When designing outdoor spaces, fire pits have become the most popular requests by homeowners. They add a warm element to any outdoor space while serving a practical purpose as well.

If you are a consumer searching for the perfect fire pit, you’ve come to the right place. The following are the highest rated fire pits available and will provide your outdoor space with the perfect ambiance.

What to Know Before Purchasing a Fire Pit

Before we get to our Top 10 fire pits, let’s take a look at the different types and what you should consider before making your purchase. First, let’s discuss the burn options:

  • Wood:If you’re searching for portability and a campfire like feel to your space, this is the perfect choice for you. You’ll find wood burning fire pits in several styles – grill, fireplace and brick or stone.
  • Natural Gas:If you choose natural gas as your burning option, be aware this should be considered a permanent option and not easily relocated. The good news is they never run out of fuel. Styles you can find – sunken or square/round/tabletop.
  • Propane:Convenient and beautiful, you’ll find propane an easy way to fuel your fire pit. Styles you’ll likely see for these – portable, copper and fire pit tables.
  • Gel Fuel:Gel burns clean and without smoke so if you or a family member suffers a health issue that makes inhaling smoke a hazard, this is an excellent choice. You can find portable and tabletop gel fuel fire pits.

Once you’ve decided on a burn option for your fire pit, there are a few other facts to consider:

  • Size:You’ll want to be sure to purchase a fire pit that is suitable for your outdoor space. Too small will not serve its purpose and too large can become a fire hazard so measure and buy accordingly.
  • Type:There is a large variety of styles but the most popular are metal or copper bowls, table top versions as well as tons of faux stone or pebble. Consider also if you’re interested in portability or not as this will greatly influence the style and burn option you choose.
  • Accessories:These can include a grill top, a spark screen or cover. Determine if you’ll want accessories before buying.

Now let’s dive in to our Top 10 fire pits. Please continue reading for fire pit comparisons, reviews and safety tips.

Top 10 Fire Pit Reviews

Dimensions: 38 x 29 x 38 inches

With a battery-operated ignition system, you are guaranteed quick lighting of this gorgeous antique finish fire pit.  It has a 40,000 BTU output with a 15-foot radius.  It features attractive glass beads and runs on propane/butane.


– Top deck stays cool during operation which is a safety bonus if you have children or pets

– Assembly is quick and easy with provided tools but even faster if you use a power drill

– Can be used as a table when fire pit is not in use


– Battery provided for ignition system isn’t great so expect to purchase a new battery

– It is recommended to purchase a cover for this carpet to protect the finish from the elements

– It is heavy and not easy to move

Dimensions: 20 x 35 x 35 inches

This is a steel bronze fire bowl style fire pit.  It features brush painted steel legs, a one-piece mesh fire screen, screen lift tool and wood grate.  The fire screen is coated with paint that can withstand high temperatures.


– It’s a great value for the price

– Set-up and assembly are simple

– Not all heavy and can be easily moved


– It is recommended you use a cover as parts of the fire pit are prone to rust if

– The bowl is not as deep as some users might prefer

– Does get hot while in use so caution is advised while using around children and pets

Dimensions: 17.32 x 30 x 30 inches

This is a perfect fire pit for any outdoor setting.  It features an included ash catcher, water holes for draining and comes with a 22-inch poker or tending to fire wood.  This pit also includes a steel grate to help with air circulation.  The color is rubbed bronze.


– Lightweight and easy to move

– Excellent value for the price

– The bowl is easy to remove making it simple to clean up the ashes


– It is recommended you use a cover to protect the fire pit from weather when not in use

– Somewhat difficult to assemble

– This screen top and bowl are rather shallow

Dimensions: 15 x 22 x 22 inches

A great choice for small outdoor spaces and camping.  No tools are required for assembly.  This fire pit is coated with heat resistant paint on the steel bowl and fire screen.  Included are a fire tool, log grate and cooking grate plus a carrying/storage bag.


– The legs fold out easily and feel relatively sturdy

– The screen top does a nice job of containing sparks

– Carry/storage bag seems quite durable


– Great for recreational camping or occasional use but not intended for daily use

– Use a cover or store it when not in use to avoid rusting

– The tool used to remove the screen isn’t as sturdy as it could be

Dimensions: 36 x 36 x 24 inches

This is an attractive fire pit with a nice cross weave design located on the bowl. The bowl itself measures 11 inches deep. The product weighs around 29 pounds making it somewhat easy to relocate when needed. Included with this pit are a spark screen, weather cover and a fire pit tool.


