Cars are one of the top products that cost quite a lot of money to acquire. Statistics reveals that more than 75% of car owners saved money for more than a year to acquire their first cars.

Therefore a car needs a lot of care for it to serve you for a long period without getting wear and tear. While you may do a lot on your part to ensure your car is in good condition, some incidental damages are inevitable like scratches, dents, chips, scuffs and other imperfections.

Thanks to the invention of scratch remover that paints your car leaving it looking new, shiny, and neat just as the first day you got it.

A scratch remover is meant to remove a scratch or light scuffs of your cars permanently.

Scratch remover presents multiple benefits to the car owner like increasing the value of the car once the car is painted, it is easy to remove scratches, the remover is cheap and efficient.

This article provides you with detailed information about scratch remover. From how to remove scratches from your car, the best scratch remover, the benefits of scratch remover, scratch off tips and much more.

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What can I use to get scratches off my car

1. Toothpaste
While many people think that toothpaste is only meant for brushing their teeth it can also be used to remove slight scratches off your vehicle especially when the scuffs have not fully penetrated.

Although not all toothpaste that can remove scratches from your car, the best paste for that job is the whitening toothpaste. Unfortunately, even this whitening toothpaste won’t buff out big scratches off your vehicle.

Getting rid of scratches from your vehicle using toothpaste is a straightforward DIY task after washing the damaged area just pick a dry cloth and some toothpaste and rub against the scratch in a circular motion till it disappears.

Unfortunately, most individuals perceive toothpaste as a car scratch remover as a damn idea they are so many scratch removers from different brands specifically designed to act as car scratch remover.

2. Nail polish

You will be surprised to know that what your wife or daughter uses as a nail polish can also be used as a scratch remover of your beautiful car.

Nail polish is available in assorted colors, and you will need to pick a color that matches the paint of your car. Apply it on the scratch to cover it up, and if this doesn’t cover the scratch completely, you can try the car scratch remover that is available in today’s market.

3. Candle Wax.

Candle wax is not only used for lighting, but it can also act as a scratch remover for your car. It can work well on covering the scratches if not removing them. Just make sure the scratched area is clean then apply the wax it will cover up the area for a short period.

Home remedies are cheap and easily accessible, but it’s important to note that they can only be used when the scratched surface is too small such that you can feel it using your finger nails. If the scratch is too deep use the below scratch removers that are found in the market and are tried, tested and proven to be the most effective.

What is the best scratch remover?

While the above mentioned are home remedies products that can be used to remove scratches from your car, the market of car scratch remover is also quite saturated with the modern scratch car removers that work better than the home remedies.

However, the common question that keeps lingering on many car owners mind is ‘does the scratch remover really work?’.Below are the top three best scratch removers that are proven to work magic on removing car scratches.

1. Turtle wax
Many of the customer’s reviews indicate that turtle wax is easy to apply but difficult to remove wax. Although it works best, it’s not advisable to use it on a large surface area. Turtle wax is a trusted brand, and you can shop for it on online shopping sites like Amazon.

2. Nu Finish Scratch Doctor
Nu finish works best on small scratches than deeper scratches. If the scratch has not gone beyond the clear coat layer, then the Nu-finish will be a perfect choice.

3. Meguiars Scratch X
Meguiars scratch is a tough product that removes light scratches without damaging the paint of your car. It also works best on swirls, oxidation and light blemishes.

Advantages of using scratch removers:

• Improves the look of your car.
You may have a costly and a more recent make in the automotive market, but if it has scratches, it will look old. Scratch removers make your car look new and in perfect condition that leaves everyone envying it. More so, if you purchase an old car from a folk that had scratches on it using a scratch remover will improve the look of the car.
• Increases the value of the car.
It’s without a doubt that scratches, scuffs, and chips devalue the worth of your vehicle. If you want to get a good return from selling your car, ensure that you remove the scratches right before putting it on sale.
• It is inexpensive
Scratch removers are cheap compared to taking your vehicle to a company that does a makeover of vehicles as they charge quite some huge amount of money. Scratch remover is way too cheap while quality and their effectiveness not compromised.
• Easy to remove.
Using scratch remover offers many conveniences while saving time at the same time. As scratches happen within a fraction of a minute using scratch remover makes it a breeze to get rid off of all the dents especially if they are not deep.

How to remove scratches from the car.

1. Wash the damaged area.

The begin with, thoroughly clean the scratched area to be repaired with cleaning solution then dry off the area with a dry microfiber material.

2. Assess the depth of the scratch.

Different scratches are addressed differently with various scratches remover depending on the depth of the scratch. If the scratch is severe, it might be challenging to have it repaired at home.

3. Sand the scratch lightly.

Using a sandpaper start sanding the scratched area the aim is to sand the clear coat only. It’s advisable to sand through the direction of the scratch then wash and dry the area.

4. Apply the scratch remover.

After the scratched area is neat and dry, you can apply the scratch remover on the damaged part as recommended using a touch-up kits or pen. If the scratch is not too deep, use a little amount of remover and vice versa. Follow the manufactures instructions closely on how to apply the remover so that you don’t cause further damage to your car.

