Most people go about their daily lives forgetting to rinse and wash their hands with hand soap. However, using hand soap can make a difference between staying healthy and maintaining hygiene to ensure diseases and germs are kept away.

For a person to maintain hygiene they must ensure they use hand soap after eating and cleaning and also before eating to stay clean and healthy. The importance that soap plays in hygiene is understated and should be emphasized in schools, work and public places to ensure that people stay germ-free every day.

What is Hand Soap?

Hand soap is a cleaning agent that comes in either the form of bars or liquid to disinfect or act as a thickener or lubricant for the purpose it was intended. The purpose of a hand soap is to remove any dirt or harmful bacteria that appears on the hands of a person.

There are many other purposes to using soap such as leaving the hands smelling clean and making the hands extra soft but it is mainly a disinfectant.

While many hand soaps are manufactured smell-free, there are those that come fully packed with smell-removing properties such as the kind that are used in big organizations or hotels.

These also often come with disinfecting properties, thereby making them more commercialized than the non-scented varieties.

Advantages of Using Hand Soap

Hand soap whether it is in liquid or bar form can help disinfect and can prevent many diseases from spreading including diarrhea and other harmful diseases. Hand washing has many benefits including preventing the disease from spreading but using an antibacterial soap can be just as beneficial in preventing disease as regular soap. They both work on eliminating bacteria.

Another advantage of using hand soap particularly antibacterial can prevent diseases because the antibacterial substance helps fight germs and bacteria from spreading since bacteria can be controlled after washing.

The bacteria that appears from the air as well as sneezing and coughing in the air and getting in contact with germs in the air can hence forth be eliminated after hands are washed using anti-bacterial hand soap.

Another advantage to using hand soap is the prevention of the spread of infectious disease whether it is HIV or any other disease because using hand soap can prevent their spread because the substance found in it can control the spread of the disease and curb it. The hand soap is therefore useful in preventing the contraction of infectious skin diseases or any other disease.

Hand soaps ensure that diseases become less prevalent because hand soap prevents the spread of inflammatory diseases that are contracted by contact such as touching hands or any objects that contain harmful diseases and can help stop diseases from forming.

Diseases are contagious and so in order to prevent them, hands must be washed using soap.

Moreover, soap is useful in preventing any disease from forming because it has the ability to kill bacteria before it forms. The best way to ensure that bacteria is prevented from forming is by using handsoap on a regular basis.

Hand soap can help prevent germs from forming and can help prevent any diseases from being contracted beforehand. The germs can thus be stopped from forming by washing hands with either a liquid soap or antibacterial soap.

Hand soap is, therefore, good in also lessening the effects of cold or flu on a person because it prevents further contraction of the disease which would happen otherwise.

The Best Way to Make Foaming Hand Soap

Foaming hand soap can be easily made if the following instructions are followed carefully.

Once you follow those instructions, you will have foaming hand soap at your home. First, to make foaming hand soap you need a soap dispenser then you need to purchase liquid hand soap then you need to obtain vegetable Glycerine and essential oils whether it is citrus or orange is up to you and depends on your preference and ability to find either.

Once those ingredients are bought then they can be combined to make foaming hand soap. The process begins by using the soap dispenser to mix all of the ingredients that were bought.

The dispenser should be filled with water up to 4/5 of the container then the rest should be filled with liquid soap and the Glycerine and essential oils. Then the mixture should be shaken up so that foaming hand soap would be formed with a nice smell.

The foaming hand soap can also be formed in another way such as purchasing an empty soap dispenser then filling it with water then adding soap liquid to the water. The soap dispenser can then be filled quarter way up with warm water then liquid soap could be added and all the ingredients can be mixed together carefully.

Then the rest of the dispenser should be filled with water and then a lid should be put on top then the ingredients should be mixed together to make the foaming hand soap. Then push on the dispenser and there should be foaming hand soap coming out from the dispenser.

Another viable option to making foaming hand soap that can also serve useful in the near future, is by combining hand castile, almond oil and essential oils.

Once the dispenser is bought then you fill it up one of the tops with water then add two tablespoons of liquid castile to the water mixture and then add both oils to the mixture. Then close the dispenser and swish the mixture lightly to mix the oils and use the dispenser to release the newly formed hand soap.

