Do-it-yourself home improvement is a fun hobby that can help you save some money. Instead of taking your electrical and electronic devices to a repair shop even for simple problems, you can do the repairs on your own from the comfort of your own home when you have a screw driver set.

Apart from saving money, you will also save some time. Instead of taking time out of your busy schedule to take your devices to a repair shop, you can save that time and repair them in a few minutes at home.

You just need to have the best screw driver set if you want to be able to handle the repairs easily.

What Is A Screw Driver Set?

If you are wondering about what a screw driver set is, it is simply a bunch of screw drivers that are required for day to day repairs bundled together to help people handle repair work easily.

In the screw driver set, you will find screw drivers that open nearly all screws that you will come across.

The set is not only great for electronics, but also for maintenance of laptops, desktops and game consoles. You can use the screws in the set to pen these devices and remove the clump of dust that builds inside them after a long time of use.

On the market, you will find different types of screw driver sets. Most of them usually have a number of the most common screw driver sizes and are available in different sizes. The most common sizes that you are likely to come across are T5 through T10.

You are not going to spend a lot of money on them because they retail at pocket-friendly prices. You can find these screw driver sets in most electronic stores as well as hardware stores. You can also find them on the internet in the widest selection as well as best prices.

Your best bet when it comes to screw driver sets is to buy them before you need them. Do not wait until you are faced with an electrical and electronic repair issue to start looking for the screw driver sets.

Since you will be looking for them in a rush, you may not have enough time to compare and find one that will give you good value for your money. You will also avoid the temptation of taking your devices to a repair shop for simple repairs that you could have easily handled on your own. As long as you buy a screw driver set that has a wide range of screw sizes, you will be all set when the time comes.

How To Choose Screwdriver Set

When you decide to buy a screw driver set, do not just choose the first one you come across.

You must do due diligent and check around to know which one is going to give you the best value for your money. There are so many blade shapes and sizes of screws, not to mention the shank lengths and handle shapes.

In the screw driver set that you will choose, you need to make sure that the screw drivers that it is comprised of are going to be easy to use. According to what you will be doing mostly with the screw drivers, you need to figure out if a couple of standard screw drivers will be enough or if you will need screw drivers for handling complex repairs too.

Make sure that you consider the scope of your job when choosing a screw driver set. If you will be using the screw drivers for occasional repairs around the house, you will need to choose a screw driver set that has more of flathead drivers, torx screwdrivers, hex screwdrivers and Philips-head drivers.

It will also be a good idea to make sure that the set has some multi-bit screw drivers. They usually use reversible tips and have a reversible shank to include four of the most commonly used drivers into one handle.

If you intend to be using the screw driver set for frequent repairs, you need to make sure that it has some electric screw drivers or ratcheting screw drivers with a set of bits.

With some knowledge about screwdrivers, it should not be difficult for you to choose the best screw driver set for your day to day needs. Do not just focus on price when choosing the screw driver set.

You also need to keep in mind your options when it comes to things such as screw driver handles, blade tips and shanks. Long shanks, rubber grips and different shapes and sizes of blade tips are all applicable in different situations.

Other useful screw drivers that you should not ignore when choosing the screw driver set include offset screw drivers, ratcheting screw drivers and electric drivers.

You should choose a set that has screw drivers that will drive screws very easily and reduce the manpower that is required. Also consider the overall quality of the screwdrivers in the set and materials that have been used to construct them.

How To Use Screwdriver Set

After purchasing the best screwdriver set, it can only be useful if you know how to use it properly. One of the biggest mistakes that most people usually make is using the screwdrivers for jobs that they are not meant for. When you do that, you will strip the screw and make it hard to remove or completely damage it and make it useless.

Make sure that the use the right screw drivers with the right screw heads. Philips-head screw drivers should be used with Philips-head screws, slot head screw drivers should be used with slot screws, and so on.

Even though this sounds obvious, you will actually find some people taking a flathead screwdriver and using it to a Philips-head screw.

If you do not want to mess up the screwdrivers in the set that you will buy, do not do that. Even though you might be able to get away with it a few times, you will end up damaging the blade on your screw driver or stripping the screw.

