You definitely won’t like to be pinched by a cracked toilet seat. You need to keep few things in mind when choosing a replacement toilet seat. Its shape, mounting options, and style are a big consideration for choosing a toilet seat. Whatever you choose, it should complement your bathroom décor. Let’s have a close look at few tips on buying and installing the best toilet seat so you can easily sit without any fear.

Not All Toilet Seats Are Created Alike!

The Bad Ones

Usually, bad toilet seats are made using flimsy material and are not comfortable. They never stay where they should and may not last long and may give you lot of grief. So avoid buying cheap toilet seat if you are planning to install it for a seldom used toilet or cottage.

The Good Ones

A good toilet seat is made of hard plastic or wood and offers more durability and strength. It also has a better quality hinge set, great seat support, and better mounting hardware. You get high-quality toilet seats in the wide range of colors with regular or slow closing lids. Their support is far superior support and they have two or more bowls to seat contact support points and are much easier to clean. Many newer seats come with rubber support that does not allow the seat to shift sideways.

What should you consider when choosing a Toilet Seat


You should first determine the shape of toilet you have. There are elongated toilet seats and round seat seats, each corresponding to different bowl shapes. Round seats are widely used in most homes. Elongated seats are also becoming more popular these days. They have the oval shape. So first find out the exact shape of your toilet and shop accordingly.

Pick a mount type

Decide whether you want an integral bolt and nut or conventional type bolt-and-nut mount. The integral bolt-and-nut mount can be very frustrating when they need to be removed, as its nut needs to be drilled out for removing the seat. It’s much easier to use conventional type bolt-and-nut mounts for most toilets.

Choose a material

You have many options here; wood, plastic, or a cushioned seat. These days, toilets seats are made of special plastic covering over the composite wood. You can get plastic seats in many colors and these seats can be cold during winters. They’re more likely to split or show marks from cleaning. Natural wood toilet seats are much warmer, but they can be damaged or stained by toilet bowl cleaners. They are soft but may split or crack over time. If warmth is important for you, consider buying a heated toilet seat.


You should consider the lifespan when you pick one for your toilet. Usually, manufacturers may mark an estimated lifespan of the seat on the package, but even if the information is not there, there are few important points worth considering. Polypropylene and plastic are most durable and last longer, while cushioned vinyl may cost less but is less durable and is prone to rips.

Extra features

Consider spending few extra bucks on a slow-close toilet seat. They’re specially designed to prevent seat lid from slamming down on the top of the seat. Therefore, it’s a much quieter and safer option. These days, you can even get different types of “luxury” seats. They offer novel features such as lights, heated surfaces, water streams, deodorizers, and warm air drying. However, these toilet seats need to be hooked to electric supply in order to use them.


These days, people prefer soft toilet seats as they’re warmer and comfortable than normal toilet seats. They are good for people recovering from childbirth or surgery but make transfers to or from shower benches or wheelchairs more difficult. Instead, firmer seats are much better for transfer.

Odd Shapes and Size Toilet Seats

Some toilet seats may have odd shapes and sizes. They may have few more curves or may have a different shape. They’re meant for newer toilets with different bowl shape. Usually manufacturers make seats specifically for those toilet designs and sometimes you may have to place a special order to get the matching seat.

Bidet Toilet Seat

These days, many people prefer bidet toilet seats. They are expensive but very convenient. Their biggest advantage is that they take up minimal floor space and save on toilet paper. There are fewer chances of clogging your toilet, and much better personal hygiene. They are eco-friendly and make laundry cleaning much easier.

Choose a style

You can get toilet seats in the wide range of styles, so whether your bathroom is modern and sleek or traditional or comfy, you can easily find the perfect seat for your toilet.

Installing the Seat

Remove your old seat and pry off plastic over pieces on the mounting holes. Now unscrew the bolts that hold the seat in place. You can use the flat head screwdriver to pry open the plastic cover pieces.

Unscrew the metal or plastic bolts that secure the seat to the toilet. There might be metal or plastic nuts on the other side of these bolts. You need to hold onto the nuts with your hand or a pair of pliers as you remove the bolts.

At this point, you can lift away your old seat and discard it. Now clean the surface hidden beneath the bolts, as this area rarely gets cleaned. Use standard bathroom cleaner or toilet bowl on the area. If you notice some mold or rust, you can use a cleanser that is formulated specifically for dealing with these issues.

Thoroughly dry the area after you wash it. If you fail to dry this area before you installing the new seat, there could be moisture build up underneath the bolts resulting in mildew or mold. Now put your new toilet seat on the bowl and firmly secure it with bolts. Once the seat is in place, replace the plastic covers to complete the task.

If toilet seat has adhesive pads, you can remove the cover sheets from the pads before putting your seat in position. These adhesive pads will secure your seat to the top of the bowl.

Gently wind new bolts through mounting holes of the seat and into the mounting holes of the toilet. Attach new nuts to the opposite end of each bolt. You can simply snap back plastic covers back in place over the bolt heads.

No home is completely comfortable without a well-equipped and fully furnished washroom. In fact, if you want a pleasant and odor-free environment inside your place, you need to be certain of a highly functional lavatory. The toilet seat as well is an important part of the religiously maintained bathroom. Therefore, here we have rounded up  top ten toilet seats that are a must for efficient plumbing in your home.