Using hand soap is essential to maintaining hygiene and warding off germs but it is also good for having good smelling hands. A variety of hand soap exists such as bars or liquid soap and both can be very beneficial.

The best hand soaps are the ones that are antibacterial but also the liquid ones are good for preventing any disease. The best way to save money is to make foaming hand soap at home. The ingredients are easy to find and making the foaming hand soap is simple.

10. Babyganics Foaming Hand SoapBabyganics Foaming Hand Soap

If you prefer a more natural hand soap made from natural ingredients that are extracted from plants, Babyganics foaming hand soap is the right product to try out. The selection of extracts used to create this hand wash contains a non-allergenic effect, making it one of the leading products.

Tests by dermatologists indicate that the soap is completely free of dyes, parabens, triclosan and phthalates. It also has a pleasant scent for your hands.


Does not irritate sensitive skin

It is safe to use; has no toxic substances


Poor packaging can cause leaking

9. Duru Liquid Hand Wash SetDuru Liquid Hand Wash Set

When you buy this hand soap set, you will get up to six hand soap bottles. All products from the Duru Company are made from the best real fruit extracts which deliver good fragrance on your hands. Therefore, if you need a good hand soap delivering pleasant scent on your hands, look no further; this product will perfectly suit you.

Get great value from this hand wash that has more capacity compared to other top hand soap brands available in the market. This product is also free from dangerous ingredients, like additives and all other unwanted materials, making it suitable for every customer, including kids and adults.

What else do you need if you have a hand soap that you can use without any restrictions?


It has glycerin that helps combat drying

Has a range of pleasant scents to choose from

The hand soap dispensers work easily and effectively


The hand soap lathers well but is hard to wash off

Does not have antibacterial ingredients; not an antibacterial soap

8. Dial Complete Antibacterial Hand SoapDial Complete Antibacterial Hand Soap

Want to keep your hands as clean as possible then you should purchase the Dial Complete Antibacterial hand wash. This hand soap features a self-foaming pump that provides instant lather. You will surely enjoy your time whenever you use this hand wash. Use this hand soap regularly to protect your hands from any harmful bacteria.

This hand soap has the antibacterial and antimicrobial formula that can help in fighting Salmonella and Streptococcus. It has been recommended by many doctors worldwide. Most customers are pleased with the benefits offered by the hand soap plus its aroma.


Smells good and cleans well

It is antibacterial; can be used in the bathroom and kitchen too

It has great moisturizing properties


It doesn’t foam; it is more like a thin liquid

The refilling cost is not inexpensive

7. JR Watkins Hand SoapJR Watkins Hand Soap

Always keep your hands as clean as possible with the JR Watkins hand soap. Made from some essential oils and useful natural ingredients, this hand soap will be good for your needs. For a cleaner wash, it is recommended to remove all soils from your hands when using this soap.

The hand soap has a fruity aroma and lemon oil, making it suitable for you. The lemon oil can create a zesty fragrance. Use this hand soap on a regular basis to keep your hand free from dangerous germs.


It has the right thickness as well as light fresh lemon scent

It lathers well and does not dry out your hands

Nice and attractive packaging


It is highly priced

Not readily available for purchase

6. Softsoap Liquid Hand Soap with Aloe Vera ExtractSoftsoap Liquid Hand Soap with Aloe Vera Extract

This is another top hand wash product for everyday use. Improve your skin health using this hand soap made from durable and natural ingredients. Softsoap liquid hand wash has gained more popularity among customers because of its calming scent that provides comfortable use for every user. It contains Aloe Vera which can help keep your hands always clean.

Additionally, its gentle cleansing formula can be effectively used to support all your needs. Eliminate germs and dirt through regular use of this hand soap to stay healthy every day.


Does not cause irritation or redness of the hands; help reduce skin drying

Extremely gentle and completely effective in cleaning

This hand soap is very affordable; offers great value for your money

Mild and pleasant smell; not overpowering


Poor packaging; caps are not well sealed causing leakages

5. Mrs Meyer’s Liquid Hand Soap with Lemon VerbenaMrs Meyer’s Liquid Hand Soap with Lemon Verbena

Mrs Meyer’s hand soaps are among the most common products available in most commercial areas nowadays. This particular hand soap has many good benefits. It has no dangerous ingredients that are potentially harmful to your body and skin too, for example, Sulfate, Phthalate, and Paraben. It is made with natural ingredients extracted from plants. Therefore, this soap is safe and reliable too for your needs.