5. Leave the fresh paint to dry.

Once you realize that the scratches are completely covered, leave the fresh paint to dry overnight in a secluded place like the garage or in a secured parking lot where kids will not interfere with it.

Scratch off tips:

1. If polishing or buffing does not work well on your scratches, think of another plan. Assess the depth of the scratch by using your finger nail if the scratch is not too deep you can feel it with your nails.
2. Wash the damaged area with water and soap. Then spray the water on both the abrasive pad and the finish.
3. Use a 3,000-grit pad rub gently on the damaged area until some foam appears. Then wipe off the slurry with a wet towel to see whether the scratch has completely disappeared.
4. The rubbed area may dull slightly as compared to other parts. You can eliminate the discoloration by following these steps:
5. Put the buffing wheel into a household drill and control the speed of the buffing wheel so as it doesn’t heat up.
6. To avoid splattering, mix the compound around before you start the drill.
7. Operate the drill at slow speed; apply lighter pressure until the compound begins to dry.
8. Remove any remaining residue with a clean, dry towel.
9. Switch out the pads, and apply the scratch remover with a clean pad. Squeeze just a little of it on a pad.
10. Using a low speed, polish the compounded area by overlapping it slightly. Buff the area with a clean towel until the damaged area matches with the car paint. You can protect with a wax or polish as the last step.

Our team of dedicated experts has sacrificed their resources just to give you robust views on everything you need to know about car scratch remover simply because they want your car to look at it best every time all day. Now let’s recommend you the top ten best scratch removers.

Top Ten Best Scratch Removers Reviews In 2017


This is an extremely easy to use the product designed to be your ultimate friend in removing those visible scratches you don’t like on your car. This product can either be used as a solitary product alongside other products or you can use it as a sole scratch remover product. Either way, you will be incredibly impressed with the aftermath results.

Enough talk, though, what does this product do? This scratch remover removes the light to medium scratches and fills in these scratches so that they are no longer visible. This scratch remover is designed to leave no residue behind as well as dry up clear, giving the appearance the surface-level scratches have completely disappeared.

This scratch remover product features an ultra-fine polishing compound that helps remove fine swirl marks, scratches and scuff marks. In addition, it produces a wet-look, glossy shine with no powdery residue to restore that incredible glow to your car.

Lastly, this product makes it very easy to use it is as fast as buffing the surface with scratches and wiping it off.

What we like

  • Easy clean up
  • Produces a glossy finish look
  • Light ultra-fine scratch remover compound
  • Works on clear scratches and swirls

What we didn't like

  • Quite expensive
  • Not applicable for deep scratches

Are you looking for a light scratch remover that is guaranteed to maintain the condition and gloss of your car? You are in luck. The Nu finish scratch remover is ideal and you can rest assured that after work is done, you can maintain the painted image of your car.

This scratch removal kit is ideal for only light scratches on your car. That is scratches that don’t go beyond the clear coat layer.

This scratch doctor is ideal for light scruffs, haze and swirl marks as well as light scratches.

What we like

  • Removes light scratches and scruffs permanently
  • Easy instructions for use
  • Versatile in use- ideal for cars, planes, motorcycles… etc
  • Reduces the appearance of deep scratches

What we didn't like

  • No visible effect on deep scratches

The next scratch remover that has dominated our list is the Mothers California Gold Scratch Remover. Indeed, this remover is itself a polish and is designed to both remove surface car scratches as well as renew the shine to your vehicle. Your car can get back its glow and luster after a fresh coat of this Mother’s scratch remover.

This product is ideal for regular use to provide that long lasting benefit you need for your car, it is ideal for removing scratches that dull haze, light scruffs. This product works on any car finish to remove visible surface scratches and restore your car’s glow.

Other than that, this product can be your easy to use scratch removal bottle for a little help here and there whenever you need it. However, for best results, it is always best to follow his working job with a waxing job and seal.

What we like

  • Works great on basecoat scratches
  • Fast and easy removal
  • Works well on deeper scratches
  • A good finish for restoring your car’s luster

What we didn't like

  • Does not come with scratch cleaning kit materials

Looking for a professional paint job service can be very expensive. However, with the Quixx repair system remover, you do not have to pay a hefty price to fix the scratches on your car. The Quixx repair system is your ultimate magician wielding a wand that is German engineered in a process called Plastic Deformation to not only remove scratches, small marks, and scuff marks but also leave a glossy finish afterward.

Other than that, it only involves a quick two-step procedure to remove the scratches plus it will not damage the vehicle’s outwards finish. Lastly, with this kit you get; Repair Polish, Polishing Cloths, 2500 Grit Sandpaper and Finish Polish

What we like

  • Permanently removes scratches
  • Easy to apply
  • Convenient and affordable
  • Suitable for all glossy paints

What we didn't like

  • Only improves deep scratches but does not clear them

This scratch kit is designed with an all-inclusive component kit innovatively designed to remove any light to medium level scratches at the same time working to renew your car’s previous luster state to its former glory.

