Having a santoku knife is one of the finest ways to feel the bliss of dicing, mincing, and chopping. The multipurpose knife often holds a special place in the hearts of successful chefs as well as homeowners. The name has originated from the Japanese word “Santoku” which means “three virtues”. True to its name, it is highly versatile and is far better than normal knives used in kitchens. Read on to find what a santoku knife is, its uses and how to choose the best one.

What is a santoku knife?

A santoku knife is used for general chopping and dicing purpose and is commonly seen in many kitchens. These are versatile, affordable and easy to work with. The best part of the knife is its weight, which is good enough for cutting while being lighter than other counterparts. It is designed for a vertical cut without too much of rocking. It offers more control on the thickness of the cut and the speed of cutting, of course.

Unlike other knives that need a lot of practice, people find it easy and safe to use a santoku knife. The blade size is a little shorter than the usual variants of knives but is broad enough to provide the perfect cut every time.

What is a santoku knife used for?

The basic use of a santoku knife is to achieve fast and easy chopping and dicing, though it can be used for other purposes too. Since it has sharp blades, you may use it to easily slice ham and fish. The Granton edge or dimpled pattern on the surface of the knife keeps the food from sticking to it. Therefore, you can easily slice cheese and other sticky food. The Granton edge also makes it possible to cut very thin slices without any difficulty. Besides, it can be used for cutting and dicing all kinds of vegetables, fruits, and leafy greens. The high-quality blades can also be used for scraping and peeling. Broader blades allow you to scoop the cut vegetables and transfer it directly to the pan.

Benefits of using a santoku knife

A santoku knife is a must have for anyone who wants to fulfill their cutting and chopping needs in a faster way. These are not only durable but are considered safer than many other professional knives. Here is what makes it so special.

* Lightweight

Santoku knives have a lighter blade among most high-quality cutting knives. This reduces any strain on hands and makes it easy to uses. Unlike other knives which have heavier blades, it does not cause any stress while cutting or chopping a huge amount of food items. This feature makes it a great knife for beginners.

* Ergonomic

The handle of the knife is in-line with the blade which makes it ergonomic. The comfortable grip allows you to put the right pressure in the right place and make cutting a joyful job. Different handle composition and material provides more ease of use depending on your preference.

* Faster

Santoku knife makes cutting, chopping, mincing and dicing faster. The dimpled patterns on the surface of the blades help in cutting paper-thin slices which are easier to cook. It is as good and fast as heavy weighted professional knives.

* Thin blades

Usually, thin blades are prone to damage easily, although the high strength material used for making santoku blades makes it highly durable. Therefore, it scores more than most knives present in the market.

* Less rocking

Many people may find the rocking of the knife difficult to work with. Since santoku has a limited rocking motion, it is easier and faster to cut.

How to choose the best santoku knife

Even though most santoku knives provide similar features, there can be a great variation in the blade and handle material to choose from. Here is a comprehensive guide to pick the best one.

Composition of handle

Choosing the right handle will increase the ease of use and will greatly depend on your preference. Some material provides the perfect balance, while some are highly durable and some need no maintenance. Look out for the following handle composition:

* Wood

Wooden handles provide an aesthetic look to any knife while creating the perfect balance when cutting, but requires regular maintenance. They can crack over time and when exposed to extreme conditions. They can also get easily damaged due to absorption of water when using it.

* Stainless steel

Stainless steel handles make a great santoku knife. They are not only durable but provides a smooth and strong grip for easy cutting. They may add up some weight and is not recommended for people looking for too lightweight options. Moreover, they may sometimes get slippery to hold if not cleaned properly.

* Plastic and composite

Plastic is another option to look for. It is not only lightweight but is durable enough to last for years. Being non-absorbent, plastic handles are easy to maintain. Since they are too lightweight, people wanting some weight may not like it. On the other hand, composite handles are durable yet provide the perfect grip for cutting and chopping. It is made by combining wood composites and plastic.

Material of blade

The blade material will allow you to know how well your santoku knife will perform. It will also help you to know if it is durable or needs too much maintenance. You can always sharpen the blades when needed. Here is the blade material to choose from.

* Stainless Steel

The commonly used material for santoku knife is stainless steel. It is affordable, durable and easy to maintain. Holding its edge can be difficult for stainless steel blades and you may need to sharpen it after a certain period of usage. The best part of stainless steel is its anti-corrosive and rust-free nature.

* High carbon steel

High carbon steel is one step ahead of stainless steel in proving problem-free usage. It is not only anticorrosive and resistant to rust but also hold their edge for longer than any other material. This makes the knife highly durable.

