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It’s without a doubt that cats pets are important creatures to many people. Many people have adopted cats and kept them as a loyal companion by adding them to the list of their family members. top-cat-blog

While some folks grow with a soft spot for cats pet and finally adopting them to live in their homes, there are a number of few dedicated cats lovers who have gone an extra mile to open a blog for pets. 

The blogs are not meant to make money alone but with a deep drive of educating pet owners on how to treat and relate with cats pets and rescue the ones that are homeless.

Now we would like to recognize bloggers who have inspired many pet owners all over the world by providing quality and needful information about these beautiful creatures. Below is a list of top 45 cat bloggers for 2017 we express our gratitude to the winners.

The Island Cats

Author: Sue Doute


island cats

Sue also known as The Lady With the Yellow Hair lives on the island of Grosse Ile, Michigan. She has three healthy and amazing cats that every pet owner would love to have. She has posted a photo of them.

Her blog is full of amazing stories narrated from her cat’s perspective, and the readers have enjoyed reading them over and over again.

Dash Kitten Blog

Author:  Majorie Dawson.


Majorie hails in New Zealand. She is also a well-known jewelry creator with the help of Dash Kitten Crew of cats. Marjorie’s goal is to entertain and educate readers with tutorials, reviews and a generous dash of fun and humor.dashkitten

Marjorie dedicates most of her time in doing research that she thinks will be of help to any pet owner.

She also does rescue work in the adopted place for cats in the United States.

Cat Chat with Caren and Cody

Author: Caren Gittleman



Caren lived in Cleveland for 35 years before moving to Michigan in 2001 where she still lives to date. Her Blog came about in loving memory of her cat pet Bobo that passed on and later Cody became her pet who eased her broken heart.

Cody has been her co-author, and she has expressed and written a lot of content that are narrated by her pet Cody. Julie and Julia were the inspirations behind her blog.

Caren life revolves around pet industry as she works as a digital influencer, wholesale rep, and a professional blogger.


Way of Cats Blog

Author: Pamela


Pamela blog walks down her journey of how she came to love cats at an adult age when she got married to a husband who loved cats pets. wayofcats

The husband gave her one cat, and within no time she found herself having many cats of her own. Her love for cats grew, and she ended up running a cat rescue center for 15 years to date.

She has written many books, blogs, released videos and podcasts that offer cats advice. She also runs a cat consultancy firm called Kitty Konsultations with over 30 years of experience.

Mochas, Mysterious & Meows

Author: Melisa Lapierre


Melisa is a beautiful and passionate blogger who lives in South Burlington with her ever pampered kitty Truffles.mochasmysteriesmeows

She started her blogging journey in 2011 as a book blog, but her love for animals made her to further pursue cat blogging. She is passionate about two things in life, reading books and cats and mostly you will find her curled on the couch reading a book and holding a cat with the other hand.

She loves animals of all kinds, and she has the heart for animal rescue.

Natural Cat Care Blog

Author:  Liz


Liz has been obsessed with cats since she was four years, she was catalyzed to start natural care blog when she lost her soul-mate who was 12 after a serious illness of intestinal lymphoma. She decided to raise awareness to help other pet lovers who could lose their pets due to illness.naturalcatcareblog

She has done a vigorous research about cancer in pets. Liz is also a certified nutrition consultant, a maker, and a writer. Her book is one of  Amazon bestselling book ‘soul comfort for cat’ and much more.

Her compelling blog posts are devoted to practical strategies for cats health care and feeding.

Paws for Reflection

Author: BJ Bangs


Here comes the award winning photographer/journalist/communication professional /blogger who writes about cats health, cat news, and cat rescue. bjbangs

BJ Bangs is very affectionate about cats, and she likes writing everything that affects the cat. Also as the former vice president and a council member of the Cat Writer Association believes that cats are unique and each has a personality and that cats are her real best friends forever.

She has inspired many pet lovers around the globe with her fascinating cat stories. She lives with her five best feline friends.