You also need to make sure that you are using the right tip size when working with the screwdrivers in the screwdriver set that you will buy. The slot of the screw that you are removing or driving should be completely filled by the tip of the screwdriver.

In case the tip is very narrow, a considerable loss of leverage will be experienced while driving, meaning that you will be forced to use more muscle to be able to drive. You will also be at risk of damaging the tip of the screwdriver and stripping the screw.

10. DEWALT 10 Piece Screwdriver SetDEWALT 10 Piece Screwdriver Set

First on our list is the amazing 10 -piece screwdriver set from Dewalt.

This set of the screwdriver is one of the tops most used for both commercial and home technical work. Perhaps this is the reason for its popularity. Purchasing a set of 10 pieces of different screwdrivers that comes in various sizes and shapes that meet all your needs is probably one of the best decision that you will ever make.

These tools are good looking because of the color coordination, the grip and so on. Let’s take a closer look at its features that completes it.One of the essential features that have made this screwdriver set to blow the user’s mind away is the magnetic tip, unlike other ordinary screws out there that slip off your hands every time you try to fasten.

This Screwdriver magnetic tip helps you to hold it securely, creating an ease to use it. As if that is not enough Dewalt company also designed this set of screwdriver each with a slip-resistant rubber grip that increases user comfort.Its Lacquer coated bar aims to be rust resistance leaving your screwdrivers spotless and clean after every use.

You will be so wrong if you think that you will face difficulties in choosing the screwdriver that you want to use out of ten pieces, Each piece has a color coded handle hence you can select one with ease. Not a single tool that you buy from Dewalt will ever disappoint you, this set of screwdrivers from them features an ergonomically designed quad-lobular handle that is specifically designed to provide maximum tip torque.

Lastly, in our review on this product, we noted that it has a precision sandblasted tip for a great fit in fasteners a big concern for many technicians who look out for this feature.


• It’s easy to use

•Well packaged, that it saves up on space

• Easy selection as each piece is color coded differently.

• The set comes in different sizes of screwdrivers.

• It’s durable.


• The set is quite heavy to carry. However, you can choose to take just a few pieces for use.

9. 15 in One Screwdriver – Combo Set15 in One Screwdriver - Combo Set

You may have used different screwdrivers in your entire life for a different purpose, but wait, your encounter with 15 in One set one of a kind screwdriver pack will change your thinking. The design of this item was strategically thought off and planned, and it’s by far one of the best screwdriver set that is out there in the market.

Talk of quality, reliability, size, and anything else that you think completes an ideal screwdriver is what defines this set.Let’s explore in details few out of its many features and benefits that it has.

One of its features is that this combo set is designed for heavy-duty construction and not limited to house or car use. In addition to that, this 15 /6 in One screwdriver was engineered with quality in mind.

It has Bits that are long-lasting and made of chrome vanadium 6150 steel, and during our testing, we discovered that the bits are hard enough and they can rarely get lost.The 6-in-One Driver is generous enough that it offers, 3/16″ Slotted Bit, #1 Phillips, 1/4″ Slotted Bit, #2 Phillips, 1/4″ Nut Driver and 5/16″ Nut Driver it’s the best screwdriver set that is configured to be fully equipped.

This combo 15 in One set offers convenience to its users, only because carrying it means you are carrying 14 more screwdrivers all in one item.During our testing, we found this as one of the best screwdrivers set, and we highly recommend it to anyone out there wondering which set of screwdrivers to buy.


• Convenient.

• Reliable.

• It is suitable for heavy duty construction.

• It’s light weight.


• It does not have a magnetic tip.

8. Wiha 26194 Screwdriver SetWiha 26194 Screwdriver Set

Wiha is here again, this time with a nice looking 4 piece screwdriver set with elegant features, specifically engineered with the user in mind. What made this set of screwdrivers appear on our list of top ten best screwdrivers set because of its multiple unique traits that have caught us by surprise.

One of the most outstanding feature of this product from Wiha is that the tool is made of Blade high alloy chrome-vanadium-molybdenum tool steel, this trait is supposed to reveal the high-tech quality of this screwdriver set.

