Electric can openers have become a necessity these days due to an increasing number of canned food flooding the market. These devices are extremely useful in opening tough-to-open cans in an easy way. As compared to manual can openers, electric ones are more advantageous and work effortlessly to open as many cans as you want. Here is a complete overview of electric can openers and how to use one.

What is an electric can opener?

An electric can opener is an automated version of manual can openers that are being used since ages. Electric openers were first introduced in 1931, which were capable of opening about 20 can in a minute.

It was again re-introduced in 1956 as a wall mountable device but could not gain popularity due to its complex design. It was later in the year when another freestanding device was available which made it successful. Since then, new advancements made the device compact, useful and safe to use.

Modern electric can openers work by cutting through the edges of the rim of the can and cut the lid in a clean manner. It uses a lid magnet that keeps the lid from falling. Most devices can be placed on the countertop while some models can be fixed under the cabinets. You will find both corded and cordless variations and may choose the one that best suits your need.

Advantages of using electric can openers.

The advanced features of electric openers are advantageous for anyone who is looking for a device to open numerous cans in a fast, easy and safe way. Here is how you can benefit from choosing one.

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1. Prevents injury

The most important benefit of electric openers is safety. Manual can openers do work well but always pose a danger of injury while opening. If you lose the grip you may get injured by the half-open lid. Moreover, manual openers do not open it in a clean way.

There may be some part of the lid left that may prove dangerous if you show carelessness when using the can. On the other hand, electric openers are fully automated that does not need your interference while opening the lid. They leave a smooth edge which does not cause accidental cuts. You just have to place the can properly and use a push button or a handle to start the automation.

2. Saves time

Electric can openers are an ultimate time-saver. They can open several cans in just a minute. Though you won’t need to open cans with that speed, still it may save a lot of time opening a single can. Manual openers may need a lot of time and energy to open the lid but with an electric opener, you can see the lids coming off in seconds and that too without any effort.

Since most foods are stored in cans for keeping fresh you need to open some of them on a regular basis. Modern devices help you to save a lot of time spent in opening cans by drastically reducing time. It becomes highly beneficial if you have less time in hand, or have to prepare food fast.

3. Durable

Most of the electric openers are constructed with a sturdy material to provide strength and stability to the equipment. It is important for maintaining the durability of the device. When handled in the right way, these openers can work seamlessly for years. Mostly, blades are made of stainless steel that does not get dull or damaged with continuous use, but some models may also use plastic blades that may become a concern for some who want a durable can opener.

4. Easy maintenance

Electric openers do not require regular washing, cleaning, and keeping. Unlike a manual non-automated opener, you need not store it separately in a drawer.

Most automated devices are installed on counter top or under the cabinets that make usage easy. This can become a concern, if you have a little space but the advantages outweighs the space needed by the opener. Besides, you can always choose from devices that feature a blade that does not touch the food inside it. It reduces the chances of cross-contamination and also reduces the need for cleaning it over and over again.

5. Versatile

Electric can openers are highly versatile. Most varieties available in the market are able to open cans of different sizes. They can easily accommodate tall cans as well. This makes them highly efficient. Automated openers are advantageous than the manual ones as they can open toughest lids in an easy way.

Since all cans do not have a friendly lid, you may need an additional effort to open it manually. But for an electronic opener, it is just like any other simple can. You may get it opened effortlessly and in a safe manner.

How to use electric can openers?

Electric openers are extremely easy to use. You may feel some difficulty in understanding the functioning in the first use, but there is no rocket science behind it that you might need to learn. Just one demonstration is sufficient to learn the art of opening cans in a wink. Here is how to do it in simple steps.

1. Place the can in the designated area on the can opener. For this, you have to lift the lever that will sit on the rim of the lid. Make sure the blade of the opener sits exactly inside the rim of the can. The cutter will likely move over this place to cut off the lid.

2. Press the cutter slightly against the lid after setting it in the right position. An outer piece of metal will hold the can firmly from the outer rim. As soon as the cutter is in position, it will start cutting the edge of the lid.

3. If you have an electric opener with a magnet to hold the lid, it will make the lid move up as the cutter cuts. A magnet is useful to keep the lid from sinking in the food when you open it through an automated opener.

4. Lift the cutter head when the cutter passes through the entire edge of the rim and the lid is held up by the magnet. Remove the can carefully to avoid spills. Grab the lid safety and dispose of immediately.

Now we are going to talk about top ten electric can openers

10. Oster 3147Oster 3147

Just as the name suggests, this can-opener is designed to open tall cans as well as standard-sized ones. The special features include Power Pierce cutting blade and a knife -sharpener. A magnetic lid holder coupled with an auto shutoff mechanism make this electric can-opener easy to operate. This elegant Oster model is made out of black plastic and stainless steel. The dimensions of this opener make it easy to store and clean.


