Makeup is an absolute necessity for most ladies. In order to ensure that they apply and use makeup to highlight their best features, most ladies use a mirror. They know that nothing is half as bad as for making up gone wrong.

It is an undeniable fact that make up is a double-edged sword- it can enhance or completely ruin your appearance. While an ordinary mirror does a commendable job at aiding ladies to wear their makeup correctly, makeup mirrors are the ultimate choice for someone who wants to have flawless makeup.

What is the Makeup Mirror?

As the name suggests, these are mirrors that are specifically made for the purposes of makeup application. They have some special features that set them apart from ordinary mirrors. These features include having inbuilt lighting, having a stand and some also have magnification properties.

Advantages of using a makeup mirror

Because most makeup mirrors usually have a stand, it frees up one’s hands when they are applying makeup. That is a huge relief for you who wear makeup, as you will certainly appreciate the use of both hands when putting your makeup on.

The use of both hands also affords you more precision and control of your makeup tools all of which contribute to a much better final look.

Secondly, because most makeup mirrors have one side that has a magnification mirror, it allows you to better see what you are doing.

With such a mirror, the chances of making errors when wearing makeup are significantly lowered. These mirrors help you wear makeup that requires great accuracy with ease- such as the tricky eyeliner or lip liner. However, if you do not fancy wearing your makeup using a magnification mirror, you can always use the other side of your special makeup mirror that does not magnify your face.

Different Types of Makeup Mirrors

Make up mirrors have special qualities that make them stand out from ordinary mirrors. While there are mirrors that have one special outstanding quality, there are some that have a combination of these properties. Basically, make up mirrors are categorized according to the special features that they have.

There are mirrors that have magnification properties, often with one side having the magnification mirror and the other having a normal mirror. Others have built-in lighting, which can either be incandescent, fluorescent or LED lighting.

Mirrors that have these inbuilt bulbs are of particular help to those who do not have the luxury of exposure to natural light when putting their makeup on. Makeup mirrors also vary greatly in size, from those that need to be installed on walls to those that can be carried in your purse.

How to Choose a Makeup Mirror

1. Magnification

When it comes to wearing make-up, precision is everything. One cannot overemphasize just how much a makeup error can detract from your appearance. It is for this reason that many makeup mirrors normally have a magnification mirror on one side.

These mirrors usually use convex glasses in order to enlarge and bring images to sharp focus, thus giving you the liberty of seeing your face much better.

Mirrors vary in the degree of magnification they offer users. Generally, most mirrors range between a *3 and a *5 magnification, although you can get those of remarkably higher magnification.

These mirrors are particularly helpful to those who have eyesight problems, because as many will tell you, trying to wear your makeup without your glasses on is a daunting task, to say the least.

In fact, often times, most just hope that they are wearing their makeup correctly, and are usually disappointed when they find out that that is not the case. But this does not have to be your predicament- with magnifying makeup mirrors, you will be able to clearly see exactly what you are doing on your face with your makeup, and are much more likely to be pleased with the end result.

2. Size

As you go about choosing a makeup mirror, it is important that you consider the size of the mirror in question.

To determine the appropriate size of the mirror, first consider where you intend to store, mount or install the mirror. You do not want to buy a wall mirror that cannot be mounted on your bedroom wall simply because there is no space for it.

It is also inadvisable to buy a mirror that should be placed on any surface that is too high or too low for your comfort. Remember, wearing your make up when straining to see your face in the mirror will do your face no good; it will, in fact, contribute significantly to errors made when beautifying your face.

3. Price

Makeup mirrors are sold at different prices, often depending on the quality of the mirror in question. Can mirrors have low or high quality, you ask?

Yes, they can, and especially makeup mirrors. The quality of makeup mirrors often depends on how well they are able to counter common problems that users experience when using them. One common issue with mirrors, and especially magnification mirrors, is that of distortion.

High-quality mirrors are made using a process that greatly minimizes distortion, thus making it much easier for you to apply your makeup.

When it comes to buying a makeup mirror, there is no need to drain your pockets, but this by no means implies that you should just take the first mirror you come along. Try to strike a balance between quality and what you can comfortably afford as you choose a makeup mirror.

4. Lighting

Most makeup mirrors have some inbuilt lighting of some kind or other. Some of the most common lighting technologies used in makeup mirrors are LED, incandescent and fluorescent lights.

Among the three, LED lighting is arguably the best. This is because it is just about the closest you can get to natural light, which is the ideal light you should use when wearing makeup. Incandescent lighting is faulty as there is a huge difference between what you see when you use that light and when you use daylight.