7th Heaven Orientals

Author:  Marva Marrow


Marva hails from the beautiful town of Los Angeles, south California she developed love towards pets ever since she was young and that love has always grown to date. 7thheavencats

Her cats and kittens is her centerpiece of her life.

She is the founder of pet website allpets.com that won countless awards. She is also a certified cat behavior consultant a firm that helps pet owners with solutions to their cats’ problems.

Feline Behavior Solutions

Author:  Dr.Marci Koski  



Dr.Marci holds a doctorate in Fish and Wildlife Biology from the world class Colorado State University. She has always been passionate about animals.Feline Behavior Solutions

Cats have a special place in her caring heart, and she has never lived without at least one cat in her entire life.

Feline Behavior Solutions main mission is to keep cats at home and from being abandoned in the streets or shelters.

She also does voluntary work at two animal rescue centers in the greater state of Washington.

Sandpiper Cat/ The situation

Author: Rachel Shubin



Rachel studies communication with a specialization in Journalism from the University of George Mason in Fairfax.sandpipercat

She started blogging since she was in high school. She and her family have actively participated in Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation where her cat Sandpiper was adopted.

As her love for the animals continue to flourish she currently volunteers at Animal Outreach of Cape May County. In her blogs, she has narrated a heartfelt story about how she adopted her kitten Sandpiper who was pregnant at that time and how she miscarriage her kittens after 40 days.

Following Cats

Author: Tina Barbour



Tina lives in AltaVista, Virginia along with her husband, and her cats Abbey and Natasha. followingcats

She has been a public health educator, English instructor and a newspaper journalist. Currently, she is a public information specialist she generally loves to read and write.

Her blogs are meant to educate cat lovers about the general well being of cats pet and how to relate to them. She also volunteers as a website administrator for local animal shelter that works to boost animal adoption rate

Catlines blog Where Cats Are Terrifically Superb

Author: Lauren Merryfield


Lauren is a blogger as well as a book author who has written the bestselling book on Amazon ‘There is more than one way to love a cat.’ catlines

Her blogs have proved to be very resourceful to all pet lovers around the world who are doing cat business and also those who keeps pets at home.

She lives with her three felines Maryah, (Mariah with a Y) Tobias (Toby) and LeLaynya (Laynie).

She is also a member of Cat writer’s Association, National Federation of the Blind just to mention a few.

Rascal and Rocco

L. E. Mastilock


Mastilock is an artist, a blogger, and a homeschooling mum. rascalandrocco

She has written several blogs about his two boys Rascol and Rocco their story life are just but hilarious.

The cats who were adopted together at the age of three by her little family look so cute in the photo.

Reigning Cats and Dogs

Author: Sandy Robins


Sandy Robins is popularly known as a pet lifestyle expert and influencer. sandyrobinsonline

She documents the great relationships between us and our pets.

Sandy is an award winner of Excellence in Journalism and Outstanding Contribution to the Pet Industry.

 She has also worked as pet safety adviser at TOYOTA.

Sandy never misses any major pet event in the pet world. She is also a major campaigner for animal shelters and an enforcer of laws that supports animals.

 Sundays at the Shelter Cat.

Author: Maggie Swanson


Maggie lives in Connecticut, USA together with her husband and her four cats ms. shelter cats

Grace, Lilian, Tommie and Micky Mouser. She holds a bachelor degree from Rhode Island School of Design where she learned about painting and drawing.

Maggie volunteers at PAWS her local animal shelter dedicated to rescuing pets and matching them with loving families. She has posted photos of her beautiful cats, and she can’t help to take photos of other cats at the animal shelter and share them in wherever she visits Paws.

The Creative Cat

 Author: Bernadette Kazmarski


Bernadette is an artist and a professional writer who graduated with a BA in English. She has a big passion for cats and animal welfare issues in genera.thecreativecat

She is a member of cat writers association, and her blogs have won several medals including Muse Medallion for entertainment in 2011 communications contest and 2012 she won a total of 12 certificates of excellence.

