An electric piano is a musical instrument that closely resembles the traditional acoustic piano. Save for a few differences, this instrument is very much like the conventional piano, both in how it is played and the quality of sound it produces. However, unlike the traditional piano, the electric piano is considerably cheaper and lighter in weight.
This piano also often has recordings saved in its memory, which is something that is lacking in acoustic pianos. Also, the keys of an electric piano are relatively lighter than those of the traditional piano.
The electric piano is ideal for those who constantly need to move with their piano due to its light weight. Learning how to play an electric piano is also easier than learning how to play the conventional piano. Here is all you need to know about the electric piano:

How much does an electric piano cost?

Electric pianos vary greatly in price, depending on the quality of the piano and the manufacturer.
Some electric pianos are incredibly cheap – you can find electric pianos for children for as little as $16. On the other hand, there are electric pianos that are very expensive, especially those that are of superior quality or those with special features.
Some electric pianos go for as much as $ 1099, which is no small amount of money by any standards. Given the wide price range of electric pianos, you are guaranteed to find one that will perfectly fit your budget.

How Many Keys Does a Piano Keyboard have?

Any piano, be it acoustic or electric, has varying numbers of keys. The standard number of keys on a piano should be 88 keys, although there are pianos that have as few as 44 keys.
Other common numbers of keys on a keyboard include 61 and 76. The number of keys on the keyboard you choose is really a matter of preference, but you would be well advised to choose one with the standard number of keys, that is 88 keys.

How much does a keyboard cost?

Just like electric pianos, keyboards vary greatly in price. You will find a keyboard for as little as $150, while there is some cost as much as $300.

Just like with the piano, the much that a piano costs depends on the model that you choose. Given the wide range of prices, the chances that you will find something that suits your budget are very high.

As a general rule, however, if you are a beginner, it is better that you stick with the low- priced keyboards at first until you hone your skills because they have the most fundamental features for a beginner. As you progress, then you might consider giving some thought to the high- end keyboards that have features suited for a skilled player.

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How to play an electric piano

Learning how to play any music instrument is not easy; it requires hours of practice and consistency in order to master a given instrument. This is the case with the electric piano as well. But as long as you have the will and are consistent with your practice, you will master the instrument within no time.

The very first step of learning how to play the piano is to thoroughly know the instrument itself. The first time you look at the piano, all you are likely to see is a bunch of alternating black and white keys.

However, with time, you will need to learn to make some sense of the maze of those keys. You will have to identify patterns in the key arrangement on your instrument, and you will have to even master the keys themselves.

Admittedly, learning the keys on the piano is not the easiest bit of learning how to play the instrument, but it is part of the basics. So regardless of how slow the progress you make the first few days you play the piano is, stay determined and resolute- it will pay off in the long run.

Then you will have to learn how to play an octave. An octave refers to a group of eight notes, and learning them is imperative for any beginner. As you progress, you will also have to learn the chords on the piano.

You will also have to watch your timings the first few times you play in order to strike the keys correctly. As your fingers get more and more used to striking the keys, then pausing at just the right time will become second nature.

Additionally, you might consider getting yourself a personal trainer. Not only will they teach you the basics and point out your mistakes so that you learn more effectively, but they will also give you encouragement to stay focused on learning how to play the instrument. Assert yourself to learning how to play the instrument and your efforts will bear fruit.

How to choose an electric piano

One of the things you should consider as you look for an electric piano is its touch response. Generally, the weightier the keys are, the better the piano’s touch response is. That is why you should look for pianos with weighted keys if you can afford them. Light keys tend to be very unresponsive, and this can be frustrating for any performer.

Additionally, the number of keys on the piano matter as well. The general rule is that the more the keys the piano has, the better the instrument is. If you are faced with a choice between a piano with 46 keys and another with 76 keys, you would be well advised to choose the one with 76 keys in order to have a lovely experience when playing.

You should also pay keen attention to the basic features that the piano has. Some general features that most electric pianos have included a headphones jack and a port through which you can connect your computer to your instrument as well as loudspeakers. All these features are important, but if you are not careful, you might just end up buying a piano that lacks one of them.

