I’m sure many of you are familiar with the “RC truck” but haven’t heard it referred to in that way. RC stands for radio controlled or remote controlled.

Normally remote controlled RC trucks and cars are connected to the remote by a wire. Radio controlled allows you to control your car or truck from a larger distance and is not connected using a wire.

You have probably played with one of these in your childhood, racing it down the street with pure glee at the thought of controlling your own car or truck!

Do you remember how much fun you had? RC trucks are for more than just children, it is a hobby that many adults continue to enjoy.

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What is an RC Truck?

The RC truck is a smaller truck model that you can control using a radio controller you hold in your hand. It is typically run by either electric power or gas power and they can be controlled from a far distance.

A remote or transmitter is used to control the RC truck.

The RC trucks and cars that are controlled electrically are powered using small electric motors and are made of nickel-cadmium, lithium polymer, or nickel metal hydride cells.

RC Trucks run on gas use “glow plug” engines. The engines are called this because they are small combustible engines and uses a glow plug to heat the gas uses in order for the engine to work. These engines use nitromethane, methanol, and oil. The oil is typically a mixture of castor oil and synthetic oil. These are commonly called “nitro” cars or trucks.

RC trucks come in a variety of forms, vary in shape and color, and include off road and on road models. There are so many different components that you can manipulate and change, which means your RC truck is completely unique to you.

How to Choose the Best RC Truck for You

Depending on your experience, you are going to want to choose the best RC truck that you are comfortable with; you don’t want to purchase a kit that is too complex and has a negative first experience building your truck.

There are so many options to choose from including the type of engine, shape, purpose, money, and time. You can start with a simpler model and always re-build it once you feel knowledgeable about all the different functions and components of the truck.

First, you need to decide whether you want an electric or gas powered motor. Electric RC trucks are generally recommended for the beginner RC truck hobbyist, however, as you progress and gain experience electric trucks can be equally involved and intricate as gas powered RC trucks.

They also require less maintenance and are rechargeable. There are little tuning and upkeep that is needed for electric motors and cost much less money to keep running.

Gas powered engines are more difficult to upkeep and require more maintenance. Yet many enjoy the loud powerful sound the motor makes when racing down the street, and you don’t mind the fumes that will be produced as a result of the gas. Because there is more maintenance, you are able to be more hands-on with your RC truck and working on your truck can be a peaceful and enjoyable hobby.

Next, you need to decide how big you want your RC truck to be;

they range from 1/27 (27 times smaller than a regular truck) to 1/5 (one-fifth the size of a regular truck). The most common and popular size is 1/8 to 1/10. The cost is of the kit is reasonable and the trucks are easy to transport to different racing locations. The smaller the truck the harder it is to construct and perform the maintenance.

A great beginner truck is a four-wheel drive and 1/5 the size of a regular truck, which means constructing and upkeep are easier, but make sure you have the space to transport and store. This size of the truck is able to run on simply regular gas, not “nitro” gas, and lasts longer than the smaller versions.

If you are a beginner and want to start of with a “ready-to-run” RC truck, which means you do not have to construct the truck, there are a lot of models you can choose from to get started right away. If you decide on a kit, the kit will not include a radio transmitter, a receiver, an engine, exhaust components, batteries, a motor, and a few other elements.

When you buy a kit, the purpose is to construct the entire truck and purchase the additional components along with the kit.

Another consideration is whether you want to run your RC truck on-road or off-road.

Off-road is more popular because you can take them on the grass, in your backyard, on a dirt race track, pretty much anywhere.

The off-road trucks tend to last longer because they are more durable and sturdy. Off-road is a great option for a beginner as well. If you choose an on-road truck to make sure you have an empty parking lot available or a nearby racetrack that you can use.

Different Types of RC Trucks

RC Trucks come in many different forms including traditional trucks, cars, street trucks, off-road buggies, and monster trucks.

There are many more models that are available and the type of RC truck is only limited by your imagination! There are also two types of RC trucks, the “toy” models and the “kit” models as we previously mentioned.

The kit models are what most adults enjoy as a hobby because it allows them to build their own custom RC truck exactly to their specifications. The RC kits that allow you to build your own model RC truck are typically more expensive, but they are sturdier and last longer than the toy trucks.

Remember you want to consider what the purpose is of your RC truck.

Are you going to be using it in your backyard on the grass, perhaps you don’t have a lot of time to worry about the maintenance and an electric truck is better? What color and shape are you looking for? Are you going to use it with a friend and race or perform monster car battles?

You can use really any combination of engine, size, or form and get electric or gas powered engines, be able to perform your own maintenance or race down the street with your friends. The possibilities are endless; have fun being a kid again!

Top Ten RC Trucks Review

One thing that is the most popular in RC world and brings a big smile on our face is unarguably an RC truck. These monster trucks are super-cool and can efficiently run on any kind of terrain. Here, we have cherry-picked some of the best RC trucks that are a must for any monster-truck-lover.

#10: Maisto Crawler Control Vehicle

Maisto Crawler Control Vehiclebuynowimage
To get the completely rugged off-road action, this superb car features two motors and low gearing. It is more than just a toy because of its fully-articulated multi-link suspension. Six AA batteries power its surprisingly amazing torque for excellent crawling.

