You might take them for granted but goggles are essential especially if you are a swimmer. Whether you are a novice or a professional swimmer, you need the best goggles for protecting your eyes when you are under water.

Choosing the best goggles can sometimes overwhelm you if you are a beginner until you abandon the task. Finding a good pair can be a long trial and error experience that might make you give up the idea altogether. But what are swimming goggles?

What are swimming goggles?

Swimming goggles are essential items used during swimming to protect your eyes. They are a kind of protective wear that protects the area around the eyes from any particulates, water, and chemicals that might strike the eye.

But do you need goggles? Yes, when swimming, you need goggles because the human eyes were not meant for the aquatic environment so when you open your eyes while in water your vision is blurred.

Wearing goggles will not only ensure that you have the perfect vision but will also protect your eyes from any foreign object or irritation.

When using the goggles, you do have to readjust your vision every time and again. More so, the pool water has some chemicals that might irritate your eyes when you are swimming.

With lots of shapes, colors, and sizes, there are several swimming goggles that you can choose.

Apparently just like choosing a pair of shoes, choosing swimming goggles can be challenging. This is why at times it’s common to go through 2 or 3 goggles before settling on the best one.

When you get the best one, you just want to believe that they will last in the market. Before you dive into the market and pick the most aesthetic and expensive pair of goggles, you need to do proper research.

Different kinds of swimming goggles

1. Speedo Speed Socket Swimming Goggle

If you are a competitive swimmer, this is the best goggle for you. With an ultra low-profile, you can make sure that there is a minimal drag in the water. Because of its soft silicone gaskets, it fits well onto the eye sockets. In fact, it’s so comfortable that it cannot come off your eyes as you compete. Each pair also has multiple sizes that enable you to have a customized fit, a feature that is preferred by many people.

2. TVR Swimple

If you are a novice, you will notice that TVR Swimpe swimming goggles are very easy to use. They are so easy to use that even kids can comfortably wear them without any directions. They have a soft silicone gasket and solid nose piece that makes them easy and comfortable on a child’s eyes. They also come in different colors hence you can choose the one that suits you. They are easy to adjust even though you would not expect a lot of features in the children goggles.

3. Speedo Vanquisher

When it comes to swimming goggles, this is among the best. Whether you are a professional or a recreational swimmer, you will realize that these goggles are great. For a very comfortable fit, they feature soft silicone gaskets around the eyes. Each one also comes with 4 different pieces of nose pieces that allow you to choose the one that suits you. Instead of fitting around the eyes, they fit directly in the eye socket.

4. Aqua Sphere Kaiman Goggles

For outstanding comfort and excellent visibility, choose Kaiman goggles. They are actually the best for triathletes and open water swimmers. They are easy to adjust and they have 180-degree visibility. Because they are a bit large, they do fit well into the eye sockets but instead fit around the eye sockets. Although the silicone bridge is not adjustable, it’s soft hence comfortable for different types of noses. They come in both small and full-size models. They are ideal for open water swimmers, triathletes, and recreational swimmers.

5. Speedo Hydrospex

These goggles are not only comfortable but also easy to use. They come with wide gaskets that are suited for beginners. Although they have a hard a solid nose piece they come in both adult and junior sizes that fit different users. More so, they have a range of colors that you can choose from. They are suited for anyone who likes wide goggles, beginners, and children.

What to consider when choosing swimming goggles

Use– Before settling for the best swimming goggles, you should know what you are going to use them for. Are you going for indoor swimming or open water swimming? Depending on where you are going to use them, you should select a different shade of lenses color. Although indoor swimming might not require dark goggles, the opposite is true for outdoors.

Size– You also need to consider the size of the lenses. The smaller the lenses, the better the goggles. This is because you will have little resistant in water. However, goggles must be comfortable so that you can wear them for long. If you do not like small goggles, you can get the ones meant for scuba diving.

Material– It’s also important to know the material they are made of. Are they made from rubber, silicone, foam, or plastic? Using a plastic or rubber goggles is advisable because they will not allow any water to get into your eyes. Although silicone is increasingly becoming popular, they are a bit expensive. But if you are allergic to anything, foam might be good for you.

How they sit- You also need to ask yourself how they will sit on your nose and eyes. Are they too big for your eyes or too small? Do your eyelashes touch on them anytime you blink? Do they hurt your nose when you wear them? Always ensure that you can adjust the nose piece so that it does not hurt your nose.

Price– This is probably the last things to consider. The good thing is that the price range is amazing. You can always find cheap goggles. However, there are also more expensive goggles in the market that you can choose from.

