These days there are many appliances available that make cooking easier and faster. One of those appliances is the electric griddle. An electric griddle can cook anything from pancakes to hamburgers. They come in a variety of sizes. Smaller griddles are more convenient for cooking for one or two people, while larger and jumbo griddles are ideal for cooking for families.

What is an electric griddle?

An electric griddle is an appliance used for cooking that has a broad, flat surface and usually looks like a flat metal plate.

Electric griddles usually have a removable power cord, which contains the heating element as well as the temperature controls. Other types of griddles use alternative heating sources such as gas, wood or coal. Griddles may be made of different elements such as iron, aluminum or steel.

Different types of electric griddles

Griddles can either be used commercially in restaurants or in individual homes. They differ in size and style.

Most Electric griddles used in the home are smaller and fit a smaller amount of food as opposed to larger, industrial griddles that cook large amounts of food at one time.

Advantages of using electric griddles

Electric griddles make cooking quicker and more convenient. A wide variety of food can be cooked on electric griddles. The many types of griddles that boast various features make it easy to choose what is right for your cooking needs.

Top 10 electric griddles


10. Tilt ‘n’ Drain Big GriddleTilt 'n' Drain Big Griddle

This griddle has a wide cooking surface with plenty of space for cooking and holding food. The cooking surface holds up to 50 percent more food than most jumbo griddles.

The drip tray collects unwanted grease and droppings from food and slides out for easy disposal and cleaning. The tilt ‘n‘ drain feature of this griddle makes it easy and safe. The surface can be drained by pulling on the handles, which will make the surface tilt and drain into the drip tray.

The surface goes back to normal once the handles are pushed back into place. The heat control separates from the griddle, which allows for it to be immersed in water and makes it dishwasher safe.
Pros: The tilt ‘n‘ drain feature makes it easier to ensure that grease is drained and assists with preventing spills. This griddle is very easy to clean due to removable heat controls and drip tray.
Cons: The wide cooking surface may make it more difficult to store.

9. Presto Jumbo Cool-Touch Electric GriddlePresto Jumbo Cool-Touch Electric Griddle

The surface of this griddle is made of heavy cast aluminum, which provides even heating. It also boasts a large surface that is useful when cooking for a large group of people. The nonstick surface allows for quick and easy cleanup.

Temperature is controlled by a removal master heat control, which allows for maintaining temperature. It is dishwasher safe and fully can be immersed in water. The base surrounding the surface is cool to the touch. This product also includes a removable drip tray for easy cleanup.
Pros: The large cooking surface allows for cooking a lot of food at once. The drip tray and removable heating controls make cleanup fast and easy.
Cons: It is made out of cast aluminum, which makes it heavier than most griddles. Its large size may also make it more difficult to store when it is not in use.

8. Broil King Professional Portable Nonstick GriddleBroil King Professional Portable Nonstick Griddle

One of the main features of this griddle is the large 21-inch cooking area, which is perfect for cooking for a large group of people.

The removable backsplash assists with controlling mess from foods such as sausage or bacon. The back legs collapse in order to drain the surface. The cooking surface boasts a ceramic coating that keeps food from sticking and makes cleanup easier. Stainless steel handles remain cool to the touch.

Temperature controls allow for heat adjustment up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Controls can also be removed to allow for easier cleaning. This product is free of PTOA and PTFE.
Pros: This griddle is free of harmful chemicals PTOA and PTFE. Collapsible legs make storage easier and assist with draining grease.
Cons: The griddle is quite large and may be difficult to store.

7. Presto Cool Touch Electric GriddlePresto Cool Touch Electric Griddle

This griddle boasts an aluminum nonstick surface that allows for even cooking and easy cleanup. The heating control panel is removable, which make the griddle dishwasher safe and immersible.

The large cooking surface allows for cooking of several different foods at once and is easy and convenient when cooking a meal for a large family. A drip tray makes cleanup easy and convenient.
Pros: The large cooking surface works well for large families who may need to cook a lot of food at one time. The nonstick surface makes cleanup easy.
Cons: The griddle’s size makes storage difficult.

6. Presto Tilt ‘n Drain Big Griddle Cool-Touch Electric GriddlePresto Tilt ‘n Drain Big Griddle Cool-Touch Electric Griddle

The nonstick surface of this griddle ensures easy cleanup and prevents food from sticking. The master heat control is removable for cleanup, which makes it fully immersible and dishwasher safe.

Heat controls can be adjusted to the desired temperature to ensure proper cooking. With the tilt ’n drain feature, the surface can easily be tilted to drain grease from meats.

The handles conveniently pull outward to tilt the griddle. The large surface allows for cooking and holding several things at once. There is also a drip tray for easy cleaning.
Pros: Cleanup is convenient with the tilt ‘n drain feature as well as the removable heat controls.
Cons: The size of the griddle, as well as the large handles, may make storage difficult.

5. Hamilton Beach 3-in-1 Grill/GriddleHamilton Beach 3-in-1 Grill/Griddle

The 2 reversible grids on this griddle make it easy and convenient to cook a variety of food. You can choose between a grill or flat, griddle surface on each side. Both sides have adjustable heat and can be adjusted individually to ensure proper cooking of food.

