Indoor soccer is a game inspired from traditional soccer but with its own basics and criteria. Even though much of the requirements remain the same as that of the soccer, indoor soccer can sometimes have its own needs or requirements to satisfy the concerned changes.

Such changes are a different sized field, different quality of the floor, and different time period for a particular match. Also, as the indoor soccer is played in its own way, the sports equipment and sports accessories vary from traditional soccer as well.

Indoor soccer shoes are the shoes worn by players of indoor soccer. The main reason behind the change is the difference in the floor. The traditional soccer is played on a natural field while the indoor soccer is played upon artificial turf floor. Thus, the sole and stuff of the indoor soccer shoe cannot be similar to the original one since the purpose varies a lot too.

The indoor soccer shoe consists of a flat outsole which is made up of a gum rubber and kangaroo leather. They can be used for playing futsal as well as indoor soccer. They are pretty much light weight and have a sneaker like a look.


1. Futsal Soccer Shoes

Futsal shoes has indoor courts which are flat and turf surfaces which are highly recommendable for traction. Made up of low-profile rubber, the shoes are extremely light weight and can fulfill multiple purposes.

2. Artificial Turf Shoes

The key feature of these kinds of the shoe is the sharp patterns or small rubber studs which work excellent on hard and artificial floors by increasing the friction. The shoes are great for the sports training and in practice.


One mistake many indoor soccer players seem to make is to play the sport with tennis shoes or cross-trainers which epically fail to serve the purpose.

The indoor soccer shoes’ unique design and thoughtful logistics are the perfect footwear for the indoor soccer which can boost a player’s performance effectively.

Keep in mind that these shoes should never be confused with the outdoor soccer shoe, as both work in a different way and has their own features. Here are some of the features of an indoor soccer shoe.

· The indoor soccer shoes are strong and durable. The heel is cemented to the upper part which makes the uplifting of the leg while kicking or running effortlessly. The shoes have a strong base and are very powerful and can easy endure the heavy workout and strength applied by the player.
· The interlocking patterns and metal studs are excellent in their work when maintaining the balance and for traction. Since the indoor soccer is being played on artificial floors, this kind of feature is a must for the game.
· These shoes are different from a running shoe as they allow you to easily cut and pivot laterally without compromising the forward running. This is because of the different tread pattern.
· The toe part of the shoe is designed with a bouncing back purpose made up of rubber granules and pile fibers which help you to kick the ball easily, or helps you to run along it.
· The shoes can be a worn in a gym or any rec facility.
· Even after all these sports benefits and complex mechanism, the shoes are extremely comfortable and can be worn while leisure workout as well.
· The shoes can also act as a backup for your soccer match, or physical workout routine.


Indoor soccer shoes are not very high maintenance, but like every other useful object; they require proper cleaning and care for the best results and for them to last longer. Also, soccer shoes are an attractive accessory to your workout outfit, so they should always be clean and shining, like your personality.

So the basics are to clean them after every game and workout.

The superficial mud and dirt should be removed on the daily basis. And it is very easy to do so. After every game, take off your shoes’ cleats and rub them against each other in a way that they face each other’s sole. This will remove all the dry mud or grass or any other dirt particles on them.

Next, always try and limit the use of water while washing them as much as you can. Excessive contact with water can reduce the quality of the shoe. Thus, the primary way should always be dry cleaning.

A tiny brush with soft bristles is the best way to clean the sole and the inside of your indoor soccer shoe. Not only they will clean the area that is hard to reach otherwise, they will do absolutely no harm to the shoe while doing so.

Many top quality shoes come with their own cleaning kits or tools for their perfect maintenance.

Sometimes, dry cleaning and mere rubbing off are ineffective. In those cases, a cleaning solution is the only way out. But the solution should be extremely mild and should not be harmful to the shoe. Use lukewarm water and add a small quantity of hand wash liquid in it.

You can let the indoor soccer shoe soak for a while, and then rub them off gently. Do not put them in the hot sun to dry.

Another matter that comes up with indoor soccer shoe is that there is almost never any cushioning in them. But there is a very easy way to get rid of this uneasiness. A small amount of cotton can be used to be put in the shoe making them comfortable.

Moreover, many manufacturers provide the built-in cushioning upon the request. Taking the help of a professional in this is highly recommended.

Indoor soccer shoe can be a treasure for those who understand. Play with them, clean them and take care of them, and they will be your companion forever.

