Many people dream of starting a multi-million dollar successful business from a small amount of savings. And yes, this has been done by many successful entrepreneurs in the world today. I mean a business has to start from somewhere right?

If you are looking for inspiration, below are some of the top 10 famous entrepreneurs from the UK to get your drive going. Some of these entrepreneurs are true examples of the classic saying from rags to riches. Read on their raveling stories on how they were begun and their journey as they rose to fame and get inspired.

10. Mike AshleyMike Ashley

This is one billionaire that seems to get off seeing people pissed at the decisions he makes. He started Sports Direct immediately after school back in 1982. He grew it to its big status and in 2007 sold it for a whopping $1.8 billion. After this, he has taken an interest in the Premier League Club, Newcastle where he has upset many with the decisions he has made. But whether good or bad publicity, he still is popular. Remaining the executive deputy chairman of his sold startup which has more than 450 stores all over U.K, and owns brands like Kangol, Everlast and Dunlop helps his status.

Currently, he is worth $2.8 billion.

9. James DysonJames Dyson

The situation leading to Dyson’s success was unique and very inspiring for engineers/inventors working on potentially life-changing projects. Dyson for years worked on improving the vacuum technology in performance and efficiency. It was however after 5,127 prototypes, that he finally invented the bagless vacuum cleaner we all adore and love to use while cleaning.

Today, there are Dyson Machines around the globe in over 65 countries. He has grown his company from a one-man game to having more than 1,000 engineers work for him.

Currently, he is among the richest; no scratch that, THE RICHEST, engineer UK has to offer.

8. J.K RowlingJ.K Rowling

There is no single person who loves novels who has not read the Harry Potter series cover to cover. The Harry Potter literary series, for many, are sort of the introductory books for all new novel readers. They are easy and fun – mad fun. Ms. Rowling the author of these books. She has a unique way of communicating and expressing herself. Writing these books has earned her popularity the world over. The initial harry Potter ideas were written on a napkin while on a train headed to London.

Fun fact, she actually shares a birthday with the real harry potter. It’s funny yet very fascinating when you think about it. She has published other novels that are equally captivating for adults and in Crime.

In 5 years she went from being unemployed to a multi-millionaire renown around the globe.

7. Simon CowellSimon Cowell

If you have watched “The American Idol”, then you know just how brutal this celebrity can be the truth. While many demonize him for this, many of the calls he makes, though harsh are on point. So much so that some think him to be a prophet. Well, not exactly a prophet, but you get the point.

He has made his fortune being a television producer, music producer, a host of many other roles behind the screen. He owns a record label and company named E&S Music and Syco respectively. With all that he has going, he makes a total of $95 million every year, give or take a few million dollars (mostly give).

6. Duncan BannatyneDuncan Bannatyne

Mr. Bannatyne is a classic rag to riches story. He is a Scottish philanthropist, entrepreneur, and author. He’s business interest include spas, health clubs, TV, media, stage schools, transport, and property.

He first ventured into business with only $730 in a small business of selling ice cream. He has worked his way to the top with a lot of passion and precision in all his business dealings. He eventually ventured into the nursing home and Bed & Breakfast industry afterward building an empire of thirty more similar industries which he then sold for over $42 dollars in millions. he then invested $36 million of that money and ventured into the club arena along with his self-entrepreneur path.

Today, Mr. Bannatyne has built an empire business of over 60 health clubs and 40 spas along with several bars and assorted hotels. Duncan is particularly famous for his appearance on the BBC program Dragon’s Den as a business angel. Furthermore, he has written seven books and a famous philanthropist and contributor to charity which earned him an appointment to the OBE.

5. Peter JonesPeter Jones

Peter Jines is among the famous UK entrepreneurs who have managed to build a successful empire earning them fortune and fame. He is recently a presenter in the “Dragon’s Den“ a famous television series. Green is a popular entrepreneur and businessman in the UK with interests in several business industries such as media, property, leisure and television.

According to the Sunday Times in 2013, Jones has an estimated wealth of GB£475 million. He got Honors in 2009 and he was appointed the commander of (CBE).

Jones is famous for his Peter Jones TV and since his appearance in the Dragons Den which featured several of his businesses and achievements his popularity has been rising ever since.

4. Philip GreenPhilip Green

Philip Green struck on his entrepreneurship path when he was very young; having quit school at the age of fifteen, he began his first job as a shoe importer. He is now the CEO of the Arcadia Group; a famous group that has partnered with several businesses and has a line of many businesses as well.
Green put up first business with a £20,000 loan, importing jeans from the Far East to sell on to major retailers in London in order sell his imported jeans. His passion and persistence in entrepreneurship earned him a hefty amount of millions of dollars fortune and now, he is a famous wealthy British entrepreneur who owns the well-known high street chains such as Dorothy Perkins, Burton, Miss Outfit, Evans, Selfridge, Topman, and Wallis.

3. Alan SugarAlan Sugar

Also known as Baron Sugar and Lord Sugar, Alan Sugar is an English business magnate, media personality, and political advisor. Allan Sugar began his self-made entrepreneur path by selling car aerials and electrical goods out of a van which he had bought with his savings of £100.

Today, lord sugar has become one of Britain’s most wealthy and famous entrepreneurs. Allan has made hefty wealth in the consumer electric industry by founding a popular computer brand in 1968. In July of 2007, he sold the company for roughly $187 million.

Lord Sugar is a familiar fixture on television, starring in BBC’s reality series The Apprentice basically, an equal British of the US President Elect Donald Trump.

2. Victoria BeckhamVictoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham is a pop star-turned-fashion entrepreneur. She owns a 6000sq fashion boutique that has been an epitome of her fuelling business to her top spot on MT’s 2014 ranking of Britain’s top 100 entrepreneurs. The former spice girl who quit spice girls and tried briefly for a solo career before venturing into fashion business is married to the famous ex-footballer David Beckham hence more fame coming with that.

Taking advantage of her famous celebrity value by 2011, Victoria launched her fashion label in 2008 and partnered with some of the best designers in the Fashion Week in New York where she introduced her Beckham label. Beckham has gone on to win several awards fuelling her to more fame and wealth as her fashion line is among the most desired by women all around the world due to her one of a kind classy and stylish handbags.

All in all, there is no denying the fact that Victoria has made quite a name for herself. She is an ideal example of a woman who knows what she wants and goes for it.

1. Richard BransonRichard Branson

A London native and one of Britain’s highest-profile billionaires, Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson owes his fortune to a conglomerate of businesses bearing the Virgin brand. In 1970 Richard founded the Virgin Group, which controls more than 400 companies many of which he no longer controls. Among his famous exits was the sale of Virgin Records for $ 1 billion to THORN EMI in 1992, this action reportedly made Branson run down London’s Ladbroke Grove devastated and crying. However, he still has dozens of business ventures that have made him a famous wealthy UK entrepreneur including financial services from Virgin airlines and Virgin Money based in Australia, America, and the UK.

Richard is also famous for his reputable records in sporting activities where he has broken several records and comes up at the top.

Branson landed No. 261 on Forbes “World Billionaires” list in 2009 with his $2.5 billion epitome self-made fortune, with an inclusive of 2 private islands. Richard Branson also takes pride in being a charitable philanthropist in several environmental situations.

Are you inspired yet? Well, I am, the above ladies and gentlemen are true examples that you can succeed in whatever field you are in, your background and what people say does not matter. Get up, work for your passion and go for your dreams, you never know, you might be the next person I review in the next “Top Ten Famous UK Entrepreneurs list”!