The metal surface evenly heats and cooks food. Cleanup is easy with this griddle. Both of the double-sided grids are removable and dishwasher safe. There is a grease channel in the center where a grease tray collects droppings from meat. The grease tray is also dishwasher safe.
Pros: There are 3 different ways to cook food. Storage is easy due to the compact size.
Cons: This griddle may not be suitable for large families, as it does not hold a large amount of food at once.

4. Presto Liddle GriddlePresto Liddle Griddle

This compact griddle is convenient for cooking small meals or snacks. This is an ideal product for cooking for only one or two people at a time. It boasts a small, nonstick , cast aluminum cooking surface. The cast aluminum cooking surface ensure even and safe cooking of food.

The removable temperature control panel evenly heats the surface up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. The heat controls are easily removed and are dishwasher safe and fully immersible. The drip tray is located under a built-in drip channel that makes clean up quick and easy. Its compact size makes it easy and convenient to store.
Pros: This griddles’ small size makes it extremely easy to store. The cast aluminum surface makes food come off easier and allows for easy clean up.
Cons: This is a smaller size griddle and does not hold a lot of food at one time.

3. Oster EcoDuraCeramic Griddle with Warming TrayOster EcoDuraCeramic Griddle with Warming Tray

One amazing and convenient feature of this griddle is the warming tray, which is located directly below the surface of the griddle. This makes the griddle ideal for cooking for a large family. It allows food to stay warm until it is served. The large cooking surface allows for cooking complete meals all at once.

This griddle also boasts a non-stick ceramic coating. It also boasts quick cooking time and a surface that is free of harmful chemicals such as PFTE and PFOA. The surface easily wipes off and combined with a drip tray makes clean up quick and convenient. The heat control also is removable, which makes this griddle dishwasher safe and fully immersible.
Pros: Cleanup is easy due to the nonstick surface. It is free of harmful chemicals such as PTFE and PFOA.
Cons: This griddle may be hard to store due to its long, wide surface.

2. Black and Decker Family Size GriddleBlack and Decker Family Size Griddle

The large cooking surface of this griddle allows for cooking up 8 servings at one time. The surface is covered with a nonstick coating that ensures even cooking of food and makes for easy clean up.

The temperature controls remove from the griddle and make it dishwasher safe and fully immersible. A drip tray that catches grease from meats also helps with quick and easy clean up. Temperature is adjustable to ensure even cooking.
Pros: Temperature controls ensure food cooks evenly. The griddle is dishwasher safe.
Cons: The size of the griddle may make storage difficult.

1. Presto 22-Inch Electric Griddle With Removable HandlesPresto 22-Inch Electric Griddle With Removable Handles

Cleanup is made easy with this griddle’s removable drip tray. It also features a non-stick, cast aluminum surface that ensures even cooking of food and quick, easy cleanup. Heat controls are removable for cleaning. The griddle is fully immersible and dishwasher safe. Handles are removable to make for more convenient storage.
Pros: The removable handles make storage easy when the product is not in use. The nonstick surface makes cleanup quick and easy.
Cons: This product is large and may be more suitable for cooking larger meals as opposed to smaller ones.
Considerations for choosing electric griddles

There are many things to consider when purchasing an electric griddle.

Below are suggestions and considerations to make while shopping around for the perfect electric griddle.
Griddles come in many sizes. They are normally long with a flat surface and may require significant storage space. There are, however, smaller ones available. Consider preparation needs and the amount of food that will need to be cooked at one time.
The type of surface used may determine how well the food will cook. A nonstick surface may work best in order to prevent food from sticking.
Heat Controls/Thermostats
It is important to consider heating. Some griddles only set to low, medium or high heat. If you want to set it to a specific temperature to ensure proper cooking of food, a griddle that allows you to set to different temperatures may be best.

Some griddles also come equipped with dual thermostats so that different parts of the griddle can cook at different temperatures. This is helpful if you want to cook more than one type of food at a time.
• Cleaning
Probably just as important as how well a griddle cooks food is how easily it can be cleaned up. Most heating elements/controls can be removed so that the griddle can be immersed into dishwater or put into the dishwasher. Nonstick surfaces are very easy to clean and wipe off easily.
• Cost
There are a wide variety of electric griddles that come n a variety of price ranges. The more added features that are included the more the price will be higher.
• Inserts/Extras
Some electric griddles come with added features and inserts. Drip trays collect grease and other droppings that fall through a small hole on the surface. A grill insert adds grill marks onto food as it cooks. Warming drawers are a nice feature to have on a griddle because it keeps cooked food warm while more food is being cooked.

In Conclusion

Whether purchasing an electric griddle for cooking for just yourself or for a large family, there are many options available. Many electric griddles boast features such as nonstick surfaces and removable handles.

The various sizes make it easy to find the right size both for cooking as well as for storage. With careful research of product features as well as the comparison of products, it can be quite easy to find the perfect griddle to fit your needs.