A tonneau cover is one of the most valuable accessories you could ever purchase for your pick-up truck. In a nutshell, these particular products can provide maximum protection, improved security, fuel economy and even improve the appearance of your truck. Tonneau covers have been in the market for numerous years.

Nevertheless, in the recent years, their popularity has soared to unprecedented heights. Despite been regarded as aftermarket accessories, many pick-up truck brands now offer them as standard features.

What is a tonneau cover?

Generally speaking, such products are designed to cover the truck beds of light trucks. Nowadays, a tonneau cover can come with a wide variety of value-added functionalities.

There are all-weather varieties, which are designed to withstand the elements in different environmental settings.

While others are designed to provide unlimited access to your truck bed, all the while, still protecting your precious cargo. There are yet others that integrate unparalleled aesthetically pleasing properties and are meant to lend a sleek and streamlined profile to your pick-up truck.

Let us now briefly review the most notable varieties of these products you could settle for.

Different kinds of tonneau covers

Like it has earlier been stated, there are many types of tonneau covers that are currently available in the market. This certainly means you will be spoilt for choices when it comes to selecting the one, which matches your distinct requirements and preferences.

Roll up tonneau covers

This kind of tonneau cover is usually crafted from soft materials like vinyl or even backed vinyl. Roll up tonneau covers are currently the most popular variety and also the most inexpensive you could ever opt for. They can be attached to a truck bed with the use of snaps, Velcro or ‘tongue and grove’ seals.

Folding tonneau covers

Folding tonneau covers are crafted from 2 or even more panels, which are designed to fold up on each for a quick and convenient access to your vehicle’s truck bed. Some types of these products are totally detachable and therefore permit complete access at any given time.

Retractable tonneau covers

This variety is the result of the latest innovation in the engineering of tonneau covers. Essentially, you can be able to roll up such a product into a storage canister at the front part of your pick-up truck’s truck bed.

Also, retractable tonneau covers are weather tight and can provide optimal security for any cargo you transport. While, at the same time, furnishing you with total access to your truck bed. In this particular regard, there are even remote controllable retractable tonneau covers. This variety doesn’t come cheap, and you can expect to foot a goodly sum to get one.

Hinged tonneau covers

A hinged tonneau cover is specifically meant to function as a truck lid and is usually hinged at the front area of a truck bed. These products can be crafted from either soft or hard materials, and depending on your inclinations you can choose the best for you. Hinged tonneau covers are highly noted for their lightweight as well as durable attributes. They normally come pre-assembled to facilitate for easy and highly convenient installation.

Low profile tonneau covers

This variety is widely acclaimed for its unmatched aesthetically pleasing properties. Once installed on your pick-up’s truck bed, they are almost invisible to the eye when viewed from the sides of your vehicle. This allows them to lend an attractive sleek and streamlined appearance to your light truck.

Locking tonneau covers

Locking tonneau covers can offer maximum protection to any precious cargo you transport or store in your truck thanks to their built-in locking mechanisms. They are crafted from solid materials such as aluminum, hard plastic or even fiberglass. This naturally makes them very sturdy and durable.

Toolbox tonneau covers

These types of tonneau covers feature in-built toolboxes that can be mounted clear of your truck bed rails. In turn, this allows the cover to retract out of view beneath the toolboxes whenever you wish for it.

Advantages of using tonneau covers

Making the smart decision to install a tonneau cover on your pick-up’s truck bed does present a couple of value-added benefits. Let us now take a brief look at some of the most prominent of these.

Improved fuel economy

These invaluable accessories can significantly improve your light truck’s overall fuel economy. This is brought about by their ability to substantially minimize the level of air drag that your vehicle creates while coasting down the roads. This, in its turn, limits the overall strain its engine is subjected to, and ultimately makes it utilize lesser fuel.

Enhanced truck bed security

Leaving valuable cargo, equipment or tools uncovered in your pick-up truck’s bed is very often a risky decision, and you may be liable to lose them.

