Jumper cables can be a godsend for drivers who find themselves in an emergency situation where the battery is dead.

Vehicle Batteries are designed with standard lead-acid varieties. The car batteries contain two lead plates that are connected via a mixture of water and sulfuric acid. The two lead plates have different charges, the positively charged lead plate is coated with lead dioxide while the negatively charged plate has a lead that is spongy in nature.

The battery is designed to store charge for an extended period. When the vehicle is under right conditions, the battery provides energy that is capable of starting the vehicle. Certain factors such as leaving the headlights on for a long time may use up the stored energy before you try to start your car or truck. Under such circumstances, you may have to get a charge from another source.

Jumper cables will help you to deliver charge from another vehicle to your vehicle’s dead battery. Jumper cables are easy to use and operating them does not require you to have any formal mechanical training. Using jumper cables, you will be able to jump-start your car assuming you have someone willing to provide you a boost.

What is the Jumper cable?

Jumper cables are a set of portable battery cables having spring loaded clamps on both ends.

The clamps provide a temporary connection to enable the transfer of voltage and current from one vehicle to another. The devices are used to start a car that has a discharged battery.

They are featured with alligator clips that are designed to clamp firmly onto the terminals of the battery. The other part of the cable is made up of an insulated copper wire. Copper, a good conductor of electricity and the insulation, is meant to prevent you from potential burns and injuries. Jumper cables come in two and black colors.

The cost of Jumper cables

Jumper cables are priced according to various factors such as the gauge and width. The clamp and length of the cables will also determine their prices. A good minimum length for a good cable is 12 inches; however, it is more convenient to purchase a longer cable.

Advantages of using jumper cables

i. The jumper cable will save you from getting stuck in the middle of the road without having to wait for a wrecker service or mechanical services. All you need is to get a host vehicle that will boost up your battery.

ii. Heavy duty jumper cables will also provide your vehicle’s battery with the more current flow. The electrical current flowing from the host car to your dead battery is measured in amperes.

Thick jumper cables will supply enough current across from the host battery to your battery. The sufficient amount of current will transmit the needed amount of current required to start your battery.

iii. Jumper cables are portable. You will be able to carry your jumper cable in your car to any place you go. The battery can die any time without giving a prior warning. You may be able to help another person stuck along the road with a dead car battery.

iv. The direction of using the jumper cable is simplified. You do not need to have any mechanical training to be able to connect your vehicle’s battery to the host vehicle using the jumper cable.

v. Jumper cables are designed with big clips. The sturdy alligator clips provide a better connection between your vehicle and the host vehicle. You do not have to jiggle the clips around to locate a better connection.

How to use jumper cables

Step 1: you should pull the host vehicle close to the vehicle that has the dead battery. The vehicles should be close enough to enable the jumper to fit properly. However, ensure that the vehicles do not touch each other.

Step 2: next, ensure that the ignition of both cars is turned off. The vehicles should be in park or in neutral in case they have a manual transmission. The vehicles should be put on brakes, and all other accessories should be turned off.

Step 3: ensure that the jumper cables are properly insulated and are kept clean. You should put on a protective gear such as an eye equipment and safety gloves when preparing to connect the cables.

Step 4: you should ensure that the battery in the dead vehicle is in good condition. It should not be leaking or cracked as this may cause an explosion. Wipe the terminals clean if they appear eroded to get a firm grasp.

Step 5: connect the red terminal of the host vehicle to the positive terminal of the dead vehicle. The positive terminals are typically red in color, and it is larger in size than the negative terminal.

Step 6: then connect the negative end of the cable to the negative terminal of the host battery. The negative end is typically black in color. The other end of the negative cable should be connected to the unpainted metal surface that is located on the engine of the dead vehicle. The connection provides a solid ground. It also prevents the risk of igniting the hydrogen gas that is produced by the car battery.

Step 7: check to ensure that the jumper cables are properly connected to the battery. The jumper cables should not be dangling near any of the moving engine parts of either vehicle.

Step 8: start the host car and allow it to idle for some time. The period the booster car should idle will be determined by the status of the dead battery. The boost process would last longer if the dead battery has been dead for a long duration such as a month. The battery will not require much idling time if it is new and drained due to lights left on for a long time.

