There are some women who feel totally comfortable breastfeeding publicly without covering up. There are others who prefer to cover up, either because they feel a little uncomfortable baring their breasts or because they do not want to make people around them feel uncomfortable by having to look at their breasts.

There are always debates over the best way to breastfeed publicly. Even if you are the kind of person who does not have an issue whipping out your breasts, a nursing cover is always a good idea.

A nursing cover means that no matter what situation you find yourself in, you can breastfeed without worrying about what other people may think. If you’re at a school, a restaurant, in a train or at a sports club, it doesn’t matter. The moment your baby asks for food you can put him on the breast without any worry about decorum.

Remember, you do not have to use a nursing cover. A women’s breasts are beautiful, no matter the shape or size, and a breastfeeding baby is beautiful. But there are many mothers who prefer to be covered up, and there are many people who prefer mothers to cover up too.

What is a nursing cover?

It is quite simple actually. A nursing cover is a piece of material that you can use to cover your breasts when you feed your baby. A nursing cover is the thing that when you use it, will stop people from staring at you. It will take away the panic that you may feel when your baby is suddenly hungry in a public place and you have to feed.

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Any mother will know the panic they feel when their baby starts crying in a shopping center or in a restaurant. They also know the stares that other people can give when they start feeding publicly.

A nursing cover will take away any awkward situation.

A nursing cover is easy to carry, easy to use, easy to throw over you or place over you when needed, and most importantly, it is super easy for your baby to breathe.

If you chat to any new mom you will find they keep a few things in their baby’s nappy bag.’ Nappies, of course. Wet wipes, tissues, change of clothing, a pacifier and without doubt – a nursing cover. They are light, take up no space, can actually be used for a few different things apart from nursing – warmth, rain protection, wind protection or even, as a changing mat.

Styles of nursing covers

There are many different styles of nursing covers on the market.

They can all be thrown into the washing machine at a moment’s notice and they do dry quickly. You can choose between simple covers, covers with a rigid neckline so you can see your babe, nursing shawls, nursing scarves so you can make eye contact while feeding, snuggle-bundles which are great for winter, breastfeeding wraps and breastfeeding covers.

Buying nursing covers are pretty expensive.

But you can make a nursing cover really easily and inexpensively and we’re going to talk about how to make a breastfeeding nursing cover. They are simple to make, beautiful to own and make fabulous gifts too.

How to make a nursing cover:

You need:

One yard of fabric, preferably 100% cotton.

A 14” piece of boning.

One set D-rings.


Wash and iron the fabric.

Cut it into three pieces.

26” x 38” for the cover.

30” x 3” for the strap.

30” x 3” for the other strap.

1. Take your cover and hem the bottom edge and both sides.

2. Fold each strap in half with the right side up, and sew up the long edges.

3. Turn the right side out, using a safety pin.

4. Position the seam in the centre back of each piece and tuck in the raw edges.

5. Top stitch all the way along the edges.

6. Baste the raw edges of the straps to the top of the nursing cover.

7. Fold the top edge over twice and hem it, ensuring you leave a wide enough gap so that you

can slide in the boning.

8. Wrap the short end of the strap around the 2-D rings and top stitch.

9. Cut your boning to 12” and slide it through the casing between the straps.

10 Top stitch across the casing to hold the boning in place.

How to use a nursing cover:

Using a nursing cover is the easiest thing in the world.

If it is a simple nursing cover, like above, you just place it over your head, a little like an apron, place your baby underneath and on your breast, and you feed. Your baby can breathe easily and you can feed comfortably, knowing that you and your breasts are well covered. Because of the rigid neckline you will easily be able to see your baby and to make eye contact.

If you have chosen a nursing cover that doubles up as a shawl or a pouch, it may be a little more complicated, but even the most complicated of nursing covers are easy to use.

You basically have to put them over you, tie them if you don’t have ready made straps, pick up your baby and feed.

Make one and give it as a gift for a friend. Of course, make sure that your friend is going to breastfeed.

Make sure you use good fabric so that the nursing cover is durable and also easy to wash. You want it to be able to be washed in the machine and drip dry is best

Make a few for yourself. A nursing cover is vital for any breastfeeding mom. Keep one at home, one in the car and one in your baby’s bag. You never quite know when you’ll need it.

10. The Vlokup Baby Nursing Cover FlowerThe Vlokup Baby Nursing Cover Flower

To start off our review is this lovely looking nursing cover made of 100% cotton. It is flexible fitting and fits all moms. It has a rigid neckline fitted with easily adjustable stainless D-rings. These provide for and allow full adjustment of the neckline keeping the mom’s hands-free. She, therefore, can fully concentrate on handling the baby with ease and comfort when breastfeeding. To top things off, this nursing cover has a handy pocket made of cotton, which can be used for pacifiers, breast pads, breast wipes, or whatever seems necessary to you.

