To keep your foot smooth and shiny, there is only the way to avoid harshness of your foot. And, foot is the important part of the body that completes your beauty. But, many times you can’t show your foot as there remains callus. Callus is caused by some terms you know. You may cause callus by frequent rubbing the place anywhere on your foot. But, there is no reason of being worried about of calluses as the world has updated so many ways to remove your callus. Here I would like to share top ten foot callus removers for you.

10. Powerful Electric Callus Remover

Powerful Electric Callus Remover


This electric callus remover is powerful and it does not need AA batteries. Its Nickel-Hydride batteries are rechargeable. You can charge them up to 1000 times and the full charged batteries are ready to run 40 minutes. This remover can fix dry, dead, hard and cracked skin successfully. It makes your feet clean, smooth and attractive.
It has the ability for low maintenance and mobility. The roller head of the remover is detachable and you can rinse if you feel to do. When it is full charged, keep it in the purse to use it any time even anywhere. The warranty of this remover is for six months as it is proven from the selling record.
PROS:  This product is powered by superior cruise and first-class Nickel-Hydride rechargeable battery that you can 1,000 times charge in its lifetime. The full charged battery runs for 40 minutes. The roller head is as detachable; you can rinse it under water. You will get six-month warranty.
CONS:  If you have any medical issue; you can use the product after consulting with your physician. You are not permitted to use the product with red skin on the spot and if you have irritated, inflamed, infected or blistered.  You are also not permitted to use the product on cracked feet.

9. Emjoi Micro-Pedi Power Callus Remover

Emjoi Micro-Pedi Power Callus Remover


Emjoi Micro-Pedi Callus Remover removes all dry, rough and calluses skin gently and effective only for some couple of seconds. It is as effective so safer than metal scrapers. It is also easier to handle over than a pumice stone. It has the micro mineral elements to pulp dead skin instantly. This is a ground-breaking machine that removes the callus and keeps skin smooth ever.
PROS:  Emjoi Micro-Pedi Callus Remover is an awesome tool for those people who suffer from calluses as it works very good.
CONS: Before buying it, you have to be confirmed whether it is fit for you. There is no item model number.

8. Utilyze Rechargeable Electronic Callus Remover

Utilyze CR-700B Electric Callus Remover


This remover is actually great powerful. There is a claim of the manufacturer that this one is the best callus remover on the market. The roller can spin more than fifty times in a second. Since the remover is rechargeable, you can get the advantage of not running out of the battery at your need. Then, you can take it anywhere with you for your usage.
The Utilyze Rechargeable Electronic Callus Remover is safer than scrapers. It has the ac adapter and the most important news is that manufacturer gives you the lifetime return guarantee.
PROS: Since the battery is rechargeable, you need not replace it. It is light weight and portable even water resistant.  This tool is safe, powerful, fat and easy to get rid of calluses. This tool is also economical for the lifetime of the product.
CONS: Item Serial number is not available. Warranty information is found only in the Website of the manufacturer.

7. Soft Feet Callus RemoverSoft Feet Callus Remover


It is actually called Soft Feet Callus Reducer. It keeps feet soft enough and free from calluses. You will get the best performance of the reducer if you use on dry feet.  You should polish gently over the calluses and you will find it smoothly removed from your feet. Don’t use it before shower, bath or before applying any kind of lotion. To keep the feet free from calluses, you have to employ it daily basis.
PROS:  At your convenient time, use the soft feet callus remover. But, follow the word “soft” it indicates use it softly over the callus and you will get you beautiful soft feet.
CONS:  You are not permitted to use it if you are with diabetes or poor circulation. You have to use this tool daily basis. To make sure your soft skin, you are recommended to use other creams.

6. Inno Tech Callus RemoverInno Tech Callus Remover


This is a great efficient callus remover at the dry dead skin. Its battery is built-in and rechargeable. The Inno callus remover has the upper limit high speed of fifty times a minute. The Inno tech callus remover is a waterproof remover that you can use in water and also in dry. It has a cleaning brush and a charging adapter with the user guide book. This remover is a manufacturer lifetime return guarantee.
PROS:  It is a high power electric callus remover.  It is known as fast, painless and convenient callus remover. The device is latest German design. It has gained the international CE safety certification.  The product is waterproof.
CONS:  You have to directly contact with the sellers for the product warranty.

5.The Lillian Fache Electronic Pedicure Foot File

The Lillian Fache Electronic Pedicure Foot File


It has a promise for very fast result. It actually utilizes a shape of incrusted head for quickly clean away your dry and harsh skin. It is packed with a rechargeable battery and USB charging cord, protective 2 caps and a brush to clean. You are sure to get a baby like feet handing its diamond crystal head spins by removing your feet calluses.
PROS: To remove your calluses with the product, you will get ergonomic hand held unit, diamond incrusted heads, protective cap, USB recharging cord and cleaning brush. These are not just to entice you; it actually removes your hard and stubborn calluses within seconds.
CONS:  You are not sure to get the same product packaged materials you get information from the Website, It depends on the manufacturer’s packaging system to get the right materials in the package.

4. ThunderStar Pedicure Foot File

ThunderStar Pedicure Foot File


It’s a standard scrape file with a metal scrubber and a plastic handle. It offers contrasting effects as it has both side usage capacities. If there is tough spots use the indicated side; and if the callus has softer areas, then use the other side. And, when cleaning, you may take apart the sides. This product is 100% brand new and the quality is high. To use the product, you should plunge your feet into warm water for 3 to 5 minutes. Now, rub the place softly. It is better to use some creams after drying it.
PROS: This is the high quality product that ensures 100% brand new. The color is like picture shown. It is known as ideal in removing calluses and making the feet baby like tender.
CONS: It has no item model number. You have to take extra care as it should be kept out of the child’s reach. To make the skin soft and smooth, you have to use extra cream.

3. Tweezeman Safety Slide Callus shaver  

Tweezeman Safety Slide Callus shaver


It is the model which has blade to use for removing calluses. Both sides of the blade are razor to use. It is so simple and comfortable to use even to travel with. Blades are replaceable and inexpressible that is readily available at your hand distance.  

2. Micro plane Colossal Pedicure Rasp

Micro plane Colossal Pedicure Rasp


The micro plane Colossal Pedicure Rasp is capable of removing your thick callus instantly without soaking your feet. The color of the product is brown that enhances gravity of the product. It is one of the best removers in the running market.
PROS:  This product is made in USA. It removes calluses instantly and makes your feet out of uneasiness. Item model number is 70403-4.
CONS: No specific instruction to use the product.

1. Art Naturals Rechargeable Electric Callus Remover

Art Naturals Rechargeable Electric Callus Remover


It is an electronic and powerful callus remover that helps you to get rid of pain and suffer both in bodily and mentally. It’s a seamless and water resistant tool. It is also fully chargeable in fact, a money saving fruitful tool.
PROS: Fully electric callus remover that has the higher speed and longer lasting capability than other callus remover. It is a water resistant product easily maintained with less care. This is also eco-friendly product that keeps your feet safe from anxiety.
CONS:  For warranty of the product, you have to contact directly with the seller. Packaging and materials of this remover may not contain the same you get in the Website.  

In fine, we would like to recommend that all these callus removers are super in their own position. You don’t need best one as every tool here is great. Just keep in mind that which one is best convenient for your purposes.