Fortunately, though, LED lighting is rising in popularity among makeup mirrors manufacturers, so you should have an easy time finding such a mirror.
That mirrors are essential as you wear your makeup is an undeniable fact. Try makeup mirrors today in order to enhance your makeup wearing experience, and you will certainly appreciate the difference that these mirrors make.

10. Next Generation Makeup MirrorNext Generation Makeup Mirror


See yourself in the best light, because under dim lighting makeup colors can fool you. Fortunately, WanEway company has brought you a lasting solution, this makeup mirror from them features bright LEDs in 4000 to 5000K color temperature thus allowing you to get a clean and bright reflection.
I like this mirror as its high-tech, it features step-less dimming technology not forgetting the intelligent memory function that makes it cute than ever before. To adjust the LED brightness simply touch on the sensor switch. This mirror allows you to see clear details of mascara, eyeliner, eyebrows and so on.
It features 360 degrees free rotation to ensure you are ready for a close-up.
•    It’s big enough to be used for grooming and makeup.
•    It’s high-tech.
•    Features a warranty of 1year six months.
•    It features a versatile portable design.
•    None.

9. Wireless Touch Activated Makeup Mirror Wireless Touch Activated Makeup Mirror


Just as the name suggests this makeup mirror features touch-activated features to offer natural light. By a simple touch, the LED vanity mirror offers brightness, softly diffused light that is gentle on your eyes than any other ordinary mirror out there.
Another incredible feature about this makeup mirror is that you can magnify it up to 7x   to easily see your whole face without having to get too close. This wireless mirror is one of the best makeup mirrors that has been able to keep up with technology as it’s powered by AAA batteries making it easy to carry it anywhere. Additionally, you can fix this mirror anywhere whether on marble, glass or acrylic in addition to that it tilts and swivel for ultimate flexibility.
For safety purpose, this makeup mirror comes with a free zippered travel bag that is padded and looks elegant for safe keeping while on the go.
•    It’s totally wireless.
•    It comes with a carrying bag.
•   It has simple touch operation.
•    Non- fogging.
• None.

8. 8x Magnification LED Makeup Mirror8x Magnification LED Makeup Mirror


Whenever you think of great design, excellent quality and reliability you should picture any product from Holm this one, not an exempt. With 8* magnification this mirror allows you to see everything clearly without your eyes straining. It features an advanced suction cup that you can easily twist to tighten or untwist to loosen.
If you want to fix it permanently, it works well on a smooth wall surface, and it holds firmly and doesn’t loosen with time. The swivel head allows you to adjust the mirror to your preferred angle you don’t need to detach it first.
You will love the LED light feature that replicates natural daylight to allow you apply your makeup with confidence.This mirror is perfect for use to tweeze, shave, fix blemishes,  moisturize face and so on.
•    It has a great design.
•    It’s small thus portable.
•    It’s easy to adjust.
•    It provides enough light.
•    None.

7. 7 Inch Vanity Makeup Mirror7 Inch Vanity Makeup Mirror


Mirrorvana boasts of producing quality cosmetic accessories, this vanity makeup mirror from them were crafted with visibility in mind. It offers a better reflection that will leave your makeup looking natural and flattering. This mirror was constructed featuring a great design to enhance a better balance so as it can hold at the right angle where you place it for makeup application.
What makes this mirror unique it features a dual functionality, one side was crafted without magnification while the other side features a 10* magnification so that you can see the easy to miss details while applying makeup. The easily detachable mirror makes it easy to carry around.
This mirror is a worth every penny and a perfect Christmas gift to your loved ones.
•    It’s high-quality.
•    It’s made to last.
•    It’s portable.
•    It has a great design.
•    It’s too big to fit in a small bag.

6. 10X Magnifying Lighted Makeup Mirror10X Magnifying Lighted Makeup Mirror


Featuring a 5.2″ wide clear glass screen this makeup mirror is perfect for people of all ages and genders. The daylight LED light provides the ultimate natural light that you need for a perfect makeup application.
The 10* magnification helps you to focus on a specific part of your face ensuring that you are doing it right. More so, this mirror offers nothing short of convenience as its cordless and operates on battery making it convenient for use at night or during broad daylight. It can be folded for easy portability from one place to the other.
For safe keeping, it comes with a free travel pouch.
•    10X Magnification
•   Easy-Lock Suction Mechanism
• 360° Adjustable Swivel
• 5.2” Clear Glass Mirror
•  Travel Storage Pouch
• Square Design
• Wireless (No Power Cords needed)
•    None.