This is a machine washable item and its high-quality breathable fabric doesn’t fade or get covered with loose threads.

If you are a stylish mom, you will love the patterns on this Vlokup baby nursing cover. It is designed to be a stylish and practical thereby meeting all the needs of a breastfeeding mom.


1. It is budget friendly.

2. The cotton pockets allow storage for your necessities.

3. It folds into a mini pouch and easily fits in a pocket of any diaper bag.

4. It is machine washable.

5. It has multi uses. It can be used as a blanket, nursing cover or even a sunshade.


1. It has a kinked neckline.

9. Udder covers by porter printUdder covers by porter print

When it comes to simple and elegant nursing covers, Porter print takes up a high tier. This spacious breathable fabric udder cover is made from 100% cotton and is completely machine washable. To boost its high-quality material is its genius neckline. The neckline is made from a rigid material (stainless steel rings) which allow for neckline adjustability instead of a floppy one. The plunging neckline allows you to have a direct line of sight as your baby feeds. This is a big plus since not many nursing covers have this feature.

The patterns available for udder covers are so lovely. Available in more than 7 prints with different designs, you will want to buy more than one.


1. Its machine washable.

2. it’s made from baby soft fabric 100% breathable cotton.

3. It has a rigid neckline.

4. It comes in generous sizes, with fashionable colors and an elegant design

5. It is budget friendly for a sleek design.


1. It may be small for some moms.

8. Infinity Itzy Ritzy Blue Skies scarfInfinity Itzy Ritzy Blue Skies scarf

Newborns require feeding on demand. If you are at a public place, you might feel self-conscious whooping your boob in public. Wave goodbye to drawing attention to yourself with this infinity scarf. With this scarf, it’s all about versatility. Wear it as a scarf or a caplet and when you are ready to nurse, unwrap the soft fabric and drape it over your shoulder to cover your upper body.

These infinity scarfs are very spacious giving you and baby enough room to feed comfortably. It is made from high quality 50% polyester knit and 50% organic cotton. Other than that, it allows you to maintain eye contact with your baby while he or she feeds and allow enough airflow.

It also comes in 13 different lovely patterns you can use to make a fashion statement all year round; where style meets comfort.


1. It is a high-quality product.

2. It is fashionable and chic.

3. It is very spacious.


1. Its pattern is not on both sides of the nursing cover.

7. Kiddo care nursing infinity scarf

Kiddo care nursing infinity scarf

The Kiddo care nursing scarf is yet another impressive nursing cover. Its comfortable shape that resembles a sling fits most body shapes perfectly. In addition to its wearability, a practical feature, this nursing scarf is made from high-quality breathable lightweight cotton- 1 ounce. Just enough not to see through it giving you the privacy you need.

Other than that, this nursing scarf has a generous room designed to accommodate your baby with the added advantage of comfort. Additionally, the versatility of this product are endless, it can be worn as a stylish scarf and in other 10 different ways in which you can use it as more than an infinity scarf.

To top things off, this scarf comes with 2 free E-books on baby showers and on breastfeeding.


1. It is the high-quality product.

2. It is a great fashion accessory for your wardrobe.

3. It is spacious.

4. the fabric is Baby-friendly.


1. It cannot be machine washed. It requires careful washing and handling.

6. Bamboobies chic nursing cover

Bamboobies chic nursing cover

This is a one of a kind nursing cover. The Bamboobies nursing cover is a tailor made cover made for nursing and pregnancy. This chic cover comes as an easy drape that looks like a soft cotton shirt made to flatter any body type with its stretchy jersey fabric made from high-quality organic cotton and bamboo.

This might be what you have been looking for. This nursing cover is totally discreet designed to give you stylish coverage during your pregnancy and discreet coverage during breastfeeding.

Other than that, it comes in black color hence; no attention is drawn to you from passersby during breastfeeding.


1. It is made from high-quality soft breathable fabric.

2. It is comfortable and discreet.

3. It is an everyday fashion accessory.

4. It is super stylish.


1. The bamboo fabric may cause itchiness.

5. Moms’ favorite – Bebe Au Lait chateau silver Nursing CoverBebe Au Lait chateau silver Nursing Cover

The Bebe Au Lait has been a personal favorite for moms for many years. The elegant chateau silver features a durable soft cotton material that is machine washable. This nursing cover comes in a classy pattern design that makes you look stylish as you breastfeed your baby.

