As someone who enjoys being on the beach or doing any water related activities like kayaking and water sports as well, you should be aware of water shoes. These shoes are supposed to help you maneuver through these water filled places while at the same time keeping your feet wet. This is important so that if you are by chance allergic to this kind of water, it won’t make you feel uncomfortable.

This can also be important for you just in case you get any water related diseases you are assured that you will be okay. There is a lot that you probably do not know about these shoes, and this is exactly what you will find out below.

There are a lot of brands in the market at the moment, and although some promise nothing but quality, they fall short on that, but there are those good water shoes that will live up to their reputation. This means that you as a buyer of such shoes need to be careful when you are picking out them. There are a lot of advantages that these shoes have as you have previously seen.

What are water shoes?

You might be asking yourself this particular question as this is what will guide you on how to get the best ones and make the most out of them. So, what a water shoe is, is a footwear type that is used for activities that may involve your feet getting wet such as kayaking and many other water related sports or activities.

They are made of a mesh as well as a very hard sole which is perfect so that any cuts or abrasions are prevented when you are walking in any of the rocky or wet environments that you are subjected too when out there.

This will help you a lot when you are in those wet places as water getting to your feet a lot can be hard, and you might get sick after a while. If you are walking on a rocky ground too, you need shoes that have a hard sole so that you do not hurt your feet in any way as they will prevent this from happening.

These shoes are what you need to make any trip that involves walking in a rocky place that has water or just being in any water related activity or sport. These are the shoes that you need to see you through that.

The advantages of using water shoes

If you had ever stepped on a rock or slipped on the docks when you were wearing your regular shoes, then you probably know why you need water shoes. These two are what make up the first advantage of wearing water shoes, and that is safety as well as traction. It is important to have these shoes while you are doing any water related activity as they will help you perform at your peak. This is due to their design and functionality which will enable your feet to be safe all the time. So, below are the main advantages of wearing water shoes.

– Safety and protection

The fact that they have a thick sole and they cover the entire foot means that you are well protected from anything that might cause any harm to you while you are on the beach. Shells as well as any sharp object like rocks won’t be able to hurt your feet in any way so that you can always be safe while you are out there.

– Support and traction

If you are going to be doing any trekking on creek beds, streams or trails then you know that you need all the help that you can get from your shoes. Water shoes that are laced will give you that much-needed support as you do this walking. When it comes to traction, they have a non-slip material which will allow you to walk on docks or any slippery surface without ever slipping.

– Quick drying and lightweight

As soon as you are out of the water, you want your feet dried in no time, and this is what water shoes do. They will be dry before you even notice that they were wet in the first place. The fact that they are also made of a lightweight material is best so that you do not feel like you are walking in water with two blocks tied to your feet.

– Warmth and comfort

Regulating your body temperature is important as soon as you get to any water that is cold and that is what these shoes will help with. They will help keep your feet warm in water that is cold so that you do not end up getting sick from the cold in that water. Comfort is also an important part of stepping into the water, and that is why you need these shoes that will guarantee just that for you as you do your boating or kayaking wherever it is that you go.

What to consider when choosing water shoes

If you are planning on hitting the beach or going out in some river to have some kayaking fun or just boating, then you know that you need the best water shoes that are suitable for you. Below are some tips that will help you pick the best water shoes that you can find on the market.

– Dual environments

You need top pick water shoes that you can use on land and in water as well. If you are going hiking as soon as you step out of the water, you need not a shoe change if you pick the right water shoes.

– Quality material

Water shoes are made from lightweight but strong construction, so you always need to look into this with detail before you make your decision to buy. These are what will determine whether your feet will be warm and comfortable as well.

– The key features

You need to look for the main features that are supposed to be in water shoes before you can pick them out. So, get to know all the features that you have seen here and consider them before making your choice.

10. CIOR Kids Quick Drying Sports Swimming ShoesCIOR Kids Quick Drying Sports Swimming Shoes

We know how kids love adventure outdoors and what a great way to surprise your children by grabbing them the CIOR Kids Quick Drying Sports Swimming Shoes. This shoe is perfect for all most occasions. Your kids will love cycling and swimming with this shoes on. Like socks, the shoes are super comfortable, lightweight and flexible. The shoe also comes with a special design with various colors your child would like. Kids also get a healthier and cooler shoe environment facilitated by the top quality and unique Holey KPU outsole. Also, the outsole offers super comfortable feel and quick dry ability during water sports letting your kids play more and have lots of fun. Protect tender feet!


