If you admire how boxers look then, you should know one secret that they hold so dearly, and that is a jump rope. I mean a real and a serious boxer do jumping rope. Jump rope is a versatile workout tool that works perfectly well for many people who are looking forward to losing pounds.

Besides from using it for exercise jumping is also a fun activity for kids or grown up who wants to do it for fun.Jump Ropes

The good thing about jump rope is that you can carry it anywhere on the go. Whether you are going for a hike, a vacation, a business trip, camp or at school a jump rope can fit well in your backpack. For cardio workouts, you don’t need to register in a gym and part with a lot of dollars, a jump rope will be a good solution for you.

Jump rope is relatively affordable while quality not compromised, you can get it from any sports stores near you. Here is all you learn to know about jump rope.

Benefits of a Jump rope.

Merits of skipping rope are countless; the first one is that it allows you burn more calories than even running. This aerobic exercise helps you burn 750 calories per hour no other exercise can burn calories at that rate.

Additionally, it reduces ankle and foot injuries for those who are involved in other sports as they frequently suffer from leg injuries. Jumping rope strengthens your foot muscles more than any other exercise you can probably do.
The facts that its light weight makes it the only gym or workout equipment that you can carry around anywhere you go. Jump rope allows you to create a strong bond with your family, consider doing some jumping tricks with your kids and compete who can jump to more counts and speed.

Jump rope also improves your breathing efficiency, stamina and heart health. People who rarely jump rope have a breathing problem when they do other activities like running and swimming unlike those who are used to hopping rope.

How long should a jump rope be?

If you don’t get the right size of your jump rope, you won’t enjoy jumping, and you may end up hurting your body. The rule of thumb is, the right size of your jump rope depends on your height.

For most people, they may not know their real height, and if that’s the case, you shouldn’t worry about how you will get the right measurement of your jump rope. It’s simple stand on your feet at the center of the rope lift both handles up, the end of the handles should be around your armpits.

If the rope is a bit shorter note that it will not hit the floor when you are jumping and if it’s too long it will tangle as you jump.

If the above tip doesn’t work for you, then you can try a height chart that explains people height and the size of the jump rope they should use. For example, if you are 4’6” tall your ideal jump rope height should be 7’4” if you are 5’0” feet the rope should be 7’10” and so on.

If you are jumping as a family or group, you will need two long jump ropes of the same length 20-foot rope is ideal for up to 4 jumpers, and if you are more, then you need at least a rope of 24 feet or more.

How to make a jump rope.

Making a jump rope is an easy DIY project especially when you want to save money. Customize your own rope or that of your kids by getting the right size, height, weight, and the right texture.

Making a jump rope takes only a few minutes, and you are good to start jumping like a boxer. Below are the steps for making a jump rope.
1. Select the rope material.
There are different materials of making jump ropes i.e PVC, Nylon, Leather, and wire cable all these have different features when it comes to quality, durability, weather resistance, the speed of turning and so on.

2. Rope size.
Measure the size of the rope as discussed above to get the right height that will work for you.

3. Decorate.
If you are making a rope for your kids, they may prefer a beaded rope. Beads not only make the rope to look elegant but it also makes some sound when it hits the floor which makes it easy to count. Additionally, plastic beads add weight to your rope making a breeze to turn it every time you jump not forgetting making it to last longer.

4. Handles.
Handles are vital in a jump rope as it makes you feel comfortable when jumping and also protects your hands from blisters. Handles can be accessed from any sports store near you, or you can buy a PVC pipe from a craft store and design it for yourself.

5. Assemble the Jump Rope.
Insert one handle into the rope, then on the outer side of the rope tie a knot and tighten it until it’s firm.Do similar thing on the other side once done light a candle to burn the end parts of the string to prevent it from flaring. Note if you are using a wire cable you will need a compression nut to fasten the cable.

If you are through with these simple steps, then there is your custom made jump rope.

How to Jump like a Boxer.

Ask any boxer, and he will let you know that they jump rope for a purpose and that is to build stamina and improve punching power. So if you plan jump rope don’t just do it randomly it might not be effective it needs some tricks and tips for you to achieve the goals.

How to do it.
1. Skip on the balls of your feet.
When skipping land on the balls of your feet, never touch the floor with your heels when jumping.

2. Relax when Jumping.
The reason why many people get it all wrong while jumping rope is that they jump too high and they end up getting tired so fast. Boxers do relax and do small jumps without putting much pressure on themselves. So just relax.

3. Use your wrists to control the rope.
If you use your whole arm and body to skip the rope, then this exercise will be a hard one for you, and you may not be able to endure it for long. Keep it simple use your wrists and in a circulation motion, and you will enjoy jumping rope as your favorite cardio exercise.

4. Place your hands above the waist line.
How you position your hands while skipping is of paramount importance. That’s why choosing the right size of the jump rope is essential. Your hands should be a foot apart from your waist sides.

