Kids at age three years start to imitate what adults do in their daily activities.

When adults like their mom and dad do laundry, cooking, cleaning, or even eating, kids watch them doing these activities and imitate them.

Parents should consider getting their kids toys that work with this imitation pattern and let the kids experience doing the same activities that adults do with similar toys.

More excitingly, many sets also come with a refrigerator that will make the kids play time much more thrilling. Kids can pretend to get the food to cook out from the refrigerator and putting leftovers into it.

What is the play kitchen?

The play kitchen is made from solid and sturdy wood and will not easily break.

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You can also buy the additional items such as plastic food, metal cookware, and a kettle. Many of the sets also come with a range and oven that allows kids to heat meals, and a cupboard that allows them to put kitchen utensils into the cupboard and get them out again.

Other additional play items such as a toaster and a blender are also available. Kids can pretend to make toast for breakfast and make apple juice with the blender, for instance.

The kitchen sets are also available in several colors, although the most common color is pink since girls love pink and love to play make-believe kitchen. The theme is also varied and includes pastel shades, wood, retro and so on. Some of the manufacturers have even come out with theme sets such as Christmas and Hanukkah.

The kitchen sets normally come disassembled, so you have to put them together to build a kitchen. Some parents might be concerned that it is difficult to assemble them, but when completed, their daughter will love the play set very much, so it is well worth the effort.

The sets come with instructions to help with assembly. These play kitchen sets will develop the kids’ imagination and creative thinking and let them learn about chores and responsibilities. Rather than letting children do things in the real home kitchen that might be dangerous, it is better to buy a play kitchen set so girls can get busy in their kitchen.

When your daughter grows older, and you need help in the kitchen, she will be ready to help because it can be said that she has already been practicing in her own pretend kitchen.

Advantages of using play kitchen

1. Creativity Booster.

Yes, your children might love video games, but they do absolutely nothing for their creativity. Success in the future will require your kids to be able to think outside the box and in imaginative ways.

Sitting them in front of the computer only tells them that entertainment comes from the outside. But with a play kitchen, they have to make up the story line themselves and use their mind.

2. Fosters Cooperation.

Your children must learn how to play well with others. While video games that teach math skills are great, they’ll be useless if your child doesn’t know how to work with others in the future.

Play kitchens create an environment where sharing with, listening to, and respecting others is necessary. If you want to teach your child real-life skills, a play kitchen can do this easily.

3. Simple But Effective Fun.

I agree that there’s a lot of toys out there that do everything but keep your kids entertained for a while. The worst toys make tons of noise, break easily, is complicated to use and are just a waste of money.

With a play kitchen, it’s simple to use but with infinite possibilities. Plus, they require your kids to entertain themselves without your constant supervision.

4. Endless Customization.

What’s great about play kitchens is that it’s not just one thing you buy and that’s it. You can upgrade to new utensils, fruits, and vegetables, supplies like a stand mixer and whatever you can imagine.

It’s a toy that will grow with your child rather than gather dust in a storage facility somewhere.

5. Makes Healthy Food Fun.

If you could find ways to make all the right foods fun and interesting, you would be able to show your children that eating the right things is ten times better than cake and cookies.

The fruits and vegetables that you can buy for a toy kitchen are so vibrant and colorful that they’ll be asking you for things like apples, bananas, and carrots.

How to choose play kitchen

Choosing a play kitchen for kids became a big responsibility to the parents because they have to keep a number of things in their mind before buying it.

What does a child first look at? Yes, it is the appearance. And then there are many types of toy kitchens. Kid craft kitchen sets, guide craft kitchen sets, table-top toy kitchen sets, etc. are few of them. An important thing to be taken care of is that the child must be more than three years of age. This is because the smaller parts of the toy kitchen must not pose a choking hazard to the child.

The next thing to be noted down is that one should buy the kind of toy kitchen their kids will like.

They should choose the color and the design their kids will like. Safety is something mandatory and should be taken care to see that the material used in the play kitchen is non-hazardous.

Wooden toy kitchens would be a better choice as these sets are durable and safe. Also a proper location to place the play kitchen must be chosen. There are varieties of toys for kids that you can choose from, available at an affordable price.

Certain rules must also be set before buying the play kitchen for kids. The benefits of setting rules are that the child will learn responsibility and discipline also. The child must be taught to keep the place clean and to keep the things in their respective places after playing. They will initially need a little bit of handholding and guiding.

Play kitchens also help in interactive play where the parents can interact well with the child and can also feed the list of nutritious food into the child’s brain by teaching.

This will create an impression in the child’s mind, and the child will follow the value that has been taught to him throughout his life. It also develops a sense of social behavior by practicing serving food and eating and also table manners. Buying a play kitchen toy set for your kids will have a lot of benefits. They help inculcate good habits and manners amongst the young generation.

