Monopods offer one of the best and impressive ways of supporting precision instruments such as video cameras, rifles, fishing rods and even binoculars. Monopods have an incredible use in photography more than any other area. In particular, monopod adds a great addition to any photographic kit. They have the same use as a tripod and can be employed interchangeably. However, a monopod is more ideal for many practical purposes. This means that you can leave the tripod at home and still accomplish your photography objectives. As a matter of fact, the quality of a photographic shot highly depends on the use of a monopod. For instance, when stability is needed yet you want mobility as well as flexibility, you will need a monopod because a tripod won’t work in that case. There are many brands of monopods in our markets today. They come in various sizes, quality as well as prices.

What is a monopod?

A monopod refers to a single staff used for supporting a camera and other cases fishing rod. It is also referred to as Unipod, and it is used to offer support to precision instruments such as cameras, binoculars, rifles. Despite the varied uses of a monopod, it finds great to use behind closed doors and imaging. Typically when one hears of a monopod, the first thing that clings onto their mind is the monopod of a camera. Even though the primary purpose of using a camera stand is to provide support and stability, monopod offers a unique way of doing that.

Unlike the tripod, the monopod provides incredible support by giving more balance and control of the camera than what would be possible when shooting by hand. So, to understand better what a monopod entails, you’ve to know the differences between it and a tripod. Firstly, a monopod is ideally used to support a camera whereas a tripod is used to stabilize the camera. Secondly, a monopod consists of one pole and can’t be used freestanding, but a tripod has three poles and can use free standing. So, a monopod isn’t ideal for long exposure, but a tripod is perfect for extended exposure. That said, it doesn’t mean that a tripod is better than a monopod. In fact, many professional photographers prefer monopods to tripods.

What are the advantages of monopods?

Despite the fact that most of the professional photographers have both a monopod and tripod in their kit, it is a mere fact that a monopod offer uncountable benefits over tripods. Research has shown that monopods are a reliable technique of deepening your knowledge of the field and focusing on your object. Also, they are the most universal and widely used. This means that it is easy to use and repair. Another factor that makes monopods an excellent choice worth of your money is the versatility. Monopods can be utilized in a broad range of applications such as wildlife, sports, action as well as travel photography. To cut the story short, monopods are ideally used in any photography where the camera needs stability while still offering excellent flexibility and ease of movement. So, here are the advantages of using monopods.

Advantages of monopods

It enables the shooting of smoother videos

Use of a monopod ensures that the camera’s movement is minimized. As a result, you avoid the formation of blurred that may arise from the magnification of camera movements associated with the handheld shooting.

Monopods have an easy setup

Monopods have few components to connect. It is made up of a telescopic pole and a connection plate. Therefore, you will only need to extend the pole to the correct position, secure it in place and then attach the connection – plate to the camera and the monopod. Besides, some monopods have a quick release connection plate that allows easy connection and disconnection from the camera and the monopod. This feature is ideal for outdoor excursions and while on the move. On the other hand, monopods require no leveling or stabilizing, all you have to do is to mount it and start shooting right away.

They are perfect for on the go photography

This form of photography abbreviated as OTG refers to photography that is done when you are traveling. OTG is one of the most adored forms of photography because it can capture pictures at the moment without having to wait for the favorable time to appear, as other types of photography require. The merit of this feature is that a photographer has all the chances of capturing all unique scenery without wasting time. Unlike the tripods, a simple monopod is easy to carry and set up enabling the photographer to take advantage of the unique situation he/she is presented. Also, monopods provide the necessary support to capture crystal clear image without any hassles.

Monopods are easy to transport and useful in tight spaces

Modern monopods are usually made of carbon fiber and hence lightweight. Also, they have a sleek and a slim design that allows them to be used in tight places. It is far lighter than a tripod and usually made of a telescopic pole that can be retracted when not in use. Their slim design makes them ideal for shooting in confined or crowded spaces. Their OTG feature makes the monopod for great adventurers who are looking for an outstanding photographic shot.

They offer an excellent way to support the camera

Shooting while holding the camera by hand, can result in shaking and ultimately reducing the image quality. But, a monopod can help you take high-quality images as it provides a secure support to your camera. It acts as an image stabilization system. When using a monopod, a photographer can take impressive snaps using low shutter speed. This is something pretty hard to achieve when holding the camera by hand. Besides, monopods allow a photographer to capture movement shots with ease and precision. So, it is ideal for shooting sporting events, racing or wildlife movement.

How to choose monopods

If photography is just more than a hobby to you, you will have to consider buying the best monopod. However, there are certain features and factors you must take into account. These are:

The material

There are typically three options to choose. These include aluminum, basalt fiber, and carbon fiber. These materials are quite different regarding affordability, portability, durability among other factors. Aluminum is the most widely used as it is inexpensive and lightweight. Therefore, it is ideal for first-time users. Another incredible material is the basalt fiber, made from a variety of materials but a bit cheaper than the carbon fiber. The best material for a monopod as well as the tripod is the carbon fiber. It is not only portable but also durable and easy to maintain.


