Popcorn is a crunchy snack taken by most people. I mean who doesn’t like popcorns? From kids to adults despite age and demographics people liking to popcorns is undisputable.

One thing that is important to note is that popcorn is a healthy snack better than fruits or vegetables as it contains a lot of antioxidants.

In addition, popcorn is high in fiber, and it’s the only snack that is proven to be 100% unprocessed whole grain.

Thanks to innovation and latest technology that has made it easy for people to make popcorns at the comfort of their homes any time they crave for it unlike years back when getting ready popcorns was a nightmare.

If you are watching an entertaining movie or waiting for a meal a bowl of popcorn is the best snack you can treat yourself with.

With a good popcorn popper making popcorn is a breeze it only takes about 2 minutes or less to make a lot of popcorns. This means that making popcorn is far much easier and quicker than making a fruit salad that is more involving.

Therefore it’s time to invest in a quality popcorn popper and here is everything you need to know about the machine, what are popcorns made off and how to pop them.

What is a Popcorn Popper?

A popcorn popper also referred to as a popcorn maker is a machine used to pop popcorns. It’s one of those kitchen appliances that don’t lack in a modern home.

A few years back people were used to making popcorns using microwaves thanks to the invent of modern popper that is uniquely and specifically designed to make popcorns as popcorn made of microwave had its downsides.

Poppers are available in different sizes, designs, price, and quality and so on but they are all made to pop popcorns in the most reliable, efficient and convenient way.

What are the advantages?

Tasty popcorns are those that are only made using a popcorn machine. If you make your popcorn using a popper, you will get to enjoy some number of health benefits as the calories are very low due to minimal oil used to heat unlike microwaved popcorns, or pot made popcorns. In addition, you can be able to flavor the popcorns according to your desired taste.

This machine is also economical in that, instead of buying popcorns from shopping malls for your kids that are small in quantity and costly at the same time you can conveniently make them at your home.

When you have family gatherings in your home, you can entertain your guests by making them some popcorns that are fresh and flavored.

Also during holidays most kids like inviting their friends for a movie at home or playing some computer games, popcorns is the most economical snack that you can make for them bringing the ambiance of a theater to your home.

Another benefit is that you can also use this machine for commercial purpose and make a few dollars. Many people like popcorns so no matter what they will still be buying whenever they see them. This machine can be a source of making extra income and does not require a lot of capital to buy.

If you mind your kitchen space, some poppers are mounted in a wall which makes it convenient for your limited kitchen others come in small sizes. It’s also easy to operate even your kids can be making popcorns for themselves without your assistance. This machine needs little maintenance if any.

What is popcorn made of?

This sounds like a rhetorical question, but it’s worth knowing. If you ask your kids this question, they will probably give you some funny answers like they are made in movie theaters or microwave.

Therefore, you need to have a simple yet straight answer when they pose this question to you.

Popcorns come from a type of corn which expands from the kernel the one that pops up when heated.

Just like any other crops corn is farmed, it’s planted as a seed and it goes throughout the germination stages all the way till it’s ready for harvest. The corn is harvested and put in a combine that removes the kernels from the cob. The kernels are dried up to maintain certain degrees of moisture so that they can pop up when heated.

Popcorns are available in different types and flavors because they come from different types of maize largely grown in the United States. They are those that pop up like a snowflake and others like a mushroom.

How to pop popcorn

Popping popcorn, it’s an easy task as earlier explained with the help of a popcorn popper. However, you can also use a pot to pop popcorn which is a tedious and time-consuming process or microwave which has its downsides. Popcorn popped using a popper comes out fluffy and airy and not oily as compared to other methods.

Below are the simple steps of popping popcorn using a popper?

1. Prepare your equipment.
That is the popcorn machine, a large bowl, knife, and a measuring spoon.
2. Measure the amount of kernels you want to make.
This will depend on some factors, whether you are making for few or many people and also the amount of kernels that your popper can handle.
3. Put the popper on.
When you turn it on allow it to heat for a minute this is to ensure that the air has been heated to the recommended temperature for the kernel to pop up. If doesn’t want air flaked popcorns you can add some little oil.
4. Put the measure kernels into the popper.
Dump the kernels into the popping chamber and let them heat up for about 3 minutes. The kernels don’t pop up all at the same time some will pop up before others, so put the bowl and the chute to hold the popcorns.
5. Unplug the popper machine.
Once all the popcorns have been blown from the machine you can now safely unplug it from the wall and get ready to enjoy the delicious popcorns.

How to use a popcorn machine

Operating a popcorn machine doesn’t need rocket science, it’s as easy as A, B, C. Follow the below simple steps.