10. Hape Playfully Delicous – Cook n Serve Play KitchenHape Playfully Delicous – Cook n Serve Play Kitchen


Replica play kitchens and their accessories are nothing new; they have been around for a long time. Besides, they are an awesome way to teach your kids to use their imagination without using a keyboard.

The Hape Playfull Delicious Cook n’ Serve Kitchen is one of the best play kitchens for younger children in the market today.It features a chalkboard, oven, sink, as well as clicking boards and much more.

This play kitchen is made in a contemporary design from durable wood with a non-toxic and a child safe paint finishing. The design is gender neutral and appropriate for both boys and girls to play, have fun and fulfill they’re being chef dreams. It assembles very easily.


• Comes with realistic kitchen toy accessories

• Gender neutral and very educate

• Made from quality aesthetic solid wood from sustainably sourced forests

• Inspires children’s creativity as well as being entertaining


• limited accessories

9. Lifestyle Fresh Accent Kitchen- Step2 Cozy kitchenLifestyle Fresh Accent Kitchen- Step2 Cozy kitchen


This play kitchen is suitable for children of all ages. This play kitchen is compact but very fun, very well-planned and well-constructed toy that features a stove top, a refrigerator, and a very realistic oven bringing your child’s cooking imagination to life. In total, this kitchen play set comprises of 21 beautifully designed pieces that mimic the real life kitchen setting.

Other than that, this toy play kitchen is ideal for any gender, hence giving your kids a fun playtime opportunity at the heart of your home. In addition, it contains sufficient storage cabinets for extra accessories; this consists of specially crafted storage cabinets and a removable faucet. This Step2 play kitchen is basically a world-class toy that is loved by children of all ages.


• Upscale counter tops and storage cabinets

• Gender neutral

• Budget friendly

• Small size for convenience

• Fun and entertaining play item


• Maybe too small for some children’s liking

8. KidKraft Red Retro KitchenKidKraft Red Retro Kitchen


This red KidKraft play kitchen may be one of the most play kitchen toys in the market and a personal favorite of most parents and kids. This is of course for good reasons, this play kitchen toy features a large oven with realistic knobs that click and turn, large opening and closing doors, a removable baby sink for easy clean up, as well as a cordless phone that offers entertaining gameplay. These features are all infused in a baby-safe design that will trigger your baby’s imagination and encourage them to explore his or her creative mind without any risk of personal injuries.


• Educative

• Easy to clean and very functional

• Entertaining

• Creative and beautiful theme


• Lack of storage cabinets and sufficient storage room

• Limited accessories

7. Wood lasts- KidKraft Deluxe Big and Bright KitchenWood lasts- KidKraft Deluxe Big and Bright Kitchen


This play kitchen mimics the traditional kitchen setting. It is constructed from durable wood that is warmly put together without any harmful irritants like BPA common to other plastic toys.

It is also endowed with some of the best practical features in a kitchen which include a refrigerator, and oven, and a freezer, all beautiful and brightly designed to engage your child and provide a phenomenal play time experience. This deluxe play kitchen is also very big with well-crafted doors that close and open to add room and provide sufficient storage space below the sink where you child can store all their kitchen accessories.

It is contemporary designed with knobs on the oven that turn and click, a removable sink for quick and easy cleaning The counter space is also very spacious and large for all preparation uses and for a number of kids to play in.


• Easy to clean

• Can accommodate more than one child

• Assembles easily and conveniently

• Spacious room

• Entertaining and educative


• Lack of accompanying kitchen toy accessories

6. American Plastic Toy Deluxe Custom KitchenAmerican Plastic Toy Deluxe Custom Kitchen


Next on our review is the American Plastic Kitchen toy that comes with realistic sizzling/bubbling sounds as well as realistic lighting too. This play kitchen is endowed with lots of features from main kitchen appliances and removable wicker baskets. Though this kitchen is not as large as some of the play kitchen toys in our review, it still makes quite an entertaining and fun play time for toddlers and smaller children.

Other than that, this play kitchen features a dishwasher and a microwave with and an addition of 22 kitchen accessories. It is also very light weight hence very easy to move around plus, conveniently sized to fit any corner of the house.


• Space saving corner design

• Plenty upscale features

• Entertaining for kids

• Beautifully crafted


• Color scheme is pink plastic hence, suits girls

5. The Mellisa and Doug’s Cook’s CornerThe Mellisa and Doug’s Cook’s Corner


This Mellisa and Doug’s is a reputable and popular brand known for their outstanding educative and classic products. Their Cook’s corner play kitchen toy takes pride in upholding their name.

