If you have ever worked out before you must have known about weight lifting. Weight lifting is a complex sport that requires so many things for you to be successful. It requires the use of training equipment such as dumbbells, barbells, gloves, and machines that use pulleys and cables to help you lift weights. It’s a special exercise that counteracts the aging process by developing bone density and more muscle mass. Actually, it can be as important as your overall health. However, if you have been in this exercise, you must have realized that after some time you may develop sore hands from friction. It’s, therefore, very important to wear weight lifting gloves. But what are weight gloves?

What do you mean by weight lifting gloves?

Weight lifting gloves are gloves that you put on when lifting weights. It is not always advisable to lift weights without wearing gloves. Without gloves, you might feel discomfort and pain later on. To curb this, you should wear the right gloves that can offer you protection and support as you continue with your training. If you use good gloves, you will get a comfortable grip.

In most instances, when you are training, your hands sweat a lot and might even come out hence you require a good pair of gloves that will allow you to hold firmly.

Just like the perfect running shoes are important for jogging, good gloves are very important for productive strength training. If you regularly lift weights, you must have understood the importance of having the best gloves. When it comes to these, there is no one size that suits everybody. It’s, therefore, very important to choose gloves that suit your specific needs so that you can take your training to the next level. The good thing is that there are a variety of gloves that you can choose from.

Benefits of lifting gloves

Should you wear weight lifting gloves? This is a common question among new many gym goers. Many people will always answer in affirmative based purely on their own argument. However, putting on weight lifting gloves is more or less a personal choice. In fact, some people would not go for training without wearing them. Others claim that they affect their workouts hence they do not see the need of wearing.

Here are some advantages of using these gloves.

Grip- If you want to improve your grip on weights then it’s very important to wear lifting gloves. During workouts, hands can become wet and sweaty. When this happens, they can come out. This can be cumbersome especially if you are training in pull ups. More so, it’s very dangerous with heavy weights. Wearing lifting gloves makes this easier for you because they will give you the best grip to hold equipment.

Blisters and calluses– If you lift weights for long , you might end up with blisters and calluses on your hands. Since some trainees find these unattractive.

They, therefore, wear lifting gloves to preserve the looks of their palms. Even those who do not care about having rough palms can still benefit a lot from wearing gloves. A very small blister can prevent you from using your hands that day.

They are more comfortable- It’s obvious that lifting weights using the gloves is more comfortable than using your bare hands. The weights can be cold, rough, and uncomfortable to wrap your hands around. Gloves can easily solve this problem by protecting your hands. This is especially important if you are training in a cold environment.

Pressure- Weightlifting gloves can help relax the pressure placed on your hands when training. This normally enables you to move more than your limitations. The back and chest muscles can handle more weight than your hands. It’s, therefore, important to wear weight lifting gloves so that you can increase the capacity of your hands during workouts. Remember, your hands need to be very strong when doing workouts.

Wrist support- Some brands can offer you additional benefits of extra support to your wrists. They typically have a strap that you can wrap so that you feel more stable. This can help you prevent injuries and can also be used to rehabilitate the wrists issues that can occur during weight lifting.

How to choose the best gloves

Choose a pair that can wick away sweat- One of the reasons why you are wearing gloves is to improve your grip. However, lifting gloves that do not allow the removal of moisture can lead to loss of control and even injuries. It’s, therefore, important to choose gloves that can keep the sweat away.

Consider the fabric- When you are looking for the best material, consider having neoprene and leather that have a better grip as compared top nylons.

More so, leather can protect the palm of your hands from friction especially when you are lifting heavy weights. However, since synthetic materials have continued to improve, you may find weight gloves made of synthetic materials having the best grip properties.

Consider fingerless gloves- When sweat is trapped in your gloves, you can lose grip. Open fingers gloves can prevent sweat build up and allow your gloves to easily breathe. This will offer you a better hold of the bar while leaving your hands free.

Go for flexibility– If your gloves are lacking flexibility, you are actually at the mercy of the machines and cannot easily adjust the course as you lift the weight. Unless you are lifting heavy materials, flexibility is very important. Nylon gloves are some of the most flexible gloves that you can get.

Consider a pair of gloves that fits comfortably- If your gloves are too loose there are high chances of losing control and sustaining injuries. Neoprene and leather gloves should be able to stretch enough so as to give a good grip to your hands.

More so, adjustable gloves will fit much better. If you have a problem with your wrist, you should purchase gloves that have an attached wrist support to offer protection to your wrists.

Those are some of the things to consider when choosing the best lifting gloves. Remember, what works for you might not work another person. Choose what suits you better.

Here are top ten Weight Lifting Gloves.

10. RDX Men’s Weight Lifting Leather GlovesRDX Men's Weight Lifting Leather Gloves


Finally, the wait is over for the weight lifters. An authentic use of cowhide leather RDX’s weight lifting gloves are quite durable and designed for a long-lasting use. Just put your hands inside the gloves and experience the comfort when the fingers get curved. The Extra-long wrist Velcro is supporting a firm grip whereas the shock absorbent gel at half-cut fingers and palm-side design is another special addition. It’s double stitched and anatomically curved design helps the lifters well to enhance their firm grip on the rods, bars especially when techniques are used during heavy lifting.


· Unique design

· Affordability

· Excellent Wrist Support

· Breathable and stretchy

· Shock absorbent


· Can make an issue if the glove doesn’t fit

9. Black Hawk Pro Grip FitWeight LiftingBlack Hawk Pro Grip FitWeight Lifting


Like the name said the grip of these gloves are as firm as black hawk’s. The combination of unique Amara leather and elastic mesh make it perfectly fit to the shape of your hand. Its Permeable Mesh backing allows the hand to breathe with comfort and doesn’t become a resistant between you and your routine. To pull the gloves off & on easily you’ll find Pull Tabs on fingers and wrist. The best selection for the weight lifting as the Heavy duty padding (Synthetic) covers the entire contact areas of palm.