Step 9: the next step, start the dead car and allow them to idle for some time. In case the dead car does not start, do not keep on persisting as this could damage the starter.

Step 10: after the dead vehicle has begun, get rid of the jumper cables in reverse order. You should be cautious to prevent the cables from falling into the engine. Do not allow the ends of the cables to touch each other. Disconnect, the negative terminal from the engine, to break the circuit. Unhook the other end of the black cable from the negative terminal of the booster vehicle. Then remove the positive cable from the positive terminal of the booster vehicle. The last step involves disconnecting the positive cable from the positive post of the vehicle that was dead.

Step 11: the vehicle that was jumped should be driven to a safe player before the engine is turned off.

10.The Cartman Booster CableThe Cartman Booster Cable

The Cartman Booster cables are the surest mean to transmit volt of 12/24 automobile battery. These cables have the T-prene Coating for flexibility and easy storage.

The Cartman Booster cables feature a special clamp, which has the triple-polarity identification that is coded with color and the UL indent stamped. These clamps are designed in an ergonomic way which makes it easy, to use on side- terminal and top-post batteries.

Cartman Booster Cable at a glance;

T-prene coating makes the cables more flexible down to – 40 degrees. Fahrenheit Cables work with top-post and side-terminal 12/24-volt batteries 4-gage, substantial obligation, no-tangle link development. Ergonomically outlined with protected surfaces for security UL recorded RoHS agreeable.

Substantial Duty Cable Construction Resists the Elements. The sponsor links are protected with the T-Prene covering, which is intended to stay adaptable down to – 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Accessible in 20 feet, will effortlessly reach starting with one battery then onto the next, whether you’re chipping away at an auto, truck, or SUV.

It is larger in size which keeps your hands away from any sparks that are generated during connection.

The clamps things in the clamps springs are very weak and do not clamp the battery posts as tightly as required.

9.The Energizer 2-Gauge Jumper Starter Battery CablesThe Energizer 2-Gauge Jumper Starter Battery Cables

Energizer professional heavy duty jumper cables can be used by all types of vehicle and full-size vans, trucks, and SUVs. Red or black PVC that is coated, insulated clamps for the easy identification. Tangle-free cables maintain its flexibility even at -40C.

*Tangle free cables retains flexibility even at -40C
*Good to be used for both top and side post batteries
*It allows you to go battery-to-battery in more and varied situations.
*The clamps are a good size and easy to grip onto the battery.

*These jump starters are a bit expensive compare with others.

8.The Stanley J7CS Amp Battery Jumper cables with the CompressorThe Stanley J7CS Amp Battery Jumper cables with the Compressor

The Stanley J7CS Amp Battery Jump Starter gives a suitable, portable mean to jump-start the battery even without the require of another vehicle. With enough energy to kick off your truck, auto, bike, pontoon, RV or tractor, the jump starter is suitable for consistently utilize or roadside crises.

The Essentially join the clips to the vehicle battery and if associated disgracefully the caution will sound, alarming you to switch the braces before turning on the unit. The bounce starter includes a 120 psi air compressor with the simple to-peruse illuminated gauge to blow up tires, wear hardware and increasingly and elective 12-volt and USB control hotspots for power blackout crises and charging needs.

The benefits of Stanley J7CS Amp Battery Jumper Starter with Compressor:
* 350 Moment Starting Amps PEAK the Battery Amps.
* It gives both 12V and USB that will be outlets to charge individual hardware.
* High-fueled LED light that turns 270 degrees.
* 120 PSI Compressor which has Back-lit Gage.
*Overwhelming commitment metal tipped Sure Fit compressor gush securely takes up with tire valve stems.
*Reverse the furthest point alert to prepared when there is the uncalled for affiliation.
* It has Power and charge markers.
*The Metal Powder that Coated Clamps.
*It incorporates home and auto charging connectors.
*Built-in 120V AC charger energizes unit with the standard family unit extension cord.

No charging cord.

