Nothing sucks such as de-icing cars. The winter weather can make driving seem extremely troublesome.

Maybe you are a homeowner and you are worried about those ice dams on the roof of your house. Maybe you hate removing stuck ice constantly from your car.

With the snowy conditions that we live in, you can never run away from these grueling exercises. You really need to get to work and your car is covered all over with ice. Are you supposed to freak out or just drive like that?

You need to know how to remove that ice effectively and efficiently. To do that, you need to find an efficient tool that you can that with. And that tool is the ice scrapper.

What is an ice scrapper and why do I need it?

An ice scraper a tool that you can hold with your hands used primarily for the purpose of removing stuck ice from the bodies of automobiles.

You can the tool in other areas such as removing stuck ice on windows or any other place that you think it will function best. Its areas of uses are varied but also limited.

Ice scrapers can be made out of different materials like plastic, wood or even metal. A typical ice scraper has a blade and a handle.

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What are you supposed to look for in the best ice scraper?

There are so many brands of ice scrapers out there. Others are standard but there are those that are made out of quality and are therefore long lasting.

If you are intending to have the best driving experience during the winter season, then you need to invest in the best ice scraper to sweep the snow off your car.

The following are some of the things you need to consider so that you get the value out of your money when spending on your ice scraper.


Flexibility, in this case, means the ability to be shortened or lengthened. Depending on the type of car that you are driving, you need an ice scraper that is highly flexible. Don’t go for some tiny scraper when you have a big car.

Go for those scrapers that can be extended so that you reach all the body parts of your car very well. It is highly recommended that you go for those scrapers that you can shorten or lengthen depending on your needs. You don’t need to climb on the roof of your car to get off the ice and this is the reason why you need an ice scraper that is flexible.

Also, make sure that the scraper has both a smooth side and a serrated edge.

When you buy an ice scraper that has the above features, you will find that it would be easier for you to remove off the deep ice.

Sometimes, it is not always on the ice. You need to find an ice scraper that combines the functionality of a squeegee and a brush. Sometimes when removing off the ice with a scraper, some snow may fly and settle on the mirror. This is the part where a brush comes in handy. A squeegee will suck out any mud.

Your budget

In choosing the best scraper for your needs, it is better to look at the size of your wallet. You have to, first of all, determine which exactly is the best ice scraper that suits your needs.

This can be known by basing your evaluation on the car that you drive. Some scrapers can be simple as those resembling plastic cups while others can be as complex as those ones that combine the functionalities of other things such as the brush and the squeegee. Obviously, they would cost more than the simple ones.

How do you use the ice scraper

The manual on how to use ice scraper varies according to the ice scraper that you have chosen.

For simple ice scrapers that have two ends that are the blade and the blade, it is pretty much easier to use them. You just scourge through the body of the car and eventually the stuck ice is off and you are good to go.

However for those complex ice scrapers that include different functionalities, the procedure for using them is quite detailed.

First, you have to be familiar on adjusting the length. You can be very familiar with that if you know how to identify the knobs that are meant for this purpose. This Is a very straightforward process for you.

It may be still snowing but you can still snow off your car when you are intending to go somewhere. If the snow is deep then use the part that has both a smooth edge and a serrated edge to dig it out. After that, brush It off to the ground by turning it upside down and making use of the part of the brush. Always watch out for your boots and your shoes otherwise you are going to look indecent.

If your ice scraper is not adjustable, it is advisable that you do one side at a time because you can not cover the entire car. Always remember to snow off or scrape the ice off the headlights.

You should take a systematic approach when using an ice scraper. Again, this is very dependent on the ice scraper that you are using. If you are using an ice scraper that can reach a limited distance and not the entire car, always remove off the ice on top of the car first before going for the ice on the sides.

Always be careful when using your ice scraper on deep ice especially if the blade of your ice scraper is made up of metal.

Be gentle with a metal ice scraper to avoid breaking the glasses of your car or even removing the paint off your car. Choosing the best ice scraper is no brainer if you follow this guide to the letter. In a nutshell, the best ice scraper is gotten by doing proper research.

An excellent ice scraper shouldn’t only get the job done but also take great care of your property.