5. Jump into a rhythm.
The best way to jump rope like a boxer is using a particular rhythm like doing a count of 10 to a number of sets. This will keep you motivated and feel like jumping more and more to achieve your set target.

6. Practice.
Practice makes it perfect. You cannot just wake up one time and do a count of 200 reps for the first time. Jumping rope improves more when you jump day by day. Do one jump then relax, two jumps to a set of two then three sets of 3 jumps and so on until you are comfortable to increase along the way.

How many Calories do jumping rope burn?

With all the benefits that jump rope offers to boxers or other people who probably do it for fun. To any individual looking forward to losing weight put more focus on the number of calories he/she can burn when skipping rope and any other benefit he can get like improving breathability, building stamina and so on is seen as a bonus.

The number of calories that someone burns while jumping rope has long been debated on from time to time. More so, some statistics shows that you can burn more calories when jumping rope as compared to running or any other cardio or aerobic exercise.

So how many calories can you burn?

This depends on a number of factors like your jumping speed, weight, and whether you are doing it right.

Gym fitness instructors state that if you jump rope for about 15 minutes, you will burn 188 calories, if you do it for 30 minutes, you will burn 375 calories and for one hour about 750 calories. For better results, a boxer does skip rope four times in a week.

Jumping rope is fun and provides you with countless benefits also it’s the most economical exercise that you will ever learn. This article has expounded on everything you need to know about the jump rope so that you can be better informed.

Jump rope is a vital exercising tool for both children and adults. Apart from being fun among kids, they are ideal for helping them to exercise. In adults, skipping is one of the ways to ensure you remain healthy as is involves different body parts. The rope helps in cardio workouts as well as lower body workouts hence burning excess fats efficiently in your home. Besides workouts, they improve leg speed.

Currently, there are many good ropes on the market that are cheap and durable. However, you should ensure that a rope has comfortable handles, adjustable and corrects length to ensure you don’t struggle when skipping. Before you order or buy a jumping rope, it is prudent to check which one is best among other users. We have a comprehensive list of the top ten best jump ropes reviews to assist you to get the best of all when purchasing.

10.BeMaxx Fitness Adjustable Jump RopeBeMaxx Fitness Adjustable Jump Rope


Do you want a rope that will give you full workouts while combined with ergonomics? Then you should get this one from BeMaxx Fitness. It is a highly crafted rope featuring adjustable ropes to fit anyone willing to do skipping. It is fit for men and women, beginners, body builders among other sportspersons. The cable is 10 feet non-kinking which is fitted to non-slipping handles. Therefore it is a perfect rope to perform all skipping styles with confidence. When you purchase, it comes with a workout guide to enable you train like a pro and is backed by a refund policy.


· Adjustable rope

· Comes with two sets of ropes

· Ergonomic handles


· It’s extremely light weight causing disruptions

9.Fitness Factor Jump Rope- Adjustable CableFitness Factor Jump Rope- Adjustable Cable


The Fitness Factor Jump Rope- Adjustable Cable is the right equipment you need to improve your endurance and leg speed. It is constructed from heavy-duty materials to ensure quality is a guarantee and you enjoy it for an extended period. It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner; it offers a chance to master the skill through a flexible cable. Training is smooth and undisrupted as the cable doesn’t tangle, while the ball bearing on the handle allows you to feel the full spinning speed. The whole jumping rope is lightweight, with foam coated handles which ensure a firm grip. It is suitable for use by kids, and adults due to adjustability. Lifetime warranty backs this product.


· Foam padded handles

· Comes with carrying case

· Personal guide provided


· The rope is plastic made hence very light

8.Kinzi™ Jump RopeKinzi™ Jump Rope


Perfect for your workouts with this rope from Kinzi and burn those extra calories which can be risky to your heart. It features a durable construction to enhance your leg speed, coordination and body endurance without breaking. Built from German steel and coated with a plastic layer, the rope is ideal for all sportsperson. The low resistances due to coating give the cable less resistance from the air allowing it to move with the highest speed possible. Anyone who likes skipping can is it as the cable is adjustable on the handles due to the presence of screws. Further, it is 9 feet long, therefore, ideal even for tall people. A carry case is included and has a lifetime warranty.


· Plastic coated steel rope

· It is adjustable

· Comes with a carrying case


· Cover plastic breaks easily

7.Segmented Jump Rope by Buy Jump RopesSegmented Jump Rope by Buy Jump Ropes


As you train, the type of rope greatly influences your performance. If it is too heavy, it can induce discomfort in hands while too light one can be hard to coordinate. That is why Buy Jump Ropes have designed a balanced rope for use by all people adults and kids. It is manufactured from as strong and though segmented plastic to increase its lifespan and reliability. Instead of extreme exercises, it is the ideal tool to enable you targeted daily calories. Additionally, it improves cardio workouts as well as muscle compactness. The rope features as braided nylon covered with segmented beads for flexibility and durability.


