Matthew

Thomas spent 12 years working in IT before leaving that life to begin a new one serving the Lord. The purpose of his writings is to share his journey of faith and the many revelations he’s had about God. You’ll find many scriptures to accompany his blogs posts that can serve to help you further your Bible studies. Subscribe to his daily devotional emails.


Dr. Paul Ellis

Dr. Ellis gave up speaking at conferences and preaching to teach through the written word. The result is his blog, Escape to Reality. His philosophy is that “life is the adventure of learning who you really are – a dearly loved child of God.” His posts will surely help you learn to live. He has many resources available such as book reviews, study notes, teaching resources, and more. You can also find out more about the books he’s written.


David Qaoud

David began blogging in 2011 with the hope to spread gospel to non-believers. He discovered that many of his readers are believers so his focus changed to delivering the best faith-centered resources to all who need them. His posts are practical yet inspirational and his blog is easy-to-follow. While you are here, be sure to get your copy of his free e-book on prayer titled 6 Ways to Transform Your Prayer Life Forever. Visit the About page to see a list of his most popular blogs.


Chris offers free weekly “Progressive Christian Reflections” which you can subscribe to via email. If you are searching for a specific topic, he’s made it easy by providing a word search engine. He has written and published 12 books, all of which can be purchased on his site. He is compassionate towards the LGBT community and is a crusader against hate. If you visit his Writings page, you can read complete texts of his work.


Steve Patterson

Steve’s passion is his blog ministry but he also does quite a bit of volunteer work for his church. He is a graphic designer by trade with a great love for the Lord. His blog is full of helpful information so take your time and look around. He has a lot of freebies that might be of interest – movies, music, printables, and gospel tracts. His posts are stimulating and humorous. It’s likely many Christians will be able to relate to Steve, his testimony, and his ministry.


Paul Wilkinson

Paul marches to the beat of his own drum and after visiting his blog, you’ll be glad he does. His posts are well-written, often humorous, and there is always inspiration to be found. He lives as a Christ-follower and enjoys writing about it and sharing the writing of others. Topics you’ll find on Thinking Out Loud include news, apologetics, the Bible, cartoons, forums, giving, and more. Visit his second blog Christianity 201 for daily devotionals.


Ordained minister and Army Chaplain, Daniel Haas offers an interesting perspective to religion. He discusses religion in relationship to politics, social media as well as military life and culture. He also shares a good bit of his personal life which is quite fascinating due to his many travels.


Sam Eaton

Sam shares honestly about his life struggles, his suicide attempt, and how God is now using him to help others. He calls his blog a “sanctuary for broken people chasing a life of adventure, struggle, relationships, and faith.” Subjects you’ll find here include adventure, faith, struggle, and his suicide ministry. Join his email list to receive a free e-book titled 20 Christian Books That Will Ruin Your Life (For the Better).


Douglas Wilson

Looking for honesty and humor? Douglas is your guy. Click on The Proprietor at the top of the page to read more about him and see a list of his most popular articles. There is so much to read and learn here, so take your time and look around awhile. He offers books, videos, and audio recordings. Topics/tags include book reviews, church government, culture/politics, grace/peace, practical Christian living, and more. Subscribe via email and receive 6 free e-books. Douglas also as an app in the iTunes store to making following him easy.


Kevin Knight

Founded in 1995, New Advent is one of the oldest and largest sites dedicated to Catholicism. There are tons of articles here written by Catholic men and women. There is a comprehensive encyclopedia that provides readers with full information on the Catholic church. Click on Bible (top right of the page) for an entire translation of the Knox Bible. The Catholic Library is also extensive. On the Home page, you’ll find many Catholic related links plus additional links you may find helpful.


Margaret’s blog is, in a word – FUN. She has a fantastic sense of humor and uses that to explore and teach faith and how it should be part of your daily life. She’s written many books with corresponding Bible studies. Learn more about those by visiting her Meet Margaret page. Also, if you are a writer who wants to improve your skills or you wish to become a writer, Margaret offers a 16-week training program. Learn more about the program by visiting her Writing Brilliant page.


Sarah is a woman not afraid to speak her mind. As she puts it, “I write about the intersections of a spirit-filled life…well, pretty much everything else you’re not supposed to discuss in polite company.” She calls how she writes “narrative theology” and she writes it well. She has several books available and also shares the work she does with charitable causes. She can also be followed on most social media platforms.