However, many brands of ice scrapers have thronged our markets today and may cause an overwhelming situation to the buyer.

You have to be careful before making the purchase decision. Besides, you have to look into details of the various features of each product.

You should consider the durability, efficiency, flexibility, ease of cleaning among other important factors. But, you may not have enough time to examine each and every brand.

Luckily, after a careful research we’ve compiled the top 10 best ice scrapers for you.

10. Hopkins Bear Claw-16721- 10″ Ice ScraperHopkins Bear Claw-16721- 10 Ice Scraper

Let your vehicle stay clean as new even during the wettest season with this Hopkins bear claw ice scraper. It features extra wide blades that allow you to clear thick ice layers with just a few strokes. The powerful ice chippers are capable of breaking the hardest ice of the season with minimal effort. Besides, the snow broom features a sturdy design and is capable of pushing the deepest as well as wettest ice from your entire body of the vehicle. Its durable design ensures that you enjoy an excellent service for an extended time. Moreover, it has a compact design that makes it easy to use and store in tight places.


It is very easy to use

It has a compact design that provides easy storage

It has a versatile use as a broom and as a scraper


The handle is quite short, and ice may get onto your hands and cause freezing.

9. Snow Joe Edge Ice Scraper- SJEG01Snow Joe Edge Ice Scraper- SJEG01

Snow Joe Edge ice scraper is an incredible tool for removing the most stubborn ice layers from your vehicle. It boasts a durable brass blade that doesn’t cause any scratch on the glass. Also, it features a secure handle grip that makes ice scraping fast and effortless. Unlike other close competitors, this scraper is lightweight and therefore, doesn’t cause fatigue. It allows you to scrape all the ice from the entire vehicle without straining a muscle. Moreover, its ergonomic design allows it for versatile uses ranging from scratching frost and ice from car windows as well as the windscreens.


It doesn’t cause scratches

It is lightweight hence easy to use


The handle is quite thin for a secure grip

8. Hopkins Mallory- 533 Snow Wisp Deluxe 26″Hopkins Mallory- 533 Snow Wisp Deluxe 26

Enjoy maximum comfort while removing the hardest ice from your vehicle, with this Hopkins Mallory. It boasts a flagged bristle brush and a robust ice ripping scraper that ensures your car stays clean always. It guarantees comfort due to the foam grip and the strong handle. The ice scraper is flexible and thus unbreakable to allow easy removal of ice and debris without worries. Besides, it comes in a range of different colors to suit your preference.


The foam grip ensures comfort during scraping

The handle is quite long to avoid contact with the ice.

It is durable due to the sturdy construction


The ribbed design and the brush bristles can store some ice or water thereby causing wetness.

7. Bully Tools-92200 Heavy Duty Sidewalk & Ice ScraperBully Tools-92200 Heavy Duty Sidewalk & Ice Scraper

You can now apply all the energy you need to remove the ice from your vehicle’s body. Bully Tool’s ice scraper features an extra thick gauge steel blade that resists breakage even on the toughest jobs. The integration of a steel handle ensures the complete tool is heavy enough to let gravity its work. This means you will tend to use less effort and at the end, you enjoy impressive results. The 11 gauge steel is thick enough to handle even the toughest snow buildups in just a few minutes. Furthermore, this product boasts a limited lifetime warranty so you can trust on its quality.


It has a long handle for scraping hard to reach points on your car.

It is incredibly durable due to the steel construction.

The blade is unbreakable due to its thick gauge and the steel construction


This ice scraper is quite heavyweight

6. Hopkins Ice Hammer Snowbrush 16511 Subzero 23″Hopkins Ice Hammer Snowbrush 16511 Subzero 23

As the word suggest, this product is indeed an ice hammer. It features a strong design that can remove large snow build-ups in a hassle- free way. Unlike other models, this scraper features soft molded grip that repels water and resists UV damage for durability. It ensures that no stain of ice remains even during the wettest seasons, thanks to the super flat blade that ensures maximum contact when scraping. Besides, it has ice chippers that on the side the blades which break up ice before it is swept away by the brush bristles. The ultimate result is a sparkling car window for an incredible ride.


