One of the essential things in life right now is the computer mouse. There is nothing that you can do on a computer without requiring this. It is imperative, therefore, to make sure that you do take care of this so that you do not need to replace it every once in a while as this can be expensive on you. This is where the mousepad comes in. This is what will guarantee that your mouse is well taken care of and there won’t be any glitches anytime soon.

Movement of the mouse is made way better and accurate as opposed to just using it on a table’s surface or as most people do, on their laps.

What is A Mousepad?

Despite it being on of the most useful computer accessories out there, a lot of people tend to ignore it, and juts watch their mouse damage away by using it on the surface of a table or whatever they use it on. This, therefore, triggers the question, what is a mousepad?

It is the surface that is used for placing as well as moving a computer’s mouse.

What it essentially does is enhancing the usability of the mouse as opposed to directly setting it on a table and using it. This surface provides better and accurate movement that is free of any jitter, therefore making your experience on your computer even the smoother.

Others will even go the extra mile of ensuring that your wrist is also comfortable if you are going to be using the mouse for a long time. The history of the mousepad dates as far back as the invention of the mouse itself, but its widespread use didn’t catch on until 1982.

There are so many types of mousepads on the market right now, and the design is mostly related to the function that you will use the mouse for. These various kinds will enable the mouse to overcome any jitter that is caused by surfaces that cause erratic movement of the cursor on the screen of the computer.

What the surface of the mousepad does is get rid of this kind of jitter in a precise way so that you can have a more functional and great experience on your computer. The materials that a mousepad is made of are mostly rubber composites that have a lesser density and fabric that is added to the upper surface. The mousepads that are used by gamers are mostly made of plastic, aluminum, glass or fibers that are very high tech.

Benefits of using a mousepad over a regular surface

Although technology is becoming better and the need for a mousepad dwindles, there is no denying the fact that this is an essential accessory that one needs. Over the years, the need for this has gone down as the various computer manufacturers have increased the level of technology behind their mice. This is not to say that the mousepad has no advantages over the regular surface still.

People pay up to $ just for a mousepad, which might be ridiculous but if you want better performance than the one the computer manufacturer promises then this is what you need. Below are some of these benefits.

– Higher speed of the mouse

If you are a gamer or someone who uses their computer for something that is high tech, then you need your mouse to work at its optimal speed. This will enable you to efficiently deliver results quicker that at the same time have the same precision that is needed. The Higher speed that is matched by accuracy as well is something that anyone is looking for with their computer and that is where the mousepad comes in to achieve this.

– More precision of the mouse

There is nothing better than having a mouse that can give you very accurate results. This sometimes can’t be achieved by any other ordinary surface as you will need to drag your mouse around a bit before it can get to the point that you want.

This is one of the core functions of the invention of the mousepads. It is the oldest benefits of the mousepads and despite the level of technology that improves with mice; there won’t be a surface that can make a mouse more precise than this.

– Comfortable for you

You must know how tiresome it can be for your w to be resting on a solid surface for a long time if you are the type to sit around a computer all day. This can even have health problems for your hand in the long run as it is not recommended at all. The mousepad, however, makes the surface that your wrists will be resting on way comfortable so that you can avoid any risks to your hand.

– Increases the longevity of the mouse

Using your mouse on any ordinary surface can have very adverse effects on your mouse, and that is why you need the mousepad to make sure that it is always safe. It will decrease any harm that the surface you use it on may be having on the mouse. If there is any spillage of any liquid or anything that might be of potential harm to the mouse, the mouse pad will eliminate this.

How to clean a mousepad

As a mousepad takes care of the longevity and accuracy of your mouse, it also needs to be taken care of so that the results do not deteriorate over time as the dirt builds up. Below is a step by step guide on how you can successfully clean your mouse.

– You first need to check what material your mousepad is composed of.

– Clean according to what the mousepad’s surface consists of so if it is fabric, then rub gently using a washcloth or rug that is moist. You can also use a bit of shampoo. If the mouse pad is covered by plastic, just use a cloth or sponge and any household cleaner that you have.

– Then you need to rinse thoroughly the cleaner off the mousepad.

– The outside of the mousepad can just be patted dry.

– The final step is to let the mousepad dry well before you can use it again.

10. VIPAMZ® Ergonomic Mouse pad with Wrist SupportVIPAMZ® Ergonomic Mouse pad with Wrist Support


The silicone filling of the gel wrist is better than most gel wrists – it forms over the natural pattern of your wrist over time. The cloth surface provides high accuracy and precision for your mouse tracking. It is a compact mouse pad, which while might not be great for some users is great for business workers that are constantly on the go and still want that added support on a new desk or table.


· Designed for travel

· Ergonomically designed

· Non-slip grip base

· Thick gel wrist


· size suited for gaming or graphic design

9. 3M Precise Mouse Pad with Non-Skid Backing and Battery Saving Design3M Precise Mouse Pad with Non-Skid Backing and Battery Saving Design


This foam mouse pad improves your mouse’s accuracy significantly like most well-designed pads. But what really makes it unique is what it can do for those who own a wireless mouse. The design of this pad allows the mouse to draw less current from the pad, extending the life up to 50%


· Sleek design

· Non-slip grip base

· Extends wireless mouse battery life


· Unique texture might take time to get used to

8. Mouse pads 9in X 7.5in Personality Desings Gaming Mouse Pad StyleMouse pads 9in X 7.5in Personality Desings Gaming Mouse Pad Style


The biggest selling point of the Personality mouse pads is in the designs. There are loads to choose from, all running from serene to bouncy. Now as far as functionality you’ll get some of the ones that are common in standard mouse pads. It is made with a cloth surface that boosts tracking performance that’s great for precise tracking. The rubber back sticks to most surfaces. If you are adding a cute piece to your computer setup than this can be a good option.


