The women greatest vanity is their hair and hair styling holds the highest distinction in the world of beauty treatments. Haircuts, blow drying, curling, weaves, waves, perm are some of the different things one can do to her hair. But perhaps, one of the most popular components of hair styling is the Hair Curler which can create a variety of bouncy, voluminous, curly locks, not to mention being able to give your hair a lovely sheen as well.

Hair curler or Hair Roller is a beauty tool for curling hair at home. It has a barrel and a heating element. The element heats up the barrel when the device is plugged in. All you need to do is wrap hair around the barrel. The heat curls the hair without any damage to your hair as well as fingers.

What to consider when choosing hair curler

There are quite some hair curlers which you must have surely come across a few at a hair store or salons. Each Hair curler varies in size, material and most importantly, some are made specifically for a certain type of hair. It is prudent to research well before you purchase any because you certainly wouldn’t want to harm your hair at any cost.

The initial step is to look into your hair and consider its type; whether it is sleek, unpleasant, super-fine, fine, fuzzy, slick, dry, coarse, and so on.

In case you’re uncertain of how to approach this, go to an expert or purchase a manual that can help you. Individuals with coarse, bunched up hair, must pick a Hair curler that accompanies a higher warmth setting to have the capacity to hold the twists set up a temperature of around 400 F, while those with ordinary hair and silkier hair, or super-fine hair, ought to run for one with a low warmth setting.

Trying out with a lower warm setting first is better, furthermore allows you to analysis and see which temperature can hold the twists best, for your kind of hair.

The extent of the Hair styler barrel is additionally critical to be judged. For bigger twists, one needs a barrel that is around 2 inches; for fundamental medium-sized twists a size of 1 crawl is adequate; while little, tight twists require a 0.5 to 0.75 crept barrel.

Above all, don’t analyze indiscriminately with your hair. If all else fails, visit a hair store or your neighborhood salon for offer assistance. They’ll have the capacity to guide you accurately.

The next tip is to pick the right heat setting. Got fine hair? Then opt for lower heat. Likewise for women having color treated hair. For thicker, coarser hair that is difficult to curl, opt for higher heat setting. Never go above 400F as hair shaft can get damaged at these temperatures.

The material which a Hair Curler is made off is vital. Curling rods which are metal plated are not recommended as they cause a burst of heat at once that damages your hair leaving hair brittle, rough and with split ends, especially if you use the iron regularly.

Tourmaline and ceramic are the most recommended variants, as they produce a low, controlled amount of heat rather than direct heat, which keeps your hair healthy and gives it a nice glow as well.

Remember to keep your hair dry; wet hair results in limp curls since the hair won’t be light or springy. A spray of a heat serum or thermal spray before beginning to use a curling hair will ensure protection from any heat damage. Also, don’t go for the cheap. Ceramic curling irons might be a tad bit expensive, but they’re the best for any hair. And lastly, always give your hair extra care, with our without curling irons.

How to curl your hair with a wand

Not each woman on this planet has been blessed by Mother Nature with a strong curly hair, and therefore this welcomes the idea of devices like the curling wand.

These styling tools are incredibly easy to use and can transform a woman’s look by giving her volume, definition, and natural looking curls.While they are indeed easy to use, they can be tricky to master. Here are some tips you can to curl your hair with the wand.

Straightening hair makes your appearance sexier. With a curling device, you freely design any varieties of curly hair. Merely make sure your curly hair is totally dry before seeking to curl it, or what appears like a wonderful lock will go right as a board when you brush it. You can also wash your hair with shampoo before you curl it.

Head of hair is very charming and can be a stylish choice if you are going to have such a party. Improve your performance with a great hair style.

Begin the curling process by using a styling gel, Nautique or styling spray to clean up, damp hair and blow dry until completely dried out. Your curls will form better and last much longer with the aid of a brand new hair product. Merely ready your heat protector and start brushing or combing your hair. Usually, straightening irons will be properly used for 10-15 minutes. Just remember to leave your hair dry before using the curling irons. Before applying the heat defender, make sure that your hair has been dry along with your hair is tangle-free.

Individual your hair into some sections then uses clips to clip every section apart from the others. Push the lever on the grip of the curling iron to open a video where to place the ends of the locks and then get started twisting the curling iron around the hair.

In case the being different iron does not get this feature, purely wrap the ends of the curly hair throughout the iron once, and then get started twirling the iron upwards, while masking the hair.

To split your hair, you may use your fingers to divide a tiny section of locks from the rest. This should be almost as wide as the barrel or clip of your curling straightener. Use a heat-protectant aerosol to stop damage and help set the crimp well.

Next, wrap your hair in the flat iron then continue to carry on and wrap and release parts of hair.

Here are top ten hair curlers

10. EVB Ceramic Hair Curling Iron WandEVB Ceramic Hair Curling Iron Wand


The high-performance ceramic hair curling wand can give you lasting curls whenever you decide to use it to have your hair curled. The ceramic tourmaline that is used in this wand distributes heat equally along. Whenever you decide to have your hair curled, this device designed using high-grade technology will meet your requirements. It is easy to handle leaving you with curled hair in minutes.