Meta Christianity is a resource for over 275 different faith-based blogs. There are also teaching resources located on the Define Christianity page along with downloadable PDFs. Visit the Unqualified page to see how God uses his broken people to do great and wondrous works. There are a lot of teaching and learning tools here as well as additional insight many believers may find useful.


Chris Gehrz

Chris has a mission with this blog – to explore how Christianity, history, and education intersect. He is a historian and writer with plenty of vision. He has several podcasts available on iTunes plus other podcasts and webisodes on his site. He’s authored/co-authored fascinating books. If you are looking for an in-depth explanantion of Pietists and Pietism, he covers those topics thoroughly.


Dr. James White

Alpha & Omega Ministries is a Christian apologetics organization. Dr. James White is the director and has authored or contributed to more than 20 books. While visiting this site, look for thought-provoking teachings. Topics include Atheism, general apologetics, testimonies as well as resources. There is a chat features and a weekly webcast, too. To understand more about Alpha & Omega Ministries, please be sure to read their Statement of Faith.


Eric Dye

The purpose of Church Mag is to connect churches, ministries, and non-profits with the latest technology information. This is an excellent site for leaders and teachers within any ministry who wish to stay up-to-date on technological advances. By clicking on Resources, you’ll be directed to the blog plus subjects such as creativity, productivity, devotionals, and more. Many of the products they sell are quite inexpensive.


Fr. Tim Finigan

For those who may not know, the word “hermeneutic” simply means interpretation of literary text, especially of the Bible. Fr. Finigan has been an ordained priest since 1984 and created this blog to share his journey. These are his personal thoughts on Catholicism and other topics. He welcomes questions/concerns/comments from his readers. Follow him on Twitter or send him an email.


Ann has some impressive words to share that are inspiring and filled with God’s love. This is a must-visit site. She’s a best-selling author with an incredible testimony. While you’re here, be sure to check out her Free Tools page for some awesome downloads. Read her post titled When You Go Into Heart Failure And It Turns Out to Be A Metaphor For All Things. Extremely powerful!


Thom Rainer is the president and CEO of Lifeway Christian Resources. His site is largely devoted to church leaders but anyone can benefit from his posts. Thom’s experiences have led him to author more than two dozen books. You can subscribe to his Rainer on Leadership podcasts. If you subscribe to his updates, you’ll receive a free copy of The Ultimate Took Kit for Church Leaders. Click on his Blog page and look for the drop-down menu of the categories Thom discusses.


Deb Wolf

This blog is highly recommended for women of faith. Deb’s passion is telling others about Jesus and she does an outstanding job. Some of what you’ll find here: motivation/transformation, inspiration/affirmation, devotion/adoration, and so much more. Deb has got some wonderful quotes and pictures posted that she encourages her readers to use and share. She also offers valuable advice for couples and single women. Definitely a blog worth visiting.


Ron Edmonson is a church leader with a passion for planting churches and helping established churches thrive. He is an expert in the field of organizational leadership. While leadership is his focus, his blog also offers some wonderful insight into families and churches. You can subscribe to his blog posts and receive a free e-book titled 50 Things Every Church Planter Should Know.


Judy Paulsen, Director

The mission of this institute is to equip and encourage churches for the work of evangelism and empower ministries confidently, joyfully, and expectantly. While here, click on Good Idea! to read articles from their online magazine. Also, be sure to look at the resources they have provided. You’ll discover various materials, a list of resource people, and recommended reading.


Frank Viola

Frank has a goal – “to help serious followers of Jesus know their Lord more deeply so they can experience real transformation and make a lasting impact.” He calls his ministry The Deeper Journey because he feels there is more to Christian faith. He writes about the following subjects: God’s grand mission, the deeper Christian life, missional organic church, rethinking the status quo, personal experiences, and humor. Subscribe and receive 2 free e-books: Disciples in Crisis and Rethinking the Will of God.


Lisa Anderson, Director

Boundless is a fantastic place for young adults. The goal of Boundless is to mature young people in Christ while providing inspiration and a real online community that encourages and supports. Boundless is a ministry within the world-renowned Focus on the Family. While visiting this site, be sure to read more about their vision and values. Look for a wealth of information on relationships, adulthood, and faith. There are also many great podcasts.