· Optical mouse-friendly

· Available in many designs

· Long-lasting colors and images


· Edges tend to fray

7. PECHAM Extended Gaming Mouse Pad Large Mouse Mat Waterproof Mouse padPECHAM Extended Gaming Mouse Pad Large Mouse Mat Waterproof Mouse pad


This is a massive pad with a lot of quality spread to it. The XXL sized (about 2.5-feet long) mouse pad can fit most of your desk items underneath it, or is a great option for pure gaming and graphic design. It is 3mm thick for added flexibility. The Lycra fabric surface provides an outstanding glide for your mouse across the pad. The edges are stitched tightly so that it prevents damage or warping.


· Ultra-smooth surface

· Anti-fray frame

· Extremely large size

· Thin design


· Picks up dirt easy

6. Corsair Gaming MM300 Anti-Fray Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad, ExtendedCorsair Gaming MM300 Anti-Fray Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad


For hardcore gamers with a serious need to up the precision of their high-DPI mouse, the MM300 Anti-Fray is designed for them. The textile-weave cloth surface is made for an accuracy so great your targeting will be decided by the pixels and tracking is barely a problem. Other mouse pads peel off but this one has reinforced edges to stop fraying. Unlike most pads, it’s very long – 3 ft. x 1 ft. – which makes it work really well under your keyboard or laptop


· No-fray edges

· High-accuracy cloth surface

· Extended size

· Flexible


· Can be difficult to clean due to size

· Not meant for small desks

5. Innovera Mouse Pad with Gel Wrist PadInnovera Mouse Pad with Gel Wrist Pad


Unlike many other mousepads it does not use cloth, so water and sweat bounces off it easily. Dust is easier to clean off it as well. The material creates a surface that makes for great tracking. It stays put on any surface. The soft gel rest helps you complete your work or play with supreme comfort on your wrist. The gel rest keeps the wrist at a neutral position that’s great for people with arthritis.


· Non-slip grip base

· Stain and water resistant

· Helps against pressure points


· Wrist sticks with moisture

4. Galaxy Customized Rectangle Non-Slip Rubber Mouse pad Gaming Mouse Pad SunshineMP-311Galaxy Customized Rectangle Non-Slip Rubber Mouse pad Gaming Mouse Pad SunshineMP-311


For an astronomical change from the simple mouse pad, here’s a look at one that’s visually stunning. This cool-looking pad is covered by a smooth cloth that’s perfect for high-paced gaming. Then there’s of course the galaxy design – swaths of blue and purple over a black starry background. Even with that gorgeous cosmic look you’ll still get enough tracking performance out of it that you really will feel like it’s out of this world.


· Sleek cloth surface

· Vibrant galaxy image

· Non-slip grip base


· Small pad size for extensive graphic design

· Sides can fray easily

3. Belkin 8″x9″ Mouse PadBelkin 8"x9" Mouse Pad


Belkin created a very simple, no-frills pad with a smooth, durable surface that helps keep any mouse stay as accurate as possible. It’s also an excellent pad for a response time. It is easy to carry due to its thickness and size. The quality jersey material and rubber back give it comfort and grip. This is a great pad for fans of functionality over design.


· Thin design

· Smooth quality cloth surface


· Odd, unpleasant smell from the rubber

2. Black Belkin WaveRest Gel Mouse PadBlack Belkin WaveRest Gel Mouse Pad


This pad does provide a solid level of that much-needed wrist ergonomic support. The GelFlex rest gives you a wide range of hand positioning that also feels comfortable. The WaveRest has an optimal level of surface area that’s so smooth your mouse will move while browsing or gaming with superior ease. It’s really well suited for smaller desks. Unfortunately, the rubber back is not something to be desired on your surface.


· Takes up little space

· Smooth surface area


· Gel rest might dip in the middle depending on use

· Sliding rubber back

1. Steelseries Qck Gaming Mouse PadSteelseries Qck Gaming Mouse Pad


Good for both hardcore gamers and graphic designers.It is very useful if you tend you put your mouse on low sensitivity settings. Even with its excellent quality it’s surprisingly worth the price. The XXL size is the biggest mouse pad that Steelseries can offer which might be the best size if you’re a graphic designer. The rubber base gives it a good grip on almost any surface. The top cloth is nice and smooth that can be easily cleaned with a microfiber cloth.


· soft on your hands and wrists,

· non-slip grip base

· no tracking issues with most computer mice


· Depending on mouse sensitivity it might not work for you if you don’t buy the right size.

· It will take a while to flatten after coming out of packaging (it’s rolled up).

· It can pick up on dust easily


The mouse pad you use next to your PC or laptop is more important that you may realize. Over time, your wrist will feel the effects of those daily swipes, so it’s best you look at what the best mouse pads online can offer you. Look at what buyers and users are saying, then pick the one that you’ll soon have resting under your trusty mouse.