Asian women are truly stunning. Exotic looks, a femininity that can’t be found anywhere else in the world.

These beautiful ladies have made our Top 10 List of Hottest Vietnamese Women for these women. We’re sure you’ll agree they are HOT!

Minh TuyetMinh Tuyet

Currently performing on Paris By Night, Minh is a pop singer and known in popular culture as the Vietnamese Pop Princess.

She’s one of the best-selling Vietnamese artists and is exclusive with the production company Thuy Nga Productions. She’s recorded 20 solo albums, 9 duet albums, 3 mix albums and has appeared on 9 DVDs.

Nguyễn Thùy Lâm

Nguyễn Thùy Lâm

Nguyễn is a Vietnamese actor and singer. She was the winner of the Miss Universe 2008 pageant where she represented Vietnam.

During this competition, she won both Miss Internet and Miss Talent plus a prize of $12,000. She is both beautiful and talented.

Bebe Pham

Bebe Pham

BeBe became interested in modeling at a young age. It was at the age of 19 that she began to learn the basics of modeling.

She has appeared in numerous print campaigns including ads for Remy Martin, Reebok and fashion TV. She has had roles in five films.

Mai Phương ThúyMai Phương Thúy

A strikingly beautiful pageant contestant, Mai was crowned the 10th Miss Vietnam and placed in the Miss World 2006 competition. She was also selected as a Top 50 Miss Grand Slam by

She appeared in a film titled the “Negative” as the main character.

Như Loan

Như Loan

Như is a client of one of the most prestigious music production companies in Vietnam. Her singing career began as a backup singer for Paris by Night. She was later afforded the opportunity to make her debut as a solo artist in Paris by Night 63.

She’s had several successful CDs some of which have become top sellers. She’s currently in the studio working on a new CD project.

Ngô Thanh VânNgô Thanh Vân

Ngô, a model, singer and actress, began her modeling career in Vietnam magazines, calendars and fashion shows. Her first television appearance was in a television series titled Rouge. Ngô’s singing and acting career has been one of success.

She’s completed 5 albums, appeared in 3 DVDs, had roles in 3 television dramas and 12 films.

Elly Tran Ha

Elly Tran Ha

A model, actress and gravure model, Elly is known for her stunning body. While her photos have caused some controversy, that’s not stopped her from being admired by fans.

She’s had roles in 8 films as well as having appeared on television. She was awarded Best TV Actress by Golden Kite Awards.

Việt TrinhViệt Trinh

Việt has been on several game shows and is a television presenter, actor and director. She’s been dubbed one of the most famous lead females in the Vietnamese film industry.

She is graceful, artistic and beautiful. Her career has offered her the opportunity to appear in 38 films, 12 tv shows and she’s directed 8 movies as well.

Lý Nhã KỳLý Nhã Kỳ

Lý is not all about beauty. She’s also a successful business woman with an amazing career. Her most notable role was in “Kiều nữ và đại gia” which is a Vietnam television series where she plays the character Diem Kieu.

Her filmography includes roles in 16 films. Lý is a Vietnam tourism ambassador, as well.

Truong Tri Truc Diem

Truong Tri Truc Diem

With her exotic beauty, it is no wonder Truong is Vietnamese pageant titleholder. It’s also not shocking that she’s popular sought after super model and that’s she was once voted one of the most beautiful women on Earth. This is a woman who has it all – beauty, talent and brains.

She’s been a spokesperson for several popular brands, as well. Her acting career got off to a bit of a rocky start but she made a comeback in a film titled Passion and has been going strong in the film industry since.