Ben Peays, Director

The Gospel Coalition is a broad network of Reformed churches which encourages and educates current and next generation church leaders. Here you’ll find motivation provided by many bloggers. You’ll also find vast resources – audio/video and text. This is an extensive library of information. Be sure to visit the Editorial page for an international journal for students and religious studies, recommended books, resources for group study, and more.


Jon Acuff

Jon is a New York Times best-selling author with quite a bit of wisdom to share. His blog posts are 100% motivational and informative. He has great ideas about change, growth, and personal development. Click on (top of the page) to reach his blog. Once there, be sure to take his Awesome Career Audit. Jon is about all about helping others and faith-based self-help.


Joel L. Watts

Joel has a Master’s of Theological Studies and a Ph.D. from University of Free State where he studied the New Testament. He has strong opinions on how Christianity intersects with politics. With the world’s climate filled with uncertainty, anger, and violence it may be important to look to Jon for guidance and insight on change.


Yelena Bosovik, Founder

This is a women’s lifestyle site aimed at women who seek empowerment and inspiration. You can subscribe via email to receive this magazine, which is free. While you are here, be sure to browse the many topics such as college, discipleship, prayer, femininity, modesty, and more. If you have a prayer request, you are welcome to leave it on The Prayer Wall. Also, take time to visit The Academy. Here you will find inexpensive curriculum to aid you on your journey of faith and Godly living.


Denny Burk, President


This may prove to be a controversial site for some. Nonetheless, others will see this as a valuable and necessary forum. The CBMW has a goal to “bring evangelicals together and produce a new conviction which addresses the current challenges we are facing regarding the meaning of marriage and sexual identity.” The blog intelligently discusses sensitive topics. There are podcasts available and a resource library filled with audio, books/e-books, journals, and more.


Jonathan is an award-winning writer on religion, politics, and culture. His writings are faith-based and discuss current topics and events. His books are available via his website. On his Home page, you’ll find a free mini-course featuring Jonathan and Margaret Feinberg, that touches on the topic of how your words can change the world. Sign up for his newsletters to receive the week’s top 5 religion stories.


John Loftus

If you are someone who questions Christianity or are an Atheist looking for an online community, Debunking Christianity is a good site for you. Jon welcomes comments but be sure to read his policies. He has several books on the topic of Atheism listed on his site. You’ll find a list of debates (with text) in which he has participated. Jon offers advice for those who wish to leave Christianity and explains fully why he is now a non-believer.


Erin Benziger

Erin’s wish is to equip women with the truth of God’s word and she prays daily for God to use her to accomplish this goal. Erin provides an online ministry for women that includes original articles, a bi-weekly radio program, and so many beneficial resources. She’ll show women how to guard from deceptions and temptations. This is a wonderful site for Godly women.


Mark Oestreicher

Mark’s blog description reads, “Life, faith, youth ministry, church, leadership, whimsy.” He covers all of that and covers them well. He describes blogging as both a spiritual discipline and fun. Categories listed include books, faith, family, music, news, tv/movies, and much more. His passion is The Youth Cartel so if you have kids, this might be a great site for you to visit with them.


This is a blog with multiple contributors who each have their own opinions and ideas. The goal with this blog is to reach out with positivity and encouragement. These contributors hope to educate and challenge their readers. They have a supportive online community, too. Categories you’ll find include news, entertainment, Christian living, family/relationships, money, and health/fitness.


Dave is an award-winning author and lead pastor of Chicago’s Community Christian Church. He is also the visionary for the church-planting endeavor called NewThing. One of his passions is helping people find their way back to God. This is a forum for people to share their own inspiring stories. These are personal stories written by Godly people and some who have struggled with the word of God. If you happen to be a church leader, this site is an excellent resource for you, as well.


James Pate

James is working towards his Ph.D. at Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion. His blog is a fascinating record of his journey. He offers book reviews and his thoughts on politics, religion, entertainment, and life. He has been blogging since 2007, and he’s great at expressing his thoughts, feelings, and ideas. You may find yourself spending a lot of time here.


If you are a Sunday school teacher or a parent looking for Christian lessons and arts/crafts, make Christianity Cove your go-to source. There are over 700 lesson articles here plus 26 best-selling products in their library. By liking their Facebook page, you’ll receive 20 faith-based crafts. Click on the About page for a link to their Facebook profile. Here you’ll find games, crafts, activities, devotions, service projects, Bible science, and object lessons for kids.