Secondly, it features a Precision molded on the tapered handle that is made of a high-quality plastic and its cadmium free. Anything from Wiha is about quality and standards.
When you pick each piece for use, you gain full control of it right on your finger tips, as it has a Rotating cap.

In addition to that, it has a Vapor chromed non-slip surface hence the screwdriver cannot slip off your hands when in use. These screwdrivers are multi- purpose you can use it on your computers, phone repairs, and the smallest driver can fit screw of eyeglasses, toy cars, and any other electronics.


• It has precision ground tips.

• It is designed with Philip drive style.

• Its quality is enhanced.

• It is not for heavy duty work.

7. 17 Piece screwdrivers Craftsman 9-31794 Slotted17 Piece screwdrivers Craftsman 9-31794 Slotted

Craftsman company takes pride in producing quality tools, and they have built a strong brand over time that actually the name alone sells for them.

The 17 PCs set will save you a great deal as its suitable for wide range of use because it comes in different sizes, lengths, and shapes.

In a nutshell, this set is a complete package equipped with quality screwdrivers that you may ever need.These screwdrivers clear heads are designed in that they can fit in your fingertips comfortably for easy screw fasten and are durable to enhance a higher strength.

It also features reliable slotted Phillips screwdrivers that make it easy operate on any item that needs to be fastened. Each blade in each piece is heat-treated and designed for getting the job done right at the first time.This set of screwdrivers is portable and easy to carry around.


• It’s portable.

• Quality assurance.

• It comes in different colors for easy selection.


• Not ideal for automotive use.

6. Stanley 10-Piece Standard Fluted ScrewdriverStanley 10-Piece Standard Fluted Screwdriver

The 10-piece screwdriver set is from Stanley. If you are tired of trying out unreliable screwdrivers that have left you disappointed, just make this last choice of buying this set, and you will never regret.

If you have never met durable screwdrivers that can be passed down to different generations, then here comes standard fluted set that features ten slotted Phillips, stubby and pocket screwdrivers to compliment a broad range of fastening needs.

What makes this set of screwdriver remarkably unique and sell out there, is because it’s made of ergonomic, tri-lobular and has slip-resistant handles which prevent painful blisters forming on your hands.This is not one of those screwdrivers that slip off immediately you start fastening the screws.

The tips are hardened enough to give a comfortable grip.The 10 –piece set is made of alloy steel blades that are heat treated to prevent them from rusting.Stanely is a name you can trust particularly when quality is a priority, grab this set today and start enjoying the benefits.

• Secure grip.

• It does not rust.

• Its quality maximized.

• Easy to carry as some can fit in a pocket.

Cons.• None whatsoever.

5. MLTOOLS 1000v Insulated Magnetic TipMLTOOLS 1000v Insulated Magnetic Tip

On our list is the world-class insulated magnetic tip screwdriver set from MLTools.

As the word suggests, the insulated magnetic tip helps the user to reach out the misplaced screw in the toolbox.

It’s without a doubt that this set of the screwdriver was designed with the user in mind. The MLTools 1000V is taking the leads in sales out there in the market, and perhaps the obvious reason would be its nicely done insulated magnetic tip, but no just that. Let’s explore some of its other features that’s making it stand out from the rest.

To start with, the magnetic tip screwdriver set is ideal for use for both residential and commercial applications. Secondly, when using this screwdriver ML company knows that your safety should come first and that’s the reason as to why it features a working standard of 1000volts.

Besides, its VDE & GS Certified so worry not, your hands are holding a safe tool.In case your hands are sweaty or oily this is a perfect tool for the job as it has a non-slip molded Power Grip Handle that fits perfectly on your hands. It also features Chrom Vanadium Blade for extra strength.

• Lifetime warranty.

• High quality

• It has insulated magnetic tip.

• It’s ideal for both home and commercial appliances.


• Very few Philip headed size.

4. Wera 05007680001 6-Piece Screwdriver setWera 05007680001 6-Piece Screwdriver set

The professional quality design set features six pieces of screwdriver that are just worth every penny spent on them.

Wera screwdrivers are made in the United States, and the company has a good name for engineering quality and perfect tools for the job. Many reasons made this set to appear in our top five best screwdrivers, let’s explore some of its features to justify our choice.