– Assembly is easy and can be done in minutes

– Has a nice modern look that will work with most outdoor spaces

– Has a nice air flow and keeps smoke rising upward


– This one is prone to rust and re-coating with the proper paint before use is a good idea

– The included hardware could be better quality

– Included cover, while satisfactory, could be more durable

Dimensions: 32.1 x 32.1 x 24.6 inches

While the propane tank is not included, the base does a nice job of hiding the tank once in place. The fire pit features a 30,000 BTU output and includes lava rocks to accent the flames.


– Assembly is easy and quick

– Has a nice, well-built and attractive appearance

– Puts out a nice amount of heat in a wide radius


– There is a trick to keeping this lit upon initial ignition – keep the igniter pushed in for several seconds to maintain ignition

– Included lava rocks are nice but not enough to cover the area properly

– The cover could be better made

Dimensions: 23 x 29.5 x 29.5 inches

The moon and stars bowl cut outs give this fire pit a fun ambience. It features a black finish and steel construction. The pit weighs less than 35 pounds making it relatively easy to relocate, if desired. Included with this pit are a poker and enamel cooking grate.


– Assembly is simple as long as you read and follow directions carefully

– The screen does a good job of containing sparks

– It’s a sturdy fire pit that should last for several seasons, if properly maintained


– Its recommended sand be placed in the pit bottom but should be noted this makes clean-up messy

– The cook grate can’t be lowered but it does a nice job of cooking

– There are no holes for drainage so use a cover to prevent rusting

Dimensions: 24.25 x 25 x 28.5 inches

This best-selling fire pit features a nice cut out design on the bowl which enhances ambience when lit. It is constructed of steel and has a great size bowl. Included with this pit are a poke and spark screen.


– Easy to use and nicely designed

– Set-up and assembly are simple

– Even with sand in place, this fire pit can hold and burn a full bundle of logs


– The manufacturer does recommend sand be placed in the bottom of the bowl which makes clean-up a rather difficult job

– Bottom of the fire pit gets very hot; take safety precautions if using on grass

– The included spark screen could be better quality

Dimensions: 20 x 29.5 x 29.5 inches

The Sunnydaze fire pit has a pleasing rustic appearance. It features moon and stars cutouts and is constructed of steel. The paint is a high-temp patina. It weighs less than 24 pounds making it easily relocated if needed. There is a rail around the pit that makes it easy to carry. Included with purchase are a spark screen, poker, built-in firewood grate and a cooking grate.


– The spark screen does a good job of containing sparks

– The cutouts on the bowl are lined with screen which is a great safety feature

– Assembly is easy and can be done quickly


– Rust can be an issue so use a cover when not in use

– There aren’t enough drainage holes in the bowl

– You may experience issues with the screws coming loose so expect to have to tighten them on occasion

Dimensions: 19.2 x 19.2 x 11.5 inches

A portable fire pit perfect for tail gate parties, camping and backyard patios. It weighs only 22 pounds so relocating is a cinch. This is an all-weather fire pit that includes an attached regulator and 10-foot hose. It has a BTU output of 38,000, is smokeless and burns clean. Included with the pit are lava rocks.


– Cools down quickly which means it can be stowed away faster, if needed

– Heat distribution is excellent

-Easy to set-up and assemble


– Uses a lot of propane if set on high

– Instructions must be carefully read and followed before assembly to get the best performance

– It is recommended you purchase a cover (not included) and additional lava rocks (not enough included)

Safety Tips and Final Thoughts

Fire pits are a great way to add a cozy element to your outdoor space but safety is of utmost importance. Follows these tips for a fun and safe experience:

  • It is unnecessary to have a large fire in your fire pit so keep it small.
  • Be sure to keep your fire pit at least 10-feet away from any combustible items or structures.
  • Clean up the area around the fire pit to removes leaves or any debris that might be a hazard.
  • Be sure to keep water nearby in case of emergency; have it handy before you start a fire.
  • Check local ordinances and be sure to follow your city/county/state regulations

Now that you are educated on types, have the best fire pit recommendations and safety advice, all that is left to do is buy your fire pit and enjoy!