While the origins of golf are often debated, we know the earliest game of record was one called “apocryphally.” This was a game much like golf and it was recorded as having first been played in 1297. Since then the game has evolved into the widely popular sport we know it today.

If you are a golfer or hoping to learn the game, this is the buying guide for you! Because ¼ of the shots you’ll make on the golf course will require use of a wedge, you’ll want the best wedge available.

The following is a buying guide of the top 10 golf wedges. Some of the ones we discuss are used by professionals. We invite you to continue reading for more about the best golf wedges.

What You Should Know Before You Shop

Golf wedges can make or break your game. Having the wrong one can cause difficulty with certain shots. Having the right one will enhance your scoring and obviously, you want the right wedge for you.

Doing the research is important and that’s why we’re here. We do the hard work for you so you have more time to enjoy your game. To begin, you should know the types of available wedges:

Lob: These are the newest design of wedges; they have a high loft (60-64 degrees); they allow for more height and spin; frequently used for hit chips, flop and bunker shots.
Sand: 54-58 degree range; has a wider and heavier sole design; use for bunker shots and hit chips.
Gap: Fills the gap between sand and pitching wedges; is sometimes referred to as a utility or attack wedge; usually has a loft of 50-53 degrees; offers variety for pitches that do not involve longer chips or full swing.
Pitching: The most commonly used wedge; has a loft of 44-48 degrees; use frequently for longer chip shots and full shots.

Next you want to know more about the bounce of a wedge:

High: These will have 10+ degrees of bounce; best suited for golfers who take deep divots and dig on impact; use on courses with soft conditions and fine sand bunkers.
Mid-Bounce: 7-10 degrees of bounce; most versatile option; good for a wide range of conditions and various swings.
Low-Bounce: 4-6 degrees of bounce; suitable for golfers who take a shallow divot and/or sweep the ball; works well on more solid courses and coarse sand bunkers.

You’ll also want to consider the finish. Options include chrome, nickel, raw, dark and light. Consider also the shaft. Note that most shafts are made of steel unless the wedge comes as part of a set of graphite clubs.


Made of alloy, this wedge provides a 56-degree loft. The unique pearl copper finish gives it a vintage feel. This is a non-glare wedge with a tac grip that is all-weather.

– Has an excellent grip
– Hits consistently
– Nice option for a beginner

– Finish chips easily
– Some users might not like the color
– May take time to adjust to this wedge

TaylorMade claims all-terrain versatility with this wedge. It allows you to make critical shots with one wedge. This one features a Lamkin wedge grip, a groove design that is all-milled and a Tour Satin finish that is non-plated.

– This wedge makes accurate shots
– Easy to bend and has a nice spin
– Can easily help you save some strokes and improve your game

– Some might find the bounce a bit too high for their liking
– Blade can’t be opened
– Some users may find it doesn’t work as well in sand as desired

This wedge is available for right hand only. It has a specially designed sole grind, a nice anti-glare finish and is available in three loft options: 52, 56 and 60 degrees. A steel shaft is available as well.

– Good choice for chipping
– This is an easy to use wedge
– The performance of this wedge makes it an excellent value for the price

– Black finish is a very durable
– Stock grip is somewhat cheaply made but can be swapped for your favorite grip
– Some may find it a bit too lightweight

This is a steel wedge with a 125-gram shaft. It is a great choice for a beginning golfer. It features a large face area and is available in the following degrees: 52, 56, 60, 64 and 68.

– Proven to shave strokes and improve your game
– Does a great job at close bunker shots
– Provides good balance

– The grip feels a bit plastic and could be better quality
– Unless you are a golfer with pros skill, avoid the 68-degree wedge; the loft is a bit much and distance control is difficult
– While it will not impact play, the finish is a very durable

Available in a set, these wedges have a gun metal finish and are available for man’s right hand. They feature all-weather grips and shafts constructed of steel. The bounce for these wedges is 8 degrees.

– Excellent value for the cost; versatility at a nice price
– Sharp grooves that provide a lot of spin
– Overall decent quality

– Grips could be better constructed
– The finish can wear off rather easily
– These wedges can cut the covers of softer/cheap balls

These wedges have what Cleveland calls “Smart Sole 2.0.” This is a sole which is forgiving and should get you out of the bunker on your first try. What you’ll find is a refined soul design, a feel plaque that has been improved and a black satin finish that reduces glare.

– Suitable for pretty much any lie
– Extremely easy to use
– Provides consistent results

– Some users should expect blading in hard packed/wet sand
– Users may find the 5-degree bounce unagreeable
– Some golfers may find it takes practice and some time to get adjusted to this wedge

Designed by pro Phil Mickelson, this wedge has the ability to take on pretty much any shot. It also has a shape that is unique for more aggressive shots. It is available for right and left hand in the following degrees: 56, 58, 60 and 64.

– Generates quite a bit of spin
– This is a versatile wedge that is easy to use
– The grip and shafts are excellent quality

– Pricey and not recommended for beginning golfers
– 10-degree bounce makes short chip shots a bit difficult

The Wilson harmonized wedge has a finish that is high polish and a blade shape that is classic. These wedges are constructed of temper steel with a sole grind that allows you to further open the club face. The wedge is available in right and left hand as well as in the following degrees: 50, 52, 56, 68 and 64.

– Great value for the price
– Has good bounce and spin
– Nice grind offers versatility for different types of shots

– Recommended for beginners; if you’ve been playing awhile this likely isn’t the wedge for you
– Some users may find this wedge too lightweight
– Some golfers may find the grip size a bit too small

The Tour Action wedge from Cleveland features a profile that is tour validated, a sole design which promotes smooth interaction with turf and grooves that are CNC milled. It is available for right hand and the following degrees: 54, 56 and 60.

– Has a nice feel and balance
– Durable and high-quality
– This is an easy to use wedge

– A bit pricey; if you’re a beginner you might want to start with a less expensive option

This wedge features a slightly longer profile with a cavity back design. The micro milled pattern provides roughness that is close to the USGA limit. The wedge has Tour Zip grooves and a 90-gram graphite shaft.

– Great forgiveness on off center hits
– The matte black finish is quite attractive

– Pricey; beginners might want to consider less expensive options

Final Thoughts

To make a smart consumer decision, you may need to experiment with several wedges before finding one that is right for you. Since you’ve started with our best golf wedges buying guide, you’ll surely be able to select the perfect wedge. You’ll be playing your best in no time!