Wood work is never easy. And often we can rely on our carpenters and house contractors, even then sometimes things just don’t seem right.

Many people prefer working with the wood themselves, and it is a smart option now since we have so much advanced yet user-friendly tools which let you work like routers, planers, and jointers. These tools or instruments are specially designed for easy and efficient wood crafting in the safest and fastest way possible.

A planer and a jointer are more or less the same things. While in the United Kingdom and Australia, the tool is referred as planer or surface planer, it is called jointer or jointer – planer in America.

If you dig deeper, you’d know that these two devices actually perform a little differently. Although both are meant for wood refining, cutting, and shaping, the primary function seems to vary a little.

Functions of a Jointer and a Planer:

A jointer specifically is used to make the wood piece plain and flat, removing any kind of twists or warps.

It is kind of obvious that whenever we buy a wooden piece, it is never straight or leveled. These defects are highly common, but can actually prove disastrous if not taken care of in time. And that is when a jointer comes in.

An excellent, user-friendly, professional tool which can actually be used by anybody. This machine straightens the surface for you and ends up giving you a fine, refined, and completely leveled piece of wood. Basically, it is used to make the surface even at all ends had the piece be used for a table, bed, or even for flooring.

A planer, on the other hand, when the jointer’s work is done can be used for managing the thickness of the wood, and the fact whether it is parallel from both sides from top to bottom. Both of them are important tools playing significant functions in woodwork. While the function of a planer is more superficial, a jointer plays a significant and important role in any kind of carpentry for the building purposes.

The Functioning and Usage of a Jointer:

Now that you know that a jointer is used to plain and equal surfaces of any wooden piece, let us look more into this unique product and its efficient design and functioning.

The narrow edges of the machine function as they stick themselves to the panel completely. Then the entire set up of the machine results in the smoothing and leveling of the wooden panel.

Now as you put the wood through the jointer, make sure than the wooden piece is strongly and consistently pressed against the machine, so that the balance is not lost which could otherwise lead to some uneven cuts, thus, failing the entire purpose of a jointer.

Furthermore, another important thing is to make sure that the setup is right. You must always follow all the instructions thoroughly. The one thing you have to keep sure is the adjustment of knives and outfeed table.

Both of them should be perfectly leveled as it helps in the perfect passing over and gliding over of the wooden board which will result in the great outcome of the wood. The board always moves from right to left, passing over the infeed table, the cutter head, and ultimately to the outfeed table.

Also, make sure that there should always be a downhill motion of the grain for a much smoother effect. Remember that it is the infeed table which will lastly determine how deep the cut should be. It should never be taken off more than 1/16 inches.

One thing that nobody likes while working with a jointer is a tear out. And with a little bit of smartness and precautions, it can easily be avoided.

Just make sure that the direction of the grain on the board is right, i.e., it should run while the grain is running downhill and exactly over the jointer.

If you don’t know how to join the face of the board, just put the bowed or cupped face downward and you’re done. After that, keep making multiple passes of the board until the desired lower surface is flat and blemishing.

Work on the pressure on the both sides. It tends to get a little complicated when the wooden panel is halfway through the machine at the cutter head. Then check the piece thoroughly to be sure whether it needs another pass in the machine or not.

Obviously, it is a basic fact that you should always be wearing one of those push pads and using push sticks while working on the machine, especially when you joint the two surfaces of the wood and the cutter. The wood piece that you are using should never be thinner than that of ¼ inches or it could prove to be fatal.

How to Chose the best Jointer for Yourself?

Now that you know all that you needed to know about jointers and planers, the big question is how will you pick the one which is best for you?

Naturally, since the product is so popular and useful, it comes in enormous brand names, each with their own specialty and all. It also comes in various sizes, and for various purposes. Quality is also a matter of question.

So, the one thing you do before you go look into jointers, is that you decide what do you need it for?

If you need one for petty household jobs like building tiny swings for children or little furniture here and there or whether you need one to build an entire house, or for professional purposes. This will help you sort out on the first level.

Next, make a budget and try not to exceed it.

Safety is one thing that should never be ignored. Buy a jointer which is safe to use and comes from a reliable brand. Never ever go for any kind of local ones as this is a serious job. Understand the functioning fully before deciding to buy it. And last but nevertheless the least, always buy the one with a warranty period. A warranty keeps you satisfied and also proves that the product is coming from a reliable and confident source.

