To become a champion gamer, you require the best equipment gear, and accessories, too. Such will enable you to overcome challenges along the way. Joysticks are among the greatest technological interventions which brighten lives of gamers throughout the world. Today, you need not rely on keyboards and mice to control your favorite characters. Joysticks are an affordable gaming accessory which has enhanced how people play, in addition to making their gaming experiences more fulfilling and enjoyable.
Best Joysticks Reviews

Below, we review the ten best joysticks available on the market today. Some are made by leading brands like Saitek, Logitech, and Thrustmaster. But, there are several ones made by brands that aren’t as ubiquitous. Nonetheless, they fill the growing demand for customizable joysticks. Here are our reviews of the ten best joystick models. They’re entirely honest, non-biased, and accurate. We aren’t affiliated with any of the brands mentioned in this article. Read on to find which joystick would suit you best.

10. Thrustmaster 2960623 USB Joystick

Thrustmaster 2960623 USB Joystick (140)


Thrustmaster markets it as the only entry-level joystick having a point-of-view button. It’s primed to revolutionize how you play flying and active-shooter games. The included POV button offers quite an intuitive means of camera-control. As well, it guarantees you an immersion in the game to an entirely new interaction level.

Four handy, customization buttons are included. They guarantee that you’ll always be in control without fumbling for options. Furthermore, this USB joystick will give you the freedom you’ve been seeking to steer your crafts quickly and with unrelenting ease.

9. Logitech Attack-3 Joystick

Logitech Attack-3 Joystick (213)


This model is an affordable, yet fabulous unit for all fly-boys. The Logitech Attack-3 boasts 11 different, programmable buttons. Such enable you to configure the joystick for superior firepower and maximum effect. Accurate power settings are, in fact, what define this joystick. They’ll allow you to make use of the throttle for the maximum effect. Although we’d not recommend the Attack-3 for the novice, trying it out wouldn’t be a bad idea.

8. Thrustmaster 2960720 Hotas WarthogThrustmaster 2960720 Hotas Warthog (257)



It’s a high-precision Thrustmaster joystick which will enable you to become the game’s true master. Thanks to its 16-bit resolution, you’ll have control over your flight’s path with clear-cut ease and unnerving precision. The flawless surgical precision, as a quality of this controller, will remain functional for years and years.

This joystick is among the minutely few that are imbued with the Hall-Effect AccuRate Technology (H.E.A.R.T) system. That will render your simulations even more accurate across various gaming applications. In fact, this joystick has been modeled and featured on the U.S.’s Air Force joystick. Indeed, both the dual-throttle system and control panel of this joystick are modeled on military specifications to some uncanny degree.

7. Thrustmaster T-Flight Stick, X-FlightThrustmaster T-Flight Stick, X-Flight (271)



It’s a simple, wallet-friendly gaming joystick. It works exceptionally well on platforms like PS3 and FS9. It boasts excellent compatibility with Steam Edition FSX and Windows 8.1. Thanks to its ergonomic configuration, your hands will remain agreeable even on long missions. Its weighted base helps settle the controller amid compelling moves. This joystick features four axes and 12 buttons, all of which are entirely programmable for PS3 and PC. Simply put, it’s a well-designed stick, with an excellent mass of features and decent heft.

6. Mad Catz F.L.Y.5, For PCMad Catz F.L.Y.5, For PC



This model boasts an exclusive twin throttle system. That, alone, makes this joystick quite a versatile model. You’re thus free to control two different engines at the same time. Alternatively, you can assign one of the throttles to the engine. You can then make use of the other one for another function. For instance, you can use that throttle as an elevator trim. Still, you can secure more customization options. Case in point, you can tilt the joystick such that its buttons are positioned precisely how you’d want for a particular game(s).

5. Thrustmaster T-16000M Flight Stick, 2960706Thrustmaster T-16000M Flight Stick, 2960706



This model runs on proprietary technology by Thrustmaster. Installing and operating this joystick are equally hassle-free. You’re definite to appreciate this controller’s excellent ergonomics. The T-16000M boasts a hard-to-believe aggregate of 16 different buttons, including three thumb buttons and 12 others on the base.

