Today, with the advent of technology, automation has rolled out some pretty revolutionary and horrifying weapons designed for mass destruction, capable of killing thousands of people in a blink of an eye. However, this was not the case in the days of yore. Our forefathers engaged in barbarous hand to hand battles using machetes, knives and particularly swords at war.

The Sword is actually the most ancient weapon known in the world. In the early days, swords were the most crucial weapons used to destroy or even kill enemies in wars.

However, these swords we are going to look at today are no ordinary swords, no way. When swords are mixed with tradition and also history, their prices shoot above the ceiling. Today, we go down history and look at some of the most legendary and synchronously expensive swords.

15. Sword of Mercy

Price – N/ASword of Mercy

To start of our list is this legendary sword. This is a royal sword that is only used in ceremonies and was not designed for battle. This famous weapon was a personal belonging to Edward Confessor; who was the Norman Conquest of 1066.

This weapon was designed to be short and square and eventually got its tip broken, a mythological story goes that this happened when an angel intervened a wrongful killing and stopped it. This weapon is very rare and highly valued and not for sale and was only used in ceremonies where it was presented to nobles as a merciful gesture.

14. Tizona Sword

Price – N/ATizona Sword

The Tizona is a popular weapon (sword) used by El Cid used it in the battle against the Moors. This sword is currently among Spain’s cherished artifacts and its exact value is unknown due to its historical value that is believed to have been crafted in 1002.

Moreover, it is believed a counterfeit of it does exist in Spain. This weapon is on show in Burgos in Spain, it weighs 1.1kgs/2.4 pounds and measures 103cm/40.5 inches.

13. Carved Saber

Price – N/ACarved Saber

Jose San Martin was the owner of this timeless artifact which was uniquely curved.

Moreover, the blade is exceptional and Jose de San Martin considered it ideal for battle it was passed down to de Rosas Juan Manuel who was Argentina’s General after his death and in 1896 this legendary sword is kept safe in a museum in Buenos Aires where it sits till date.

However, this sword has been stolen twice due to its historical value but has never actioned. Though it is well thought that this sword might cost a fortune.

12. 13th Century Kamakura Katana Longsword

Price – $418,00013th Century Kamakura Katana Longsword

The Katana popularly known as the Tachi is a traditional single-edged Japanese weapon (sword) used by Japanese Samurais’ for a myriad of years. The Katana is considered among the most if not the top exquisite and sharpest weapon (sword) in the world.

Katanas are considered very special swords owned by royal families or kings, in fact, nearly 125 of the most valuable katanas lie in museums as they are considered priceless and are illegal to sell.

The 13th Century Kamakura Katana was sold at an auction in 1992 among other 1100 Japanese swords from Dr. Walter Ames Compton’s collection after he had passed on. This single blade was auctioned for $418,000 to a man named Mr. Inami.

11. Adimaral Lord Nelson’s French Officer Sword

Price – $541,720Adimaral Lord Nelson’s French Officer Sword

The Admiral Lord Nelson’s French Officer Sword is a lavish artifact worth a lot of money because of its owner Lord Nelson.

This sword before it was sold in 2002 at Sotheby’s London had been stored away in a hidden trunk for over 200 years among other treasure collections.

10. Seven Brunched Sword

Price – N/ASeven Brunched Sword

The Seven Brunched sword is an impressive historical sword right out of the Japanese Legend. This sword is made from a distinctive iron and is not designed for the battlefield but for ceremonial purposes only.

This sword was made in 1870 by Shinto Priest Masatomo Kan and is currently owned by the Baekje Dynasty, the age-old empire of the Korea and is secured safely in the temple of Isonokami in Japan.

Due to its old age and historical tradition, this sword is pretty much priceless, however, it is not available for auctioning.

9. 17th Century Indian Talwar Blade

Price – $717,80017th Century Indian Talwar Blade

The Indian Talwar Blade is a royal blade and among the priciest swords, the world has to offer. Its high tier price is due to the fact this blade is exceptionally beautiful, it is slightly curved and with traces of inlaid gold description as well as an overlaid gold decoration.