You are guaranteed that you will never suffer from any side effects when using this hand soap. Get great hand soap for your kitchen and bathroom. It provides awesome skin moisturizing effect, so use this hand wash in your home for improved skin health.


Pleasant fragrance though there are many other scents you can choose

Makes your hands as clean as possible

It has a fun and functional look


The bottle is unstable; it does not hold shape well

It can dry out your hands after use

Dispenser pumps may be ineffective

4. Method Gel Hand Soap with French Lavender AromaMethod Gel Hand Soap with French Lavender Aroma

If you are looking for good hand soap for everyday use, Method Gel Hand Wash with French Lavender Aroma will be a perfect choice for you. A lot of people use this hand soap daily because of its interesting French lavender. This soap can provide all customers with a gentle experience. It is made from biodegradable and natural ingredients that suit your needs.

Method gel contains a high amount of vitamin E and Aloe Vera that help in moisturizing your skin naturally. It has a capacity of 12 ounces, therefore you can use this hand wash for a long time. Regular use of this hand soap can help you to effectively clean your hands and avoid any microorganisms.

This hand soap’s packaging, the biodegradable plastic bottle is environmental friendly. No need to worry about negatively affecting the environment.


Product is great for you and environment-friendly

Very attractive packaging plus pleasant scent

Hand wash lathers well and cleans off easily


The refills are not readily available

This isn’t an antibacterial soap

3. Seventh Generation Hand SoapSeventh Generation Hand Soap

This popular hand soap is available for you to buy now. This product is famous for its natural ingredients. It has no additional ingredients, such as Phthalate, dye, triclosan and fragrance. In fact, all ingredients are FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved as some of best hand soap ingredients. No need to worry about the products quality.

You can use this soap in your bathroom or kitchen or bathroom with no restrictions. You should definitely use this hand soap in order to enjoy it the hypoallergenic and gentle feature.


It rinses easily and cleanly; you only need a small amount to wash

The soap is gentle on your skin; does not cause pain, itchiness or stinging


The scent can cause a reaction to those users who are sensitive to some fragrances

It isn’t moisturizing; this product is effective for cleaning only

2. Method Foaming Hand Soap with Hibiscus Flower ExtractMethod Foaming Hand Soap with Hibiscus Flower Extract

Method is a company well known for its most popular hand soaps. This hand wash is very popular because a lot of people are interested in using it daily. It contains a large quantity of Hibiscus flower extracts that are very powerful and help to deliver nice aroma on your hand.

This reliable hand soap will enable you to keep your hands clean and soft as possible. It is made from biodegradable and natural and products that are completely free from harmful ingredients, like Triclosan. Therefore, you can use this hand wash regularly without suffering from some negative side effects. It is also packaged in a plastic bottle for good protection and to effectively keep the fragrance of the hand wash.


Does not irritate sensitive skin

Pleasant scent; fragrance is not overwhelming

It is fluffy and rinses off easily


It is not inexpensive

Soap dispenser may not work well with refills

Does not last for long

1. Puracy Natural Hand SoapPuracy Natural Hand Soap

This hand wash is a good alternative you can use every day in your home. Puracy Natural has vanilla absolute that creates the pleasant experience for every user. Its thick formula improves the soap’s effectiveness, making it a great product for cleaning your hands. It also has some useful moisturizers essential to keep your skin clean and healthy.

Are you troubled with dry skin? Use this hand soap and you won’t deal with such skin issues anymore. This hand wash has useful ingredients like Vitamin E, Sea Salt, and Aloe Vera that keep your skin soft and smooth in your daily life. No harsh chemicals are used in making this reliable and pure hand soap.


Great efficacy, packaging and fragrance

Incredible vanilla and lavender scent

The hand soap is very soft and smooth on the hands; does not cause any discomfort

No petroleum products, animal by-product or harsh chemicals

Long lasting


You can have a problem getting the dispenser work

The hand soap may be too thick to rinse off


All the hand soaps listed in this review are made to maintain healthy skin and protect the hands. Some of them are fully natural whereas others comprise extra ingredients for more effectiveness. It is good to know the type of skin the hand wash will be used on when determining which one to purchase. Some are fine using either soap while others have sensitive skin.