The world woke up to an amazing research result in 2014, UK researchers had come up with an interesting discovery, on average, we spend 1½ of our years in the toilet.

Astonishing you may think, but for such a long time in the bathroom it is only proper you spend that ‘quality’ time in comfort. How? Invest in a flush toilet. Despite the current times and era mandating for good toilets, it still remains a largely overlooked household area.

What is a flushing toilet?

A flushing toilet is a type of toilet where urine and feces on a toilet bowl are disposed by use of water to a direct pit or by means of pipes to a specific pit or septic tank. The flushing water may be stored in a cistern or be poured from any hand-held source such as a bucket.



Having a properly operational toilet is a factor we hold with minimal regards. In most cases, it is the most abandoned home appliance when it comes to maintenance.

Nonetheless, similar to any other tool or device, toilets too have their ‘bad days’. Fixing your toilet problems can be a headache but here are some of the commonest problems and simple ways to fix them:

Random flushes:

Imagine in the middle of the night when it’s all dark and everybody is asleep then you hear the sound of your toilet flushing! There are times when flush toilets develop a problem of randomly flushing themselves.

Fortunately, it is an easily fixable issue. It emanates from the gradual leaking of water into the bowl caused by a faulty valve. To fix it, all you need to do is replace the faulty valve and you can enjoy your peace again.

Weak Flushes:

Toilet manufacturers have over the recent years focused on developing flush toilets that promote water conservation by using little flush water. Nonetheless, at times, the little water may not produce a flush that is strong enough. This problem emanates from the initial setting of the fill valve. In case you have such an issue; consult your installation on how to readjust your fill valve to a level that facilitates enough flush water.

Constantly running toilet:

Annoying is the word that comes to mind when you have a toilet that is constantly running, not just because of the irritating noise but on the amount of water it uses.

However, it has a simple solution. It is a consequence of improper sealing of the flapper toilet valve.

Simply ensure no material in the valve is allowing it to stay open for a period longer than usual. Also, check for mineral deposit collection on the toilet seat top which may also cause it to remain open.

Overflowing Toilet:

Imagine completing your ‘business’, and flushing only to discover the water level is still rising-Not even closing the seat will come to your aid! However, to prevent overflow ensure the bowl does not fill up.

Do this by propping and grabbing the floating ball in the tank. However, if it persists, the problem may be clogging and for this case, you will require applying a plunger to unblock it.


Hygiene: Flush toilets present you with a very easy cleaning task. For its interior, all you need to do is use cleaning agents and by a simple flush, it is all clean.

Moreover, the presence of water seals ensures your house is smell and housefly free. The waste material is also disposed of far from your residing environment which ensures that your house remains clean and disease free.

Comfort: One of the biggest advantages of flush toilets is the comfort and convenience they offer. If you are particularly using the seat flush toilet, you can go about your business with no hurry and with minimal disturbance. Moreover, you can use it at any time of the day without leaving the premises.


When flush toilet comes to mind, elegant, cozy looks comes to mind. But is there more to consider when it comes to flush toilets? Amazingly yes! Your decision when settling for a flush toilet should encompass some key factors among them; comfort, durability, functionality among many others.

Your experience in the toilet is key and what better way than to ensure that you choose the best flush toilet. How? Here are some considerations you should keep in mind:


Prior to settling for any product or item and not just the flush toilet, you should always prioritize your comfort and considering that you are going to spend a lot of time with it, it is best you settle for the most comfortable one. Test out, see which makes you feel at ease and make it your preferred choice.


Let’s face it when you purchase a flush toilet you are making a long-term investment this is where you will spend a good amount of your time. As such, in your selection look for material that will guarantee the toilet a long time service. Look out for finishing material since they dictate how long it will give you service.


It may not be common knowledge but the trend with flush toilets is minimal consumption of water-only use the necessary to do the necessary.

Nonetheless, even with the consumption do not comprise on the flush power. You do not want a situation where you use less water, but with no significant results.

Rim cleaning:

Although most flush toilet brands have put this into consideration with their products, you should ensure that your flush toilet caters for this need.

The mechanisms for this feature may vary with brands since there are those that allow direct flow of water into the bowl, others are characterized by holes which on press initiate water pumping and surprisingly there are those with both facilities in one. Always ensure that you have properly understood exactly what the flush toilet you ultimately settle for applies.


The market is flooded with several types of toilets. Among the popular ones include:

ü A two-piece toilet.

