A spark plug is defined as a set of wires that connects a magneto or distributor coil to each of the spark plugs in an internal combustion engine. Here is a list of the Top Ten Spark Plug Wire sets.

10. NGK Premium Spark Plug Wire Set [9160 -ZE21].NGK Premium Spark Plug Wire Set [9160 -ZE21]


These high-performance spark plug wires are made with top quality NGK ferrite magnetic core cabling. Although these wires create half the resistance of carbon core wires, they generate an equal suppression of Radio Interference Frequencies. [RFI] The construction used to suppress the RFI is a variable frequency winding technique. The NGK ferrite wound magnetic cables do not degenerate with age. These spark plug wires are guaranteed to generate more power throughout a longer life span, in comparison to other brands. They are heat resistant up to 180° Celsius and have a rubber coating.
NGK products are sold with identification numbers for the original equipment with which a product was manufactured. They are constructed out of materials which may be superior to the original equipment.


9. NGK Premium Spark Plug Wire Set [8113-NX14].NGK Premium Spark Plug Wire Set [8113-NX14]


This is a custom high quality wire set with strong levels of resistance to RFI’s, as well as strong resistance to oil and temperatures of up to 250° Celsius. NGK is a brand well-known for its reliability. All NGK spark plug wire sets conform to OEM tolerances. The loose-tight-loose or variable pitch winding creates RFI wave control by scrambling the electrical waves that are caused by the firing of the spark plug. NGK spark plug sets are guaranteed to help car owners to save money. They also muffle engine noise.
The wire lengths for the NGK spark plug wire sets come in sizes 1 – 7. Each numbered size contains wires of a different length.


8. ACDelco Spark Plug Wire Set [9748HH].

ACDelco Spark Plug Wire Set [9748HH]


These professional grade spark plug wire sets are manufactured from fiberglass and they are reinforced with silicone insulators. The diameter and length of these plug wires assist in the generation of a strong spark. ACDelco spark plug wires provide a perfect fit for many brands of an automobile and they are easily installed by the home mechanic. Corrosion resistance is also a feature of the ACDelco spark plug wires, as is the boot-shaped distributor cap, which provides a water-tight seal. This brand of spark plug wire increases the miles per gallon of everyday driving. ACDelco spark plug wire sets are designed to match the product standards of previous spark plug sets in vehicles such as Honda, Ford, Nissan and Toyota.


7. Bosch Spark Plug Wire Set [09848].

Bosch Spark Plug Wire Set [09848]


Stainless steel mag winding or magnetic suppression wiring provides a high voltage to the spark plugs, thus producing optimum functioning of the engine and decreasing the number of misfires. The plugs in this wire set are fitted with silicone jackets for greater resistance against oil-penetration. Bosch brand spark plug sets are state of the art products; they are sold with a lifetime guarantee. They are known to increase the gas mileage of an automobile, and to be a product that may be of a higher standard than the plug sets with which an automobile was originally manufactured.
Hassle-free installation is provided by OEM type connectors or snap-lock terminals. The use of these products ensures that wires are tightly pressed to all connectors.


6. Denso Spark Plug Wire Set [671-4246].Denso Spark Plug Wire Set [671-4246]


These spark plug wires have been specially manufactured so that a home mechanic can hear a definite” click” as the OE end caps fit securely into place. The Denso spark plug wires fit perfectly the first time and every time. A process patented by Denso forms a very strong connection between the cable and the boot that will not be broken during installation or removal. Denso spark plug wire sets are also known to improve acceleration, to improve the engine’s start-up time and to increase the automobile’s power. The auto’s overall performance is improved by the installation of Denso spark plug wires.
Denso spark plug wire sets may replicate or exceed the form and fit of the plug wires with which the automobile was originally fitted out.


5. Accel Spark Plug Wire Set [4040 8mm 4000 Series].Accel Spark Plug Wire Set [4040 8mm 4000 Series]


The extremely heat resistant yellow silicone jackets are typical of the Accel spark plug wire sets, as are the straight boots, which are red. These easily recognizable spark plug wires resist temperatures of up to 451° Fahrenheit. This product is well-suited to street racing cars. During the manufacture of these spark plug wires, an F-rated silicone jacket is tightly pressed over braided fiberglass. Next, the fiber glass is applied over the top of a layer of EPDM. This process is what gives such a high dielectric strength to Accel products. These spark plug wires suppress RFI well. The spark plug boots are made in the colours of black, blue, orange and red for easy colour matching.

