Women from India are undeniably beautiful.

Exotic, sexy and so talented! These ladies featured on our Top 10 Famous Indian Actresses list possess all of these qualities and more.

They are the most notable and most talented actresses in India.

Aishwarya RaiAishwarya Rai

Aishwarya is stunningly gorgeous and incredibly talented. Her looks and poise have gotten her modeling jobs and earned her the Miss World title.

Her talent has earned her many accolades and awards. It was her win in the Miss World pageant that was the catalyst for her acting career. She’s also enjoyed success as a stage performer.

While she keeps her personal life private, her beauty as kept her in the forefront of the media and she’s known as one of the most popular Bollywood celebrities in the world.

Kareena KapoorKareena Kapoor

Kareena has appeared in numerous Hindi films in a wide range of genres. She made her acting debut in the film Refugee in 2000, and has since become one of India’s most famous actresses.

She’s outspoken, strong-minded and often appears in the media. Kareena is a style icon and recognized for her contributions to the film industry. She’s co-authored 3 books, is a stage performer and has won several awards for Best Actress as well as Best Female in a Leading Role and Best Supporting Actress.


Named the first female superstar of Hindi films, Sridevi began her acting career at a young age. At one time, she took a 15-year break from acting but made a phenomenal comeback to the industry. She’s a fashion icon who is regarded as one of Bollywood’s most iconic leading ladies.

Sirdevi has also been featured in several magazines. Her accolades include Best Actress, Ultimate Diva, Entertainer of the Year and she was once voted India’s Greatest Actress of All Time.

Kangana RanautKangana Ranaut

Kangana is one of India’s highest paid actresses and is also one of the most fashionable celebrities in India. Her parents encouraged her to be a doctor but Kangana had other plans and followed her heart.

She chose acting. She’s an actress who appreciates a challenge which is evident in her having played roles in a wide range of film genres. Her personal life has suffered at the hands of some media outlets but that’s not deterred her from becoming a successful woman labeled as one of the most talented and stylish actresses in India.

Karisma KapoorKarisma Kapoor

Karisma is well-known for her roles in female-centric movies. She’s been called one of the nation’s most beautiful actresses and her roles are often considered a departure from traditional female roles.

The turning point in her career came with a role in the film titled Raja Hindustani and since that time she’s enjoyed a fruitful acting career. She’s been dubbed one of Asia’s sexiest women and has been given many awards for Best Actress as well as Best Supporting Actress.

Sonakshi SinhaSonakshi Sinha

Early in her career, Sonakshi worked as a costume designer but in 2010, she made her debut in a film called Dabangg. She was noticed and this led to her winning a Best Female Debut Award from Filmfare.

Her official singing debut was made in 2015. She’s also an advocate and lover of animals. Her acting career has won her several awards including Best Newcomer, Most Promising Newcomer. Superstar of Tomorrow and Star Debut of the Year.

Kajal AggarwalKajal Aggarwal

Kajal is an actress, model, stage performer and brand endorser. India recognizes her as one of their most popular actresses despite some minor struggles in the beginning of her acting career.

It was her role in Magadheera that garnered her critical acclaim and was a true testament of her talent. She’s won awards for Best Actress and Best Female Debut.

Vidya BalanVidya Balan

Having been acknowledged for changing the way heroines are portrayed in Hindi films, Vidya is an established and widely popular Bollywood actress. After earning a college degree, she made several failed attempts at an acting career.

Her first role came in 1995, in the sitcom Hum Paanch but it wasn’t until 2005 that she was given the praise she deserves. She’s since become a favorite of fans and critics alike. Her weight and fashion sense have become fodder for media mills but Vidya is a strong woman who will succeed despite any criticisms.

Parineeti ChopraParineeti Chopra

Parineeti originally set her sights on a career in investment banking but in 2011 that changed when she was given a role in the film Ladies vs Ricky Bahl.

This film earned her an award for Best Debut Actress and Best Supporting Actress. This led to more successful roles and of course, more awards. Parineeti has earned a triple honors degree from a UK university and is also a trained classical singer. Beauty, brains and talent – Parineeti has it all.

Deepika PadukoneDeepika Padukone

One of the highest paid actresses in the world, Deepika is also a frequent mention on lists for most attractive and most popular actresses.

She’s played badminton on a national level, has enjoyed a modeling career and it was after modeling that she was given opportunities to act. She’s received many awards including Best Actress. In addition to film acting, Deepika is also a columnist, stage performer and brand endorser.