ü A one-piece toilet.

ü Wall-mounted toilets.
The significance of a good toilet can no longer be downplayed. Considering that you spend a good chunk of your time in it, not having a proper and good toilet as part of your household can be an uncomfortable experience. As such it is vital to ensure that your one and a half years is spent comfortably and memorably and this can only come by investing in a good Flush Toilet.

To help you to make an excellent choice we have a list composing the top ten flushing toilets.

10. KOHLER K-3987-96 Wellworth Dual-Flush ToiletKOHLER K-3987-96 Wellworth Dual-Flush Toilet

Give your bathroom an exceptional furnish withKOHLER K-3987-96 dual flush toilet. It is compact yet comfortable to the users and is ideal for people with small rooms. Performance is superb as it features a dual flushing system. On the other hand, the toilet uses a small amount of water. With high efficiency, the toilet enables you to save 30% water significantly cutting down the yearly water bill. It is equipped with dual flush levers which are on the side of the tank. The positioning allows mores space for water storage. Additionally, they enable you to choose either 1.1 or 1.6 gallons per flush.


· Efficient in water saving

· Compact hence saving space

· Dual trip levers to enable water economization


· You can’t use automatic cleaner

9. American Standard H2Option Elongated Flush ToiletAmerican Standard H2Option Elongated Flush Toilet

If you want an efficient gravity operating toilet, the H2Option from American Standard makes the bets pick. It features a combination of latest technology to ensure you get maximum performance while saving water. The toilet boasts Ultra-High Efficiency Toilets which allows it to comply with EPA water use regulation. To ensure optimum UHET, it is equipped with a siphon jet bowl technology. Its construction material provides an ever clean surface, discouraging the growth of microorganisms, odor, and staining. This makes cleaning easy thereby maintain a high level of hygiene. It has a dual flushing mechanism 0.92 and 1.28 gpf depending on the required level of efficiency and the trapway is fully glazed. A 5-year warranty backs mechanical parts.


· It has an Everclean surface

· Has an optimum height

· Very ideal for water-conservation


· It has no liner on the sitting on the sitting surface

8. TOTO Entrada Flush ToiletTOTO Entrada Flush Toilet

TOTO Enttrada is an ideal flush toilet for every home. It has amazing engineering which makes it among the preferred by homeowners. With just 1.28 or 1.6 gallons per flush, it will ensure your water use drops significantly. No mores noise as it uses gravity when flushing. Furthers the E-Max technology allows for 20% water saving. Its bowl is elongated to impact the maximum comfort and a universal height. All construction materials are safe and are ADA compliant to prevent adverse reaction with the skin. The 3 inches valve is very competent in providing a more powerful flush. Moreover, the large siphon jet and glazed trapway ensure total waste removal.


· Boast an elongated bowl and universal height

· Silent when flushing

· Faster in tank refilling


· Loose handle

· Nonadjustable flush valve

7. Domestic 300 Series Flush ToiletDomestic 300 Series Flush Toilet

This 300 series flushing toilet from Domestic, is an ideal choice to install in your house. It has as beautiful and compact design coupled with an attractive color. It is a heavy duty toilet suitable for a residential application. It features a foot pedal and water levels are adjustable. Water efficiency is extremely high with a single flush requiring just 0.5 liters of water. The bowl features three nozzles, which enable 360 degrees flushing. Unlike the conventional toilets, this one is hands-free; you just need to press the foot pedal. Using Domestic 300 series is comfortable and easy due to it standard height. It comes with 2-years protection warranty.


· Extremely efficient in water conservation

· Hands-free pedal

· Easy to install


· It is prone to leakages due to clogging

6. American Standard Fairfield Flush Toilet with SeatAmerican Standard Fairfield Flush Toilet with Seat

Do you want to give your bathroom a new look? Then, try this American Standard Fairfield toilet. It is an upgraded version with a new design and attractive finish. Maintaining and cleaning it is easy as it features robust Vitreous china. Moreover, comfort is guaranteed by an elongated bowl and ideal height. Each flush uses 1.28 gallons, hence minimizing the overall water consumption. You don’t need to worry about clogging; it has an efficient and powerful s flushing system. This ensures its drives away all waste materials. Unlike other brands, this one comes with a seat and a cover. The flush valve is 3inches, and the bowl ring is 16 inches high. It is a trusted product worldwide.