Eric is one of the VPs of Lifeway Christian Resources. He received his doctorate in leadership and church ministry. He writes informative and faith-filled blog posts. By subscribing to his blog, you’ll receive free 18 Questions for Self-Evaluation. You can also follow him on Facebook and Twitter.


This is a distinctive media source which made its debut in 1997. It provides cutting-edge coverage of news and expert analysis of national and international events. There are many correspondents who travel the world to investigate and explore how faith, religion, and ethics shape our world. You can view full episodes from the site. You’ll also be able to view their calendar and schedule.


The mission of this site is to cover the faith aspects of our world’s biggest news stories. The site covers everything from news to politics to entertainment. CNN Belief is edited by CNN’s Daniel Burke and features insights from the CNN news team.


(In)Courage is run by an all-female team of staff and contributors. They welcome all women into their community. They have made this a space to breathe, relax, and forget the chaos of daily life. The blog is full of encouragement, support, and friendship. You will need to create a free account to have full access to the site. While you’re here, be sure to click on Books to learn about their fun and exciting Never Unfriended Sweatpants Book Club.


John Piper

John Piper is the founder of Desiring God. The mission, shared by John and contributing writers, is “to produce and distribute resources that spread a passion for the supremacy of God in all things for the joy of all peoples through Jesus Christ.” Topics discussed here include dating/singleness, marriage, prayer, sexual purity, and more. You can listen to John answer tough theological questions as well as learn how to properly study the Bible. Be sure to check out the Sermons page for audio/video of John’s teachings.


Mark Dever, President

Mark Dever and his team serve a mission to equip church leaders with a Bible-based vision and provide resources to display God’s glory to the world via healthy churches. There are many resources here including preaching/theology, leadership, articles, interviews, and so much more. Also, while you’re here take time to visit the Journals page. You can easily browse the covers for content and read the journals for free.


Kristen Welch

Kristen has created a blog for women – moms in particular – who have busy lives and need a reminder they aren’t alone in their “yes” to God. If you are this mom, then We are THAT Family is a great place to visit. Kristen is the parent of teens and a tween so she has a lot of wisdom to share about raising kids. Her blog posts are real, honest, and even a bit irreverent at times. You’ll definitely see humor here, too. Go to her Features page and you’ll find popular posts, advice on how to start your own blog, information on parenting/marriage as well as some fabulous deals.


Patheos is a site where all religions converge. The goal here is to engage in a global dialogue about spirituality and religion. If you are interested in studying various religions, this needs to be your go-to source. The topics and beliefs discussed are vast. The Religion Library is full of information including teacher resources. This is a huge site so expect to spend a good bit of time here if you’re serious about learning.


R. R. Reno, Editor and Executive Director

First Things is published by the Institute on Religion and Public Life. This is the Institute’s flagship program and is the leading intellectual journal of its kind. In addition to the journal, the Institute hosts several programs to promote religiously informed studies on culture, society, theology, and politics. You can subscribe for a print or electronic version of this publication. Also, be sure to take a look at the Web Content page as well as the Authors page.


Tyler Reagin, President

The team at Catalyst Leader calls themselves a community of change makers. The idea began in 1999, and has since grown into a community that empowers leaders worldwide. If you’re interested in attending an event, they are held in several states. You’ll find on this site podcasts, articles, the Catalyst Leader store, a free e-book, and video download. There is also a University if you are interested in becoming a certified leader.


Tim Challies

Tim serves as an elder at Grace Fellowship Church in Toronto, is a book reviewer, and co-founder of Cruciform Press. He’s also the author of 5 books. Topics he discusses on his site include homosexuality, ministry, work, Catholicism, finances plus more. He has many book reviews posted and has also provided a recommended reading list. Be sure to look under the Articles page for interviews and important resources.


Rob Bradshaw

The first thing you’ll notice when you visit this site is a video tutorial on how to navigate your way through Biblical Studies. It’s helpful so be sure to watch. Once you’re done with that, welcome to a wealth of information! You’ll discover tons of hosted material, articles, book links, and study aids. This is fantastic site for anyone interested in top-quality theological materials.


Bob Kaulfin

Bob is the music director at his church and seeks to prepare pastors and musicians in theology and congregational worship. This blog is primarily a source for those who plan to lead worship with music, however; if praise music is something you enjoy, you’ll find relevant posts here. Click on the Music page as Bob’s affiliation, Sovereign Grace Music makes the guitar charts and lead sheets free to download.