Lastly, the number of recordings that the piano has mattered as well. However, beware that most sellers use the number of recordings on their instruments as selling points, although they are not that important. Do not be swayed just by the number of tones or recordings- consider other things before that.

10. 61 Key Electronic Piano.61 Key Electronic Piano

This musical instrument from Hamzer is brand new and its perfect for beginners or intermediate level pianist. It features 128 rhythms, 128 Timbres, and  61 keyboard percussions just to mention but a few. This electric piano got all you ever wanted in quality yet simple piano as it features a stand and microphone for comfort and convenience.
It’s perfect for practice as it comes with ten demonstration songs and it also allows you to record and play back when practicing. It’s designed with two built-in speakers that give flawless sound. For ease of operation, this fantastic piano has LCD display that shows settings.

•    Putting together is easy.
•    It’s perfect for a starter.
•    It’s of good quality.
•    It does not work well for adults.

9. 54-Key Portable Electronic Keyboard.54-Key Portable Electronic Keyboard

Are an aspiring musician, who wants to take music to a whole new level?  Then RockJam 54-key Digital Piano is the ideal choice for you. For a powerful sound, it has built-in stereo speakers and an LCD screen that clearly displays interactive teaching modes that show the keys and chords that should be played to ensure that you are on the right track.
This piano is a hub of sounds, it features 100 different sounds effects and 100 rhythms to pick from, you will always get the perfect beat to complement your song. This digital keyboard is compact and sturdy providing a real piano feel while playing.
For convenience, this keyboard is electric powered or 6 x 1.5V D batteries you can still operate it when outside the house or when the power goes off.
•    It’s portable.
•    It’s ranked number one piano for beginners.
•    It looks elegant.
•    It’s simple to operate.
•    It’s not built to last long.

8. 88-Key Beginner Electric  Piano.88-Key Beginner Electric Piano

If you are in search of a real musical instrument, shop for any brand from Alesis this company has built a perfect reputation in manufacturing quality musical instruments for more than decades now.
It comes generously with 88-full sized and semi-weighted keys not forgetting the built in speakers for a powerful sound output.
What makes this piano to lead in sales and keep the competitors on their heels is the 3-month premium subscription for interactive yet effective online piano lessons absolutely free of charge. What else could you ever ask for a great piano? These free lessons take you step by step in learning how to play piano making it easy to achieve your musical goals.
•    It provides full access to all courses.
•    It allows new, exclusive lessons every month.
•    It has five built-in voices.
•    It’s compatible with USB-MIDI Connectivity

•    It does not offer many voices or effects.

7. Casio Privia PX160GD.Casio Privia PX160GD

Casio is a well re-known company for all good reasons of manufacturing quality Pianos. If you are in search of a simple, portable and quality piano, this one from them will save you a great deal.
This piano newly developed string ensemble sounds that’s sound wonderfully by themselves. For private listening, it comes with headphones placed in front of the piano. This instrument is also designed to accommodate 8w x 8w speaker system which delivers remarkable sounds.
This electric piano features a three year extended warranty, making it worth every penny.
•    It’s of high-quality.
•    It produces powerful sounds.
•    It’s compatible with headphones.
•    It has three years warranty.
•    It’s portable.

•    None.

6. Digital Piano with Bench.Digital Piano with Bench

Yamaha had comfort in mind when they were designing this piano it has an elegant bench and stool that will complement any décor settings in your home.
The electric piano has quality and Graded Hammer keyboard action and synthetic ivory key tops. It comes with Pure CF Sound Engine that provides the desired sound quality to any pianist who comes across this instrument. One thinks I adore most on this piano is the realistic pedals that control and create more detailed nuance and subtlety when playing.
This piano embraces the latest technology as its compatible with IOS devices like smartphones and USB for better entertainment performance not compromised. More so, this piano comes loaded with 50 Greats songs for the Piano for learning and listening pleasure.

•    It offers superb playability and feels.
•    It’s IOS compatibility.
•    To assemble is straight forward.
•    It’s high-tech.

•    The bench is a bit large and may occupy a big space in your house.