This joystick features an incredibly reasonable size, in addition to outstanding response and calibration. The software is quite sound. You can use the T-16000M to play distinct demanding games like XVT, X-Wing, Tie Fighter, and several others We’d highly recommend this model if you’re seeking a top-performing, but a budget joystick.

4. Saitek X52 Pro, Flight System ControllerSaitek X52 Pro, Flight System Controller



For starters, the Saitek X52 isn’t your average joystick for the various flying games. Rather. It’s an entirely functional flight-control system. This system features an exceptional Advanced Multifunction Display panel (MDF) that allows for intuitive interaction throughout your simulated flights.

As well, this model boasts two different but dedicated MFD buttons. That’s complemented by rotary dials which are complete with fast-response inbuilt buttons. Those buttons allow for additional control over the game functionality. This flight system’s joystick component features precision centering mechanism.

In addition to the inclusion of constant spring force, non-contact technology is implemented on both axes. Also, the system comes fitted with a well-designed, progressive throttle controller. That’s fitted complete with efficient tension adjustment and detents for the idle modes. Simply put, this system has all control features you’d need in simulated flights and battles.

3. Saitek X-55 Pro Flight Rhino H.O.T.A.S.Saitek X-55 Pro Flight Rhino H.O.T.A.S.



It’s yet another fantastic piece of hardware. The Saitek X-55 boasts a robust and stable build. The cutting-edge X-55 Framework, incited by the controls which are found in the real military air crafts, provides for extreme control over the flights. Also, it conveys many flexible alternatives.

You’ll have all control options you’d require to accomplish elevated execution, regardless of what you’re precisely flying. This model is appreciably simple to set up and operate. You’ll able to access the controls quickly without much hassle. The fantastic feedback it has been receiving assures you of its perfect worth for your money.

2. Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas, X-FlightThrustmaster T-Flight Hotas, X-Flight



Joysticks and other accessories made by Thrustmaster are widely popular for how conveniently they perform various gaming control actions. In particular, the T-Flight Hotas brings high responsiveness and precision. In turn, such will transform how you play on different gaming situations. It’s especially praised for the included widened headrest which helps offer optimal comfort.

To ensure that this model fits all tasks at hand, you can customize it using the twelve programmable buttons. Also, a robust memory chip is incorporated. You’ll thus be able to store programming details even if the joystick’s disconnected. Furthermore, you can use it to suit the particular preferences of players. Just adjusting the resistance will enable you to achieve high levels of versatility. You can then sit back while enjoying your gaming experience.

1. Extreme 3D-Pro Joystick, for WindowsExtreme 3D-Pro Joystick, for Windows



Here’s yet another outstanding model by Logitech. With the Extreme 3D-Pro in your grasp, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind you’ve been seeking. For most hardcore gamers, this model is just what differentiates total domination from utter annihilation. Thanks to its customizable settings, you’ll quickly learn how to react and make multiple game-changing moves. You’ll begin to scale heights of achievements with one-touch convenience.

Yes. It might take some time to get used to the 3D-Pro. But, once you’ve mastered the basic skills, nothing will stop your ascendancy. This model offers an excellent repository of 12 buttons. That guarantees you optimum control, ensuring that this joystick responds precisely to how you wish to play each game. As such, it won’t force the user to conform to the whims. As well, there’s an 8-way rubber switch. It’ll enable you to customize the model to just how you’d like to play.

Wrapping Up

The joysticks featured in the reviews above offer top performance. They’re definite to give you worthwhile for your money. It barely matters whether you’re seeking your very first game controller or upgrading your current gear. The models we’ve discussed above are more than adequate for your needs. Your particular choice is mostly dependent on your preferences and requirements. Select the right model wisely and begin your ultimate gaming adventure. Good luck!