Who needs uneven, untidy nails? Nobody likes the look of dirty or untrimmed nails. Unkempt nails make their owner look badly groomed or as if that person does not take care of themselves. This is where a nail trimmer comes in handy. It’s easy to use and mostly it has a nail cleaner attached to it. So, what is a nail clipper? It’s a small hand-held tool that can be used to clip the fingernails or the toenails, which sometimes has a small nail cleaning blade attached to it.

There are several different types of nail clippers

First of all, there is the Guillotine nail clipper which has a semi-circular cutting edge that is shaped to the nail. To use this type of nail clipper, just place the nail clipper head over the nail and press down on the handle. These nail clippers are best for long nails. If the nail is short, the clipper may not be able to grip it enough to cut.

The second type of nail clipper is the Scissor style nail clipper. This little device is used in exactly the same way as a pair of scissors, although it is usually smaller than a pair of sewing or kitchen scissors.

The Pliers style nail clipper looks like a small pair of pliers. These may be used to trim the nails of domestic pets, such as those of a dog or cat and human nails as well.

Nail clippers are inexpensive to buy and they will pay you back many times over for this small outlay of money. The advantage of using a pair of nail clippers, rather than a pair of scissors is that the nail clippers are designed specifically to cut and trim nails.

Nail clippers are shaped to fit around the toe or finger nail and to cut them in a simple curved shape. With one click of the nail clipper, the finger or toe nails are trimmed and evenly shaped.

It is recommended that nail clippers are kept clean and this is also easy to do – simply wipe the clippers down with a tissue that has been dampened with disinfectant. Keeping a pair of nail clippers clean also prevents them from rusting. It is inadvisable to share nail clippers and some women may even take their own clippers to the nail salon with them.

Here are ten of the best nail clippers

10. SunsbellR Stainless Steel Nail Cutting ToolSunsbellR Stainless Steel Nail Cutting Tool

These nail clippers are excellent for giving a professional quality manicure or pedicure at home. Made of stainless steel they will not rust or disintegrate so that the nails can be trimmed and cared for year in, year out.

The German manufacturing is a promise of good value and a sturdy, long-wearing product. Customers can take this nail cutting tool to the nail salon with them and they will see that it is comparable to the tools that are used by professional manicurists.

Two “spoons” for neatening the cuticles are included in the package.

The SunsbellR Nail Clippers are a pair of very finely made plier-style nail trimmers that are easily manipulated by a woman’s hand. They can be used to trim acrylic as well as natural nails.

9. Fox Medical Equipment Stainless Steel Toe/Finger Nail ClippersFox Medical Equipment Stainless Steel Toe/Finger Nail Clippers

Made of surgical grade stainless steel, these finger and toenail clippers will not rust or corrode. The extremely sharp and strong blades have been made to clip nails which have become thickened due to illnesses such as diabetes or psoriasis.

Even people with arthritic hands will find these clippers easy to grip. They have wider blades and a wide, scored handle. The stay-sharp blades are able to trim and cut even the thickest and most difficult of nails.

The nail file which is a part of the nail clipper will open by itself once the clippers are also open. This means that pulling and picking at a nail cleaning blade to open it is a thing of the past.

There’ll be no more broken fingernails as a result of trying to open out the nail cleaning file. This nail clipper is perfect for elderly hands to use, and it gets the job done quickly.

8. Tweezerman Fingernail ClipperTweezerman Fingernail Clipper

The Tweezerman stainless steel fingernail clipper has extremely sharp blades which precisely cut the nail on the first pass. The clipper is sturdy, though rather small in size. The brushed metal surface is very attractive and these clippers also have a loop so that they can be attached to a keyring.

Due to their small size and stainless steel manufacture, these nail clippers are great to take on a trip overseas. They will not rust even when they come into contact with the salty air on a cruise or on a yacht. The Tweezerman stamp of quality means that these small and practical nail clippers will last for decades, or even longer!

7. 3-Piece Stainless Steel Fingernail Trimmer/Clippers3-Piece Stainless Steel Fingernail Trimmer/Clippers

These stainless steel nail clippers have an attractive silver-tone finish. The three-piece set is inexpensive and the blades are extremely sharp. The clippers are not made to trim toenails, but for trimming fingernails and keeping them neat, this three-piece set is very handy.

People who love the trim, tidy nails can keep one pair of clippers in the bathroom, one in the car and one in the lounge room. It’s easy to do a quick job of clipping the fingernails while watching TV – the nails can be clipped during the advertisements.

Women can even store on a pair of nail clippers in a purse or handbag for emergency repair of broken nails. This three-piece set is a great purchase if a portable nail tool is needed, so put one in a pocket and take it to work.

6. Victorinox Stainless Steel Swiss Army Nail ClippersVictorinox Stainless Steel Swiss Army Nail Clippers

The Victorinox nail clippers are a good quality item and for some customers, they are very much the best quality nail clippers of all. The clippers are light in weight and they can be snugly attached to a key ring. They can be folded into a flat package and the lever that is used to make these clippers cut is used to lock the total package shut.