Now it is time to show you the top ten swimming goggles

10. Aqua Sphere K180+ Mirror GoggleAqua Sphere K180+ Mirror Goggle


This product aims to deliver both comfort and performance. It is perfect for tri-athletes because of its stunning wide-range capacity for visibility. Additionally, the design is undeniably chic. In any race, the peripheral vision is very important, therefore swim goggles should have that 180-degree full field vision. In order to maximize experience, a great and wide view would be perfect, and this goggle can indeed provide that.
Wide-angled peripheral vision
Durable materials
Comfortable to use
Protection against UVA and UVB
Can easily get misty after a few weeks of use
Straps easily snapped

9. Michael Phelps XCEEDMichael Phelps XCEED


This product has a perfectly engineered curved lens to achieve maximum expanded vision. It uses Exo-core technology which has a combination of two materials for boosted performance. Further, it also has easy to adjust and interchangeable nose bridges for the comfortable fit. It is of high quality and the functionality is no less than superb as well.
Materials are of high quality
It has anti-scratch and anti-fog technology
High-quality sunlight protection
A bit pricey
Smoky lens
Too small lenses

8. Sable WaterOptics RS 101 Mirrored Swim GogglesSable WaterOptics RS 101 Mirrored Swim Goggles


The product is known for its outstanding precision and clarity of vision when in use. It also has a feature that eliminates blur and distortion of view. The hard-coating materials also make it durable and at the same time balances light transition. It is a perfect goggle for outdoor activities.
Comfort of use
It has ultraviolet UVA/UVB protection
Fogging up after a certain time

7. Zoggs 315627 Predator Flex S/MZoggs 315627 Predator Flex S/M


This killer pair of goggles is composed of polarized copper lenses that are ideal for use during outdoor swimming. It also has a curved lens technology for clear and undistorted surround vision. Moreover, it has an outstanding UV protection. With all these features, you can trust it to offer long-lasting please when in use underwater without worrying about leaks.
180-degree wide range vision
Fogbuster technology
It has a Unique 4 Flexpoint technology for the flexibility of the frame.
Small sized, ideal for smaller faces
Fogging up significantly
Nose Bridge easily broken

6. Cobra Mirror Swim GogglesCobra Mirror Swim Goggles


One of the strongest selling points of this product is that the materials it is made of are quite durable. It is made up of silicone for its strap and polycarbonate for its lens. It is promising to give the clearest view underwater with its low-profile lens. The bridge on its sides are also secure and provides the good fit. Finally, it has an easy adjustment feature and got enough nose pieces for better fitting.
It is 100% PVC free
Anti-fog lenses
No fogging or leaking
It is long lasting
The lenses are small
Gets too blurry after swim
Trouble with nose pieces
Straps can easily snap

5. Rosa Schleife Large Swimming GogglesRosa Schleife Large Swimming Goggles


The product is in high quality since it is made from silicone materials and imported UV stable materials. With Ear plug design, it could protect your ears when you swim. You can concentrate on swimming because of its anti-fog and anti-leak features. The lens design makes it adustable. It is ideal for outdoor swimming.
Very adjustable
Anti-fog feature for clear visibility
Can last long
Comfortable to use
Has a tendency to smudge

4. GogglesAqtivAqua® Premium Swim GogglesGogglesAqtivAqua® Premium Swim Goggles


The most commendable thing about this product is its unique design that is more likely flexible for any kind of indoor or outdoor sports. Aside from versatility, it offers a maximum performance when it comes to optical clarity and UV protection. It also has a wide panoramic view of about 180-degree and also it is impact resistant so you won’t have to be too conscious when you are wearing one. Best of all, it is also safe and has, in fact, hypoallergenic eyecups that are made of silicone for better eye protection.
Sleek design
Comfortable to wear
Perfect for those who have sensitive eyes
Suction in the face
For others, frame and or lenses are quite large

3. Speedo Vanquisher 2.0 Mirrored SwimSpeedo Vanquisher 2.0 Mirrored Swim


When it comes to functionality and of course the look, this swim google definitely won’t go out of style. It has 25% more peripheral vision as compared to its competitors in the market. It also offers comfort with its silicone eye seals. Just like the rest it also has adjustable straps, UV protection, and anti-fog technology. Moreover, it has interchangeable nose pieces for easy fit.
Leak free technology is evident
Anti-fog is working well
Very easy to adjust
Nose clips have options for sizes.
Lenses are too dark
Lenses and or frame are too big for some
Anti-fog doesn’t last long
Not recommended for indoor swimming

2. Aegend Clear Swimming GogglesAegend Clear Swimming Goggles


What sets this product apart from the rest is its shatter-proof feature. It is made of polycarbonate lenses, a material that lasts significantly longer compared to others. Aside from that, there would also be no issue if this product is used outdoors because the lenses have no tint, therefore optical clarity is guaranteed. Lastly, it may unique but it also has an outstanding UV protection.
No fogging
Guaranteed no leaks
Can easily be adjusted
A bit pricey
Design’s not too fashionable

1. Aqua Sphere KayenneAqua Sphere Kayenne


The best goggles of 2016 will definitely be this product, most likely because it has a little better of all the features that the rest of the other products included above have. What’s even more amazing is that it exceeded them having twice as much UV protection and durability. Most of all, it is prized by its superb one-touch, quick fit buckle which is perfect for adjustments.
Comfort and durability
Elegant design
Superb features
Leak and fog free
Few scratches after a certain time of use.

It is not enough that your eyes are protected from pool water, it is good to know the type and specifications of the goggle so it will better serve you its purpose. For the hassle free swimming or any indoor or outdoor adventures, make sure that the swim goggles that you will be using is perfect. Therefore, go for the best choice!