– Breathable and stretchable material

– Lightweight and soft outsole and fabric material

– Range of colors to choose from


– Not long lasting or durable

– No arch support

9. Viihahn Men’s Breathable-Mesh Waterproof Quick Drying Slip-On Water ShoesViihahn Men’s Breathable-Mesh Waterproof Quick Drying Slip-On Water Shoes

Love visiting the beach or camping but wet shoes or socks seem to interrupt the fun and ruin your mood? Viihahn Men’s Breathable-Mesh Waterproof Quick Drying aquatic shoe is indeed the absolute best in solving mood kills and beach problems. Once put on, the shoes will surprise you, they adopt your feet’s shape immediately and feature a removable insole that quickens the drying period. Viihahn is probably the best sand repelling footwear due to the new engineering idea by Viihahn that allows the shoes to integrate the mid-foot webbing system with a slip-on. This ensures an adaptive, supportive and lightweight fit. The shoes also have an excellent grip and are inexpensive too!


– Removable insole that speeds up drying when the shoes are wet

– They fit well or adopt the right foot shape

– Long-lasting; made of durable fabric or material


– Uncomfortable; you can feel the mesh on your feet without socks

– The mesh may allow small rocks or sand to enter the shoe

8. Zhuanglin Women’s Quick-Dry Aqua ShoesZhuanglin Women’s Quick-Dry Aqua Shoes

Zhuanglin Aquas are the perfect water shoes for you. The shoes were uniquely designed to offer breathability, light, and ability to completely drain water out. What a genius solution! The open mesh and holes improve breathability, protection, and quick drying.

These shoes are also perfect for hiking and walking along shores or beaches. The sole holes are slightly raised up to avoid stepping on sharp objects. Furthermore, 2 layers of mesh right above the holes don’t allow rocks and sand to enter your shoes, allowing water to pass through and drain out easily.


– Light, breathable and drain water easily

– Comfortable; they fit your feet perfectly

– Perfect for various outdoor activities; works well with water aerobics


– No real arch support but cushioned insole

– Not durable; stitches may come undone

7. EQUICK Quick Dry Sports Water ShoesEQUICK Quick Dry Sports Water Shoes

EQUICK company made major advancements on this shoe by incorporating several attributes to come up with arguably one of the most popular water shoes ever. These shoes take advantage of the lightweight, flexible, smooth and more breathable design for more comfortable, light, dry and cool shoe environment. The shoes are made of the high-quality material with one predominant feature being the Holey Ventilation sole. Super high traction rubber makes the shoes much safer protecting your feet from hurting when playing or walking anywhere. Furthermore, these shoes are a great fit for men, women, and kids, and can be worn on several occasions, such as water aerobic exercises, kayaking, fishing, yoga, beach volleyball and outdoor hiking sports.


– Very comfortable and flexible

– Easy to take on and off

– Lightweight and have soft inner sole, great for your feet


– The shoe’s insole is unstable and offers less traction; you can fall easily

– They are not well ventilated or breathable

6. Merrell Women’s All-Out Blaze Sieve Water ShoesMerrell Women's All-Out Blaze Sieve Water Shoes

Unleash you are all on the trail with the All-Out Blaze Sieve water shoe from Merrell. Women looking for footwear to use during casual aquatic activities, look nowhere else than Merrell, the frontrunner in aquatic wear. Merell Women’s All-Out Blaze Sieve is made of quick drying and lightweight synthetic material fits your foot comfortably. This is also made possible with the integration of Merrell’s Omni-facing lacing system and Stratafuse upper design which facilitate a glove-like fit. Its minimalist design also comprises a Molded-TPU external heel measuring approximately 1 inch for added stability. This high-performance shoe also lets you go further faster and longer due to the UniFly functional cushioning design.


– Good tread for hiking

– Very cute and comfortable

– Great material or fabric both outside and inside


– It does not fit perfectly; leaves a lot of room for your toes

– Very slippery on wet surfaces

5. Speedo Men’s Hydro-Comfort 4.0Speedo Men’s Hydro-Comfort 4.0

The Speedo Men’s Hydro-Comfort 4.0s integrate advanced water management technology with long-lasting support. They feature a closed lace system to securely fit your feet, a perfect design for alpha males. These shoes also have incredible soles that have tiny holes helping you move in different directions without the shoe feeling loose. This Hydro Comfort shoe makes moving through water a great experience. Apart from comfort, these shoes offer protection from every kind of grit or rocks. They can endure rock climbing, hiking, swimming, and tubing. Their unique rubber outsole allows you to swim with ease and keep the grip when wet. These shoes are perfectly designed for outdoor lovers.