5. RockJam 61-Key Digital Piano.RockJam 61-Key Digital Piano

This 61-key electric piano from RockJam features an elegant design and it’s an all in one package as it has everything that you ever need in a piano. It’s ideal for musicians at all levels.
 With an LCD screen which is great because it allows visibility of teaching modes for beginners.It also comes loaded with 100 keyboard sounds,50 demo songs and 100 rhythms all which are easy to access.
For comfort sitting while playing, it has an adjustable stand and stool. Additionally, this kit comes fully packed with headphones, user guide manual, music note rest, power supply and so on.
•    It’s all in one.
•    It offers maximum comfort.
•    It features pretty much sounds.
•    It’s of high quality.
•    It’s durable.
•    None.

4. 61 Key Music Electronic Keyboard Piano.61 Key Music Electronic Keyboard Piano

Best Choice Products are always true to their name. They simply offer the best products this electric piano not an exempt.
This piano features a built-in metronome and speakers and LCD display and a built-in Recorder just to mention but a few. It also comes with a portable and adjustable stand, and music notes stand to offer nothing short of convenience.
The features of this keyboard blow the mind of a serious pianist away. It features 100 timbres and rhythms, 61 keys, 8 types of keyboard percussions, and ten demonstration songs for practice. This instrument is worth every penny.
•    It’s of high-quality.
•    It’s easy to assemble.
•    The sound is great.
•    It’s durable.
•    It’s easy to learn with it.
•    None.

3. Yamaha PSRE253 61-Key Portable Keyboard.Yamaha PSRE253 61-Key Portable Keyboard

Yamaha engineer’s attention to details was very phenomenal while designing this musical instrument. This is their newest kid on the block. Featuring 61 full-sized keys that are perfect for learning and developing piano playing technique.
It also features an Aux Line Input that helps you connect to any music device using a headphone output like MP3 player, a mixer or a computer.
I like the 32 -note polyphony feature which is great because it allows an ease performance of the beginner to advanced levels. The only piano that is designed to help you grow from one level to the other. This model runs on a power adapter or batteries making it convenient to be used anywhere anytime.
•    It has a powerful sound.
•    It’s portable.
•    It’s easy to operate.
•    It’s ideal for players of all levels.
•    It does not come with a stand.

2. Yamaha YPG-535 88-Key.Yamaha YPG-535 88-Key

Yamaha seems to get all the details right while designing this musical instrument. This time around they have released this model that comes together with a stand.
This 88 piano keys with soft touch are one of the best pianos in today’s market. It got a power adapter, stand and sustain pedal. I like the fact that is compatible with other devices like USB for ultimate entertainment and music listening.
The backlit LCD displays the lyrics, notation, and chords clearly making it easier for beginners to learn and understand in a more simple way.
•    It records performance.
•    It’s of high-quality.
•    It’s durable.
•    It features all the keys needed in a digital keyboard.
•    None.

1. CTK2400 PPK 61-Key.CTK2400 PPK 61-Key

Casio Inc. caught the world by surprise when they released this state of the art electric piano. Casio Inc. has built a strong brand out there for producing quality musical instruments for over decades now. This Company is in the US and as you all know anything manufactured from this country must meet the international manufacturing standards.
It comes with loads of keyboard voices, 400 AHL to be precise and a voice percussion features with samples that goes along into the rhythm. It comes Samson HP30 closed-cup headphones for private listening not forgetting the adjustable stand.
It also comes with built-in microphone for safe storage. This electric piano is unique making the best products that we have out there that can open the doors to world-class music entertainment.
•    It has 110 built-in songs perfect for entertainment.
•    It’s of high-quality.
•    It’s easy to assemble.
•    It’s portable.
•    It has a stand.
•    None whatsoever.

Wrap Up:

The festive season is fast approaching just a month to go, and the only way to have maximum fun is playing the piano while singing along with your loved ones. If you are from a music family and you would like to buy an electric piano as a gift or for your good self, we are here to help you. we have summarized after a thorough research the top ten best electric pianos that have made it in today’s market so as you can make a sound decision. All the best in your selection!