#10: Mayfair Bamboo Toilet SeatMayfair Bamboo Toilet Seat

The exquisite natural bamboo design of this toilet seat provides antique and eye-catching charm to your bathroom. It looks elegant and is beautifully made. The strong bolts come along with this well-built seat to keep it intact in its position. It is comfortable and long-lasting.

· It is a top-quality toilet seat that is rust and fade resistant.
· It looks great and functions remarkably well.

· The seat is very good but its design is somewhat poor.
· Appears heavy but is quite lighter.

#9: Elongated Toilet Seat Bemis 1500EC346Elongated Toilet Seat Bemis 1500EC346

This seat has one of the easiest installation processes. It is wooden and way heavier than other plastic seats. The color of the seat seamlessly matches your décor and looks really nice. It has an outstanding Snap-on and snap-off feature. It is fabricated from superior and long-lasting elements.

· It is solid, strong and comfortable.

· There is a lack of instructions for installation.
· The hardware is not compatible.

#8: Next Step Toilet Seat by MayfairNext Step Toilet Seat by Mayfair

The smart engineering of the toilet seat is intently devised for ultimate child safety. It has itty-bitty rings great for training kids for potty. The rings are also detachable so that you face no problem while cleaning the equipment. You will truly love the flashy finish and cozy design of this seat.

· It is picture-perfect for potty-training.
· Its slow-close functionality works really well.

· There are few complaints about the warping of this wood seat.
· The child seat tends to come off from the adult seat.

#7: Quick-Release Kohler K-4774-0 Elongated Toilet SeatQuick-Release Kohler K-4774-0 Elongated Toilet Seat

It easily fits elongated one and two pieces toilet. The polypropylene used in its construction makes it highly resistive to fading, staining, and peeling. It is more comfortable than many other wood seats you have had before. It is lightweight, easy to install and long-lasting toilet seat.

· Self –close feature ensures no slam shut.
· It has thick bumper pads under it for comfort.

· Hinge is flimsy because of thin plastic construction.
· The seat is unsteady.

#6: Mayfair 30CHSLB Designer Round Toilet SeatMayfair 30CHSLB Designer Round Toilet Seat

This slow-close wood toilet seat by Mayfair is excellent when it comes to open and close the seat quietly. It captures an appealing charm with its white and high-gloss finish. Installation is a few minutes job because of clear instructions. It is a sturdy, well-designed and high-grade toilet seat.

· It has a nicely contoured finish.
· This solid wood seat is built to last for years.

· You may need to buy extra hinges.

#5: Bemis 800EC000 Round Toilet SeatBemis 800EC000 Round Toilet Seat

This plastic toilet seat is far better than other wood-based seats because of its high durability and reliability. It is quite denser and heavier. The seat is manufactured from a premium quality plastic and thus it does not warp or chip away easily. It is an easy clean seat with changeable hinges.

· It has a quick fastening system.
· It works exceptionally well and lasts for a longer duration.
· It is impressively resistant to stains.

· The surface may wear off with even a finger nail.
· Less solid than a wood seat.

#4: Kohler K-4636-0 Quiet-Close Elongated Toilet SeatKohler K-4636-0 Quiet-Close Elongated Toilet Seat

If you have naughty kids in your family who deliberately slam the toilet seats loudly, then this is the best way to stop them. These beautiful toilet seats with quiet-close functionality are designed to complement various styles of toilets. It also has hand-held at the front edge of the lid for perfectly lifting the seat.

· It is light but very strong.
· Easy to clean with slow-closing feature.

· The unusual shape is a bit uncomfortable.
· The additional hardware is cheap.

#3: Elongated Toilet Seat Bemis 1500EC000Elongated Toilet Seat Bemis 1500EC000

This is an astonishingly comfortable toilet seat within a pocket-friendly cost. The elongated design of the seat provides remarkable comfort and ease-of-use. It has flawlessly combined a hint of tradition with modern elegance. The bumpers made up of rubber make sure there is no slamming or cracking of the toilet seat while operating.

· The quality of the seat is great.
· Very smart design.

· The fastening system may turn loose.
· Cannot handle big weights.

#2: Kohler Stonewood Molded-wood Toilet SeatKohler Stonewood Molded-wood Toilet Seat

If the rim of your toilet is round and you have a modern interior in your lavatory, It is mostly fabricated from plastic and molded wood so as to last long.

The seat is easy to install and clean. It comes with all the necessary hinges and screws that are needed during the installation. You can use a non-abrasive cloth to wipe your seat. This is a solid seat made up of heavy-duty plastic and has a smooth finish too.

· Not only will it brighten the indoors but will also ensure a seamless experience to the user.
· It provides quality and ease of installment.

· Some cleaning products tend to leave permanent stains on the seat.
· This seat may break with heavy weights.

#1: Mayfair Slow-close Toilet SeatMayfair Slow-close Toilet Seat

The best thing about this amazing toilet seat is slow and quite functioning. It also features a high-quality gloss finish that is stain-free and scratch-proof. It is specifically designed for an outstanding user experience so that you can have a much-wanted peace of mind. No matter what kind of style you have in your bathroom, it will complement each one of them. This is a superbly designed toilet seat.

· It neither slams nor loosens.
· It installs effortlessly and looks extremely attractive.

· To take the toilet seat off, you need to push a little harder.

To sum it up, we recommend Mayfair Slow-close Toilet Seat the most. It is a well-designed and fully functional toilet seat that will not only complement the interior of your bathroom but will also last for years without any fading or peeling.