Top Ten Best Planers Reviews In 2017

10. WEN 6530 6-Amp, 3-1/4 Inch Electric Hand Planer

For Basic Cabinetry, it’s handy.

WEN has been present since 1951, and it never lacked quality. The WEN 6530 6-Amp Electric Hand Planer is perfect for stubborn doors and reshaping post edges. This amazing Hand Planer has a powerful motor that delivers 34,000 cuts per minute slicing away any irregularities until the surface of the boards are smooth and aligned.

With a 3-1/4 inch cutting width and a maximum cutting depth of 1/8 inch, this Hand Planer is excellent for making those boards aligned and useful yet again. Don’t’ worry about flattening those sharp post corners, because WEN 6530 has a base plate shoe that includes a V-shaped groove. The products have a parallel fence bracket that provides an accurate cut, which is necessary for planning door edges, wood trims, and boards, Furthermore, it has a rabbeting guide of 5/16 which allows for rabbets up to an inch deep.


· Budget Friendly

· Flexible and useful

· Parallel Fence Bracket

· V-shaped groove

· Light-weighted – 8 pounds

· Small and handy – 12x7x7 inches


· Limited use

9. JET JJP-8BT 8 Inch Bench Top Joint/Planer – Save time and space

The American company JET came to a brilliant idea of combining JET Jointer and JET Planer into one unit, with a possibility of switching from one to the order in less than a minute. If you have limited space in your workshop, home or wherever, this is the perfect thing for you. With 9000 RPM, and two high-speed steel knives for smooth and accurate cuts, the product provides a 2 in 1 machine.

JJP-8BT has a heavy duty motor of 13 AMP, a compact bench top designed to fit in small shops, precision adjustment knobs, an integrated cord wrap which makes the transporting quite easy and also ensures workshop safety, and many more features that are common for big floor planers.


· 2 in 1 machine

· Saves time and space

· Powerful motor

· Precision adjustment knobs

· Safety


· Light to advanced work, not master level

8. Porter Cable PC305TP15 Amp 12 inches – Powerful and light-weighted

Porter Cable PC305TP has a 15 Amp motor with 8,000 RPM which makes the machine efficient and quite useful for woodworking. The model has two reversible knives made up of high carbon steel which prolongs cutting life by two times. This is the perfect choice for hobbyist, and a 12 inches cutting width enables a person to do various woodworks.

The planer has patented cut elevation on 4 precision ground columns, providing superior cut stability.


· 15 Amp motor

· Reversible high carbon steel knives

· Powerful steel cutter head fitted on ball bearings

· Cut elevation


· Not intended for pro use

7. Makita 2012NB 12-Inch Planer – Quiet and efficient

Makita is a famous manufacturer of industrial quality power tools, and every product delivers quality. They are also quite energy efficient. This model has 83 dB, which makes it the quietest in its class, and has fast and easy blade changes. The Makita 2012NB 12-Inch Planer has Makita’s Interna-Lok automated head clamp that eliminates snipe and is ideal for cabinets, closets, furniture, etc.

This planer has a compact design and a weight of 62 pounds with 19 x 30.4 x 15.8 inches which makes it easy for transport. It is portable, efficient and productive, a true Makita.


· Interna-Lok automated head clamp

· Fast and easy blade changes

· Disposable double edge planer blades

· Adjustable depth stop

· Easy for transport

· Quiet


· No thermal sensor

· Not suited for larger jobs

· Expensive

6. POWERTEC PL1251 12-1/2 Inch 15-Amp Planer – Stability and Accuracy

POWERTEC PL1251 has a minimum thickness capacity of 1/8 inch, and a 120V, 60 Hz, 2HP (peak) motor. The model has index pin that is set-up for easy blade replacement. There is no blade gauge requirement, and it has a four-column design for superior stability and accuracy.

If you’re planning extra-long boards, this model has a workpiece return roller to assist you with it. Furthermore, it provides portability with side mounted carrying handles, and has a spindle lock for safe blade change. Cutting head speed is 9400 RPM, with 18,800 cuts per minute, and a maximum thickness of stock of 6 inches, which is quite a lot. Maximum depth of cut is 3/32 inch if the board is less than 5 inches and 1/32 inch for boards that are between 5 and 12-1/2 inches.