With an appropriate tonneau cover, however, you will be able to effortlessly conceal such items from the view of probing and malicious eyes. While opting for the lockable varieties can go a long way in ensuring that no one can force their into your truck bed to access the cargo stored there.

Aesthetic factor

Finally, like it was earlier noted these pick-up truck accessories are highly renowned for their aesthetically pleasing properties.

Rather than displaying a dented or scratched truck bed, with a suitable variety of these products, you can artfully conceal it from probing eyes. Additionally, opting for the low profile kinds will lend a sleek and streamlined look to your light truck.

How to choose the best tonneau covers

One important factor which should guide your purchase decision is the exact weather you encounter in your given area while out on the road.

All tonneau covers come with some sort of protection from the elements. However, if maximum protection for your cargo is a priority, select a tonneau cover that can offer a good level of resistance to prevailing climatic conditions in your area.

This includes exposure to the sun’s harsh UV rays, rainstorms, and high winds. In the event, the area you operate in experiences plenty of snow, particularly the wet kind, opt for a product crafted from hard materials.

If the security is your top priority, the lockable variety can prove to be the ideal option. On a parting shot, if you wish to improve the appearance of your light truck, a low profile product can be the best solution.

10. Pro 42-109 TonnoFold Black Trifold Truck Tonneau CoverPro 42-109 TonnoFold Black Trifold Truck Tonneau Cover

To set off our review, comes the Tonno Fold Black Trifold Truck Tonneau Cover. Though this tonneau cover comes in the 10th position, do not underestimate its functionality and usefulness. In fact, this product features a vinyl-polyester fabric of premium grade that withstands against tough climate and weather. In addition, this product is equipped with strong nylon connectors that allow for it to be folded compactly as well as 6063 aluminum with a black powder-coated frame and is water resistant that helps keep the moisture out.

Moreover, this product can be used in open or closed position since it folds up compactly and fastens due to a Snap Clip fastening system. Additionally, it fits really short bed that is 5 FT and 8 in. other great aspects of this product include its easy installation and uninstallation down time that is under 5 minutes.to make this deal better, if you buy the Tonno Pro 42-109, you get 4 free gifts including; work gloves, Sureseal Tailgate Seal, Tonno Torch Truck and a vinyl cleaner.


• High-quality construction

• Very durable

• Expedient installation

• Water resistant

• Folds up compactly


• Clamps do not secure in the front

9. Bestop 16113-01 Tonneau CoverBestop 16113-01 Tonneau Cover

The Bestop 16113-01 tonneau Cover expediently installs and uninstalls. The integrated system and the frame of this cover are fully infused with the premium leather stack folding design that is suitable for all weather.

To add to that, this cover has an integrated latching system not to mention a good hinge construction for a stable structure. This cover has a sectional aluminum frame for great support and installs expediently leaving a smooth appearance. Other than that, this tonneau has a restored folded tonneau to the front bed rail.


• Lifetime warranty

• Stable construction

• Fast installation and uninstallation

• Durable


• The clamps are hard to coordinate

8. Tri-fold Tonno Pro 42-305 Truck Tonneau CoverTri-fold Tonno Pro 42-302 Truck Tonneau Cover

When it comes to easy bed access, trusty cargo protection, and reliable weather protection a Folding Tonneau Cover does it all. The Tonno Pro 42-305 Tonneau Cover that provides unmatched quality & affordability! This cover is made from premium grade 24.5 vinyl-polyester fabric which is capable of withstanding any tough weather or climate thus providing secure protection for your cargo. This tonneau cover also comes completely assembled and installs easily (in about 5 minutes); no assembling or drilling required.

In addition, this cover is a 6063 Frame coated Aluminium with watertight rubber seals designed to keep moisture out hence, providing your cargo and car the protection it deserves. This cover comes in very handy due to its ability to fold up tightly and locks with a tight snap clip fastening system. The best part about this cover the fact that you can use it in a closed or open position and that it can fit comfortably in a 5.5’’ bed

Other than this great features, this tonneau cover comes with a patented front flap, watertight rubber seals that keep moisture out and specially coated stitching; which makes the Industry’s best warranty!