Yes, this 3M scratch removal kit is the second one we review from the 3M brand albeit for all the good reasons. The manufacturers of this 3M scratch and scuff removal kit have outdone themselves in this industry and their strive of producing some of the best scratch removal products have born great results.

This product features an all-inclusive removal kit with no tools to required plus a safe clear coat finish with no scratches left behind. This is the perfect scratch removal product to use to enhance your car’s appearance plus restore its brilliant glow.

What we like

  • Restores shine and gloss
  • Safe clear coat finish
  • Comes with a complete scratch removal kit
  • Removes basecoat scratches and blemishes easily

What we didn't like

  • Not appropriate for deep level scratches

This kit does justice and an equally impressive job on any site you present. Yes, this plastic polish kit works for light, medium, deep scruffs and scratches, hence you don’t have to make that dreaded call to professional paint job experts immediately you see a scratch. Try the tested and reliable NOVUS plastic polish kit first.

This Plastic polish kit works in three ways, first off, it thoroughly cleans and polishes the damaged surface, second, removes abrasions and lastly it removes scratches permanently. It is gentle on plastic materials and on car surfaces hence you can be assured of little to no damage to your car.

To add to its magnificent uses, this polish kit is ideal for restoring and cleaning aquariums and all acrylic products, airplanes, CDIDVD, plus automobile headlamps and boats.

What we like

  • Cleans and polishes
  • Gentle on plastic materials
  • Convenient scratch remover
  • Imparts a nice finish gloss

What we didn't like

  • Not recommended for using on a coated plastic

This is a heavy duty scratch remover paste that cleans dull surfaces and oxidizes finishes quick and fast by penetrating through the oxidized scratched surfaces, stains and blemished surfaces. This helps clean and clear this scratched surfaces plus leaving a glossy surface behind.

This wax polishing compound and scratch remover are easy to use formula, no rocket science needed to use plus it restores faded finishes to as good as before. Additionally, it is ideal for acrylic car finishes and newly sprayed lacquer on your car.

What we like

  • Comes with a complete kit of scratch removal and cleaning materials
  • Easily removes basecoat scratches
  • Easily removes blemishes
  • Fast and effective
  • Cost friendly

What we didn't like

  • Not ideal for heavy scratches
  • Works best with a buff

True beauty is not just skin-deep, it’s on the surface as well, and this is what the 3M scratch kit strives to prove. The 3M scratch removal system is Ideal and effective for light and medium scratches in your car. The best part about this scratch removal is that it not only removes scratches, it does more than just fill in a light or medium scratch, a swirl mark or a paint blemish, it also leaves no trace of the repair work.

This scratch kit offers 3 professional scratch removal procedures aimed at giving you the results you desire every time – Kit sands, compounds, and polishes the repair area. In addition, it comes as an all-inclusive special supply scratch kit aimed at leaving your car flawless in appearance.

What we like

  • Affordable
  • Does not dull the paint
  • Easy instructions for use
  • Ideal for light and medium scratches

What we didn't like

  • Does not work for deep car scratches

If you are looking for the ultimate car scratch remover, look no further than the Turtle X premium grade kit scratch remover. This scratch kit is recommended for small light scuffs and scratches to medium sized scratched areas. It also works best for rubber and plastic surfaces.

This is a complete solution kit for removing light scratches and finishes hence reducing the cost of expensive scratch repairs. In addition, this kit includes a .3oz. clear coat finish pen, 4oz. spray lubricant, a 3ea 2″x2″ color coded restoration pads and 4oz. paint clarifying compound.

In addition, this scratch kit utilizes varying grit sanding pads for deeper scratches and clear coat pen for lighter scratches

This scratch kit is numerous for plenty of reasons and it comes in handy when you need it the most.

What we like

  • Works on plastic and rubber surfaces
  • Easy application
  • Designed for light to medium scratches
  • Leaves a perfect finish
  • Great for removing scratches and blemishes

What we didn't like

  • Difficult to remove
  • Not ideal for deeper scratches

This is a fantastically formulated solution designed to remove isolated fine swirls, scratches oxidation blemishes, light surface contaminants and fingernail marks.

This ultimate scratch remover compound is very effective and aimed at restoring any scratched surface fast and easy plus it restores any neglected paint finish and brings back the gloss. It is tough on blemishes on your car and does not leave any scratches during the removal process better yet, it imparts a brilliant gloss on the working surface.

This ultimate scratch remover compound does all this due to its innovatively designed Exclusive micro-abrasive technology leaves a “like new” finish.

What we like

  • Adds a beautiful gloss
  • Safe and effective clear coat
  • Reduces time and effort used in removing scratches
  • Works as fast as harsh abrasives without the negative effects
  • Ultimate scratch removal designed compound

What we didn't like

  • Not effective for deeper surfaces
  • Expensive product


If you love your car, then there is no doubt you take the best care of it anyway you know how.

Therefore, we understand how sad it can be when you realize your car has some scratches.

Luckily, there are readily available commercial products that are designed to get rid of these annoying scratches.

We have taken the liberty of scouring the internet to come up with the very best scratch removers available in the market and with the best features you need.

With our above recommendations, we trust that you will be able to keep the paint on your car looking new and in the best condition.