Korean women possess a natural beauty that is all their own.

For centuries, they’ve been obsessed with maintaining beautiful skin and with their flawless complexions and beautiful bodies, it’s no wonder at all these women have made our list of Hot Korean Girls.

Kim Sa-rang

Kim Sa-rang

An actress well-known for her role in the TV program Secret Garden, Kim is an actress who has also appeared in A Love to Kill and Beloved Eun-dong.

She was crowned Miss Korea in 2000 and represented Korea in two Miss Universe pageants. She’s had roles in 4 films, 13 television dramas and made appearances in several K-Pop music videos.

Kim Hye-soo

Kim Hye-soo

Kim is a well-known Korean actress who has had popular roles in the films Tazza: The High Rollers, The Thieves, and Coin Locker Girl. She’s also known for her role in a television series called Signal.

She’s frequently a host of TV programs and award ceremonies. Kim has a degree in Theater and Film and is a supporter of environmental and global issues.


Yura is an actress and singer who is widely known as being a member of the singing group Girl’s Day, having joined the group in 2010. Her acting debut came through a role she had in a TV drama titled Secret Angel.

She’s also an MC for an audition program called Super Idol. Yura has had roles in 9 TV dramas, 28 TV shows, and 3 music videos. She’s also been the recipient of MBC Entertainment’s Female Rookie Award and 2015 Cable TV Broadcast’s Popularity Award.

Han Ye-seulHan Ye-seul

Han, born Leslie Kim, made her acting debut in a sitcom called Nonstop 4. She has since had roles in several made for TV dramas including Couple or Trouble, Tazza, and Birth of a Beauty. She had starring roles in all three programs.

Despite a couple of rather controversial situations, Han has enjoyed a successful career having appeared in 10 television dramas and 3 films as well as 2 music videos and17 variety shows. She’s won many Best New Actress Awards as well as an Excellence Award and a Global Award.

Hong Jin YoungHong Jin Young

Currently signed under Music K Entertainment, Hong is a Korean trot singer who has been a member of the girl group SWAN. She made her debut as a soloist with Love Battery. She’s well educated having earned a doctorate degree in Business Administration as well as a Bachelor of Commerce and Master of Trade.

Hong has appeared in 1 film, 3 TV dramas, and 19 variety shows. Her discography includes 1 studio album, 2 digital EPs, 2 mini albums and 4 singles. She’s also won 3 Best Trot Awards.

Jo Yeo JeongJo Yeo Jeong

Jo is an actress who had leading roles in a film titled The Servant and The Concubine. She also had a leading role in a TV show called I Need Romance. At the age of 16, Jo debuted as the cover girl on CeCi Magazine.

This particular cover appearance did little for her career and it wasn’t until her role in The Servant that she began to get noticed. Jo has stated publicly that she wishes to be known as an “adventurous and intriguing actress” which she has certainly accomplished as many of her roles involve nudity and explicit sex scenes that are often looked down upon by Korean media outlets.

Lee Ha-nuiLee Ha-nui

Lee, better known as “Honey Lee” is an actress, classical musician, model and beauty pageant winner. A widely-recognized vegetarian, she has her own Korean cooking show called Lee Ha-Nui’s Vegan Recipe.

She won the crown at the 50th Miss Korea pageant and has also earned both a bachelor’s and master’s degree from Seoul National University. Along with graduating with high honors, Lee has also had roles in 9 television series, 6 films and 5 variety shows. She’s appeared in musical theater and won Best New Actress and Popularity Awards.

Kim Tae-heeKim Tae-hee

Kim has been called “The Most Beautiful Woman” in South Korea and it’s easy to see why. Dubbed the “Nation’s Goddess” by the media, Kim has had roles in Korean dramas including Stairway to Heaven, Love Story in Harvard and My Princess.

Her career began as a model appearing in various commercials and print ads but it was her role in Stairway to Heaven that truly launched her career. She is one of the most popular brand endorsers in South Korea and has won numerous awards for Best New Actress, Most Popular Actress, and Excellence.

Lee HyoriLee Hyori

Lee was known as the “Nation’s Fairy” during her time on a TV variety show called Family Outing. She’s a singer, record producer, actress, activist and TV presenter.

Her music career began with a K-Pop group called Fin. K.L. but she’s since become a popular solo artist. Her first solo album won several awards for Artist of the Year. She’s enjoyed quite a successful career and has become a staunch supporter of animal rights.

Yoo In-naYoo In-na

An actress and DJ, it was Yoo’s leading role in Queen In-Hyun’s Man that truly launched her to stardom. Her highly rated radio program is called Let’s Crank Up the Volume. Yoo aspired when younger of becoming a singer and dancer but it was ultimately acting and radio in which she succeeded.

She’s got her own cable program with a focus on cosmetics called Get it Beauty and her achievements include awards for Best New Actress in TV, Best Entertainer in a Variety Show and Best Radio DJ.