You should consider buying a monopod that delivers stability in all situations. Also, it should offer firm support to the camera and provide stability on all grounds.

Portability and weight capacity

These two factors complement each other to form a solid monopod for traveling. So, before buying a monopod, you should first examine the weight capacity which will, in turn, determine the portability of your device.

Height and adjustability

Different shooting needs require different heights. So, depending on the particular use, you will have to get a monopod that has excellent height adjustability.

Regardless of your video or photo capturing needs, having the best monopoly ensures secure support for your camera. It ensures you take great pictures and capture smooth videos. So, a monopod is an investment that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Best Monopod In 2017

10. The 3 Monopod StickThe 3 Monopod Stick

If you are a photographer, you must know that stability is essential in photography. Stability is very important especially when you take pictures when there is too little light or at night. A reliable monopod can help you do the trick and take the best pictures with little effort.

To start off our review is the 3 Way Monopod Stick. This monopod is a great option for those on a limited budget. The 3-way monopod comes in a 3 in 1 design that feels sturdy and reliable. This Selfie stick can be used as an extension arm on a GoPro camera, camera grip and a tripod for shooting in a variety of angles.

The folding arm feature enables you to take perfect selfie shots without the mount of that you might interfere with the photo while the arm grip feature can be used as a mounting pole for follow-cam footage or for immersive POV. The best feature here is the lightweight mini tripod that can either be used together with the accompanying handle to form different shapes or by itself hence giving best results.

In addition, the 3 Way Monopod has a waterproof design and is portable, can be folded into a pocket size fully extended up to 20 inches and can collapse to 7.5″ (19 cm). In addition to its great features, this monopod is can interact easily with various GoPro cameras such as the 4 3+ 3 2 SJ4000 5000 6000…etc.


A handgrip, additional tripod adapter stand not needed

Waterproof construction

It is a 3 in 1

Multi-functional monopod design

can be extended from 7.5 to 20 inches


Might be difficult to handle some heavy GoPro weight

9. AmazonBasics Extending Stick with Remote Housing for GoProAmazonBasics Extending Stick with Remote Housing for GoPro

Are you looking for a monopod that takes your photo capabilities and GoPro filming to the next level? The handy AmazonBasics GoPro remote pole can do this for you. This monopod simply creates some distance between you and the camera giving you a new light on the world around you.

The AmazonBasics GoPro features a remote pole with an integrated housing that is secured above the handle for the placement of a Wi-Fi remote device. The housing consists of a clear and durable casing that protects the device while at the same time ensures easy visibility and a quick access. This monopod also features a direct attachment for any GoPro camera and an 180-degree swivel that enables the remote when adjusting a shot to the right angle.

In addition, to its swivel feature, the AmazonBasics GoPro camera has a waterproof design hence, it can be used under any weather, in snow, rain and even when surfing. The AmazonBasics camera tops our expectations by being conveniently lightweight, yet durable and extendable. This monopod can be extended from 14.8 inches to 38.2 inches by simply rotating the segments to make them loose and tightening them up when the desired length is achieved. This monopod is one of the best in the markets because, in addition to its functional and useful features, the monopod pole can accommodate most of the GoPro cameras in the market today.


Includes adjustable wrist strap and carabiner

Built-in Wi-Fi-remote housing

Direct attachment for any GoPro camera

Functional extension

Ease of use

An array of functional features


The nut holding the clamp at the top is not secured to the stick

8. Shineda Monopode pole SD-208Shineda Monopode pole SD-208

Shineda offers a handy telescopic monopod for any GoPro owners on a tight budget. This GoPro telescopic monopod is made out of anodized aluminum making it lightweight and at the same time durable. This monopod measures 36’’ when extended and 11’’ when un-extended hence it easily portable. It features 4 sections with an additional twist lock system.

Thanks to its built-in GoPro adapter, this GoPro monopod has the ability to mount your camera directly. Other than that, the GoPro hero 4 selfie stick is equipped with a ¼’’ screw hole wrist strap on the bottom that makes mounting of the stable tripods easy.


It is a pole for, Hero2, Hero 3, Hero 3+, Hero 4, Hero 4 GoPro session.

A lightweight GoPro handheld durable monopod

Easy to use Monopode

Aluminum matte anodized alloy stick is stable


Maybe flimsy and wiggle

7. GoRad Gear Monopode CamerasGoRad Gear Monopode Cameras

The GoRad Gear Monopode (Selfie stick suitable for GoPro) Cameras, Waterproof, Pole Extends 17-40 Inches, Aluminum Tripod Mount and Thumb Screw, Nylon Carry Bag has a myriad of features that beg to be raved about.