10. Adidas Performance Men’s Ace Indoor Soccer ShoesAdidas Performance Men's Ace Indoor Soccer Shoes


We give props to Adidas for offering Ace, one of the best indoor soccer shoes today as well. From afar, it looks like a regular brightly colored pair of training shoes. But when you come closer, you will notice how much brainstorming its creators have probably gone through before the production process for this has begun.

Design-wise, it is really incredible. Aside from the small logo at the back that blends in well with the black portion, the three ascending lines that Adidas is known for can be found on the sides of the soccer shoes. It has cool patterns that smoothly transition from side to side.

The tongue is not heavily padded, and there is enough breathing space underneath the design, that’s why the athlete’s feet have better chances of controlling the ball and not getting constricted. The collar part of the shoes is what has a slight padding that can shield the bone there from being crushed upon contact with the ball.

The outer sole of the Adidas Performance Ace will undoubtedly be effective within a covered field, as the form of the heels is different from the rest.


– Smart addition of foam in the right places

– Greater outsole grip


– A bit too thin to last long

9. PUMA Men’s Evospeed Star IV Indoor Soccer ShoesPUMA Men's Evospeed Star IV Indoor Soccer Shoes


PUMA Evospeed Star IV is the best indoor soccer shoes in the market when it comes to style and snugness. In this sport, even if it is played within the walls, can still get pretty dangerous for players who are using shoes that cannot tightly fit on them, regardless of how much they tug on the laces.

The design of each pair is amazing, partly because of the incredible shades that the manufacturer has combined together to make this.

There are three dominant factors that make up the shoes: the detailed outsole, the diamond pattern all over, and the splotched midsole. This is mostly created with rubber, that’s why the wearer can run fast on it.

Because of the single layer of Micro Tec Suede atop the soccer shoes, it will be saved greatly from getting scratched on the court. Abrasions often damage shoes since the athletes are required to hit the ball hard in the direction of the goalpost or away from their opponents, and so it is highly possible for them to drag the shoes on the ground.


– Very stable

– Has thick padding inside

– Resists abrasions

– Has nice traction


– Size is always smaller than what the product guide says

8. Diadora Men’s Capitano LT Indoor Soccer ShoesDiadora Men's Capitano LT Indoor Soccer Shoes


As expected from a brand that has started as a company that specializes in work shoes and mountain boots, Diadora has made the best indoor soccer shoes with no less than a premium Italian leather. The Capitano LT is constructed with more of this material than synthetic rubber in general, but it can still compete with other world-class brands when you talk about performance and durability.

What we appreciate in these soccer shoes is the old-school vibe that the pair gives off.

Although a lot of colors and intricate designs are being invented to attract consumers, Diadora has remained true to its core values and continues to prove that leather can be incorporated in sports stuff too. If we are, to be honest, it can be beneficial for players, as the leather will initially be tight. This can expand a little later on to accommodate their feet.

The insole is a thing of beauty as well. It is the similar kind of foam that you see in kids’ rubber stickers. If you have played with those when you were young, you know that that does not tear easily unless you snip it with scissors. It is also crack- and water-resistant, so you will be able to use this for a long time.


– Crafted with premium leather

– Comes with durable insole

– Fits great


– Quite heavy

7. Under Armour Men’s ClutchFit Force 2.0 Indoor Soccer ShoesUnder Armour Men's ClutchFit Force 2.0 Indoor Soccer Shoes


Under Armour, a brand that many individuals in the sports world trusts, has come up with ClutchFit technology that is what has been employed to make this product.

This is the best indoor soccer shoes, in the sense that the consumer can truly feel as if he is one with the shoes, and the ball can be touched by his feet. The new system works on the upper layer of the shoes, and its role is to protect the user as he kicks the soccer ball to victory.

The ClutchFit Force 2.0 is available in five different colors. It is meant to be worn indoors and is so light that you will not feel burdened to pay for this one.

This also has a die-cut sockliner inside which can keep your feet comfortable and safe from injuries. For soccer players, these features are very relevant, since that part of their body serves as their bread and butter in this sport. This is why they only want to deal with shoes that can secure them. Luckily, Under Armour has got everything covered.


– Have interesting, embossed designs

– Lightweight

– Very comfortable to wear


– Have sizes smaller than assumed

6. Nike Men’s Mercurial Victory – Best Indoor Soccer ShoesNike Men's Mercurial Victory – Best Indoor Soccer Shoes


Nike Mercurial Victory is the ultimate shoes to look for if you wish to play soccer indoors. We are saying this with strong conviction, as we have seen firsthand how Nike has beaten the others in terms of endurance and convenience.