It is made from 100% organic cotton patented with rigid TM neckline straps that allow unrestricted access to baby while you maintain eye contact while ensuring adequate air flow. It is also, very spacious and with one size ideal for all.

Additionally, it comes fitted with 2 internal handy pockets where you can store breast pads, pacifiers or anything you want as baby feeds.


1. Patented Rigiflex neckline.

2. It is stylish and functional.

3. It is a multipurpose nursing cover


1. It can be too big for some moms.

4. The fashionable choice: Dria nursing coversThe fashionable choice: Dria nursing covers

Elegance, comfort, and functionality describe this fashionable cotton poncho. This nursing cover is conveniently designed for mom and baby; it is a large rectangular piece of breathable fabric, with a hole in the middle to fit your head.

This lightweight, fabric with back and front coverage with extreme coverage for your baby, is the perfect nursing cover for you and your baby. It is fashionable yet functional, very spacious with ample room for full exposure to breastfeeding your baby.

Other than that, it is made from high-quality durable materials 5% spandex and 95% organic cotton. Plus, it can be used as a car seat canopy to shade your baby.


1. It is easy to use and care

2. It is made from high-quality and durable fabric

3. it is functional, fashionable and easy to wear

4. It is made from super soft baby friendly materials


1. It can be difficult to view your baby while feeding.

3. Sophistication – Balboa nursing coverSophistication – Balboa nursing cover

This beautiful innovative nursing cover allows you to feel confident and comfortable as you breastfeed your baby anywhere. This nursing cover is contoured with a reinforced neckline to hold the fabric away so you can feed your baby at ease.

Other than that, it is very roomy to give you enough coverage as your baby breastfeed plus enough room for baby too. It is made from 100% high-quality cotton that is machine washable.

Additionally, it has a contoured design with fashionable prints and a convenient pocket. Not to mention it is one of a kind, unlike other covers, it is fitted with a deep elastic baby pocket design to hold your baby as you move around. Babies can be carried in 5 different positions hence making it very convenient.


1. It is easily foldable and can be easily stored in any diaper bag pocket.

2. It is contoured fashionable design

3. It is versatile in use


1. The material is not very breathable.

2. Boho Mama nursing cover – Luxury meets functionalityBoho Mama nursing cover – Luxury meets functionality

The Boho Mama cover nursing cover is one of the most common cover out there. To say the least, the luxury, comfort, and style that come with this nursing cover are amazing.

This is a full front and back nursing cover that is held on by shoulder snaps. It is made from a blend of special organic fabric that stretches for comfort. For a quick clean, just throw it into a washing machine and you’re good to go.

This is the ultimate nursing cover for a proud and stylish mom. This baby wrap can be used for a myriad of ways and worn in plenty more stylish ways. Other than a nursing cover, it is an ideal pregnancy scarf and pregnancy wrap too. The naturally antibacterial, biodegradable, a hypoallergenic fabric used protects your baby while keeping them cool.


1. It has no strong chemical style

2. It is multi-functional

3. It is beautiful and fashionable

4. It is spacious


1. It is expensive

1. Discreet Nursing – Private infinity scarf by MommaKindDiscreet Nursing – Private infinity scarf by MommaKind

To round off our list is our personal favorite discreet infinity nursing cover.

Prediction: This will be your new go to nursing cover. The next nursing cover in our list is by Mommakind. This simple yet stylish and fashionable infinity scarf offers multi-season wearability while offering privacy as you breastfeed. It is made from a non-see through, lightweight breathable cotton blend fabric giving you and your baby the privacy you need.

This simple infinity scarf is professionally tailored with plenty of room for mom and baby and unwraps into a casual nursing cover that you won’t stand out. The best part about this scarf is its lack of patterns or bold colors to draw attention to you from passersby and generous fabric which cover you and baby while you breastfeed. Your baby will practically be full by the time your friends realize what you’re doing.

It can also be used as a versatile accessory to customize your style. Once you are done breastfeeding, use this scarf as a shawl, halter top, blouse and so much more.


1. It comes in a set of 2 chic infinity scarfs.

2. The fabric is baby soft.

3. It is fashionable and versatile

4. It is not see through


1. It can be a bit too warm for baby


It is expected that as a mom, you will feel awkward and self-conscious the first times you breastfeed in public. However, a good nursing cover can help you keep your baby’s breastfeeding sessions private as well as keep prying eyes away. Choosing a nice design that allows you to use your nursing cover as a stylish accessory would be splendid and certainly not hard to find.