Consisting of a pair of nail clippers, a file, and a screwdriver, these clippers are opened by pulling upwards on the file. The whole ensemble will then snap open. The cutting edge of the clippers is extremely sharp and effective to cut with, as would be expected from as Swiss Army tool made by Victorinox.

5. ClipPro Toenail Clipper and NipperClipPro Toenail Clipper and Nipper

This pliers-style toenail clipper is made of a high grade of stainless steel. The clipper has been made to clip through ingrown toenails and toenails that have become over-thick due to lack of care. Opening up to the width of 1”, the super sharp blades are curved to fit around the toenail and cut through it cleanly.

This nail tool’s handles have been manufactured with grip-enhancing ridges so that a strong grip is maintained even whilst cutting through very tough toenails.

The point at the end of the blades makes it easier to reach underneath ingrown toenails. Manufactured to the standards of a professional podiatrist tool, this pliers-style nail clipper makes toenail clipping easy.

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4. Clyppi Fingernail ClipperClyppi Fingernail Clipper

The Clyppi nail clipper is sold with a promise – “Our clippers will cut your nails cleanly and precisely, or Your Money Back.” This very reassuring promise is backed up by a Lifetime Guarantee.

The tiny Clyppi Fingernail Clipper measures 2.6” in length, so it will easily fit into the palm of the hand. A nailfile with different grades of texture on each side ensures that nails can be filed to the perfect shape after clipping. The file also serves as a nail cleaner.

The simple construction of this little nail tool makes it a likable item for both women and men. It may weigh somewhat more than comparable nail clippers, but this solidity of construction gives the clipper a higher level of durability.

3. Seki Edge Fingernail ClipperSeki Edge Fingernail Clipper

This nail clipper is made of stainless steel, but it has a cast-iron lever. This factor gives extra strength to the cutting process. The unique selling point of the Seki Edge Nail Clipper is – it’s edge. Seki claims that the edges on their nail cutting tools are the best for making clean cuts with no ragged edges. The Seki edges are hand-grinded, which also keeps them super-sharp and very effective nail cutters.

This strong little clipper is constructed from stainless steel that has been twice tempered. The twice tempered steel is smooth and soft to the touch.

All of the precision technology that has gone into making this nail clipper makes it fun and easy to pamper the fingernails. With the Seki Edge Fingernail Clipper, you’re onto something special.

2. Harperton Nail Clipper SetHarperton Nail Clipper Set

The cutting head on both of the clippers in this two-pack set is approximately 1.5 times as wide as the cutting head on comparable brands of nail cutter. This means extra pressure as you push the cutting head closed around the nail. This extra pressure results in a cleaner, less ragged cut. There is less chance that the nail will have to be filed after being clipped by the Harperton Clipper.

The Harperton Nail Clipper Set includes one clipper for the fingernails and one for the toenails, so you can do both sets of nails at once. The two-piece set can be stored in a zippered bag, so that while they are not in use, they do not become rusty. The toenail clipper is very sturdy and it has been reviewed as perfect for large-sized men’s toenails.

Could there be a better recommendation? If there is one, it is probably the ergonomically comfortable shape that makes this nail tool feel just right in the hand.

1. WorldPrideR Acrylic False/Natural Nail Clipper and CutterWorldPrideR Acrylic False/Natural Nail Clipper and Cutter

These plier-style nail clippers with the bright pink handles are perfect for clipping either false or natural nails into shape. A straight or round edge can be achieved by carefully “nipping” acrylic, or gel-tip nails with this clever nail clipping tool.

These are a good pair of nail clippers for those who are practicing nail art.

False fingernails may be changed fairly quickly, so it’s lucky that the blade on this nail clipper is very sharp. It can be fun to put on a different set of nails each week, knowing that the WorldPrideR nail clipper will trim them into a fashionable shape effortlessly.

Even for all-day use in a Nail Salon, these nail clippers are comfortable to hold. For non-professional manicurists, there’s plenty of fun to be had in applying false nails and then shaping them with the WorldPrideR nail clipper tool.

Things to Consider When Buying a Nail Clipper

A first consideration when choosing a nail clipper is Comfort. It’s important that the nail clipper fits comfortably into the palm of the hand and that it feels as if it will not slip. The comfortable grip of a nail clipper affects the way the lever can be used to clip the nail.

So, the second consideration is Sharpness. If the blade on the nail clipper is not sharp enough, it will not cut the nail in one smooth motion. The nail may be cracked or torn rather than cut. This damages nails in the long term.

The Type of the nail clipper is something that must be decided according to what the tool will be used for. Is the nail clipper to be used for fingernails, toenails, thickened nails, false nails or men’s or women’s nails? Once this has been decided, it is easier to buy the right kind of nail clipper.

Brand Name can be a crucial issue for people who have faith in a particular brand.

Price is also a deciding factor as most people already know how much they are willing to spend on a particular item. Others will be guided by reviews on a trusted website. If an item is being purchased for the first time, then reading Reviews can sometimes be the best way to go.

In conclusion, a nail clipper is something that everyone needs. It’s sign of good self-esteem to have neatly groomed, clean fingernails. From the least expensive to the most expensive, there is sure to be a nail clipper on the market that suits the needs of most men and women.