7. EPAuto 6 Gauge Heavy Duty Booster Jumper CablesEPAuto 6 Gauge x 16 Ft Heavy Duty Booster Jumper Cables

No-tangle All Copper. Copper-plated Clamps. Heavy Duty 6 Gauge Cables. Promoter Cable accompanies a travel sack and a couple of wellbeing working gloves. Ideal for autos, bikes, trucks and SUVs.
It has the characteristics such as:
• 16 Feet Booster Cable with 6 Gauge
• Blacks Travel Bag
• It provides a Safety Working Gloves
With EPAuto 6 Gauge, Heavy Duty Booster Jumper Cables one can follow simple steps as outlined:
* You must ensure that both vehicles are off.
*Then Connect the end of red braces to a positive (+) terminal of the battery that is not working.
*Connect the other end of a red base to a positive (+) terminal of the working battery
*Interface the end of black braces to a negative (- ) terminal if the great battery.
*Connect the other end of black braces to the casing guard or the motor piece of a dead battery. Try not to CONNECT DIRECTLY TO A NEGATIVE (- ) POST.
* You must make sure base from one cable don’t accidentally come into contact with the clamps of another cable.
* Start the vehicle that is working
*Wait 1-2 minutes, begin a dead vehicle, and afterward maintain the vehicle was moving for a couple of minutes for the energizing the battery.
*Disconnect the link cinches in turn around the request.

1. Portable
2. Simple to use
3. Powerful
4. Easy to understand charge meter

6. AAA 42 Piece Emergency Road Assistance KitAAA 42 Piece Emergency Road Assistance Kit

The AAA Road Kit, 42-Piece, is intended for the individual that likes to be readied. It’s optimal to have available because you never know when you may require help, whether you’re simply running an errand crosswise over town or getting a charge out of a family get-away the nation over. It could be a punctured tire, the motor breakdown or even a missed turn that abandons you in favor of the interstate.
This AAA Road Kit highlights 42-Pieces that help you on account of a mishap or other crisis circumstances. Its 8′ promoter links can begin your vehicle from a dead battery while the electric lamp permits you to find the oblivious. This crisis street pack additionally accompanies 19 emergency treatment things if there should arise an occurrence of damage until you can get to the closest restorative office.

It even incorporates a poncho and security vest. While you don’t trust anything ever happens to wreck your outing, you need to know you can deal with most circumstances by having this street help pack accessible. It additionally accompanies an AAA convey pack.

Go with AAA’s 42 Piece Emergency Roadside Safety and First Aid Kit stowed in your vehicle’s trunk for more noteworthy security out. Polyester convey pack conveniently stores, an AAA crisis auto mind direct, AAA enrollment handout, 8 ft. 8-Gage supporter link, overwhelming obligation electric lamp, two AA batteries, crisis poncho, security vest, move conduit tape, 2-in-1 screwdriver, six arranged circuits, shop fabric, four link ties, reusable zipper bolt pack, and 19 Piece medical aid unit. Perfect vehicle packs for street side car inconvenience.

AAA guaranteed car crisis roadside security and medical aid unit particularly intended for winter wellbeing

*42 Quality bits of medical aid and security things.
*Quality polyester convey case for capacity and concealability.
*Includes great promoter links.

*The jumper cables are too short.

5. 20 Foot Jumper Cables20 Foot Jumper Cables

The 20-foot jumper cable that every car owner should look forward to owning it. Many of the jumper cables are below 10 foot making it hard to connect with the other car that needs a boost. Iron Forge Company came to fill this gap, and the cable is suitable for use in all weather climates.
This cable comes with a kit full of goodies, 4 Gauge, CCA Construction, carrying bag for easy storage, 400 AMPs, and ETL Listed.
These cables were designed to offer you convenience every time your car battery dies off. Without proper booster cables, it means that you can miss out on an important appointment after your vehicle fails to start off. These cables are HEAVY DUTY, and that right there makes these cables superior. The 4gauge 400 Amps is capable of jump starting any vehicle be it truck, motorcycle, cars, Vans and SUVs.
If you think that you will need some assistant in using these cables, you are wrong the cables are very easy to use as they are tangles free. After use you fold them nicely and keep them in the spacious carrying bag for next time use. The cables are color coded with red (positive) and black (-) for easier connection.
Iron Forge Tools boasts of quality and durability, and they have given a lifetime replacement warranty for this product.
•    It has printed direction for safe use.
•    It’s ideal for use in all climates.
•    It’s 20feet long.
•    It’s made of heavy duty material.
•    Have a lifetime replacement warranty.
•    It’s easy to store.