* Ceramic

Ceramic blades are a little fragile and need more care while using although they are the most durable ones and does not require sharpening. The ceramic blades are hard yet lightweight and are great for cutting.

Most santoku knives have 5 to 7 inches long blades which are excellent for beginners and for professionals too. Practically, if you find it hard to use the typical 8 to 10 inches blade, a santoku knife would be the best choice.
Having a reliable and multipurpose knife in the kitchen makes any form of cutting easier. The santoku knife is one of the most popular among the home owners. It traces its origin from Japan and the name which means tree virtues. It is a great kitchenware ideal for mincing, chopping, and dicing. This makes it essential when preparing any food.

Everything on these knives is manufactured to perfection. The blade is usually long and featuring a steel blade. Additionally, they are available in a variety of sizes and sleek shapes. Their handles are comfortable enabling full blade utilization. As you plan to furnish your kitchen, we have a compilation of the Top Ten santoku knives that makes a perfect pick.

10. Okami Knives Santoku KnifeOkami Knives Santoku Knife 7’’

Having a good knife, preparing your favorite meal is just a matter of minutes. You can now experience efficiency when cutting, chopping or dicing. All you need is this knife from Okami Knives. The blade is long and strong featuring stainless steel construction. This implies that it can cut large sized cooking ingredients without straining. Further, cobalt incorporation gives it extra hardness and durability. The knife is very comfortable as it has a wooden handle coated with incorporated resin to make it water resistant. Moreover, it has a stamped end cap impacting a stylish finish. Once you buy, the knife comes with edge protector and cleaning cloth among others.


· It is suitable for beginners

· Has a premium packaging

· Blade and handle are durable


· It is not ideal for electric sharpening

9. 7’’ SHun Premier Santoku Knife

7’’ Hun Premier Santoku Knife

Get all your kitchen cuttings activities effortlessly done by using this Shun knife. You don’t need to struggle cutting chunks of meats, vegetable and others. The knife will enable you chop, mince, or dice your food. You can feel the strength as the blade is made of layered Damascus steel. Also, it is smooth when using and non-sticking when cutting. This is due to the styling which traps the air thereby reducing the friction. Holding this Hun knife is enjoyable, it has a wooden handle crafted from Pakkawood treated with resin to prevent water damage. It features a lifetime warranty and is hand wash recommended.


· Corrosion resistant

· Easy to clean with a non-sticking blade

· It is safe for electric sharpening


· It is prone to rusting if left wet

8. DALSTRONG Santoku KnifeDALSTRONG Santoku Knife

DALSTRONG Santoku Knife is an exceptional tool that combines stylish and sturdy construction. Featuring VG-10 Japanese stainless steel blade, nothing can compromise the cutting ability in the kitchen. Further, it is very sharp each side ranging between 8 and 12 degrees. The blade is highly treated to enhance strength. It is made of stainless steel strengthened with 66 layers of carbon steel to increase strength and prevent corrosion. As you work with it, no worry as the tapering ensures no sticking as when cutting. Unlike other existing Santoku knives, this one has an ergonomic military grade handle. It is triple riveted, and the end is sealed with a metallic cap.


· It is sold with a polishing cloth

· It comes with premium embossed sheath

· Cleaning is smooth


· It is prone to blade damage by electric sharpener

7. Wusthof Wusthof Classic 7’’ inches Santoku KnifeWusthof Wusthof Classic 7’’ inches Santoku Knife

Are you experiencing difficulties when you are using your conventional knife? Don’t let it mess your cooking mood, get this Santoku knife from Wusthof and experience real efficiency. It is designed using the Japanese deign to enable smooth dicing, chopping, and slicing. Its blade is extra thin and durable than a typical kitchen knife with hollows to reduce food sticking. Additionally, it is crafted from high-quality stainless steel to prevent rusting and rust or corrosion. At the edge, it has a smooth design making the knife appear sleek. The handle is polypropylene made with three rivets and full tang.


· Non-sticking tapered blade

· It is light weighted


· It doesn’t come with sharpening stone

6. Kai Wasabi Black 6.5’’ Santoku KnifeKai Wasabi Black 6.5’’ Santoku Knife

Dice, chop and slice your food within minutes without straining. You can achieve this by acquiring the Kai Wasabi knife. Quality is an assurance as it features Daido 1K6 high-carbon. Therefore, is resistant to staining, rust, and corrosion. The traditional Japanese design gives it sleekness and attractive appearance. Further, on the blade, it has a stamped wasabi character. The handle is polypropylene made with a bamboo coating. Also, to make your food clean, an antibacterial material is incorporated during the knife manufacturing.