· Elegant design

· Affordability

· Features auto-shutoff mechanism

· Versatile

· Includes knife-sharpener


· Can make a mess while puncturing the can

9. Cuisinart CCO-50BKN DeluxeCuisinart CCO-50BKN Deluxe

This can opener comes in two colors: black and white to match any kitchen decor. The one-touch operation feature makes can open quick and easy. A flawlessly sharpened Power Cut Blade offers strength and durability. Magnetic lid holder keeps the lid from falling into the can. The activation lever is removable which allows easy cleaning. The extra-wide base makes this opener well-balanced. There is also an automatic shutoff feature that prevents damage to the can.

· Two colors

· Automatic shutoff

· Sharp Power cut knife

· One-touch operation


· No knife sharpener

· Long power cord

8. Hamilton Beach 76380Z Classic Chrome HeavyweightHamilton Beach 76380Z Classic Chrome Heavyweight

This can opener opens cans of almost any size. It also works with pop-top cans. The side-cutting system easily removes the top of the can while leaving a smooth edge. It requires only one slight touch to start working. A large and ergonomic lever simplifies can opener operation. The elegant black and chrome design allows it to become a part of any kitchen decor. The cutting unit is fully removable and dishwasher compatible.

· Dishwasher compatible cutting unit

· Knife sharpener

· Sleek design

· Opens pop-top cans


· Cans need to be held

7. Proctor Silex Plus 76370PProctor Silex Plus 76370P

This electric can opener is easy to operate. It’s equipped with a knife sharpener. This model is designed to open extra tall cans while having no trouble with standard can sizes. The product is easy to operate and doesn’t make loud noises like similar models do. The magnetic cutting lever is detachable, easy to clean, and can be replaced after it wears off.


· Fast and quiet operation

· Knife sharpener

· Detachable lever

· Opens tall cans

· Affordable


· Doesn’t always pierce the can from the first time

6. West Bend 77203West Bend 77203

Besides having all the standard features of an electric can opener, this model also has a bottle owner and a knife sharpener. It can open cans of all sizes and heights. The sleek aluminum and plastic design make it a good choice for any kitchen. The built-in cord storage keeps the cord from getting tangled up while automatic shutoff makes the operation faster an easier. The cutting accessories can be removed and cleaned in a dishwasher.


· Sleek design

· Bottle opener

· Built-in cord storage

· Durability


· Doesn’t do a good job opening large cans

5. BLACK & DECKER Multi-Purpose Electric Can OpenerBLACK & DECKER Multi-Purpose Electric Can Opener

This electric can-opener features the power-pierce cutter that can deal with the strongest and most durable cans. The swing door makes the inside of the appliance accessible and easy to clean. It can also be installed under a cabinet to save space. The opener has a variety of built-in features, such as a knife sharpener, bag cutter, a bottle opener. The automatic shutoff feature makes this opener easy to operate.


· Easy installation

· Saves space

· Has bag cutter and bottle opener


· Loud operation

· Non-replaceable blade

4. Bartelli Soft Edge AutomaticBartelli Soft Edge Automatic

This portable can-opener has a futuristic design and comes in several colors. It takes up virtually no space. It’s lightweight and compact so it can be taken on camping trips. It easily attaches itself to the top of the can and leaves no sharp edges. It automatically shuts off once the can is opened. This opener can be used on cans of virtually any size. It’s battery-operated.


· Portable

· Easy to store

· Hands-free operation

· Can be used on any can size


· High learning curve

3. Metro Fulfillment House SK08Metro Fulfillment House SK08

This battery- operated can opener features a one-touch technology. When placed over a can, it starts opening it once the button is touched. It automatically shuts off when the can is open. The magnet attached to the bottom of this can-opener allows careful lid lifting. The opener leaves no sharp edges and can be easily stored. It’s lightweight so can be transported from one place to another.


· Portability

· Speed

· Hands-Free

· Lightweight


· No additional features

2. ZylissEasi CanZylissEasiCan

This small hands-free can opener comes in two colors (green and red) and features remarkable hands-free technology. Only one push of the button is required to get it to start working, this can-opener is battery operated. It’s very small, which makes it easy to store. It’s a great choice for people with arthritis or hand injuries. It requires no effort to start working. This opener works quickly and produces almost no noise. A built-in magnet holds the lid so it doesn’t fall into the food.


· Works on all can sizes

· Hands-free

· Good design

· Easy storage

· Low learning curve


· No additional features

1. Sokos Restaurant Can OpenerSokos Restaurant Can Opener

Sokos perfected the hands-free, no-touch technology. The knife cuts from the side of the can so the top doesn’t have a chance to fall into the food. It opens cans of all sizes in a matter of seconds. It starts and stops at the push of a button. It’s battery operated so there is no hassle with the cord. It’s small, portable, and easy to store.


· Fast operation

· Battery- powered

· Side cutting system

· Stylish design


· No built-in features


After reviewing the top ten electric can openers I can say that I prefer small battery-operated appliances that allow one-touch operation. They do the same job as stationary can openers while not taking up as much space. The only disadvantage they have is the absence of such special features as knife sharpeners, bottle openers etc. However, if you consider how little space this opener takes up, you can go ahead and buy other appliances separately.