1. Plug in the popper.
2. Turn it on.
That is if everything is well put in place switch the light and heat button on and leave the popper to heat up for few minutes then add some oil and kernels.
3. Switch the motor button on to start the motor.
4. Use the kettle lid to cover the kettle. This is to avoid the popcorns spilling all over the place when popping.
5. Turn off the motor button. Once the popcorns are ready, don’t leave the machine running switch of the motor button.
Repeat the above five steps if you are making another round of popcorns.
6. Unplug the Machine.
Once you are completely done with making all the batches of popcorns that you need, don’t forget to unplug the popcorn popper from the wall and keep it safe and out of reach of kids as it may still be hot.

N/b: It’s important to note that popcorn poppers come in different shapes, size, and designs since different manufacturers make them. Therefore, some machines may be a little different from other brands out there in terms of features, speed, and so on. Most of them are operated using the above few steps, but it’s also advisable to read the attached manufacturer’s instructions once you purchase the popcorn popper.

How to clean the machine.

Popcorn popper is one of the simple kitchen appliances to clean. A popper should be cleaned after 30 minutes after use once it has cooled off. Below are the simple steps of cleaning a popcorn machine.

1. Pour the cleaning solution into the popper.
2. Plug in the popper back and turn it on, allow the solution to boil.
3. Switch off the popper, unplug it from the wall and leave the kettle to cool.
4. Pour the solution into the sink.
5. Using a cloth, wipe the whole kettle till it’s sparkling clean.
6. Use a towel to dry the kettle. You should never leave the kettle wet after washing because it may expose it to rust.
7. Once the machine is clean and dry, assemble it back and keep it in a safe place ready for use for the next popcorns.

This piece has exploded on all views that you needed to know about the popcorns from how they are made to how they are popped.  Also everything you need to know about the popcorn popper is holistically explained, now we are going to find out Best Popcorn Poppers 2017.

10. Zippy Original Popcorn PopperZippy Original Popcorn Popper


The first popcorn popper in our review is the original Zippy pop stovetop popcorn popper. Made of premium stainless steel, and a capsule base designed for great induction, this popper leaves no popcorn unpopped.

This popcorn maker has a patented tumbling mechanism that features a unique stationary baffle with proper arms to coat each batch of kernels for seasoning. This product is dishwasher safe, compact and built to last. In addition, you can create your own custom made popcorn by adding caramel and chocolates and many more ingredients.


Durable and highly reliable

Innovative design

Premium stainless steel

Dishwasher safe

Compact and durable


Blows some seeds out unpopped

9. Nostalgia PCM805RETRORED Retro Series Hard & SugarNostalgia PCM805RETRORED Retro Series Hard & Sugar


The Nostalgia PCM805RETRORED Retro Series Hard & Sugar popcorn popper creates fluffy, melt in your mouth cotton candy.

This popcorn maker includes 1 sugar spoon, 2 re-usable cons, and 1 extractor head. Plus, this clear rim allows easy viewing. Plus, this popper is unit disassembles to make it easy to clean. It also comes with a suction cup feet for stability.


Unit dissemble

Easy to clean

Suction cup feet for stability


Innovative design


Flimsy plastic door hinges

8. Great Northern Popcorn PopperGreat Northern Popcorn Popper


The functionality that comes with this popcorn popper will make you want to get it from the store once you read this.

The Great Northern popcorn popper makes up to 1 gallon of popcorn per batch. Wow! It comes with a 2 and a half ounce stainless kettle with a built-in the stirring system plus a warming light that keeps your popcorn warm every time for a long time. To add to this, this popper includes a removable popcorn tray, a cup, measuring spoon plus a popping kettle hanger.

This popcorn popper includes a convenient pull-out popcorn tray to make it easy to get your popcorn out.


Warmer light

Simply clean up strategy

Convenient pullout popcorn tray

Stirring system

1 gallon of popcorn per batch


Loose hinges

7. Lekue Microwave Popcorn Popper/ Popcorn MakerLekue Microwave Popcorn Popper/ Popcorn Maker


This is a great popcorn popper for a home, apartment or even a dorm room. With this microwave popper, you can prepare original homemade yummy popcorn in just 2 to 3 minutes.

This popcorn maker is pretty straightforward with an easy to read the instruction manual that comes with it. in addition, this popper comes with a collapsible bowl that makes storage easy. This bowl also has a suction lid that keeps popcorn inside the bowl. It is dishwasher safe and is 5 inch in diameter and 8 inches in diameter plus it can collapse up to 2 inches in length.


Innovative design

Includes tasty recipes

Compact and easy to store

Fat popping technology

Dishwasher safe

Made from 100% pure silicone

Large capacity bowl


Blows some seeds out unpopped

6. Cuisinart CMP-100 Easy Popcorn MakerCuisinart CMP-100 Easy Popcorn Maker


Cuisinart is a popular brand that has been around for a couple of years now. They are known for their superior kitchen equipment and the Cuisinart CMP is one of their proud products.

This popcorn popper makes up to 10 cups of popcorn in under 3 minutes with 1500 watts of power. With this popper, you don’t require any oil so you don’t have to worry about the risks of accumulated calories.

