Since the 15th-century, masquerade balls have been a past time enjoyed by high society, giving excited guests an air of mystique and anonymity. Luckily, the masquerade ball can now be enjoyed by anyone and everyone, thanks to the ease of which masquerade masks are available.

Many masks out there are over the top, extravagant and somewhat camp, so many men do not feel particularly comfortable wearing them. Luckily there are also a number of more male-suited masquerade masks which enhance masculinity, giving the wearer a look of cool, brooding mystery.

This selection of masquerade masks for men, which features various different types and designs, are all smart and sleek – making the wearer look strong, powerful and macho.

10. Unpainted Bauta Mask

Unpainted Bauta Mask


This authentic looking mask is based on those worn in eighteenth-century Venice, which were purposely made to be somewhat grotesque. The resin mask is unpainted, so it could either be customized by its wearer or simply worn as it is to create a chilling, exciting and more historically accurate masquerade look.

9. Phantom of the Opera Venetian Mask

Phantom of the Opera Venetian Mask


This Phantom of the Opera mask is made of an eco-friendly and lightweight material. It boasts an unusual design meant to suggest the mask is old or cracked, which gives it a slightly creepy and some what disturbing appearance. The gold swirling detailing adds an attractive and ornate edge which is sure to get people’s attention.

8. CharlyZhou’s Gothic Skull Mask

CharlyZhou’s Gothic Skull Mask


This intricate skull-styled mask gives its wearer a dark and sinister air, so it would be perfect for someone wanting to really stand out at a masquerade ball. The decorative mask is made of metal and resin, and wouldn’t look out of place at a high-end fashion show or a creepy Halloween ball.

7. Silver Glitter Half Mask

Silver Glitter Half Mask


This half mask is made of high-quality plastic and is beautifully decorated with eco-friendly materials. The mask features an intricate swirled designed made of black and silver glitter, and it would look particularly elegant if worn with a black suit or tuxedo. The black design on the “nose” of the mask is particularly clever, as it is somehow simultaneously subtle and eye-catching.

6. Musical Half Mask

Musical Half Mask


Perhaps inspired by the infamous Phantom of the Opera, this cool mask only properly covers the left half of the face, and features an interesting “decayed” crack effect as well as a musical note motif. The mask also has a purple patch decorated with a black design, adding to the chaos and opulence of this sensational mask.

5. Loftus International Reflective Masquerade Half Mask

Loftus International Reflective Masquerade Half Mask


This half mask only covers the eyes of the wearer, affording them anonymity without covering too much of the face. The sequin design adds a touch of cool glamour to the mask without being too over the top, as the sequins used on the majority of the mask are of a darker and more subdued color. This well-made mask is held in place by a subtle black ribbon.

4. Gold Casanova Masquerade Mask

Gold Casanova Masquerade Mask


As any fashionista will tell you, less is more. So this simple gold theatrical mask – inspired by famous lothario Casanova – is the ultimate way to make a statement without trying too hard. The mask is cut in a way which complements facial structure, and is lined with a soft fabric to increase the comfort of the wearer.

3. Coofit Retro Roman Gladiator Mask

Coofit Retro Roman Gladiator Mask


This is one of few masks on this list to take advantage of bright colors, pairing silver with a cool and crisp light blue. The two colors entwine in the middle of the mask to create an interesting and eye-catching spiral design, and silver also creeps into the swirls on the blue half of the mask. This thick plastic mask is very light and durable.

2. Vintage Gold Roman/Venetian Mask

Vintage Gold Roman/Venetian Mask


Though its only name checks Rome and Venice this stunning mask is also very reminiscent of the opulent Byzantine Empire, with its flourishes of mythical creatures above each eye hole and a Medusa-like creature stood proudly atop the mask’s center. This high-quality resin mask is sure to make its wearer stand out at any party, and the gold would look especially striking when paired with black colored clothes.

1. Venetian Silver and Black Beaded Mask

Venetian Silver and Black Beaded Mask


This unusual mask is made from hard plastic and features black and white beads which hang down about 3 inches from the mask. This special feature further hides the face but allows easy access to the mouth for eating, drinking, and so on. The black and white swirling designed is highlighted by silver glitter, though this should not put you off; rather than being feminine it adds a kind of magic to the mask, which looks particularly great when it catches the light. The mask will fit most adults and is also available in a number of different colours.

Top Ten Best Masquerade Masks For Women Review

The list talks about the wildly varying designs of each mask – which range from creepy and mysterious to cool and suave – and the benefits of each of these designs. As the list shows, there are a number of different types of masks available for purchase, and these are likely to appeal to different types of men who will be attending varying types of themed events. Therefore the list makes sure to highlight the huge variety of masquerade masks for men.