· Spindle lock

· Carrying handles

· Light-weighted

· Four-column design

· Index pin set-up


· Snipping issues

5. DELTA Power Tools 22-555 13 Inches Planer – Wide range

DELTA Power is an old company in the field of woodworking, and they are one of the most famous brands of woodworking tools. The 22-555 has a 120V, 60 Hz, 1 Ph, 15 Amp motor that is controlled with a removable key. The minimum and maximum stock dimensions are from 1/8 inch wide and 10 inches high to 13 inches wide and 6 inches high, with a maximum cut depth of 3/32 inch and a feed rate of 28 ft./minute. The model has 2 double edge reversible knives and 18,800 cuts per minute.


· Powerful motor

· Wide range of stock dimensions

· Four-column design

· Knives are quickly changed

· Adjustable in-feed and outfeed tables

· Reversible dust port


· Snipping issues

4. WEN 6550 12-1/2 Inch15-Amp Planer – Granite table

One more product brought to us by the amazing WEN brand. This WEN model has a granite table and repurposes rough and worn wood. Its power of 15-Amp and a two blade cutting system provide more than 18,000 cuts per minute. This enables a smooth and effective woodwork. The granite table doesn’t warp and provides you with precise support to wood passing through the machine. The planer doesn’t work nor wobble during operation.


· Granite table

· Powerful motor

· No wobbling

· Cuts boards to 12.5 x 6 inches


· Heavy and large

· Durability

3. DEWALT DW734 12-1/2 Inches 15-Amp Planer – One of the best

The DEWALT DW734 is designed for precise cutting, and has a construction that is easily controlled with two hands. The motor is very powerful, and in-feed and outfeed tables along with easy replaceable or disposable knives make DEWALT DW734 one of the best planers in current use. It is smoothening and powerful, perfect for those refined tastes.

Furthermore, DEWALT is known as one of the best manufacturers of tools. The match of quality and brand comes with a 3-year guaranty.


· Powerful motor

· In-feed and out-feed tables

· Replaceable or disposable knives

· Precise and easy to control

· Highly effective


· Noisy

· Heavy

2. DEWALT DW735X 13 inches Planer – Three knives

This model is yet another example of the DEWALT industry and their exceptional quality. The DEWALT DW735X 13-Inch has three knives, a powerful 15-Amp motor with 20,000 RPM and 10,000 RPM cutter head speed and can handle larger cuts in wider materials. The cutter-head provides a 30% longer knife life and they are easy for changing.

This model has a two-speed gear box that allows for a change of feed speed to optimizing cuts per inch at 96 or 179 CPI.


· Fan-assisted chip ejection

· 19-3/4 aluminum base

· Automatic carriage lock

· Material removal gauge

· Extra-large thickness scale

· Powerful motor

· Three knives


· Noisy

· Heavy

1. JET JWP-208HH 708544 20 Inch Planer – The giant

The JWP-208HH is a woodworker’s dream. This helical head planer is quick and quiet and very efficient. If you want to transform rough wood into smooth boards in a timely manner this is the right option for you. The model has 20 inches of planning width which enables users to a diverse type of woodworking. It is supported with a heavy-duty cast iron and steel construction and has a two-speed gearbox that allows a quick feed rate adjustment.

This is a very powerful machine with 5 HP induction motor that is combined with a helical insert cutter head housing 92 staggered carbide knives. Sets of three steel infeed and outfeed rollers help prevent snipe. Dust collection is easy with an angled 4 inches dust port. This is a beautiful and powerful machine for professional woodworkers.


· Powerful motor

· 20 inch of planning width

· Easy dust collection

· Prevents snipe

· Heavy-dust cast iron and steel construction

· Quiet and quick


· Large and heavy

· Expensive


There are a lot of planers out there. This list will surely help you on your path, and my suggestion is to take the eco-friendly WEN 6530 6-Amp for starters. This is a hand tool, and it is very useful and efficient.

As for larger and more powerful machines, JET JJP-8BT 8 Inch Bench Top Joint/Planer is excellent for smaller workshops as it saves time and space, and Porter Cable PC305TP is the right choice for hobbyists and adventures.

If you want a true professional machine the last three are the best options, with JET JWP-208HH 708544 20 Inch Planer as the prevailing giant.