•    The packing is not that big, and you have to squeeze the cables back in.

4. Premium Heavy Duty JumperPremium Heavy Duty Jumper

Just as the name goes these cables are made with Heavy Duty material, and hence they are not expected to tear and wear quickly and it stands to reason that the cables were built with quality in mind.
We discovered that these cables could be used to jump start all large vehicles like trucks, pickups, and heavy duty recreation vehicles. These cables feature 500AMP and four gauges that offer extra power to boost your car anytime the battery gets low.
It comes with a perfect carrying case for easy storage on your truck. Additionally, the cables are color coordinated for easy connection. These cables are a must have for people with heavy vehicles, Unique Imports Company uniquely designed them.
•    The cables are tangle free.
•    Uniquely designed to fit heavy trucks jump starting needs.
•    It’s durable.


•    The cables are too stiff.

3. Blackstone Heavy Duty JumperBlackstone Heavy Duty Jumper

Whenever you think of high-quality, reliability, safety, convenience, you should always picture automotive products from Blackstone. These cables are all you need for a stress-free ride, don’t get stuck on the way trying to connect cheap cables to jump start your car.
These cables feature high-tech CCA with powerful shielding and PVC insulated. It also features heavy duty four gauge cable that offers nothing less than convenience. The cables are long enough to connect between cars, and they are ideal for motorcycles, cars trucks, and Vans.
If you ever find yourself in a situation that needs you to boost your car battery, don’t be afraid of getting dirty. The cables are Heavy duty make and has high tension grips gives a tight hold. Also for easy storage, these cables come packed in a travel bag.
The cables are color coded to ensure perfect connection, and they come with a printed manual for the user guide to make sure that nothing goes wrong.
•    Higher quality.
•    The cables are durable.
•    The cable offers a secure connection.
•    Have a printed manual guide.
•    The cables are not 100% copper as indicated by the manufacturer.

2. OxGord 4 Gauge 500 Amp Extra LongOxGord 4 Gauge 500 Amp Extra Long

If you are looking for a high-performance, long and durable jumper cables, it must be the newly designed super power booster by OxGord. OxGord has remarkably maintained a good name out there by inventing quality automotive products. You will never go wrong by settling on anything made by OxGord. Let’s explore the incredible features that these cables has to offer to its users.
One of the great features is that the cable is 25 feet long, this should be one of the factors to consider before buying any jumper cables. The TPR material of these cables is heat resistance, and the cables cannot overheat while jump starting your vehicle. The cables are color coded with orange and black to avoid mistakably crossing the wires.
The interesting part about these cables is that its CCA  sufficient (copper coated Aluminium) and it comes with a carrying bag that prevents it from tangling in your car.
It’s ideal for use by heavy commercial vehicles.

•    High quality.
•    Great product for heavy commercial vehicles.
•    It offers a great length.
•    It’s heavy duty.
•    None whatsoever.

1. DLUX 200 Amp 10 GaugeDLUX 200 Amp 10 Gauge

The Dlux jumper cable is a product in its own class. Its excellent features make it superior to other jumper cables that are there in the market. Perhaps the reason as to why it’s number one on our review list.
This superior cable is 10 gauges by 12 feet long making it ideal for use by car, trucks, motorcycles, Vans and so on. The clamps are ergonomically designed for easy use on top-post and side-terminal batteries. The 12 feet cable is made of quality material that is resistant to rain, chemicals, and oil. It features a UL listed and tamped ideal for 200Amp use.
These cables come with a luxurious carrying bag on top which is big enough to fit in this super booster cable.
•    It’s made with superior quality.
•    It has a luxurious carrying bag.
•    It’s reliable.
•    It has a poor quality crimps.


It’s vital for every car owner to have jumper cables in his/her car. Who knows when the battery will go low and there is no car around to help you out?

While we understand that settling for the best Jumper cable may not be an easy task, we have carefully searched the web, interacted with manufacturers to come up with the selected few top 5 jumper cables in 2016 review. With this unbiased information, we believe that you will be able to make a right choice on choosing quality products.