It is efficient even on tough snow build-ups

Excellent tool during winter

It provides a longer reach


The brush is too close to the scraper making it quite hard to clean in certain positions.

5. Hopkins Subzero 16621 Crusher and Ice ScraperHopkins Subzero 16621 Crusher and Ice Scraper

This scraper allows you to scrap for a maximum time without facing any challenges. It boasts an innovative design that will help you do a thorough cleaning job in maximum comfort. It boasts a palm and thumb rest design that enhances scraping leverage for excellent cleaning. The handle measures 11” to provide a high reach. The oval shape of the handle together with soft foam ensures that provides maximum comfort during scraping activity. The blade features an extra width size that covers a wide area ensuring that you get the job done after a few strokes. On the other hand, it features an ice chipper to improve its functionality.


Soft handles ensure that you feel comfortable when scraping

The solid constructions guarantee durability

It has a compact design for storage in tight spaces.


It has a short handle

4. Snow Joe SJBLZD Telescoping – Snow Broom plus ice scraperSnow Joe SJBLZD Telescoping - Snow Broom plus ice scraper

Featuring a patented dual-purpose design this ice scraper can tackle stubborn ice blocks. Unlike its close competitors, it features a non-abrasive foam head that delivers thorough scraping in the easiest manner. Its unique design allows it to clean a broad range of surfaces including paint, glass, and trim. The built-in scraper does the scraping work in the easiest manner without causing any scratches. Moreover, the auto locking telescoping pole can extend from 30 to 49 inches for an incredible reach. Besides it is lightweight for easy handling, as it weighs as low as 1.2 lbs.


It is adjustable

Doesn’t cause scratches

It has versatile uses


The locking mechanism to the broom is quite tedious

3. CJ Industries Fantastic Ice Scraper- F101CJ Industries Fantastic Ice Scraper- F101

This product represents a fantastic scraper that is built to last. If features a brass blade that does is capable of removing the hardest ice blocks on any surface of your car. Unlike the plastic scrapers that are vulnerable to breakages, this brass scraper is resistant to water and UV radiation. Its sturdy construction makes it well adapted for use in the harshest weather conditions. Also, its handle features an ergonomic design that offers a fine grip and enhances the leverage. The overall result is a sparkling car glasses, trims, and windows.


It is non-abrasive

It is lightweight for easy use


It is a bit flimsy

It is short handled

2. Hopkins 532- Mallory 26″ Snow BrushHopkins 532- Mallory 26 Snow Brush

Snowfall is a natural phenomenon, but you shouldn’t let it ruin your good time. The best way to equip yourself is to have the best snow scraper for your car. Remember that ice can cause detrimental damage to your car’s condition and at the same time ruin your pleasures. Hopkins 532 offers a straightforward way of removing ice stains on your car. It boasts four rows of sturdy bristles that remove layers of ice instantly without leaving any scratch behind. It has an incredible length of 26 inches, for cleaning far points.


It doesn’t cause abrasion

It is simple to use

It contains both scraper and a brush


The handle isn’t strong enough for an excellent leverage.

1. Hopkins 2610XM – Super Extender Subzero 52″ Snow broomHopkins 2610XM - Super Extender Subzero 52

When you combine power and adjustability, you have no reason to worry about ice on your vehicle. Hopkins 2510xm features a heavy duty broom for an enhanced snow clearing power. Additionally, it has a steel extender handle that enhances its adjustability. Moreover, the blades are remarkably wide and equipped with squeegees for convenient now cleaning. Besides, the soft cushion grip ensures a stronger hold. Therefore, these features make it ideal for trucks, vans as well as SUVs.


The telescoping handle is suitable for hard to reach areas

The horizontal brush design allows convenient snow clearing

The sturdy design ensures it is durable


The horizontal design isn’t ideal for curved surfaces

The handle may spin if you use excessive force

There is no need to live a boring life while struggling to clear the ice from your vehicle’s surface. Having the best ice scraper ensures that your vehicle stays clean as new. However, not all brands on the market are worth buying. Luckily for you, the brands above guarantee you secure and reliable snow clearing and won’t cause any scratches. They deserve to be the top ten best ice scrapers.