– They dry out very well

– Keep their grip even when wet

– Durable; they hold up during swimming, tubing, and hiking


– They may drag a little bit in deep waters

4. Aleader Men’s Mesh Slip-OnsAleader Men’s Mesh Slip-Ons

Aleader Men’s Slip-On is probably the best water shoe to own. These shoes are popular for their ability to instantly eliminate sweaty feet problems. Though they are very light, you’ll be surprised to discover how they hold up than most of the shoes you have. If you like barefoot feel, the Aleader Men’s Mesh Slip-Ons offer great comfort and arch support. Thankfully, the shoes receive great ventilation and are made with synthetic material, so you don’t need to dry them.

The ComforDry sock liner provides optimum cushioning experience to create a healthier, cooler and drier shoe environment. Superior breathability and quick drying are also facilitated by the holes on the sole and the open mesh. The Water-Grip outsole offers exceptional traction in wet and slippery conditions.


– Great for sweaty feet

– Great arch support

– They are very comfortable and fit well


– The soles come fall off easily

– Not built for tougher terrain

3. Adidas Unisex Outdoor ClimaCool Boat Lace-UpsAdidas Unisex Outdoor ClimaCool Boat Lace-Ups

Prepare yourself for brilliant performance and look of the Adidas Unisex Outdoor Climacool Boat Lace-ups. Their desirable Adidas look and their perfectly functional technology make them a must have water shoe. You can charge through sand, rocky river bottoms, mud and muck with ease hence you don’t need to change shoes when on any water adventure or strolling around the town, sidewalk or shore. Additionally, they aren’t clumsy and heavy for swimming. Make sure you grab these shoes if you like a fully functional and stylish look.


– The soles have a really good grip

– They dry or drain quickly

– Comfortable either with/without socks


– Mesh covering the drainage holes does not let dirt and sand out

2. Mohem Men’s Poseidon-Mesh CasualsMohem Men’s Poseidon-Mesh Casuals

Mohem in its quest to offer total fitness and health finally came up with the Mohem Men’s Poseidon-Mesh Casuals. The Poseidon series offers a casual look and a more comfortable feel. Their breathable mesh enables proper ventilation keeping your feet cool. With these shoes, you are guaranteed a great outdoor experience from kayaking and swimming to hiking and walking along pools, rocky areas and shores. This super light-weight Mohem shoe puts no burden on your feet and joints no wonder it still maintains its spot as the best choice available in the market.


– The soles provide excellent traction

– The mesh is well ventilated or breathable

– Super grip and extremely comfortable

– Ultra flexible and excellent pedal feel


– They do not dry up as quickly as possible

– They are not quite long lasting

1. Dreamcity Women’s Athletic Sport Water ShoesDreamcity Women's Athletic Sport Water Shoes

Congratulations! You’ve just found your new pair of shoes to replace your old water shoes. The Dreamcity Women’s Athletic Sport water shoes are the most comfortable and ultimate shoes for all your outdoor activities. They are made with fabric and rubber sole that is durable you won’t want to change your water shoes regularly.

Their breathable air mesh offers the feet a cool feel. The water grip outsole is functional in providing exceptional traction in both slippery and wet conditions. Additionally, the exceptionally lightweight Solyte midsole provide excellent durability and bounce-back. Other noticeable features include; the ComforDry sock liner which provides the finest cushioning performance for a drier, healthier and cooler shoe environment, not forgetting the open mesh and hole son the sole providing quick drying plus superior breathability.


– Elastic laces and built-in heel loops make it easy to put on the shoes

– They are very lightweight and airy

– Great traction even on slippery surfaces


– No arch support


Overall, you need good water shoes for various aquatic activities, like kayaking and walking along the beach. All these reviewed shoes will surely meet all you need whether you’re looking for footwear to wear in wet climates or public showers, or you need a shoe that dries quickly after walking through the rain. The shoes are also capable of withstanding rigorous journeys through mountains and river beds. Slip resistance, durability, sturdiness and slip resistance are all guaranteed. What are you waiting for? Buy one of these shoes for a more classic look and comfortable feel anywhere anytime outdoors.