· This sturdily-built RC truck is available at a very pocket-friendly price.
· It works extraordinarily well in rain and shallow water.
· The wheels are bouncy and have great traction.

· Motors whine a lot.
· The turning of the front wheel is limited.

#9: Redcat Racing Electric Truck

Redcat Racing Electric Truckbuynowimage
This is a great car with a long running time of about 40 minutes. It has a brushed motor which is very powerful and enables it to move extremely fast on any kind of terrain. It can even run on snow. The body is well-made and easily stays intact even after crashing, rolling and spinning. The car is also customizable according to your preferences.

· It features a premium quality construction.
· Very easy to control for a long range.

· It sometimes breaks very easily.
· The instructions are not clear.

#8: Zerospace Car Desert Buggy

Zerospace Car Desert Buggybuynowimage
This 4WD car has the superb potential to reach all those places which were inaccessible before by your 2WD. It also has the ability to climb over stuff and to go through thick grass. It quickly reaches its top speed and also features a good torque. The car also has a powerful motor and a protective film on the entire body.

· This is a durable car with a nice color scheme.
· It works really well on all the terrains.
· It has big tires and large-lifted body.

· The car rolls over easily.
· Body retention pin in front comes out easily during drives.

#7: HOSIM Electric RC Car

HOSIM Electric RC Carbuynowimage
The car is incredibly fast and runs exceptionally well. It is perfect for beginners as well as for the adults that never grow old. It looks amazing and stands up outstandingly well against all the rough terrains.

· Controller is great and works very well.
· Reasonably priced.

· Less traction on wet surfaces.
· Range is limited and batteries don’t last long.
· The On/Off switch causes convenience issue because it is inside the compartment box.

#6: Danchee Rock Crawler Off-Road Truck

Danchee Rock Crawler Off-Road Truckbuynowimage
This remarkable monster truck features a dual mode technology that empowers the truck to crawl rocks superbly. Four wheel drive of the car is perfectly articulated with the help of front and rear suspension. It also features an audible confirmation system that allows around 20 drivers to run their trucks on the same tracks. This is a robustly-built truck which is truly all-terrain.

· It has a powerful engine for crawling on even over rocks effortlessly.
· This high-quality truck comes at an affordable price.

· The speed is little slow.

#5: Revell Peterbilt 359 Conventional Tractor

Revell Peterbilt 359 Conventional Tractorbuynowimage
You and your kids will fall in love with this unbeatable and high-quality Revell car. It has a robust and perfectly aligned assembly. Although the truck is kept simple, its features make it extremely appealing to kids and adults alike. It’s got CB radio antenna and amber-side lights to add more fun and attractiveness. This monster truck is great for all the racetracks, pulling tracks and also for bashing in the grassy backyard.

· You can paint the truck with your favorite colors.
· The truck is super easy to set up.

· Seams are small and the truck has an almost non-existent flash.

#4: Tecesy High Speed RC Car

Tecesy High Speed RC Carbuynowimage
You will love the long-distance remote control range of this amazing car. With a more powerful acceleration energy and strong horsepower, the car provides excellent handling and control. It is more durable because of the metal construction in some of its part. The truck has a pretty good suspension and offers great alignment for front tires.

· It offers a nice speed of about 25 MPH.
· It has two adjustable control settings on the remote.

· The steering is less powerful.

#3: DTN Off-road Remote Control Car

DTN Off-road Remote Control Carbuynowimage
With 4WD, powerful GP brush 390 motor and 2.4GHZ radio system, this is definitely an excellent and durable RC monster truck. It is applicable for both indoors and outdoors usage. This sturdy car can run on most of the ground surfaces.

· It is easier to control.
· Car is powerful and really fast.

· It has a playing time of 15-20 minutes.

#2: Mengk Remote Control Monster Truck

Mengk Remote Control Monster Truckbuynowimage
This is certainly a smart choice for all the RC enthusiasts. It has a waterproof chassis along with a splash-resistant build. The compact design of the truck makes it incredibly fast on wide open streets. Tires are sturdy and offer precise handling. This is a more versatile off-road RC truck which is superb in almost all its aspect.

· It is a high-quality car that is built to last.
· It has an impressive response time.

· Runtime quite less only about 20 minutes.
· Being a 1/24 car, it is a bit smaller.

#1: RC Cars Rirder 5 Monster Trucks

RC Cars Rirder 5Monster Trucksbuynowimage
Once you charge it and get it out there, this RC truck from GP toys is all set to offer a lot of fun. It has an awesome and innovative design that enables it to smoothly handle dirt, gravel and freshly mowed grass too. It is a well-made car with electric brush 180 motor and running-time of almost 40 minutes. It also features a 2.4GHz radio that runs with 3AA batteries.

· The controller is fairly easy to use.
· It runs super-fast on gravel and pavement around 35 MPH.
· It also comes with two replacement wheels.

· Week steering on smoother surfaces.
· It sometimes flips easily.

So, this is the list of our top ten RC trucks along with their specifications, pros, and cons. All of these monster trucks are highly recommended by the real time users after their personal experiences. These trucks are sturdy, powerful and highly efficient.