Are you attending a wedding? A masquerade ball? Perhaps the Mardi Gras? And what about Halloween. Then let’s talk masks.

From exquisite Venetian Masquerade Masks to half masks that accent the eyes, these creations are made to wear or to display. Many have been glitter accented while others have been decorated with brocade trim. Many of them have been made as one off creations while others will be purchased to display upon walls in homes and boutiques. On some masks you’ll find a gem located at the top of the forehead and on others, there will be a gorgeous arrangement of ostrich feathers or slender plumes that sprout from the top of the mask. Measurements are generally 13″ x 8″ which is a comfortable, universal fit and all materials are of either a combination of resin and polyester or metal or plastic. All have been structured for maximum comfort.

We’ve chosen the Top 10 from many creations and have provided all the details to give you the best opportunity to attain your mask that will ensure you will enjoy an event you will never forget.


1. Coxeer Butterfly Metal Lady Masquerade Mask

Coxeer Butterfly Metal Lady Masquerade Mask


A beautifully, handmade, metal mask constructed entirely in black laser cut metal is the Pièce de Résistance. An intricate butterfly wing shrouds the left eye giving the wearer a mysterious appeal. The mask is sturdy and sits comfortably upon your face revealing your make up through a carefully created eye opening. Rhinestones have been strategically placed over one eye opening lending the wearer a touch of class. All embellishments have been glued to ensure timeless stability and are finished without flaws. You can rest assured there will be no flaking of any coating or paint and the finish is top quality. The mask fits very well as it is made to a One Size fits all women.

2. Swan Metal Filigree Laser Cut Venetian Masquerade Mask

Swan Metal Filigree Laser Cut Venetian Masquerade Mask


For the swan lovers, as with the butterfly wing, this laser cut masquerade mask has been created from the finest metal of a pliable nature that is a joy to wear. The eye opening is large enough to be seen out of with ease and the mask may be hand washed to retain its vitality. It is all of quality material and will not lose its vibrant color. The paint finish remains on the mask not on your face and is made to the One Size fits Most measurement. Adorned with Czech Preciosa rhinestones it is a light weight mask of superior quality that can be adjusted for a better fit.

3. Luxury Princess Venetian Masquerade Mask

Luxury Princess Venetian Masquerade Mask


For the princess in every woman, this intricate design is a very pretty mask to wear to the party, the costume ball and or the prom. Made in the one size, it will fit almost every woman who can wear it without worry. It is nicely contoured to the face and secured with ties at the back of the head. The mask does not contain nickels so those who are nickel intolerant or who suffer from allergies, can wear this mask with confidence. A full two-eyed mask with openings that do not impede vision, it lends itself with an air of mystery and your make-up is never hidden.

4. Venetian Goddess Masquerade Mask

Venetian Goddess Masquerade Mask


Created from a clever mixture of Resin and Paper Mache this beautifully made mask is a one size fits all that is perfect for the Mardi Gras, a wedding or a masquerade ball. Created to bewitch, it is secured with two silk ribbons. Adorned with macrame lace and rhinestones, it is finished in ‘crackle’ design gold acrylic paint. A stunning creation with accents and intricate placement of gems, the quality is excellent and would enhance any face. The craftmanship is top quality and the mask itself is unique and very pretty in its design.

5. RedSkyTrader Feathers and Lace

RedSkyTrader Feathers and Lace


There is something magical about feathers and lace and this mask is an exception to the rule. Made from paper mache, it has been adorned with delicate lace and strategically placed feathers. It has a lace crown from which a generous amount of plumage sprouts and has been finished with an equally generous painted design around the eyes and brows. It will fit most women and is finished in a subtle shade of vintage gold that has been highlighted with off white tones.