· Helps to have hair curled in minutes

· Ensures long lasting curls


· It gets a little too hot

9. Professional Jumbo Curling Iron with Multi-Heat Control ModelProfessional Jumbo Curling Iron with Multi-Heat Control Model


You can use the Hot Tools professional jumbo to curl your hair in style. It has a pulse auto heat control which senses when the heat generated is not enough and generates more instantly so that the curling is not stopped. It has a handle with a soft grip for a secure hold. This device comes with a long life heating element which consists of powerful spring clamp and a foldaway safety. It has an extra-long cool tip.


· Budget friendly

· Good for ringlets

· Ideal for hair which is not very long

8. Professional Curling Iron with Multi-Heat ControlProfessional Curling Iron with Multi-Heat Control


This curling iron is provided with a 24K gold-plated barrel and has a cool end which is quite long and heavy duty which is perfect for long life heating. This is perfect for all types of hair. It has 8 feet long swivel cord and a handle with a soft grip. There is also a separate on and off switch which helps the rheostat to memorize the regular heat t setting. It is provided with 85 watts of power for heating fast up to 428F


· Perfect for curling long hair

7. Conair Nano Tourmaline Ceramic Curling IronConair Nano Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Iron


This curler is designed with the highest heat capacity, reaching up to 400*F to give your hair lasting waves and curls. The temperature can be set on five different settings. The technology helps to get rid of frizz and hot spots from the hair. It has a shield to protect against heat.


· Budget friendly

· It heats and curls fast

· Comes with a swivel cord

· Has auto shut down

· Has different heat settings


· Power button is wrongly placed

· The cool tip is short and can burn the fingers

6. Professional Hair Straightener and Hair Curler 2 in 1 CurlProfessional Hair Straightener and Hair Curler 2 in 1 Curl


This professional hair curler and designer come with an innovative design which helps with curling as well as straightening. The maximum temperature for heating is 400F and there is also a 120V US plug. It shuts off automatically after an hour and has a swivel of 360 degrees, not to mention the PVC power cord of 1.8m. A LED indicator is provided on this device and can be set at six different temperatures. It comes with two-year warranty and one-year replacement.


· It comes with a barrel protector for storage

· It is convenient being two in one


· The design has its risks

· The operating system is defective

5. Kiss Products Instawave Automatic Hair CurlerKiss Products Instawave Automatic Hair Curler


This hair curler is designed to curl hair at 420 degrees max. The power switch is built with high and low-temperature settings. It automatically shuts off after 90 minutes. It is designed with a patent dial for curling which helps to have curls facing right or left. The technology helps in giving shiny curls with very little frizz.


· Easy to use

4. Bed Head “Curlipops” Curling WandBed Head "Curlipops" Curling Wand


Bead head curlipops comes with a glove for protection against heat. Heat up is minimized with rapid heat recovery. There is no wrapping required you can just wrap and go. You can enjoy styles without frizz. The I inch barrel that is provided helps in creating loose curls and waves.


· It gives beautiful curls.


· Gets too hot

· The glove is not of quality

· No adjustable setting for heat.

3. Tava Satin Wave 5-in-1 Curling Iron and Wand SetTava Satin Wave 5-in-1 Curling Iron and Wand Set


This is a very sophisticated device yet very professionally designed. You can enjoy five different types of curling using this one device. The pre-set temperature is 410F and the curler gets heated quite fast, in a matter of seconds. It comes complete with a swivel cord which is 8 feet long.


· It is travel-friendly

· Comes with a heat resistant glove to protect your hand

· Plastic duck teeth bow hair clips are provided with it

· Comes with several clamp type rods for curling

· Heats quickly and cools fast when switched off

· Curls last a long time

· Long swivel cord to move easily


· No cool touch tip

2. Vokai Labs Titanium Hair Curling IronVokai Labs Titanium Hair Curling Iron


If you are looking to have professional curls at home then this is the curling iron for you. This comes with innovative technology with LED temperature indicators. It also features a 360* swivel cord and auto shut off mechanism. This is designed for professional styling speed. Pro Iron takes just 30 seconds to get heated for instant curling. Thick and long hair can be curled very fast. Three different temperature settings will help you to choose the right one to suit your hair. Smooth heat distribution is done using titanium coated barrel and clip.


· Lightweight and easy to handle

· Automatic shut off prevents burning

· Heats fast


· Just three temperatures to choose from

1. Kiss Professional Instawave Pink Automatic Hair CurlerKiss Professional Instawave Pink Automatic Hair Curler


The maximum temperature is 430*F which curls your hair to last all day with just 30 second heat up. It is provided with a power switch with high and low power settings with auto shutoff after 90 minutes. The technology used here is pearl ceramic where the far infrared heat along with negative ions decreases the damage and frizz bringing a shine to the hair. It has a spinner which prevents hair from tangling. Beeping helps you to release the curls when done.


· Ideal for long layers of hair

· Very easy for beginners

Nothing negative has been known about it so far.

Conclusion: If you are thinking about getting yourself a curler that can give your hair glorious curls this festive season, then professional instawavepink automatic hair curler is the most ideal, given the price at which it is offered.