Bernadette hails in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where she volunteers in an animal rescue organization and serves as a medical clinic volunteer and a trapper.

Litlle Big Cat

Author: Dr. Jean Hofve


Dr.Jean is a veterinary who has been in the field for over 20 years. She is affectionate about feline health and nutrition. littlebigcat

She has studied about pet nutrition since the 1990s, and she acts as an advisor of an organization that checks the standards of pet’s food known as AAFCO.

Her blog was invented as a desire to keep pets in their home and offer an alternative to the cat lovers who are unable to keep up with bad habits of their cat. She volunteers in animal shelters and generously shares her expertise about cat health and nutrition.

Meg Dendler

Author: Meg Dendler


Meg hails from Arkansas where she lives with her four cats and one dog.megdendler

Her love for pets is undisputable.

She works as a freelancer which she has written more than 100 articles she is also an author of bestselling book ‘Cats in the Mirror’.

The conscious cat

Author:  Ingrid King


Ingrid is an award winner of many books that she has authored like ‘The big Books of Cats with a Bi attitude’ along with other many books. consciouscat

Her writing about cats is exceptional as she brings the deeper understanding of the everyday reality of cats. She has worked for more than a decade as a devoted veterinary before quitting to joining writing which she does to date.

Her veterinary career exposed her to interacting with many pets hence developing a strong feeling towards them.

Her purpose in this life is to provide readers with accurate and up to date pet health information.

She lives with her two cats Allegra and Ruby you can read more about their everyday life on her blog.

 A Tonks Tail

Author: Lisa Richman


Tonks Tail’s blog uncovers the personality of Lisa’s three cats who rules her home Allie, Maxwell, and Faraday. atonkstail

Her blog is one of the useful resources that entertains and educates readers on everything that relates to cats.

She also posts blogs on cats’ health like ‘medical Mondays’ and the popularly read sweetheart’s posts. She has the heart for photography, and she takes photos of beautiful cats that she encounters with in any situation and shares a post about them.

 Lola The Rescued Cat

Author: Dawn White


Dawn has a strong desire for rescue and animal welfare, and also she promotes responsible pet ownership. lolatherescuedcat

Her desire in life is to see cats living a happy and healthy life with their owners.

Her compelling story of Lola diary of a rescued cat was written in a bid to bring attention to pet lovers.

Floppy Cats

Author: Jenny Dean


Jenny coming in the blogging world about pets was as a result of her cat Rag that came in her life since she was ten years and passed away in 2009 due to kidney failure.floppycats

Rag taught her the real meaning of a soul mate connection as she could share all her secrets with him.

On her blog she has shared rags entire life journey since then, she adopted her to till the day he passed on. Jenny Post is an inspiration to many pet owners who have ever lost their pets due to illness.

Cat N Things

Author:  King of the Cats


King of the cats is very passionate about cats. catsnthings

His blog is full of good cat stories most importantly for his two cats Kangaroo and Hector.

He adopted them a year ago, and they bonded on the first encounter. Hector lost his tail along the way, and Kanga Roo was born with shorter front legs, but they have held each other’s back ever since.

Kitty Cat

Author: Sue Kooky


Sue is passionate about animal rescue, and she has three cats that she holds so dearly in her heart Kooky, Tigger Zoo, and Iggy Kooky. kittycat

Sue is always against backyard breeding or kitten sold in shops. She advocates for Ethical, reputable and responsible breeders registered with the official registering bodies.

Her all time advice to pet lovers is ‘if you cannot devote to taking care of a cat life then you would rather not get one. She runs a rescue organization to save the abandoned cats.

Athena Cat Goddess

Author: Marie


Marie lives in England she is a cat photographer, author and animal advocate. athenacatgoddess

Her blog targets all cat lovers, pet parents, cat parents and animal lovers. She has written one inspiring story of how she adopted her cat Athena who was dumped in a London garden at a small age and later rescued by an animal charity in London where Marie got her.