· Attractive design

· Light and extra sharp

· Ergonomic handle


· It is not ideal for heavy cutting

5. Good Grips Mini Santoku Knife by OXOGood Grips Mini Santoku Knife by OXO

When you want to give your kitchen a new feeling you need to buy this OXO mini santoku knife. Despite its mini size, it is very efficient for chopping dicing, scooping, and mincing. The blade is super sharp and features stainless steel construction. Its maneuverability is superb compared to the full-size blade as it can cut the required shapes with ease. Handling it is simple with the countered handle. It is manufactured from heavy-duty rubber which provides a firm grip even when wet. This means that even when you are cutting your vegetable when the handle gets wet can slip due to gasket quality rubber. Additionally, unlike the majority of santoku knives available, it is dish wiser safe.


· Easy to use than full-size knife

· Good grip handle

· It is multi- purpose


· It has no sheath

· Not safe for the beginners

4. Victorinox Fibrox 7 Inch Granton Edge Santoku KnifeVictorinox Fibrox 7 Granton Edge Santoku Knife

Do you want to feel like a professional cook? It all starts with the way chop or slices your ingredients. Now you can do it like a professional with this 7inches santoku knife from Victorinox. It combines excellent features to deliver exceptional operations. The knife is extra thin and strong to cut the desired sizes. High tensile carbon stainless steel is used in its construction. Further, the blade surfaces are hollowed to reduce the food drags thereby offering smooth cutting. The 7 inches blade is tested by laser to ensure it is solid and reliable. Comfort when using this knife is a guarantee through Fibrox handle. It is ergonomic and anti-slipping offering a balanced cutting. NSF approves it and is recommended for hand washing.


· It possesses chef knives features

· Strong and firm grip Fibrox handle

· Durable, sharp and lightweight


· It doesn’t come with a holster

3. Mercer Culinary Millennia 7’’ Santoku KnifeMercer Culinary Millennia 7’’ Santoku Knife

Getting a high-quality knife which won’t rust or stain is a wish for every cook. The 7 inches santoku knife is one that will revolutionize your kitchen. With many outstanding features, you can bet on its operation. Manufacturing of this knife features highest Japanese stainless steel. Therefore, strength, durability, and reliability are guaranteed with sharp scalpel edge which is easy to sharpen. The handle is finger textured and is made from a combination of polypropylene and Santoprene. There is no risk of injuries when using the knife as it has finger protecting guard and is slip resistant. NSF certifies the knife and it comes with a lifetime warranty.


· Super grip handle

· Finger textured handle for user safety


· Extra sharp hence unsuitable for newbies

2. Mercer Culinary Genesis 7’’ Forged Santoku KnifeMercer Culinary Genesis 7’’ Forged Santoku Knife

Mercer Culinary is a word known company due to their production of high-quality kitchen equipment. The genesis forged Santoku knife is ones of their outstanding kitchenware. It is constructed from highly durable German X50 Cr Mo V15 stainless steel to resist rusting, corrosion and staining. Its forged construction is ideal for providing strength. Moreover, its full-size tang is excellent in providing full support for the knife. The tapered surfaces enable smooth cutting and improving the safety when cutting. As you hold it, the handle is very comfortable and firm due to the Santoprene handle. One year warranty backs the product and is hand washed, dried to increase its durability.


· Durable, over 35 years of use

· Extra comfort and balancing due to rubberized handle


· It doesn’t come with blade cover

1. OXO Professional 6-1/2-Inch Santoku KnifeOXO Professional 6-12-Inch Santoku Knife

Oxo professional santoku knife is one of the most loved by chefs across the globe. You can rely on it for all your cutting requirements. Whether you are dicing scooping or mincing, it is a perfect piece of equipment. The hardened blade is resistant to breakage due to high or cold temperatures. Further, it is tapered to ensure a smooth food cutting without drag. The tang is full size making the knife well balanced and sturdy. The handle is soft and non-slipping to provide a firm grip. Cleaning the blade requires warm and soapy water and correct drying.


· Hardened blade

· Comfortable handle with firm grip


· Difficult to sharpen for beginners

Having the proper knife for the right purpose is necessary. It allows you to perfect in your work without difficulties. A santoku knife makes an excellent selection as it allows you to chop your food efficiently. Most of them are tapered, hardened and sharp. Therefore, they are ideal and worth to buy. Picking one of above reviewed will revolutionize your cooking.