The shoes’ collar has a carved out layer to allow the feet to flex more freely. This rests around the joint, so it will still be protected even if the ball bumps into it.

The design seems so-so at the front because apart from the glittery Nike logo, there is nothing else there. Yet, once you look further, you will realize that the color gets darker in an ombre fashion that is “in” nowadays.

Its outsole is on a different level too. This won’t come off since it is stitched to the upper, and not merely glued to it. As for its design, think of the image that forms when you do a fingerprint. The smallest circles start on the joint of the largest toe and in the middle of the heel and extend throughout the foot.


– Minimalistic design

– Amazing traction indoors

– Keeps the feet in place

– Well-cushioned


– Sizes are bigger than what you can expect

5. PUMA Men’s Evospeed 4.3 Graphic Indoor CleatPUMA Menˇs Evospeed 4.3 Graphic Indoor Cleat


This is a very stylish and good looking shoe based on the designs on its upper cover. It has a risk red and sea spine design that would be a perfect fit for those who love to be fashionable.

The shoes are made with synthetic leather and the heel-rest section has a brace for additional support during movement. It also has a non-marking rubber sole that makes the shoe ideal for indoor sports.

The sole is made with soft rubber that is perfect for a fast paced game. The rubber is non-marking and it cannot slip on smooth floors.

The shoes light weight and comfort is a perfect balance for any player. This is made even better by the heel protection creating further stability for the user. The laces also increase the fitting of the shoe. Downside The shoes has the challenge of sizing, just like a number of other sports shoes.

4. Nike Hypervenom Indoor CleatNike Hypervenom Indoor Cleat


Appearance – Nike is no doubt one of the top makers of both sport and indoor soccer shoes. The shoes have been a favorite of soccer player since it was introduced in the market in 2013. The upper part is made of synthetic leather that is colorfully designed.

Comfort – It has a cushioned foot rest and a perforated sock liner, giving the foot the proper fitting and comfort. The design, in addition to the symmetrical lacing, makes the shoes fit perfectly. The shoes are also light and easy to run with.

This is beneficial for players during long periods of play. This means that one would not need a change of shoes while playing a 90-minute game or during long hours of training.

This shoes is especially ideal for individual with the wider feat, although it can easily gain the shape of any user.  The rubbers sole is ideal for all indoor surfaces including concrete or wood. The rubber is also the unmarking type. This is a combination of style and technology. Downside The downside with the shoes is that the color has a tendency of wearing out easily. This may not be a major problem except for those who care about appearance. Itˇs a common problem for most colorful shoes.

3. PUMA Men’s Universal II IT Indoor Football CleatsPUMA Men’s Universal II IT Indoor Football Cleats


Appearance – The shoes is made of a classic blue synthetic outer cover with white and lime design in between. It has a rubber outsole that offers a firm grip on the floor.

Fitting – THe shoes are a good fit for most indoor soccer players. This allows ease of motion and the ability of the player to self-support during a game.

Design – The shoes make is abrasion resistant and has a non-abrasion marking. This gives the shoe traction at all times.


While the sole prevents traction, it is not as durable as the other indoor cleats. It can easy fall off after heavy use depending on the agility of a player.

2. Kelme Michelin Star 360Kelme Michelin Star 360


Appearance – This is a shoe that was made by the combined effort of Kelme and Michelin. It comes in four different color variants. The upper part is made by the combination of full grain and synthetic leather giving the shoes a classy appearance.

Weight – the combination of synthetic and full-grain leather is a factor that has helped reduce the overall weight of the shoe. This makes it easy to play with even for long periods of time.

Comfort – The interior of the shoes is cushioned which makes the shoe fitting and comfortable. This is an added advantage for players during long games. The shoes feel like it is just part of one’s foot.

Grip – The shoes has a sole that is expertly made to prevent falls. The traction pattern on its bottom enables the shoe to have a firm grip in whichever direction the player is moving. This is such an important part of the shoe such that it is even patented.


The one key drawback with this shoes is the sizing. The sizes labeled in the shoes are almost always half a size larger. For one to purchase the right size, a buyer has to look for half a size lesser.

1. The Samba Classic Indoor Soccer ShoesThe Samba Classic Indoor Soccer Shoes



Appearance – This is a classic soccer shoe that has been around for a long time. Most long term soccer players have most likely used this shoes at one time or another.