A more user-friendly screwdriver is one that features Philips drive tips and rack and Features hexagon blades with Laser tip, this one being no exception.

Anything made in German enjoys an exceptional reputation, and the attention to details while engineering this set was so phenomenal. This set features ergonomic Kraftform handle trademark which means it’s eco-friendly.In our testing, we discovered that this screwdriver set its handles fits well in hand and offers high-speed torque transfer.

For easy selection of the right screwdriver, the top handles have a marking that includes the screw symbol and size. One of the traits that make this set unique is its Hexagon bolster which allows speed torque transfer with the use of a ring spanner or open-jawed.

Also, it features an anti-rolling protection that as the word suggest it protects the screwdrivers from rolling away at the workplace.For safety storage the 6 –piece set have a wall mounting rack, and it can be hanged on the wall for easy retrieval.

• It’s Durable.

• Have ergonomic features.

• It’s easy to use.

• It’s stainless.


• Not ideal for commercial heavy duty appliances.

3. Klein Tools 85078 Cushion-Grip 8-piece setKlein Tools 85078 Cushion-Grip 8-piece set.

When reviewing this screwdriver set, we noted that it has loads of incredible features. Before making a purchase decision of any product, it’s worth to check on the reputation of the manufacturer, and in our review, we noted that Klein Tools are real and original, they don’t have any defects in their products as they use very high-quality materials.
This 8-piece driver set is ideal for workshop and household applications, and it’s packed in a reusable container. The package contains three keystone-tip, one cabinet tip, and four Phillips-tip screwdrivers. This incredible set of screwdrivers is very easy and safe to use as it features keystone tip, Phillips head screwdrivers, and a Cabinet tip.
This set of screwdrivers has nice handles that do not slip off, and it’s of very high quality as its made in the United States.

• Excellent value.

• Durable.

• The container is reusable.

• It consists of pretty many incredible features.

None whatsoever.

2. Bastex Electricians Grade Insulated 8 piece screwdriver setBastex Electricians Grade Insulated 8 piece screwdriver set

Halfway on our review list is the eight piece set of anti-shock screwdriver set ideal for electrical use such as small automotive repair, computers, phone repairs, residential use and much more.

The beauty of this set is that it comes in different sizes and shapes, it’s actually a set of 7 screwdrivers and one tester that can set from 100 to 250V.Its uniquely designed red high visibility handles are insulated up to 1000V and have a magnetic tip for safety use.

Another feature that makes this set a worthy bargain is its slotted blades and Phillip drive style a feature that you can’t afford to overlook.

If you are in search of a high-tech screwdriver set, then this is a must have for any electrician out there who prioritize in offering quality work.


• One tester is provided.

• The screwdrivers are secure as they are anti-shock.

• It’s light-weight.• It’s durable.


• It might be a little slippery as a plastic coating coats it.

1. TEKTON 2987 Precision 16-Piece screwdriver setTEKTON 2987 Precision 16-Piece screwdriver set

Tekton is a brand known by many for its high-tech tools, the qualities of its products it’s not disputable whatsoever and has made the company stay on the front bench over its competitors.

The generous 16-piece set is worth every investment, perhaps because of its pretty much unique features.The nature of the job that screwdrivers engage in is mostly dirty, and this set of screwdrivers are dirt resistant as they are made of hardened carbon steel shafts with black oxide finish you have an assurance that your set will be clean all through.

It has a soft turning end cap, which can be rotated to any position not forgetting the ease of driving the screws in.

Additionally, the set features Chrome plated alloy steel, and its unique design of handles are made of non-slip knurled a grip that ensures fingertip control.

It also features a Hex and nut drivers with a hole in the handle for lever bar-assisted torque and has the Phillip drive style.This set is an improved version of Precision set by TEKTON Company and its ideal for precision machining, electronics repairs, and commercial applications.

• Ideal for precision machining.

• Lifetime warranty.

• Wide range of unique features.

• It’s light-weight.

• The set has an organizer case.


• The screwdriver tips are quite fragile and can easily break, if not handled with care.