· It comes with a seat

· Strong flush system

· Less flushing noise


· Water adjustment is difficult

5. KOHLER K-3609-0 Cimarron with AquaPiston TechKOHLER K-3609-0 Cimarron with AquaPiston Tech

Save up to 16500 gallons of water per years with this KOHLER K-3609-0 Cimarron. It is certified by EPA to comply with flushing regulations thus reducing water usage. Its construction designs allow for easy and faster installation without drilling. This ensures the toilet is intact and no chances of inducing leaks points. The innovative AquaPiston technology provides a powerful 360 degrees flush. Installing this toilet in your bathroom guarantees everyone comfort when standing or sitting. This is through its standard chair-height and elongated bowl. It possesses a canister design with proper sealing which delivers a leak free operation.


· Smart design for easy installation

· It doesn’t clog quickly

· Efficient in water use


· Water in the bowl is a bit lower

4. KOHLER 3810-0 Santa Rosa Flush ToiletKOHLER 3810-0 Santa Rosa Flush Toilet

You don’t need a large toilet to experience high-performance. All you need is a technologically advanced flush toilet. Now, you have an ideal answer to quell al your worries, KOHLER Santa Rosa. It is perfectly designed to fit in your bathroom, high performing and complementing your bathrooms décor. The convenient height is suitable for all users since it is like a chair. Though the bowl is elongated, it is compact and won’t require mores space. Water usage is considerably minimized, where it uses 1.28 gallons per flush. Additionally, cleaning is smooth with tank and bowl constructed in a seamless design. Above all, AquaPiston flush technology keeps the toilet free from any waste material. With KOHLER Santa Rosa, you will be able to save up to 165, gallons of water on yearly.


· Easy to clean due to seamless design

· Durable construction material


· They clog easily due to narrow trapways

3. TOTO Drake 2-Piece Ada Flush Toilet lTOTO Drake 2-Piece Ada Flush Toilet l

TOTO gives you solace when it comes to bathroom appliances. That is why this time they have brought Drake 2-piece flush toilet. It is of high quality with 12 inches rough in and safe to everyone. The construction material is certified by ADA to ensure it doesn’t compromise your health. Using this toilet daily leaves you satisfied due to great design coupled with excellent performance. Water use efficiency is high and only uses 1.6 gallons per flush. Its tanks come equipped with a lid while levers are chrome plated and a less seat. The flushing mechanism utilizes siphon jet flush thereby eradicating all types of waste efficiently.


· Safe for use by everyone

· It has an ample and comfortable elongated bowl

· Easy to maintain


· A bit difficult to install

2. TOTO Ultramax II Het Double Cyclone Flush Toilet with SanaglossTOTO Ultramax II Het Double Cyclone Flush Toilet with Sanagloss

TOTO Ultramax II is an ideal bathroom appliance that’s you should consider installing in your house. It brings innovation and high performance directly to your bathroom. Unlike other toilets, this one uses double cyclone flushing mechanism allowing efficient waste removal and less water usage, s it only requires 1.28 gallons for every flush. This translates to a large yearly decreased water usage, hence reduced water bills. The smooth wall featuring patented SanaGloss enables a smooth cleaning while preventing mold and other microbial growth. Further, it facilitates faster movement of solid waste and debris. Sitting on the bowl is comfortable and ergonomic.


· Resistant to damage by cleaning chemicals

· Resistant to microbial and odor attack


· A bit taller than other models

1. TOTO Drake 2-Piece Flush Toilet with Elongated BowlTOTO Drake 2-Piece Flush Toilet with Elongated Bowl

Enjoy one of the top rated flush toilets that bring efficiency and beauty to your bathroom. This TOTO Drake is a high profile product featuring an excellent design. The SonaGloss technology ensures a smooth cleaning and keeping foul smell and microbes at bay. The toilet boasts a commercial grade flush with 3 inches valve. The G-max flushing mechanism provides top most performance with minimal noise. The tray is glazed and computer designed and 12’’ rough-in. Bowl is elongated and is 14.625-Inches high without a seat. This toilet requires 1.6 gallons per flush.


· Powerful and quiet flushing system

· Fast flushing capacity

· Very easy to clean dues to super smooth bowl


· Prone to clogging

Choosing the right flushing toilets from thousands of existing brands isn’t an easy task. However, you can eliminate the trial and error methods and choose the correct one that is reliable. Through our reviews, you can now make your bathroom great again.