Football cleats or football boots as they are popularly known all over the world are a great asset to any football player. Furthermore, they have become an innovation leading to major endorsements that have transpired a thriving enterprise where some of the most elite companies in the world have dedicated their hearts and souls to produce some of the best cleats in the world that money can buy.

While most people might claim or even agree that the cleats that a player wears do not make him a better player, but without the proper footwear, this puts a player at a higher disadvantage. Footballers are very particular on what they wear on their feet while playing, some focus on comfort while others consider technology and style for a better framework.

Every year, some of the elite companies like Puma, Adidas, Nike and other giant companies invest millions of dollars in design, testing and advertising to entice football players to purchase some of their latest innovative designs that cost an arm and a leg. Below, we will look at some of. Get ready to be amazed!

Now, let me introduce you to the top 15 most expensive soccer cleats in the world.

15. Adidas Copa Mundial – $100Adidas Copa Mundial

To start with four reviews, let me introduce the Adidas Copa Mundial which was introduced in the 2010 FIFA World Cup which was innovated with the latest technology, using an innovative comfortable and soft K-leather Upper that gives the player a phenomenal experience.

These soccer cleats were molded with high speed and precision in mind. Coming in at $100 they can be considered as fairly affordable given the comfort, aesthetics, and performance they stand to offer the player.

If you are looking for a pair of awesome cleats to take your scoring to the next level, you will not be disappointed with the Adidas Copa Mundial.

14. Adidas Performance Men’s Messi 10.3 Firm-Ground Soccer Cleat – $150Adidas Performance Men's Messi 10.3 Firm-Ground Soccer Cleat

Ultimately, Adidas has outdone itself in making some of the best cleats the world has ever seen. The Adidas Performance Men’s Messi soccer cleats are no exception.

When it comes to the Performance Adidas, you will notice that these cleats are made of synthetic and have a rubber sole to offer a firm grip to the player while they play.

They are also endowed with a speed stud feature to boost speed while handling the ball while increasing grip and traction. This show is a tribute to Messi and we have to say it does do him justice.

13. Puma V1.10 SL – $160Puma V1.10 SL

These cleats are probably the most lightweight in the market. Coming in at 5.3oz, they are quite easy to walk around and run with. This Puma’s are designed to take comfort to the next level.

Given that they are quite lightweight, they come off as if one is wearing socks on their feet hence increasing precision and boosting the player’s speed. These cleats are made of an extremely thin yet soft layer of microfiber while the Upper is made of a soft synthetic material that is breathable.

The heels are padded and lined to offer more stability and comfort. One drawback of these shoes is that they are not very durable but if you are only looking for a great pair of cleats for occasional games, you will find these cleats quite invaluable.

12. Nike Tiempo Premier 94 – $160Nike Tiempo Premier

The Nike Tiempo Premier soccer cleats can be considered somewhat affordable. Though they are on the higher side compared to other cleats in the market, they sure are worth it.

This is because they are arguably the most economical cleats in the market peculiarly if you take into account their durability. They are comfortable and made of a great material that hugs the player’s leg quite comfortably.

With this soccer cleats, a player need not worry about being too careful not to fall in the field as they are designed to offer one great balance and stability.

11. Nike Ctr360 Maestri 2 Elite FG 429997 016 Soccer Cleats – $169.99Nike Ctr360 Maestri 2 Elite FG 429997 016 Soccer Cleats

The Nike Nike CTR360 Maestri II FG Men’s Soccer Cleat features a refined heel and toe area for more comfort, as well as a revamped pass pad for enhanced touch and control.

It is made of a rubber sole, plus a waterproof Upper material that is appropriate for any weather. The excessive pads enhanced in these cleats offer great comfort, stability and accurate moves as the player swiftly handles the ball on the field.

Additionally, these cleats are designed with a suede lining at the heel that offers the player a comfortable fit whilst still minimizing irritation. These cleats were created by Nike to help the player master control while still passing the ball with ease. Most players affirm that these soccer cleats do just that.

10. Nike Hypervenom Phantom Premium FG – $180Nike Hypervenom Phantom Premium FG

These Nike soccer cleats were inspired and created for Neymar to wear during the 2014 World Cup tournament. They come in fluorescent green aesthetic and heavy gold color as a replication of the gold spray painted cleats Neymar used to play with as a 12-year-old boy.

However, their looks are not only all they have to offer. Let’s get into some of the best features these cleats have to offer. The Upper of this cleat offers the player incredible flexibility, comfort and texture to make the player feel confident and ready to win.

They are exceptionally comfortable too, most players have compared them to the feeling of slipping on socks when wearing them plus they offer great precision and support high speeds.

9. Adidas Men’s Predator Instinct Knight Pack FG Soccer Cleat – $200Adidas Men’s Predator Instinct Knight Pack FG Soccer Cleat

These are just not expensive soccer cleats they are extremely comfortable power cleats. Though these cleats are relatively heavier than other football cleats we are reviewing on this list, they take up a high tier when it comes to precision and comfort.

Though they are quite attractive, don’t mistake their looks for lack of quality, on the contrary, they offer more benefits than most, they are a great option for defenders and midfielders.

8. Nike Mercurial Superfly FG – $200Nike Mercurial Superfly FG

The Nike Superfly FG are high profile shoes designed to deliver incredible high speed, great grip, and traction when sprinting away as well as great comfort. These cleats are built with premium material that offers heavenly comfort wear after wear.

The FlyKnit technology for great balance and stability that boosts speed as well as the Vapor Traction feature and carbon fiber plate sole are some of the most incredible features these soccer cleats stand to offer.