• Inclusive of four free gifts

• Easy to assemble

• Snap Clip style fastening system

• No drilling and assembly required

• Low profile design that results in Gas Savings from 10% to 13%

• 24oz double coated vinyl with marine grade Terylene stitching


• May not be very durable

7. Genesis Tri Fold CoverGenesis Tri Fold Cover

The Tri-Fold tonneau Lund Genesis is a highly durable and extremely low profile cover folding for the truck bed. Not only does it provide you with a variety of functional features, but it is also designed to offer your truck bed and cargo with the utmost protection possible.

This tri-fold is designed to open easily and install as easy as well, it is compatible for 65’’ truck beds. In addition, it comes completely assembled and takes under two minutes to install so no hassle it is also designed with a quick latch action cam clamp.it is made to be a Tri-fold that opens with ease not to mention it is made of a tear-resistant double sided fabric in a black leather superior finish that makes it look extremely classic. To add to all these amazing features, this cover is made of tear-resistant fabric with a glossy leather finish.


• Easy Tri-fold opening

• Quick to assemble

• Limited lifetime warranty

• Tear resistant fabric

• Black leather look finish


• Fitting issues

6. Tac CoverTac Cover

Are you looking for a cover that can easily be installed and uninstalled whilst offering protection to your truck? The Tac Cover Tonneau is for you. tThis TriFold Cover Tonneau is known for being able to stand up to any weather and protect the things you have in your truck under the cover completely even when there is an extremely heavy downpour. It will keep your cargo completely dry.

This Tac Tonneau cover is created for quick fixing installation without cutting or drilling. It is made from high durable aluminum for durability and to improve fuel mileage. The twist clamp design provides tension, security and covers it is also designed with a tri-folding soft design with a low appearance and light weight hence easy installation.

To add to that, this trifold tonneau cover extends the storage space of your truck for in any kind of weather; You can rest assured that based on its quality, this cover will also last for many years. The best part is that it comes completely assembled hence installation time is under two minutes.


• Easy installation

• Durable

• Lightweight

• Tri-Fold design

• Improves fuel mileage

• Made from high-quality aluminum

• 6’5” truck fit


• Rear clamp brackets are in the wrong position

5. Extang 44825 Trifecta Tonneau CoverExtang 44825 Trifecta Tonneau Cover

Looking for the perfect tonneau cover to upgrade your truck? Look no further than the soft folding Tonneau cover. Extang has been manufacturing America’s number one selling pickup truck bed Tonneau covers since 1982 which are made in the USA.

This tonneau cover features a fast and easy installation and uninstallation with no tools or assembles required since it comes pre-assembled.

This tonneau cover features a tri-fold design; it is made from the strongest frame and is very lightweight making it easy to drive along the highway with it. it also improves gas mileage hence you end up spending thus saving you a few bucks. The fabric is constructed of heavy duty commercial grade vinyl with leather grain for great looks and sewn-in binding for the ultimate in wear protection as well as, 45-degree steel brackets on the frames that provide unparalleled strength. Finally, this tonneau cover is infused with a frame that is sealed with OAE that provides a perfect seal on your truck bed.


• Tri-folding soft cover

• Strong frame of any soft folding cover

• Lightweight

• Improves gas mileage

• Durable


• Does not fit in some trucks

4. BAK 26406 BakFlip G2BAK 26406 BakFlip G2

This is a premium tonneau cover designed with the newest generation of modern tonneau technology This cover features an integrated hinges system that is rust free since it is water resistant has an automatic latch panel on the sides and is very fast to uninstall and install remove with a secure fitting that does not make it flap as you drive on the highway.