This monopod features sturdy structure, built to withstand extreme activities, this monopod is made from anodized aluminum tubing and comes with a CNC aluminum thumb screw as well as an aluminum GoPro compatible tripod mount. It also features a twist locking system that allows you to easily adjust the pole from its original 17’ to 40’’. This means that this monopod is suitable for a variety of filming activities.

This selfie monopod stick is made from waterproof materials that can resist getting wet due to adverse weather conditions making it a perfect choice for outdoor activities. This Monopode for GoPro comes with nylon tote pouch bag for you to carry the selfie stick conveniently. In addition to all its endearing features, this monopod comes with a 100% lifetime guarantee on any manufacturing defects you might find for anytime you want.


Features unique angles and points of view

Durable and lightweight

A bonus nylon carrier bag

Twist locking system with an easily adjustable length

Lifetime guarantee


Made from rust-resistant anodized aluminum


Not portable

6. Go pro the Handler Go pro the Handler

The GoPro Handler (GoPro Official Mount) (Floating Hand Grip) helps you capture the best selfies, follow cam footage or POV film. Its buoyant handgrip features make it easy to control and stabilize your camera making it easy for you to aim the frame and camera for perfect shots every time.

The GoPro the handler is a great option for anyone serious about photography as it comes with a variety of useful features. For starters, this monopod increases stability helping you capture steadier footage compared to holding the camera by hand, it is designed with a comfortable handler that secures your grip, and the handler comes in handy when aiming by making aiming your camera easy to capture perfect shots in a variety of angles.

In addition, this monopod has a sleek waterproof design to 33’ (10m) that captures immersive POV footage making it perfect for outdoor activities, thus, you don’t have to worry about water ruining it as you take your shots. Other than that, this tool comes with a variety of additional accompaniments such as a GoPro thumb screw wrench, this screw wrench doubles as a bottle opener while more importantly, it provides greater security for your camera while in use.

This model floats any GoPro camera with a Battery BacPac, or an LCD Touch BacPac attached.


Increases stability

Perfect for watersports

Secure comfortable grip

Floats any GoPro Camera

Comfortable, non-slip construction


The charging mechanism doesn’t automatically turn off the remote when it’s done

5. LimoStudio 2PC MonopodLimoStudio 2PC Monopod Tripod Mount Clip Cell Phone Holder for various iPhone and Samsung Android phones

LimoStudio 2PC Monopod Tripod Mount Clip Cell Phone Holder offers one of the most popular monopods in our list. At the same time, it is also one of the models that can be placed in the inexpensive range of monopod.

This model features an adjustable Monopod/Tripod Mount Cell Phone holder that fits any phone with a width of fewer than 3 inches. It works in two ways either as a monopod or as a tripod to take a picture, it features a ¼’’ screw hole that is mounted on the tripod or monopod to offer a secure grip on the phone.

The best part about this monopod model is that it is compatible with iPhone 5S 5C 5 4S as well as Android Samsung phones, therefore, you don’t have to buy a camera to get the perfect shots, your phone camera can do just fine and with the help of the LimoStudio Monopod, you can count on great photos every time you use it.


Compatible with iPhone 5S 5C 5, 4 and Android Samsung phones

Works as a Monopod and a Tripod

Secure grip

Adjustable Monopod /Tripod holder


The plastic sides are very lightweight

4. Luxebell Selfie Stick Telescopic Pole Pocket Purse Size with Phone Clip HolderLuxebell Selfie Stick Telescopic Pole Pocket Purse Size with Phone Clip Holder

The Luxebell Selfie Stick Telescopic Pole Pocket Purse Size with a holder Phone Clip 5, Session 5, Hero 4/3+/3/2 and Cellphone 6.6″-18.1″ is one of the most popular monopod models there is on the market today. The Luxebell Selfie stick has earned great ratings albeit for good reasons.

This professional grade monopod is one of the smallest Monopod models there is the market. This selfies stick pole stretches from 6.6’’ to 18.1’’ all in one piece without losing a single equipment during extension. Its pocket size enables you to carry around with ease. It is also lightweight, compact and highly durable.

Additionally, this monopod features a rust free aluminum twist and lock construction that ensures the pole remains clean and useable after use in salty or fresh water and yes, this monopod has a waterproof design so you don’t have to worry during outdoor sports activities.

Moreover, this monopod is compatible w/ GoPro & Action Cam & iPhone & Android Smartphones of size 2.36’’- 3,34’’. This monopod comes backed up with the Luxebell Direct Guarantee hence if you are not happy with the results which I doubt you won’t be, you can return it within 30 days of purchase.