The tagline on Elyse’s blog reads “No Fluff, No Bricks, Just Good News.” This is the perfect way to describe her site. It is straight-forward and full of engaging content. Elyse is certified in Biblical counseling and while she does not counsel online, her posts can offer much enlightenment. She also does speaking events, so if you’d like to see her live, be sure to review her schedule.


Mary Fairchild

Mary has worked in the Christian ministry for over three decades. She’s served in various roles – mission field, administrative assistant, office manager, and assistant to a senior pastor. She now hosts the Christianity site on This particular blog, Revel in the Rubble, was created for church workers. Mary’s goal is to provide a place to go for support and encouragement. Look at the Site Map to find all this blog has to offer.


Fr. John Zuhlsdorf

This site contains clear and concise commentary on liturgy, Catholic issues, and life. Fr. Z clearly puts a lot of work into his blog. The categories listed speak for themselves -no doubt as to what you’ll find here but don’t stop at just the categories. Scroll down the page for prayers, food for thoughts, words of wisdom, books recommendations plus other interesting side notes.


Russell Moore, President

The ERLC is an entity of the Southern Baptist Convention and is committed to engaging people with the gospel of Jesus. On this site, you will find information about each of the ERLC’s initiatives. Under Resources, you’ll discover many helpful articles. Also look for book reviews, bulletin inserts, interviews, Light Magazine issues as well as podcasts.


The mission of CT Women is to focus on writing by Christian women. Topics covered include trends, ideas, and leaders that shape how women live out the gospel. You will need to create an account (it’s free) for full access to the site. Once done, you’ll have access to the following categories: calling, skills, church life, relationships, self-care, encouragement, and tons of resources.


Rev. Bosco Peters

Rev. Peters describes his site as one of resources, reflections on liturgy, spirituality, and worship. Under Resources you’ll find worship, church year, collect reflections, daily prayers as well as other resources. Click on Celebrating Eucharist to read Rev. Peter’s book and please make sure you visit the online Chapel.


Richard Beck

Richard is an author, speaker, blogger and Professor of Psychology. He also leads a weekly Bible study for prison inmates. If you are searching for a faith-based blog that is enlightening with a bit of humor, you’ve reached the right place. While Richard’s writings are serious, look for whimsy in topics such as The Theology of Johnny Cash, The Theology of Faerie, Richard’s on-going William Stringfellow Project and yes, even The Theology of Calvin and Hobbes. Richard has a lot of insight to offer so take your time here and really look around.


Dr. David Murray

Dr. Murray is a Professor of Old Testament and Practical Theology. He is also a pastor, author, and blogger. Click on the Home page to find these subjects: HeadHeartHand blog, The Happy Christian, Kid’s Bible Reading, Christians Get Depressed, Jesus on Every Page, top 10 books, digital detox, top online resources, and e-books.


Priscilla Shirer

Going Beyond, created by Priscilla Shirer, is focused on teaching the word of God. Priscilla is a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary and holds a Master’s degree in Biblical Studies. It is safe to say her teachings are intelligent and true to the word of God. If you are interested in hearing her speak, visit the Events page. Before you leave this site, also visit her Resources page for books, CDs, DVDs, Bible study leader kits, Bible study workbooks, children’s resources and AWAKEN resources.


Beth Moore

Living Proof Ministries was established in 1994 by Beth Moore. Her mission is teaching women how to live and love on God’s word. The blog is an extension and only a small yet important part of LPM. Beth writes many enlightening posts, some of a personal nature, making you feel like you not alone in times of struggle. Check out the Siesta Scripture Memory Team 2017 and get involved. It’s an enjoyable way to learn and remember scriptures with other Godly women.


Fr. Stephen Freeman

Fr. Freeman’s personal blog, Glory to God for All Things, is part of Ancient Faith Ministries. While his blog does fall under this umbrella, he asks that his readers keep in mind this is his blog. Please read his ground rules before commenting. You’ll find he writes about topics in the following categories: Saints and Traditions, Church, Prayer, Journey of Faith, Mystical Theology, Scripture, Doctrine, Culture, and Aesthetics.

If you’ve come this far, you know the wisdom shared by these bloggers is valuable. We hope that you have found what you needed in these blogs and that your journey to a fulfilled, spiritual life is a joyful one.