Marie and her cat have built a strong bond, and they help each other in writing cats blogs, and they both aspire to help other homeless cats find their forever homes.

Purrington Post

Author:  Mouse


Purrington post is a friendly blog dedicated specifically for cat’s lovers.thepurringtonpost

The blogs touch on cats lifestyle stories that leave readers desiring for more. If you want uplifting and current news about cats be sure to stop by at this blog.

The blog discusses detailed stories that range from cat facts and cat behaviors to inspiring cat related stories. The stories are written with the help of a great team of pet Mouse, Newman, Indigo, Follie, Lincoln, and Coco.

Momma Kat and Her Bear Cat.

 Author: Momma Kat



Momma has a background in psychology and accounting and was once a professional pet-sitter

. Her blog features the humorous and touching stories of her life with her [once homeless] cat Bear. Her level of tolerance with Bear’s behavior and schemes are epic.

Bruce the cat

Author: Bruce


The cat Bruce who is also the author of this blog was born in Kingsland, Auckland on 3rd November 2015.brucethecat

He narrates a story on how her mum rescued her after he was found crawling down the pathway soaked wet after a heavy rain.

His story has ever since hit the headlines appearing in The Newzealand Herald, in the Lovemeow just to mention but a few. The aim of the blog is to assist other cats and people who look after them with relevant information about cats.

The cat on my head

Author:  Janet Blue


Cat pets complete Jane’s life, she wouldn’t survive without having cats surrounding her. thecatonmyhead

She lives with her husband and 8 eight cats in their 3-storey house that is more than ten decades old. She grew up loving dogs, but that changed with time, and now she prefers cats over dogs. She holds a B.A In English that’s why she writes as a professional in the regional and local city magazine.

As a blogger, her blog is dedicated to comical antics of a household of 8 cats. You can check out top stories on her blog about her beautiful eight cats life journey.

15 And Meowing

Author: Ellen Pilch


Ellen is a blogger who loves writing about cats lifestyle.15andmeowing

She has 15 cats of her own thanks to his tolerant husband.

She has also authored many books, her love towards cats is undisputable.

The bionic cats

Author: Basil


Basil is a cat who writes heartfelt stories with the help of her personal assistant Catherine Game II who has written about Basil’s alter ego with her latest book Basil The Bionic Cat.bionicbasil

Basil lives with other six fellow cats, and they were all adopted from a rescue center.

The cats have been blogging for approximately three years sharing their incredible journey of living together as best of friends.

Traveling Cats

Author: Vanessa Morgan


Vanessa is the founder of traveling cats. Throughout her travels, she could take pictures of any cat she meets.traveling-cats

After having a folder of many photos, she decided to open up a blog so as to share all these photos of beautiful cat pets and that’s how her blog came to be.

She shared pictures of cats which most were treated as divas in their home places, and others were just unkempt poor creatures.

Her site has since grown and has become the biggest collection of travel photos of cats. She lives with one cat Romero that she adopted at a local cat shelter, and the cat has become her closest buddy.   Vanesa lives in Sint-Pieters-Woluwe Belgium.

Cat Protection Society of Victory

C.E.O:  Ian Crook


The society acts as a shelter for pets that provides quality veterinary treatment to all pets at a fair price. Through the help of Ian the society C.E.O the society also runs an education program on responsible cat ownership.catprotection

The organization is located in the beautiful country of Australia. They have an active site where cat lovers get to adopt, donate or find their lost cat and much more educating information about cats welfare.

The cat Meow Rescue

Author: Nomi Berger



 The Cat’s Meow Rescue (TCMR, Inc.) is a 501c3 non-profit rescue comprised of a group of cat advocates that have come together to save cats & kittens from Northeast Texas (kill) shelters.  Founded in 2013, TCMR works hard to give these cats a second chance by providing secure, temporary homes for our rescue cats and offering all the necessary care and vetting for the cats/kittens until we are able to find them permanent, loving homes.