This beautiful sword was believed to have originally belonged to Shah Jahan who was the 17th Century Mughal Emperor. Moreover, this sword has been sold for over seven times with its last auction grossing a great $717,800.

8. Qianlong Imperial Hunting Knife

Price – $1.24 millionQianlong Imperial Hunting Knife

For a Hunting knife, the Qianlong Imperial is quite expensive. This impeccable hunting knife is finely designed with its tilt made from the horn of an antelope which is quite rare not to mention it has an opening at its base of its hilt which reveals a hidden compartment.

To make the deal better, the knife was contrived from gold while the sheath was inlaid with coral, turquoise, and lazurite, which led experts to trace back the origin of this knife probably to the Emperor Qianlong the 6th Emperor of the Manchu-led Qing dynasty.

7. Joyeuse

Price – N/AJoyeuse

The popular and classic Joyeuse is forever a timeless piece of work. This sword is associated with Charlemagne, an emperor of the Frank and a great leader.

The Joyeuse is made with precious and enchanting diamonds while the encrusted gold makes it beautiful. Due to its old age and beautiful design, this sword comes at a very high price.

6. Ulysses S. Grant’s Civil War Presentation Sword

Price – $1.6 millionUlysses S. Grant’s Civil War Presentation Sword

This exquisite and unique sword belongs to Ulysses S. Grant. This was a gift to him in 1864 when he became the General in Chief of the United States Armies. This sword fetches a high price because it has 26 diamonds intricately fitted in it to spell the name U.S.G. in 2007, this sword was sold at a Heritage Auctions and grossed a high $1.6 million.

Price – $2.1 million

Just as the name depicts, the Orient name is a beautiful and pricey gem. This is the most lavish knife ever made. Buster Warenski (the president of the knife makers) manufactured this lavish knife in 1966.

Buster Warenski made this knife with 153 emeralds total 10 karats, nine diamonds (5 carats), and 28 ounces gold encrusted in the handle and blade. History tells that it supposedly took 10 years for Buster Warenski to complete making this knife.

4. Shah Jahan’s Personal Dagger

Price – $3.3 millionShah Jahan’s Personal Dagger

The Shah Jahan’s Personal Dagger is the second weapon on the list that belonged to Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan, clearly a man with a taste for expensive things.

Furthermore, this dagger is considered among the detailed Shah Jahan’s possessions as it has his title, name, and place of manufacture encrypted on it.

This dagger is an elegant blade designed with gold decorations and inscriptions. This dagger has been sold more than 5 times and is estimated to be worth $3.3 million.

3. 15th Century Nasrid Period Ear-Dagger

Price – $6 million15th Century Nasrid Period Ear-Dagger

The Ear Dagger is a precious sword that originated in North Africa and is an exclusive artifact of the Nasrid Period. The name ear attributed to this dagger comes from the hilt pommel flattened discs on this double edged straight blade sword that resemble ears.

This sword is exceptionally designed with some decorations intricately encrypted around the blade depicting the figure of a man with a crossbow, hunting numerous animals (a lion included).

2. Napoleon Bonaparte’s Gold Encrusted SaberNapoleon Bonaparte’s Gold Encrusted Saber

The second most lavish sword belonged to Napoleon Bonaparte The Sword is 200 years old in which gold encrusted, and Napoleon has used this weapon during the Marengo Battle in 1800 where he ousted the Austrian army from Italy.

This sword is decorated in gold and has a gold and an ebony handle that makes it impeccably beautiful as well as expensive.

And the priciest sword is $6.5 million

1. 18th Century Boateng Saber

Price – $7.7 million18th Century Boateng Saber

The exceptionally beautiful Boateng Saber is the second weapon on the list belonging to Chinese Emperor Qianlong. This Sword was made during the Qianlong Emperor period and was exceptionally designed with a lot of keen detail taken into making it. This is an S-shaped weapon with a fitted white jade handle styled with floret and ornate leaves and decorated with inlaid copper, silver, and gold.

As you can see, the above swords are not just classic and priceless, they are the finest in texture, features and also in design. Additionally, some of them are made from some of the most precious metals on earth which make them the most expensive on earth.

I have to tell you, each of the above swords due to their impressive historical background, popularity and classic make would be any collector’s dream!