· Easy to adjust

· Long cable for use by all people

· Ideal for mass skipping


· It doesn’t come with extra beads to add when adjusting

6.Limm Jump RopeLimm Jump Rope


Buy this Limm jumping rope, and everyone in your home will find it easy and useful to use. It measures 9.8 feet and is adjustable to ensure versatility in usage across all ages. The metal spinning joints ensure the rope rotates freely and can achieve ant skipping speed. This makes it an ideal choice for heavy duty training. Comfort when training is an option but a must with this rope. Its handles feature rubber padding with slits to prevent sweating and slipping. The cable readily folds and is lightweight to fit in backpack hence you can carry it everywhere.


· Comes with use instructions

· Easy adjustments

· Highly portable


· Rope has no screws and adjusting is through knots

5.Fitness Master Premium Quality Jump RopeFitness Master Premium Quality Jump Rope


The fitness master premium rope gives you the ultimate way to lose weight, improve your body performance among other benefits. It is designed from high expertise to ensures you train in your home regardless whether you are a beginner or a pro. Moreover, the adjusting rope makes a perfect pick for whole family use by adjusting the 9 feet cable to fit even small kids. Handles are ergonomic, durable and cable features a plastic coated steel to reduce friction. This allows it to spin at high speed thereby increasing leg speed and coordination. Its versatility is superb and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. A 5-year warranty backs this product.


· Plastic coated steel cable for maximum speed

· Highly versatile

· Simple to customize


· Weak firming bolts, which allows the cable to move.

· Light handles due to light weight plastic construction

4.King Athletic Jump Rope for General ExercisingKing Athletic Jump Rope for General Exercising


As you look for a perfect skipping rope to increase your endurance and body stamina, this one from King Athletics makes an excellent choice. It is a popular exercising tool among many sports genres like boxing, athletics among others. The 9.4 feet comes whiles adjustable thus ideal for use by various ages bracket; from children to seniors. Amazingly, it only needs a few minutes to adjust and firm. It is highly portable; thus its can be used in the home gym or carry it when traveling. Handles are foam padded to ensure firm a grip and the rope is manufactured from genuine leather to withstand heavy-duty applications. A gift compliment accompanies the pore once you purchase.


· Rope is 100% genuine leather made

· It comes with a free gift

· Foam padded handles


· Hard to straighten when it tangles

3.WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope for Men, Women and KidsWOD Nation Speed Jump Rope for Men, Women and Kids


Achieve perfect swinging without the struggle by getting this highly designed rope from WOD Nation. It is easy to use too as it has only a few inaccurate swings since it has a balanced weight. To achieve a double jump, only a faster snipping is required, and you make your desired jump. For people who are more into the colors, it comes in different tones depending on your preference. The rope is adjustable thereby rendering it versatile and is suitable for tall people. Further, the steel with plastic insulation enables the cable to rotate at high speed with minimum air resistance.


· Easily convertible to a double jump

· Foam padded handles for solid grip

· Comes with a carrying case


· The rope twists easily

2.Master of Muscle Fitness Training Jump RopeMaster of Muscle Fitness Training Jump Rope


Exercise in any angles or style with Master of Muscle Fitness Training Jump Rope. It is a uniquely crafted rope with right angled handles which facilitate extra fast spinning. This spinning enables the rope to be ideal for use by various people in different sporting activities. The cable is steel made eliminating tangling and kinking as with other materials. Despite the wire construction, it quickly folds and it lightweight hence portability is excellent. Adjustability of the rope allows it to be usable by people with different heights. It is backed by a 30 days refund policy if you aren’t satisfied.


· Right angled handles for fast spinning

· Has a carrying bag

· Durable and sturdy


· PVC cable protector chips out easily

1.Survival and Cross Premium Jump RopeSurvival and Cross Premium Jump Rope


If you want to perform extreme exercises or burn excess calories, buy the Survival and Cross premium rope. It is ideal for a variety of skipping, sports activities and for personal training. A combination of bearing and sturdy handles allows you to spin at high speed without compromising comfort. There is no tangling up when using this rope as it features a coated steel cable. Further, the cable is stable and is unaffected by air motion resistance. A person measuring 6.5 feet can use the rope without straining, and also kids can use it as it is adjustable. The Survival and Cross premium rope is the best companion to keep your body in healthy state.


· Facilitates complete body workout

· It doesn’t tangle

· Ergonomic handles


· Handles are weak and break easily

Jump ropes might seem as simple exercising tools; however, they are as important as other equipment. Therefore, when you are buying, it is necessary to choose the best to get the ideal performance and as well as durability. Now you don’t have to struggle much selecting the most appropriate, with above reviews it is a matter of a few minutes, and you become a pro.