A man and woman’s skin are two different things.

With women, we have soft skin that we like to have smelling good and keeping us moisturized for a while after using the body wash. But, men are different. They need something for their skin that is going to get them cleaner and is not going to make them feel any less than a man that they are.

All men need a soap that is going to be right for their own skin, not something that is girly in smell or one that will not get them clean enough if they are messy workers. A bar soap is not only good for the environment but also will leave fewer bacteria on the body after using it.

So, we all are wondering, what exactly is soap for men? That is the million dollar question right now. Men’s soap is different from a woman’s because of smell, obviously, and because a female’s body soap is not going to get him clean enough or give him the healthy skin he needs.

The exfoliation of the two is different. A man’s soap is going to exfoliate, clean, and moisture the way his skin will need it to. Since his skin is tougher and rougher, exfoliation is a must when using a soap so that it will clean the clogged pores really well.

There are different types of men’s soaps, so choosing one is always difficult.

There is unscented soaps, liquid soaps, harsh soaps, and shaving soaps. Unscented will leave the skin clean but he will not have any leftover smells once he is out of the shower. He will be able to put on cologne without the smell mixing with any others.

A lot of times there is also no added colors like with a women’s soap. The man’s soap is usually white because it is supposed to be more manly. Harsh soaps are for occasional use such as when he has been working in the garage all day and needs to clean his hands. Daily soaps like the liquid or bar soaps are for moisturizing the skin and exfoliating dead skin cells off the body. Shaving soaps are generally thicker and used on the face leaving it moisturized and healthy afterward.

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There are different advantages for soaps that are liquid versus the bar soaps.

With liquid, you do not have to stress about someone else using your bar of soap and you having to deal with the bacteria that will be on it afterward. On the other hand, liquid body washes are harmful to our environment so it is best not to use those anyways.

Bar soaps will get the body cleaner and take away the dead skin cell particles better than what the others will. With liquid, you must use a loofah or a scrub sponge for applying it to the body but with bar soap, it is easier to just run the bar over your body which will get you out of the shower faster without worrying about rinsing out a rag or anything like that before rinsing the body off.

Another advantage is that it is less expensive than the fancier liquid body washes. We all like to save money so I say that is the biggest advantage of them all aside from the bar soap making your skin healthier and better moisturized.

There is a list of the top 10 best men’s soaps that I have gathered to give you some insight on which one might be better for yourself.

10.) Dove Men+Care Body and Face BarDove Men+Care Body and Face Bar

Dermatologist suggests using this product because it leaves the skin hydrated and safe from becoming dried out and will help keep it tight. A fourth of the bar is made with a moisturizing ingredient for helping the softness of the skin. It rinses off easy unlike others that you have to stand under the water sprayer for minutes trying to get it completely off the skin.

This is non-greasy so you will feel clean and refreshed after you get out of the shower. Also, it is safe to use not only on the body but the face as well. The smell is not overly scented, just enough of it that you know you are clean and it will not be overbearing.


non greasy,softens the skin


smell does not last long

9.) Mistral Men’s Soap, Sandalwood BamboMistral Men's Soap, Sandalwood Bamboo

There is no residue left behind from this sandalwood bamboo scented soap. It will leave the skin looking healthy and you will feel clean. It will lather up really good so you will have an easier time cleaning the body. The bar will last about three weeks if being used twice a day. If you want healthy skin then it will be worth it in the end.


last a long time, gives you healthy skin


A little expensive

8.) Mistral Men’s Soap (Citrus Oak) Mistral Men's Soap (Citrus Oak)

If you have sensitive skin then this would be the product for you. The shea butter in it is to reduce skin irritation plus leaves your skin soft and moisturized. There is no residue left behind which is a good thing so you will feel clean after you get out of your bath or shower. The soap is big in size so will last you for a while.

The smell is refreshing and will leave your body and bathroom smelling good after using the product. People seem to love the smell because so far there has been no comments about it smelling awful. They also say you will fell clean but still have moisture to the skin. In other words, no dryness will happen when using this soap.

PROS:helps reduce skin irritation, no dryness CONS:some do not like the smell

7.) Eo Products Everyone Soap for MenEo Products Everyone Soap for Men

The best thing about this soap, in my opinion, is that it is cruelty-free. That means there were will be no animal fat included in the ingredients like so many other soaps have. The ingredients are all more plant made.

Another good thing is that it is a three in one product meaning it is a body soap but also a shampoo and shave cream. I believe that not only will save tons of money but also will make a shower so much quicker only having to use one product for everything.