Blog articles for TCMR are written by Nomi Berger, an established author and journalist of 40 years, living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, who graciously volunteers her time and talent to help further the rescue efforts of The Cat’s Meow Rescue.

We are all about cats

Author:  Brock Delinski


Brock is an environmentalist. The birth of his beautiful website was inspired by the decision to share the skills and knowledge he learned while raising his three beautiful cats. wwwallaboutcats

His blogs bring about all the pet lovers across the globe where they freely share advice, stories, and comments with an objective to entertain educate one another.

He also educates pet lovers on feline health and psychology.


Author:   Debbie Glovatsky


 If you stop by Debbie website, you will fall in love with all the graphics. Her site looks amazing. glogirly

She is a member of Cat Writers Association and has won herself many awards like best pet humor blog and much more.

Her blog features the stories of her cute cats Katie and Waffles. She supports abused and homeless cats and rescue centers.

Nerissa’s  Life

Author: Nerrisa


 In his blog Nerrisa, the cat shares his life stories with millions of readers who stops by at his blog. nerissaslife

He has won several awards like ‘Gold Canadian Best Funny Blog Award in 2013’ and so much more.

His website looks more like state of the art with beautiful photos and graphics that keeps guests coming back.

Animal Shelter Volunteer life

Author: Gracie and Zoe


Animal shelter volunteer life is a website dedicated to helping rescued cats get their forever homes. animalsheltervolunteer

The site is full of beautiful kittens and cats who are looking forward to adoption, and their beautiful stories are well narrated in this blog.

The site has won many awards like the Best rescue/ cause Blog winner in 2013, pet blogging and social media awards 2016 just to mention but a few.

Pawsitively Pets

Author:  Ann Staub


Meet Ann 31 year old stays at home mum to her beautiful girls and pets. She is a professional pet blogger who was born and raised in Texas. She graduated in 2007 as a veterinary and has five years of experience in the field that made her interact with dogs and cat pets.mypawsitivelypets

Her blog is dedicated to all animals, and she educates pet owners on how to care for their pets. The award-winning blog is a home of entertainment to all pet lovers. Ann lives with her one cat 12 years old Shiner, and she loves posting photos and videos of her pet.

Fur Everywhere

Author:  Sierra


Sierra is a graduate of  DePauw University with  BA in Psychology. She has been a professional blogger since 2006 her blog is intended to educate and entertain pet lovers. fureverywhere

She educates cat lovers on the best ways of caring for their loyal companions.

She has worked with pet companies like Pet Naturals, Royal Canin pet safe, and others.

She lives with her three adopted cats Jewel, Carmine, and Milita.

Tails from the Foster Kitten

Author: Connie


Connie is a professional blogger and has a foster home for kittens that was established in 2002.kittyblog

Her site features sweet tails of her experience fostering cats. She also educates pet lovers on cats nutrition.

Stop by her site and enjoy watching the videos of her fostered kittens.

I have Cat, Single in the City, With cats

Author: Tamar


Tamar discovered her love for felines when she was an adult, guys came and left her, but pets remained. ihavecat

Tamar is also an author and she released her new book ‘shop cats of the New York’, her book is a collection of stories and photos of beautiful kittens.

Tamar has written many articles on her blog that entertains and educates all pet lovers.

The Swiss Cats

Author: Claire Bertolini


Claire started this blog in 2012 she is a professional blogger, a teacher, artist and nail technician who hails from the beautiful country of Switzerland. Her Swiss cats write the blogs with the guidance of Claire in four languages French, English, German, and Italian.swisscatblog

Besides, from entertaining and educating pet lovers around the globe, they also help rescue centers in their region by donating cash to support their programs.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the top 45 cat bloggers for 207 who are featured in this article for actively participating in educating pet owners on the well-being of cats and rescuing the homeless cats. Your work and devotion is highly appreciated!