Perfect handheld monopod sticks for GoPro Hero, Sony Action Cam, and Smartphone

Lightweight aluminum for easy mobility

Built-in wrist strap prevents monopod from falling from hand

Retractable spiked rubber feet

Twist and lock system


Might get rusty if not wiped of salty water

3. AmazonBasics 67-Inch MonopodAmazonBasics 67-Inch Monopod

This is another versatile and fairly easy to use the handheld monopod. The AmazonBasics 67-Inch Monopod is a lightweight model that provides incredible support and stability when using your camcorder or camera for outdoor activities.

This model features a ¼’’ universal thread mount that supports still cameras, video cameras and scopes up to 6.6lbs. it is also equipped with a four leg section that has an extension of up to 67’’ as well as non-skid rubber foot and retractable metal spikes that offer coverage on a rugged outdoor terrain to keep indoor flooring safe. In addition, this model is made of lightweight aluminum that weighs less than 1 lb yet this Monopod is very durable.

Other than that, this model comes with a tote bag that allows you to carry around and due to its lightweight; you won’t feel like a bother whenever you are looking forward to capturing great photos and footage.


Built in cushion grip

Adjustable wrist strap

Nonskid rubbers

Supports video camera and still cameras

Tote carrying bag



Not best for GoPro cameras and VIRB action cameras

2. Runner up – Dolica WT-1003 67-Inch Lightweight MonopodRunner up - Dolica WT-1003 67-Inch Lightweight Monopod

Our runner up in our review is the Dolica WT-1003 basic monopod that gives you the value for your money. This Monopod is extremely versatile and handy, you can take it with you for any event you like outdoor activities and even water sports activities such as surfing or even swimming. This monopod is eccentrically designed to help you capture stabilized shots every time.

This monopod comes with an array of functional features. For starters, this model is equipped with an NBR foam grip that offers superior comfort throughout your photo-shoot. It also includes a four section leg with the non-skid rubber foot to accommodate high to low angle shots, as well as, flip locks to quickly lower or heighten your Monopod while in use.

The Dolica WT-1003 67-Inch Lightweight Monopod has a built in adjustable wrist strap with an inclusive carrying bag that allows you store and carry around with no hassle. Surprisingly, this Monopod is ultra-lightweight and very easy to set up, it has an aluminum alloy construction that is able to support a camera or camcorder of up to 6.7lbs.

This monopod is a must have equipment that fits all your photography needs while stabilizing your camera or camcorder during any event for perfect shots.


Built-in wrist strap prevents monopod from falling from hand

Lightweight aluminum for easy mobility

Retractable spiked rubber feet

NBR grip on top of monopod for increase handling

Grooved Monopod poles increase structural stability


The top latch may fail to lock

1. Top Monopod – Primos Gen 2 Tall Monopod Trigger Stick, 33-65-InchTop Monopod - Primos Gen 2 Tall Monopod Trigger Stick, 33-65-Inch

If you are looking for a lovely and reliable monopod for your GoPro camera or DSLR camera look no further than the Primos Gen 2 Tall Monopod Trigger Stick, 33-65-Inch.

The Primos Gen 2 Tall Monopod Trigger Stick, 33-65-Inch is one of the most appreciated products on our review mainly because it is designed and equipped with an array of useful and impressive features, unlike any other Monopod. This Primos Gen 3 Tall Mono Pod is triggered with just one hand, it is equipped with a 360 degree rotating and detachable V-yoke which helps adjust the Primos Trigger Stick to the desired height.

The trigger stick is very lightweight with a height-adjustable gun rest and optical gear mount that allows you the chance to pull the trigger and adjust the Monopod to your desired height than with the trigger lock; you can lock the Monopod in place.

Other than that, this Monopod features an improved fluid handle movement and a trigger Stick GEN 2 coating that allows for whisper quiet telescoping leg operation at the pull of a finger not to mention it is designed with strong and lightweight 7075 aluminum legs for easy transport that can support it on any kind of a terrain; it also includes a wrist strap.

The Trigger Stick fits 1/4″-20 & 3/8″-16 threaded fixtures for securing optical gear hence, making it the perfect Monopod for binoculars, laser range finders, spotting scopes, cameras, and almost any other mono pod mountable device. You can rest assured you can never go wrong with the Primos Gen 2 Tall Monopod Trigger Stick, 33-65-Inch.


Adjust from 33″ to 65″

360 degrees rotating V yoke

Improved fluid handle movement

Removable V yoke

Whisper quiet telescoping legs

Trigger lock

Stronger, lighter 7075 aluminum legs for easy carry


Not very handy for extreme activities


To conclude, for our list we selected only the most appreciated models in the market. This means that they offer great features, great price or both. If there is one thing that most of them share it is the fact that they work with all GoPro Hero camera models.