These cleats are a must have a pair for any soccer player willing to go over and beyond to up their game in the field.

7. Nike Men’s Mercurial Vapor X FG – $200Nike Men’s Mercurial Vapor X FG

These phenomenal soccer cleats are designed with the ACC technology to give any player wearing these awesome soccer cleats an added advantage over all the other opponents in the field.

Let’s discuss what makes these cleats awesome. For starters, these cleats are made from an ultra-soft material and a mixture of leather and synthetic which makes this soccer cleats highly comfortable yet durable. The ACC technology helps this cleats to keep the player balanced and stable in any kind of weather even though the ground is wet while still maintaining high speeds.

Other than that, these cleats are made of breathable material, the Upper is made of 10 microfibers that offer a high absorbing impact as well as comfort to the player.

6. Nike Hypervenom Phantom II SE-FG – $200Nike Hypervenom Phantom II SE-FG

Though these soccer cleats come with a hefty price tag that is not what you should be looking at. in two words, the Nike Hypervenom Phantom II SE-FG are goal scoring shoes.

These shoes are designed with Nike Skin technology which makes the shoes very comfortable and almost lightweight for you so you never feel the weight of the shoes on your legs. In fact, these cleats easily mold onto the feet since they are very thin you can mistake them for wearing socks.

Other than that, these cleats allow the player to bolt out at lightning speed as well as hold your firm to the ground and keep you balanced and stable when you need it most. The interior of these cleats is made from breathable material and enough space that will allow your feet to feel relaxed as you play.

The Nike Hypervenom Phantom II SE-FG cleats are guaranteed to offer you the premium level of comfort, stability, and style that pays heftily on the soccer field.

5. Adidas Predator Lz TRX Fg Men’s Soccer Cleat – $ 220Adidas Predator Lz TRX Fg Men's Soccer Cleat

Coming at slightly over $200, these cleats are designed to win. Intricately designed with Predator technology, these cleats have the ability to give the player an upper hand of 5 lethal zones on the surface of the cleats where one can control the ball with ease. These cleats are not only comfortable but lightweight too hence can be carried around with ease to offer great performance.

All in all, based on their numerous advantages, these are some great soccer cleats every player should consider owning to give them a greater edge on the field.

4. Adidas PDS X Firm Ground -$240Adidas PDS X Firm Ground

Adidas PDS X is a soccer cleat that stands out and screams classy style in all ways. Earnestly, Adidas teamed up with the giant luxury car brand Porsche to create a custom made shoe that has the ability to allow the player to run at a lightning speed. Impressive right?

Other than that, this shoe is built to impress in all ways possible. These cleats are made from premium Kangaroo leather material, which makes them very soft hence, comfortable and easy to wear.

To add to that, Adidas have tried to combat the biggest reason for injuries in the field – falls by reinforcing the sides and the top of this cleats so that the player’s legs are well locked in and ready to run and win.

3. Nike Magista Obra SE-FG – $250Nike Magista Obra SE-FG

The Nike Magista Obra sleek cleats are some of the most popular cleats around the world. These cleats are popular for their Dynamic fit collar that hugs the player’s leg comfortably giving them the upper hand while they are playing to run at a high speed while still handling the ball with great precision at all angles.

One of their most praised features is the ACC technology (All Conditions Control) which controls the temperature thus being a great advantage to any player playing during summer or winter. You will also have the advantage of the Fly knit technology for more comfort and a foam padding from the back of the ankle to the bottom of the heel, which gives the player more stability while playing.

Other than that, these cleats come in a recognizable camouflage print that holds a symbol of status for the hefty price of these soccer cleats.

2. Adidas Men’s F50 Adizero – $ 250Adidas Men’s F50 Adizero

Where style meets comfort. Our runner up for the most expensive soccer cleats in the world are the Adidas Men’s F50 Adizero cleats.

These cleats were worn by Lionel Messi at the 2014 games. These explosive cleats are designed to give you a boost of speed acceleration when you need it to score.

These soccer cleats are made of leather for durability and synthetic material for comfort benefits on the skin. These Adidas cleats are designed to offer the player firm support and stability on the ground while maintaining high-speed levels

There are some much quality and benefits with these cleats you will struggle to find anything better. Though they are quite costly, they will offer you an experience of a lifetime.

1. Nike Mercurial Super Fly IV CR7 FG – $ 300Nike Mercurial Super Fly IV CR7 FG

The most expensive cleats in the world were originally designed and fashioned to be worn by Cristiano Ronaldo. At first glance, these football boots bluster the brilliant flame design which reflects the spirit of the player to take on the world.

These Cleats are designed with the FlyKnit NikeSkin Technology that gives the player the feeling of playing barefoot which helps the player play with much detailed precision and stability of the ball.

Other than that, their studded pattern at the bottom gives the player a nice grip and traction even on wet grounds giving you an extra boost of push you need to perform exceptionally.

Additionally, these boots are quite comfortable they are made of a flexible and elastic material at the top which grips the player’s leg hence no worry of the boot coming off while the player is on the field.

These boots are the ideal possession for any player looking to take their game to a whole other level plus they are a lot of fun to play. You can rest assured that the Nike Mercurial Super Fly soccer cleats are worth every money of their worth.

Why do the above Cleats cost so much?

There are a few reasons why some cleats cost way much more than others.

These cleats are made by some of the most elite brands in the market and are endowed with some of the most amazing features a shoe can possibly have to give the player more confidence and help them perform better in the field.

If you want to up your game to the next level, one of the ways to do this is stepping onto the field with a pair of these awesome and sleek cleats.