This is a very study shoe in that it is made with a gum rubber outer sole, it has a suede leather outer material, and is lined on the inside with nylon. The inside foot rest has a synthetic tongue that placed a non-removable foam. It comes in either black or white color.

Coziness – This is one of the reasons why this shoe is so popular and has been around for so long. The shoes were first introduced to the market in 2005 and it is still trending. With this shoes, one can even use ankle guards and still play comfortably.

Floor grip – this is one of the best shoes in dealing with the smooth indoor floors. The rubber outer sole ensures that the one can receive or strike the ball with each and safety from falls.

Durability – Largely due to the leather outer cover, the Samba Adidas shoe are some of the most durable in the market. The cementing of the outer sole to the leather cover is so strong that the shoes rarely falls apart.


There are only two downsides to this shoes. First, the model is a bit old, which many wouldn’t mind since shoes are still very comfortable. Secondly, the arch support is a bit high compared to other models. This may be a problem to some but a benefit to other people.

What to consider when buying Indoor Soccer Shoes

Like most other sports gear, soccer shoes have seen tremendous technological improvement over the past few years, with new concepts rolling out each year. However, the underlying design of a great soccer shoe has not changed tremendously in the past decades.

Many soccer superstars have sprung up in third world nations where resources are very scarce, and latest soccer technologies are not available.

You need comfortable soccer shoes that will make the game enjoyable and allow you practice for longer hours. The kind of soccer shoes you need highly depends on the kind of surface you play on and your game demands. If you are looking for indoor soccer shoes, here are some of the factors that you need to consider while selecting the best shoes for your indoor soccer.


Different players have different preferences when it comes to the type of material used in their boots. Soccer shoes are available in a variety materials and a broad range of styles. The different materials used in making soccer shoes include:

– K-leather: for many years, companies have relied on Kangaroo leather in making premium boots. And now since the trend is quickly changing and kangaroo leather is becoming a thing of the past, new materials have being incorporated in making soccer shoes. If you are looking for a boot that molds your feet and highly durable, k-leather is the way to go.

– Natural leather: natural leather from calf and goat is used for most top level boots. Leather soccer shoes offer a unique experience and are more durable.

– Synthetic material: most companies like Nike and Adidas are now working to produce high-end materials that match the natural leather. Most of these synthetic materials add other traits such as waterproofing into the mix.

– Mesh: This new trend offers an extra lightweight feel. The major drawback is that it allows moisture into the boot leaving the shoes wet and heavier than before.


Different soccer shoes fit in a variety of ways. Although most players now days rely on buying new boots online, getting an opportunity to get into a football gear store and try shoes on can be a golden opportunity. If you have to buy boots online, there is always a way of figuring out the boots that suit you best. Review different types of shoes available in the online store to learn the details about sizing and fit. Also, take the time to read the customer review to get the insights on what experience the shoe offer to the users. Use the online sizing app the shape that best suits you and even ask friends what boots they wear and compare your fit with theirs.


Indoor Soccer Shoes are available in wide variety of design and quality. Control-designed soccer shoes are designed to include elements around pass and control zone to aid players for quick controls and solid passes. Shoes designed for powerful kicks feature added oomph when hitting shots and is perfect for players around the strike zone. Boots for high speed should be lightweight and should incorporate synthetic upper and overall minimal design.


Weight is a critical factor when it comes to indoor soccer shoes as it adds to your performance in the field. We have seen a lot of changes in the average weight of soccer shoes for the past few years with the emergence of new materials and technologies in the market. The average weight stood at about 9.4oz a few years ago but stands at around 8.0oz at present.

For most people, the perfect weight should be around 8.0oz as it keeps things pretty balanced. Although some lightest boots have an extraordinary weight of about 5.6oz, most of these shoes are compromised regarding features. And on the other hand, heavy soccer foot can reduce your performance.


Price is vital when it come to budgeting for your internal soccer shoes. Surely, you don’t want to spend a fortune that you were not expecting to use in the first place. At the same time, you can get quality shoes at discounted prices if your shop around and look for deals.


The fact that soccer involves less gear as compared to most other sports, make the shoes take the paramount importance.

Shoes affect your ability to control the ball and comfort that you will experience while playing. Use the above tips while looking to buy indoor soccer shoes to ensure that you improve in you improves in your soccer profession.