People love that it will help the skin stay soft and keep it looking healthy instead of drying it out and making it look like you are shedding skin cells everywhere.


three in one product, not tested on animals


pump gets clogged

6.) Dead Sea Mud Soap Bar Dead Sea Mud Soap Bar

This product is organic which means it has no harmful chemicals put in it. Harmful chemicals being gone from the ingredients means you are going to have a better chance of not having irritated skin or red spots everywhere if your skin can not tolerate an ingredient in it.

The scent is naturally done with mint and a few other key ingredients. The skin pores will be tightened so it is considered a natural anti-aging product. When using this item it will help your blood circulation and help skin regenerate. Helps cure acne, psorisasis, and eczema.

Wrinkles will be reduced also because of the moisturizers and how it will hydrate the skin. Has a natural exfoliant because of the small grains put into it. Also, it pulls toxins from your skin as you are washing with it.


is organic, natural anti-aging product


strong smell

5.) Dove Men+Care Body Wash Dove Men+Care Body Wash

It can be used for washing the body and the face. There is a micro moisture ingredient that will start working as soon as it starts being lathered up on the body. It is a gel body wash but still washes off all the residue and leaves the skin feeling fresh and clean.

The soap leaves your skin hydrated and soft also. The pump bottle that the product is in allows for easier use while in the shower. Even though the bottle says for the body and face, you can use this on your hair as well with no itching or dryness there either. People say the texture is nice and thick.


for body and face, hydrates the skin



4.) Shaving Soap Made with All Natural Ingredients Shaving Soap Made with All Natural Ingredients

This soup you can place in a cup then get a brush wet and lather it up. Smear on the face and shave. The smell is delightful and smooth and not overbearing. It lathers nicely and is really thick. It will not dry out while you are still working on finishing shaving your face.

The warm lather on a cold morning is great to wake you up. You will enjoy the smell and the nice smooth feeling you get from it. Great for wet shaving. You will not have any issues with this soap even if you have sensitive skin it will work great for you. No razor burn or red bumps.


No razor burn, great for sensitive skin


runs out quickly

3.) Dove Men+Care Body and Face Bar, Deep Clean- Rinses very easilyDove Men+Care Body and Face Bar, Deep Clean- Rinses very easily

This soap has a grainy feel to it. If you are shaving just a small amount of facial hair then you will feel it. Some men do not like this feeling but others love the feel of it to wake them up in the mornings. It will not dry your skin out and with moisturizing the face because of the grainy pieces in it.

Some say it dissolves very fast but if you do not use so much water then you should not have this problem at all. Has a manly smell but is not overbearing at all. The grains it will help remove the dead skin off of your face so you can feel the new skin underneath.It will not make your skin feel tight or dried out.


rinses well, gets rid of dead skin


does not suds up well

2.) Jack Black Turbo Body Bar Scrubbing Soap Jack Black Turbo Body Bar Scrubbing Soap

This soap gives you a fresh herbs smell so that you smell like a lovely kitchen. The smell will stay on your skin for hours at a time even after showing with it on. You will be so glad you bought this because you will be noticed. The ladies go crazy over the smell of this soap.

It has a great lather to it but within two weeks you will need to buy more because you will love using it. Ladies will love it so much that they will keep it stocked for you.


leaves a great smell for hours, has a great lather


rough to the skin

1.) Shea Moisture Men’s Utility SoapShea Moisture Men's Utility Soap

This will transfer you back to your teenage years. Women can use this rather it is for men or not. The soap will keep you clean and fresh without drying out your skin.

The smell is so great women will turn their heads to see what it is. Women will use it to shave their legs and love the feel that it leaves on their legs all day.


moisturizes the skin, makes the skin soft


does not lather very well

When choosing a body soap you want to decide whether you want a bar soap that will last a while and get your skin feeling better and looking healthier or do you want liquid soap that is easier to just squeeze from the bottle and wash with.

They each have an advantage and disadvantage so knowing what you want before going to buy it will make it a lot easier.

Decide if you need a kind for sensitive skin or if you need one that will get you cleaner than the rest with exfloiation being the main need. Of course, the biggest decision you need to make is if you want it to have a scent or if you prefer to have it unscented because you wear cologne a lot and do not want the smells to mix. It is all something to think seriously about since it is your skin that will suffer if you do not find the right kind for you.

Overall, the soaps for men are perfect for tough and rough skin. If you work outside or in a garage or just do a job that gets you dirty during work hours then any of the soaps I listed above will work for you.

They will leave you skin moisturized and clean all while making you feel fresh and not grungy. Every man is different with what they prefer in their shower so what is right for one of your buddies may not be what you like. Do some research and figure out what it is that your body needs before just jumping out there and buying the first item on the shelf that you see.