The standards of Accel products may exceed those set by the Society of Automotive Engineers [SAE].


4. Sierra International Spark Plug Wire Set for Marine Applications. [18-8801-1. For Mercury, Mercuriser, OMC, Volvo and Penta engines].

The standards of Accel products may exceed those set by the Society of Automotive Engineers


The Sierra spark plug wire sets have been designed specifically for Marine engines. Due to the harshness of the marine environment, they are strongly enough constructed as to withstand temperatures of up to 500° Fahrenheit. The jackets of the spark plug wires are made from silicone, which means that they are resistant to tearing. The boots are also made from silicone and this means that they are highly water resistant. The crimp-designed, stainless steel snap locks will not pull apart or corrode. The Sierra spark plug wires protect the GPS, the VHF and other sensitive electrical equipment from RFI and EMI. [Radio Frequency Interference and Electro Magnetic Interference].
The Sierra MagForce Marine Spark Plug Wire Set has been manufactured for conventional, eight-cylinder ignition systems. Sierra products are covered by a Customer Satisfaction Warranty.


3. Taylor Cable Spark Plug Wire Set [64628 8mm Blue].Taylor Cable Spark Plug Wire Set [64628 8mm Blue]


Taylor Cable can boast a proud legacy of servicing Mack Trucks and John Deere machinery. Their blue wire set is manufactured from 8mm wires that are insulated by silicone. The wires are reinforced with fiberglass jackets. The core is manufactured from tinned copper weld wire. This product is most suited to cars which have been entered into racing events, where high noise levels may not disturb anyone. These spark plug wires do not provide a lot of protection against Radio Frequency Interference.  This model in the Taylor Cable range of spark plug wires works well with engines which do not require an electronic ignition. Taylor Cable Blue spark plug wires are able to withstand temperatures of up to 600° Fahrenheit. With their 90° boot ends they are an excellent fit for 8-cylinder engines. Taylor Cable has a reputation for getting their customers into the Winners’ Circle.


2. Taylor Cable Spark Plug Wire Set [79205-409 Spiro Wound Core].Taylor Cable Spark Plug Wire Set [79205-409 Spiro Wound Core]


This spark plug wire set provides a very high dielectric voltage rate at 102,000 volts. The spark plug wires are made of braided fiberglass which is then applied to a 100% pure silicone ignition wire. Made in the colours black, blue and red, these spark plug wires are most suitable for street and track races and they are a good fit for the engines of Chevrolet 1999 – 2003 models. The spark plug wires are bonded to colour coordinated boots. The plug terminals are double spring-locked which makes them vibration proof. RFI suppression is provided by the spring wound core. This core provides maximum unimpeded fire-power for electronic ignition systems and multiple discharge ignition systems. These red silicone wires can withstand temperatures of up to 600° Fahrenheit.
These Taylor Cable spark plug wires contain a resistance level of 350 ohms per foot.


1. MSD Spark Plug Wire Set [32829 8.5mm].MSD Spark Plug Wire Set [32829 8.5mm]


The MSD range of spark plug wires is super conductors. This is due to several factors. Firstly, a copper alloy wire is helically wound around the core. This creates an extremely low level of resistance: There are only 40-50 ohms of resistance in 12” of wire. At the same time, the level of RFI suppression is equal to that of an approximately 1,500-ohm wire. Every foot of wire contains 40 ft. of tightly wrapped copper. The core is ferro-magnetically impregnated, which provides an EMI choke. The Electro Magnetic Interference is then unable to obstruct other electronic devices nearby. These plug wires also feature a silicone jacket over a glass braid and dielectric insulator. A secure fit is ensured by the stainless steel, dual crimped terminals. These terminals are fitted with snap-on locks. MSD Super Conductor Spark Plug Wire Sets are sold in universal-fit or custom-made sizes.
A spark plug from this set is powerful enough to start an auto even when the battery is seemingly dead flat. The MSD super-conductor spark plug wires are seen as the most advanced and the most high-performance of spark plug wires.

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