What makes Vietnamese girls so beautiful? It could be their natural beauty, their sophistication, and intelligence or the graceful and elegant way in which they carry themselves.

No matter what makes a Vietnamese girl attractive to you, it’s safe to say all of these women possess qualities that do in fact make them beautiful.

Phan Nhu ThaoPhan Nhu Thao

A woman worthy of the title Supermodel, Phan placed in the top 15 of the Miss Vietnam World contest in 2007 and later won a Model title in 2008. She’s participated in the TV show Asia’s Next Top Model.

She’s rather a rather private person who has studied in Singapore and while being popular on the catwalk, chooses to stay away from most entertainment events.

Nguyen Thuy LamNguyễn Thùy Lâm

Both an actress and singer, Nguyen is a multi-talented beauty.

She won the title of Miss Vietnam Universe in 2008, as well has received the honor of being named Miss Talent and Miss Internet by the audience. She also represented Vietnam in 2008 during the Miss Universe pageant.

Jennifer PhamJennifer Pham

Jennifer is a multi-pageant winner with titles such as Vietnamese American Top Model, Miss Asia USA, and Miss Vietnam Southern California.

She co-starred in a film titled “Leaves of Time” and is involved in with much philanthropy work.

Truong Tri Truc DiemTruong Tri Truc Diem

A Goodwill Ambassador and supermodel, Truong has been labeled the most beautiful woman in Vietnam. It’s easy to see why!

She’s stunning! In 2007, she represented Vietnam in the Miss World competition and later won Miss International in 2011.

Elizabeth Thuy TienElizabeth Thuy Tien

While born in Vietnam, Elizabeth is widely recognized in the United States as one of the most beautiful Vietnamese women in the world.

She’s had success as a runway model and has appeared in numerous magazines and commercial ad campaigns.

Mai Phương ThúyMai Phương Thúy

Mai is a model, actress, and winner of 10th Miss Vietnam crown. She has also represented Vietnam in a Miss World pageant.

She sparked some controversy by posing nude for artist Tran Huy Hoan, but that certainly has not hindered her career. She starred in a film titled “Negative” and is involved in several causes and charities.

Ly Nha KyLy Nha Ky

Ly possesses both brains, talent, and beauty. She’s fluent in several languages and is a successful businesswoman, model, and actress.

She’s the tourism ambassador for Vietnam and was also an ambassador for Operation Smile. Ly has appeared in a combined total of 16 films and television shows.

Bebe PhamBebe Pham

Bebe aspired to be a model at age 17 and by age 19, had learned all the basics she needed to start her career.

She has worked for Vietnam’s top modeling agency and was awarded the title of “Supermodel Vietnam” which is considered quite prestigious. She’s appeared in print ads for several top brands and designers and has appeared in six films.

Veronica NgôVeronica Ngô

Veronica is a model, singer, and actress. She sometimes goes by her initials NTV. Her singing career began in 2002 and she got her start on television in 2004.

She’s enjoyed an incredibly successful career having appeared in a total of 3 TV dramas, 10 films, a reality television series and has recorded 5 albums.


Midu is a model and actress, as well as a gifted writer and businesswoman. She’s participated in Vietnam’s Next Top Model and earned a specialized diploma in Fashion Design from the University of Architecture HCMC.

Midu has enjoyed a successful acting career having appeared in 9 movies.