This play kitchen toy is exceptionally designed and is constructed from wood which is very durable and long lasting to give it is a sturdy structure that is 100% safe for children to play,

This play kitchen features a cooktop, refrigerator, removable sink, as well as a working timer and much more. To add to that, it easy to assemble, fun, bright and entertaining for kids to play in. Its small parts make it very easy to assemble for any parent.


• Exceptionally designed

• Sturdy and durable

• Bright theme and fun to play

• Budget friendly


• Limited kitchen accessories

4. Ideal for Boys – Little Tikes Ultimate Cook KitchenLittle Tikes Ultimate Cook Kitchen


This super chef kitchen is the ultimate cooking accessories kitchen for a child. This play kitchen has a retro-modern construction style designed to be compact yet stylish for today’s modern looking play top kitchens. In addition, it has a decent construction with several innovative features infused into a modern original play kitchen model.

This play kitchen features functional doors, stylish cabinets, microwave doors, a built-in refrigerator and a working oven that supports lots of cooking for your children as well as, interesting electronic burner sounds, clicker knob above oven door, spacious storage cabinets plus a built a great array of cutlery. ( toy forks, spoons etc) to play with.


• Retro-modern stylish design

• Spacious room

• A wide variety of cool kitchen accessories

• Entertaining and fun play item

• Ideal for small spaces and budget friendly


• More suitable for boys

3. KidKraft Vintage Play kitchenKidKraft Vintage Play kitchen


Looking for the ultimate that comes in a variety of colors, kitchen accessories, modern style play kitchen that will be both entertaining and educative for your child, look no further than the KidKraft Vintage Play kitchen.

This play kitchen toy is designed in an attractive vintage modern style that is absolutely adorable for kids. Other than its beautiful look, this play kitchen is endowed with plenty of features to help your kid have the time of their life as the while make pretending to be a chef with friends.

The first thing you see when you look at this play kitchen toy is your desired dream kitchen. In fact, the number of features is endless, from a built-in refrigerator, a microwave with a turntable that rotates 360 degrees, a built in oven with oven knobs click and turn, oven drawers, a cordless phone, removable sink that is easy to clean, a cooker, spacious storage cabinets as well as, a wide array of cutlery and kitchen accessories that your child will love.


• Entertaining and educative play kitchen

• Durable and easy to clean

• Affordable, smart and sturdy construction

• Modern looking play top

• Realistic design with innovative features


• May be difficult to position in the house

2. Super modern – KidKraft Uptown Espresso KitchenKidKraft Uptown Espresso Kitchen


Our second pick in this review is the KidKraft Uptown play kitchen toy. This modern play kitchen has amazing features that not only your kids love but you also as a parent will love too.

This is a wooden kitchen with a stylish sleek design, including metal accents and faux tile and a palate of colors that you can choose from to suit any gender.

This KidKraft Uptown Espresso is a deluxe designed play kitchen infused with lots of interactive features. Though this play kitchen can dent your bank account, it is worth every penny. It features a microwave, oven, freezer, dishwasher, and a beautiful speckled counter top design as well as a chalkboard surface on the freezer.

Other than that, it is large and spacious enough for several kids to play in all at once hence proving a great play time for your child and friends. This play kitchen is innovatively designed by top engineers to ensure it is safe, durable and built to last. It is so good that it can be used in a busy kindergarten setting for an entertaining and educative time.


• Spacious and large cabinets

• Could accommodate more than one child

• Features a wide variety of modern kitchen accessories

• Sleek modern design

• Durable and long lasting


· May be overwhelming in a small house

1. Ultimate play kitchen – Step2 Grand Walk-InStep2 Grand Walk-In


Are you looking for the ultimate play kitchen in the market that has nothing but the very best to offer? We’ve got you covered. The Step2 Grand Walk-In kitchen play toy has it all. This play kitchen set has 103 piece kitchen accessory set with a grandeur walk-in place that accommodates many children for an amazing and entertaining play time.

This play kitchen is made from high durable materials which are extremely safe for your child to play in.

It has a variety of kitchen accessories such as a refrigerator, microwave, cooker, oven, storage cabinets as well as an adjoining dining set to complete the whole kitchen experience your child longs for. The overall sturdy structure of this play kitchen is super realistic and even mimics the reality kitchen setting; it is even endowed with stainless steel appliances. Does it get better than that?


• Grand setting

• Spacious and large enough

• Modern style

• An amazing 103 kitchen accessories

• Can accommodate so many children


• Very expensive and may be too big for a small house


A play kitchen is an amazing tool for younger kids (both girls and boys. While most kids today spend their free time glued to electronic devices. It is a great idea to let your children’s imagination run wild while having fun in a pretend kitchen like you did all those years ago. Fire up your kid’s imagination with any of the above play kitchen toys in our review.