6. Stunning Spanish Peacock Feather Mask

Stunning Spanish Peacock Feather Mask


Franco has created this quality made the mask from plastic with metallic covered eye openings. Contoured to fit the face, this incredibly beautiful creation gives the wearer supreme comfort. It is composed of a one size fits all and is secured to the back of the head by a double elastic band. Adorned with Spanish peacock feathers, the mask is red with gold detail. It offers an array of blood red feathers and strategic beading around the eyes that creates definition to the overall look. Finished with a gold accent and red ribbons cascading from  bejeweled flower petals fastened at the side, it measures approximately 13 x 12 inches. If you’re looking forward to attending a masquerade ball, you can go undetected in this beautiful, historic half mask.

7. Filigree Phantom Half Eye Mask

Filigree Phantom Half Eye Mask


A gloss metal filigree creates this half eye mask. Sporting red and black rhinestones upon the laser cut mask, it is surprisingly light weight and is decorated with two black silk ribbon ties. More of an open weave design, it will enhance the wearer’s eye makeup and give the entire costume an echo of mystery. The eye openings are generous and will furnish the wearer with full unimpeded vision whilst accentuating her makeup. This is a unique creation that has been given an air of naughtiness whilst at the same time accentuating the sexy side. Mysterious and alluring, created in stunning quality and a beautiful creation; it is a joy to own.

8. Lace gold Venetian Mask

Lace gold Venetian Mask


A half mask that has been carefully beaded around each eye. This mask has been made to fit and forms around the face with a little self-molding. Wearable by anyone with its typical measurements it is a gorgeous design that is heavily beaded with a smattering of stiffened lace on the outer perimeter. It is of high quality material and perfect for the next Halloween party or masquerade ball. Finished with a single gold lily, it is a stunning creation to compliment any costume.

9. Feather Topped Masquerade Mask

Feather Topped Masquerade Mask


This is an elegant gold base upon which filigree trim has been added to enhance the single white rhinestone which sits center stage upon the forehead of the mask. Tinted with black and gold paint, the glitter has been carefully added to each eye to create an illusion of mystery. Topped with black ostrich feathers that tower above the head, it is a sight to behold and can be worn by every woman and secured at back by two black silk ribbons.

10. Elegant White Wedding Venetian Mask

Elegant White Wedding Venetian Mask


This mask is the ultimate for a stunning wedding. Carefully created by hand from eco-friendly materials, it keeps its shape and is a comfortable fit for any woman who wants to take the breath right out of her husband to be. Finished in white matt, it has been decorated with tiny diamante rhinestones and consummated with silk ribbons. The white silk ribbons enhance this elegant yet simple mask that adds class to this beautiful piece. The eyes are easy to see out of and are extremely pretty on. This mask flatters the face and is sturdy ensuring flawless wear ability which is important on your wedding day.

The pros and cons of Masquerade Masks For Women

There are always pros and a few cons to point out with these masks. In fact, with any mask that covers the eyes, eyes need room to see and some masks have been created without that consideration.

Another con is the consideration of false eyelashes that some ladies love to wear as an enhancement to their makeup. False eyelashes do not do well behind a mask and given the amount of room between the face and the mask, your own lashes are sufficient.

But as expected, the pros definitely outweigh the cons. With careful selection and keeping in mind what your costume will be, consider your hairstyle and note that an updo will probably not tolerate the opulence of filigree. With all those little curves and elegant spirals, it is suggested that the mask not be removed once it is fitted, lest the up do become a disastrous down do.

What to consider when buying Masquerade Masks For Women

Although most masks stipulate a one size fits all measurement, try to research or ask as many questions as possible before purchase and include questions that refer to the eye holes. After all, the glamorous, most bewitching mask is not going to be as appreciated if it has to be left on the table because you can’t see.

Regardless of what style you prefer, all masks are beautifully crafted and the workmanship in each is remarkable. Most of the masks have a variety of ‘molding’ ability that gives the wearer the opportunity to mold the mask around her face to find a comfortable position. Each has its own unique personality and yours will be enhanced by the breathtaking detail, the adornment and the quality of the stones used upon each. Comfort is the main objective and with this in mind, your questions and research will be well rewarded.

Whether it be a prom, a masquerade ball, a decidedly different wedding or the Mardi Gras, your mask will reflect your own uniqueness and personality. Together it is an investment that will buoy your confidence and complete your stunning costume.