· Strong & Durable Material

· Palm protection

· Two Colors

· Swift Pull Tabs on/off

· Fit well


· Could be an issue if hand’s and glove’s size don’t match

8. Trideer All Purpose Weight Lifting Wrist Wrap GlovesTrideer All Purpose Weight Lifting Wrist Wrap Gloves


Whether you are a Weightlifter, Trainer, Workout coach or an Athlete these Trideer weight lifting gloves with wrist wraps are made for you. A great and durable support of high-quality microfiber works perfectly for a comfortable workout. The wrist wraps can be easily adjusted to any degree to provide a right amount of support and secure it at the same time. Due to its special thickened palm pad, it provides a great shock absorbent support and is helpful to minimize any kind of unresponsiveness which you may usually feel due to the use of some less quality material. By having these your focus won’t distract to hold the weight correctly instead you’ll stay in form.


· 12 month’s warranty from the date of purchase

· Friction support due to Silica Gel

· Swift Pull Tabs on/off


· The size of the glove could vary with size of your hand

7. Steel Sweat Wrist Wrap Weight Lifting GlovesSteel Sweat Wrist Wrap Weight Lifting Gloves


Finding a right weight lifting glove with a perfect fit is now as easy as ABC. The measurement on the sizing chart helps both men/women weight lifters to pick the right fit. These Steel Sweat gloves with a wrist wrap provide enriched ventilation with a strong support. Its CoolWeave technology provides a superior fit on the back of your hand.


· Sizing Chart

· Highly comfortable

· Swift Pull Tabs on fingers & thumbs

· Return after 60 days if not happy


· The size of the glove could vary with size of your hand

· Thread could come out once the gloves are washed

6. MICRO Weight Lifting Pink Gloves for HerMICRO Weight Lifting Pink Gloves for Her


Feel free and protected at the same time during your intense workout routine. This Contraband PINK Label Weight Lifting glove for women provides a strong grip on any surface or equipment; it helps in maintaining the right posture with a Silicone rubber beading that provides a high grip. Also, the pointed tabs are very easy to quickly remove the glove as soon as you’re done.


· Sleek design and available in 4 colors

· Sweat absorber without slippage


· Could be uncomfortable if the size doesn’t fit

5. Women’s Weight Lifting Gloves by HarbingerWomen’s Weight Lifting Gloves by Harbinger


Best fit for a general purpose use for Woman’s hand. A stretchy material across fingers and back of hand provide the comfort and flexibility as you always want to feel during an intense workout. Its reverse top grain maximizes the abrasion resistance without yielding the strength. These double leather gloves from palm’s and finger side are surrounded by a resilient foam layer and are very comfortable.


· 90 day’s manufacturers’ warranty

· Heavy duty stretchy material

· Enhance ventilation with Flexibility


· Slip-on and could quickly ripped

4. Weightlifting gloves – the GripperWeightlifting gloves – the Gripper


The Gripper Weight lifting gloves are now the talk of the town. Designed especially for the weightlifting athletes to help them maximizes the grip on any kind of surface. These extraordinary weightlifting gloves are made by Microfiber, Synthetic Leather, Lycra and Silicone to maximize grip and mobility. Its Callus Guards provide a compression fit


· Available in UNISEX Sizing

· Hexagonal shaped silicone made pads

· Easy on/off

· 4Colors

· Hands-free operation


· Finding a right size could be an issue

· No support pad to completely cover the palm

3. Weight Lifting Gloves by B NoochWeight Lifting Gloves by B Nooch


Selecting a B Nooch Weight lifting gloves is a right choice for all of your workout’s routines. They are offering a guaranteed long lasting and durability and are confident that it won’t rip off in 2 weeks like any other material. The double padded form provides complete protection to your palm and fingers, plus the Velcro doesn’t dig in your hands. These are great for Pull-ups.


· Right amount of padding and wrist support

· Durability

· Protection from Blister

· Extra Small to Extra Large sizes are available


· Wrist is not completely supported by it

2. Premium Quality Weight lifting gloves with 19” Wrist Wrap SupportPremium QualityWeight lifting gloves with 19” Wrist Wrap Support


These versatile and high-quality Suede leather weight lifting gloves provide maximum support to your palm and protects it from any kid of blistering and discomfort. You can easily check the listed images for the sizing chart that would help you to pick up the right fit.


· Prevents strain

· Lightweight and durable

· 1-year placement guarantee


· No additional features

1. Best Weightlifting Gloves From Stark Sports best-weightlifting-gloves-in-town


These weight lifting gloves are considered as ALL purpose workouts with assimilated support. Whether Men or Women it provides the right amount of padding to provide a complete protection to your hands. These are perfect for any kind of heavy workouts, weight lifting, or power lifting. You may pick the right fit based on the sizing charts.


· 1 Year Free 100% No-Hassle Replacement Guarantee with 1 pair of Weight lifting Gloves

· 100% Machine Washable

· Stylish design


· Gray part is very stretchy material so could trouble in holding the equipment

· Difference in sizes


After reviewing the top ten weight lifting gloves I prefer high ventilated gloves that provide comfort, durability, and a firm grip to hold the heavy weight lifting exercise because the equipment gets slippery if the material is poor. High-Quality Velcro that covers the wrist completely is the best choice as compromising on you hand’s protection is not a right choice. It is wise to choose the long lasting product so it won’t rip-off quicker. The only disadvantage I noticed is not getting a right fit glove so that could hamper user’s experience with that particular merchant.