Among its important features is a removable butter warming tray and chute for expedient clean up, an on and off switch plus a cord storage. All removable parts of this popper are dishwasher safe hence, you don’t have to stress about cleaning up. All in all, this popcorn popper is a great option for those looking to keep fit.


1500 watts of power

Expedient clean up

Pops up to 10 cups of popcorn

On and off switch

Cord storage


Popcorn may burn

5. Waring Pro WPM25Waring Pro WPM25


This is a 300-watt popcorn popper that produces up to 8 cups of fully yielded popcorn at a time; talk about a handful. This popcorn maker remains faithful to the old-fashioned theater design but with some added modern features and advantages. Hence, if you like that theatrical feeling at the heart of your home, you are in luck.

This popper comes with a pivoting kettle with a built-in stirring mechanism that you lets you see through, hence, you can watch your kernels transform into yummy popcorn in a matter of minutes. It has a simplified clean up set up since, it has a detachable kettle, removable serving tray, and a magnetized door.


Easy clean up strategy

See- through window

Produces up to 8 cups of popcorn at a time


Flimsy plastic door hinges

4. Nordic Ware MicrowaveNordic Ware Microwave


The Nordic Ware popcorn popper is one of the most affordable poppers in the market endowed with a handful of amazing features.

For starters, this popcorn popper is microwave safe, and dishwasher safe use and proudly made in the USA. In addition, it is very functional since it has a 12 cup capacity with only a half cup of kernels to turn into popcorn. And the best part is that this popper makes your popcorn yummy and fluffy without the use of oil hence, no unwanted calories in less than 4 minutes.


Dishwasher safe

Microwave safe

Light and fluffy popcorn

Does not use oil

Constructed from high-quality plastic


Bottom portion gets very hot

3. West Bend 82306 Stir Crazy 6-QuartWest Bend 82306 Stir Crazy 6-Quart


The next popper in our list is this Electric popcorn popper from Westbend. This popper is not only efficient but effective too; it comes with a moisturized string pop that ensures that kennels pop plus it has a non-stick popping surface which means easy clean up.

This popper amazingly produces up to 6 quarts of popped popcorn in under 5 minutes not to mention it has a built-in butter well. yum! With this popper, you don’t have to worry about the risks of getting burnt since it comes with heat resistant base and handles plus, plastic is made to cover the surrounding bowl.


Simple and efficient cleanup

A built-in butter well

Plastic cover bowl

Heat resistant handles


Bowl can get steamy

2. Wabash Valley Farms Whirley-Pop StovetopWabash Valley Farms Whirley-Pop Stovetop


The Wabash Whirley-Pop stovetop brings mouthwatering theatrical popcorn at the heart of your home. this popper makes 6 quarts of theatrical popcorn in under 3 minutes. it comes with an all inclusive real theater popping kit for the perfect snack.

To add to that, this popcorn popper is made from high-quality premium materials that are not only durable but make this popper easy to clean too; the lid features quick release clips for simple removal while washing.

This popper comes with an instruction manual for batch instructions. This popper pops quickly in a 6-quart capacity that makes about twenty-four cups of popped popcorn. This popper also features 4 strategic infused steam vent that allows steam to escape hence leaving your popcorn crisp and tender. Another awesome feature is its wooden handle that maintains safety while popping and minimizes the risk of burns.

A patented stirring mechanism has been enabled for this popper which prevents burning by stirring every kernel batch until it pops.


Includes built-in butter

Easy clean up

Fast popping time

Heat-resistant handles and base


Grease accumulates easily

1. Presto 04820 PopLite Hot Air PopperPresto 04820 PopLite Hot Air Popper


Are you craving for a crunchy snack? There is nothing like a fresh tasty bowl of popcorn when you are waiting for dinner to be ready or watching a movie. If you are tired of waiting for your popcorn to finish popping, you will find the speedy Presto 04820 invaluable.

This popcorn popper is so fast that you can 18 cups of gourmet popcorn in 2 and half minutes. Yes, it’s actually faster than a microwave. In addition, it is a great saving product since it uses gourmet or regular popcorn hence saving 70% over microwave bags.

The best part about this popcorn popper is that it pops without the use of oil, hence you get to eat fewer calories than microwave bag popcorn not to mention there are no added preservatives, salts or artificial flavors that you find in popcorn you buy from a store.

Lastly, this product is built to meet all of North American Electrical Standards.


Saves on calorie consumption

Pops 18 cups of gourmet popcorn in 2 and half minutes

Comes in a variety of colors to choose from

Great for gourmet and regular popcorn


Lacks an on /off switch


We all love popcorn and we are always looking for better and innovative ways to make yummy popcorn every time. Thankfully, dozens of companies have responded to many customers call for modern and healthy ways to make popcorn in the home without having to buy store made popcorns filled with lots of additives, and additional ingredients. The above are some of the best popcorn poppers in the market in 2017 you can choose from.