5. Two-Sided Lighted Makeup MirrorTwo-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror


For a flawless finish get down to details with these two-sided lighted makeup mirror from Conair, the leading company in beauty accessories. This mirror looks elegant and will complement any décor. The two-sided adjust for a custom view and folds inward for safe storage.
Featuring 5x/1x magnification this makeup mirror is all you have been looking for a perfect professional grooming. It is designed to suit four light settings that are, day, evening, home and office it provides better lighting than any other makeup mirror out there. Another distinct feature of this model is the sided- view mirror panels adjustable for custom viewing and close travel.

•    It’s of high-quality.
•    It’s two sided.
•    It offers convenience.
•    It’s durable.
•    Insufficient light.

4. Battery-Operated Lighted Makeup MirrorBattery-Operated Lighted Makeup Mirror


It’s not arguable that most of the manufacturers seem to miss out on small yet relevant details, but not Conair Company. This company seems to be getting it all right when it comes to producing quality yet reliable makeup mirrors, this one here not an exempt.
This model ensures that your makeup is always superb without missing on any point because it’s circular lighting offers enough brightness to apply your makeup with ease. No cords needed as it runs on three AA batteries making convenient for use anywhere around the house or on the go.
You will like the design and the polished chrome finish that makes this makeup to be visually appealing.

•    It’s wireless.
•    It has a circular lighting.
•    It’s affordable.
•    Bulbs are of low quality.

3. Conair Oval Shaped Double-SidedConair Oval Shaped Double-Sided


Conair caught the world by surprised when they released this oval shaped makeup mirror. This is one of the best mirrors to have ever been produced by them. Its flexible face makes it easy for custom viewing as it adjusts to any angle.
It features soft lighting making it a perfect choice for those people who have a problem with bright light. Many makeup mirrors attract fog making it difficult to view your face clearly. Luckily, this makeup mirror is fog-resistant, and it features a stylish polished chrome finish to complement all your makeup accessories.
•    Fog-free viewing.
•    It has a great design.
•    It’s stylish.
•    It’s from a trusted brand.
•    None.

2. Oiled-Bronze Finish makeup mirrorOiled-Bronze Finish makeup mirror


It’s without a doubt that Conair engineer’s attention to details was phenomenal while designing and re-designing this oval shaped mirror that ensures that your large face fits well and you can see everything tiny detail in your skin.
I like the fact that this makeup mirror is double sided with brilliant intensities of magnification that you just need to decide which side you want to use to get different lightings. The cord length is of medium size, and it swivels smoothly and stays put whenever you are using it.
The oil bronze finish makes this mirror look much pretty, and it will complement all your makeup kit. It’s perfect for daily makeup application.
•    It looks elegant.
•    It’s of high-quality.
•    It’s double sided.
•    It’s durable.
•    None.

1. Jerdon Tri-Fold Two-SidedJerdon Tri-Fold Two-Sided


If you are looking for a high-tech lighted makeup mirror, look no further. Jerdon has ensured that they have not been left behind in crafting a mirror that features the latest technology just to meet the customers’ expectations. Undoubtedly, this mirror went beyond customers expectations as its multiple features caught them by surprise. Enough praise lets get down to the features.
It features an adjustable magnification and it swivels from 1X to 5X magnification with zoom in and out options just to make sure that you get every detail right when applying makeup. The fluorescent lighting is gentle on your eyes and glare free to suit any environment lighting.
It also features a built-in electrical outlet that accommodates roller sets and curling irons, and the adjustable back stand provides 11 angles to work from. For easy storage, this mirror folds up flat to fit in any travel pouch.
This makeup mirror is one of the best in today’s market, and having been made by a manufacturer that has built an excellent reputation in beauty industry gives it a plus.
•    Have a one year warranty.
•    It’s easy to store and carry around.
•    It’s beautiful.
•    It has adjustable magnification.
None what so ever.

Wrap Up:

Christmas is fast approaching. This means there will be loads of gatherings meeting new people from the end of year staff parties to friends outings and family gathering. The secret of looking sharp in front of all these people is by investing in one of the above-described quality makeup mirrors that help you see yourself well when applying makeup.
Our team of experts has analyzed the top ten best makeup mirrors to help you make a good choice whether you are buying it for yourself or as a Christmas gift to your loved ones. Make the right choice!