To add to that, this tonneau covers makes it a great deal to get since it has a BAKFlip that is designed to be extremely durable due to its UV laminate panels. This cover allows all panels to open in the same direction and reveals 100% of your truck backspace desired.


• Automatic latch system

• Expedient installation

• Fitted with laminate panels No drilling required

• Water resistant living hinge system

• Looks great

• Includes tailgate seal & clamp lock

• Virtually maintenance free


• Leaks at the seams

3. TYGER TriFold Pickup Tonneau CoverTYGER TriFold Pickup Tonneau Cover

The Tyger TriFold is heads and tails ahead of many tonneau covers and has earned lots of praises from a lot of people who have used this product. It truly is one of a kind in the tonneau cover industry. This is mainly because of the record of the time it takes to install and uninstall this product in addition to its amicable features it comes endowed with.

This cover is completely assembled beforehand to make it quick to uninstall conveniently, it is endowed with US Patented clamps that make installation a quick snap as well as, a weather-tight seal to protect your cargos from moisture & dirt and a low profile design that results in customized look and gas savings from 10% to 13%.

In addition, this Tyger TriFold is made to fit 6.5” bed trucks and comes with a TYGER limited warranty offer for you to enjoy. Looking for a great tonneau cover that fits all your functionality and durability needs, well, you got it; the TYGER TriFold will prove to be quite helpful moreover, an inclusive TYGER package including 1 assembled tonneau cover, 1 LED light, weather seals and mounting hardware kit.


• Limited warranty

• Durable

• Fast installation and uninstallation

• Great performance

• Added useful products

• No-drilling installation needs.


• Does not work with RAM Box

2. TruXedo Soft Roll-Up Dual Latch Tonneau CoverTruXedo Soft Roll-Up Dual Latch Tonneau Cover

Put an end to the inconvenience of snap-style tonneau covers and choose the Truxedo TruXpor t cover. This is easy to use roll-up tonneau cover that is expedient to install, economical and looks fantastic on your truck the tension control on this roll-up cover is conveniently integrated within the latching system making this cover remain tight and in the perfect condition in whichever climate. Also, is infused with simple clamp-on rails and headers requiring no drilling or cutting.

In addition, this cover seals smoothly leaving a glossy finish with the heavy-duty Velcro closure system that has no cumbersome zippers, clips or snaps that may cause a hassle. Other than that, this tonneau cover features industrial strength loops and hooks that are not only easy to fix in frozen temperatures but also, provide continuous contact between the rails they cover.


• Smooth flat look appearance when closed

• Black vinyl cover and heavy duty aluminum frame

• Easy and fast closing and opening system

• No drilling

• Quick one person operation

• Pre-set tension control

• Works great for all climates


• May flip and flap if not well secured

1. Maxmate Tri-Fold Premium Bed CoverMaxmate Tri-Fold Premium Bed Cover

Maxmate cover is commonly used for a normal six and a half inches truck bed. Though it is a top rated cover in the market today and takes up top place in our review; however, before purchasing this cover, Consider measuring your truck bed to ensure compatibility.

This premium trifold is endowed with a variety of features that you will like. First off, The premium assembled bed cover kit includes 1 Tonneau Cover, Tailgate Seal, 1 Free LED light, and mounting hardware. The US Patented clamps make installation quick and easy. This tonneau cover has a Low profile design that results in customized look and gas savings from 10% to 13%. The PremiumTri-Fold is designed to be weather-tight sealed to protect your cargo from any dirt and moisture. There is no hassle for it, this cover comes with a 10-year warranty other than all that, with this cover you have a great deal.


• A high-quality product

• Moisture and dirt resistant

• There is a 10-year warranty

• Low profile customized design


• Does not work with RAM box


Getting a great tonneau for your truck can be quite daunting. Given the myriad of brands in the market all offering different products claiming to do the job best does not make it any easier. However, if you do your homework right factoring in your needs, budget, and convenience that suits you; choosing the right does not need to be an overwhelming task. The above review lists ten of our top picked and rated tonneaus in the market.